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I would journal and I process my thoughts when something difficult would happen. There was a time when I failed in university. And, and I, you know, I wrote in my journal, something else happened I wrote in my journal. And until one time, there was something really difficult that came one of the most difficult things that happened to me in my life. And I went to my journal to write down to turn back to Allah subhanaw taala. And then I found, you know, I turn one page back, I was asking myself, when was the last time I turned back to Allah and really reflected, and then I it was a moment of pain. And then I turned another page and I said, when was the time when I really turned back to

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Allah and reflected. So as I kept turning these pages back, I just kept seeing pain after pain after pain. And I realized Muhammad you're only coming back to Allah during times of pain. So here's the lesson. Here's the lesson if you only come back