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Muhammad Al Bizry
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah language of the Quran week two last week's recordings are up online with hamdulillah in this session, we're going to look at

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number one a quick revision of what we took last week

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as usual

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and we're going to just focus on this the other

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and the words there in

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what is Alicia?

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Correct when you say oh the Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim Why are we starting with that? We're supposed to be talking about the Quran.

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Exactly. That's the first thing you should say before reciting the Quran. What's the proof?

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Correct for either correct or not for either Corrado Khurana first time Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Allah says whenever for either not for in if for either whenever you recite the Quran, then seek a loss protection from a shaitan Rajim we're just going to focus on those words today in particular forwards

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and I'm Allah

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how to be loved. But I'm going to start with that not Oh though because we want to extract the Baraka start with the lofty name Allah first. So focus on the name of Allah What does that mean?

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And then the phrase are Ooh

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look at the definition of shaitan

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and ology

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so shaitan should be should feel honored that we're actually studying his name, but of course for the good reasons, and we're going to degrade him even more today.

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So a quick revision of what we took last week. Last week before studying the Quran it's important to understand particular terms definitions, what terms did we take

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what else

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and that order

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we said the Quran comes from two words what were they

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correct recite and read is one

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to recite and read good.

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Correct and Cora compilation she you could say the word Quran came from towards re citation and compiled

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make it easy for remember what about the word sorta we said it came from four different words at least

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a sore good that's one and a sword is a wall or a fence correct? Because just as a wall or a fence encompasses something else surrounds it likewise the solar surrounds the earth. And just as once what a one sword a fence connects to another to form a street, a suburb countries and the whole world. Likewise, the is connect to form a soda that forms I use it and they form a desert and you have the whole CRAN

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correct. We said surah was used to describe a camel that reaches perfection. A perfect camel.

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Correct. A strong perfect mature camels. Katsura. Right, if you said I have a sore arm meaning I have a strong complete perfect camel. So the sort of the Quran are perfect and complete. That's understood.

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Correct. Another definition of surah was lufti unhide.

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And that was the fourth one we said Sora in Arabic means a part of something. As for lofty and high, and Nebula, the famous poets to the king one day lm Torah and Allah, Allah, Taka Surah 10, then you say Allah is giving you a surah, meaning a high position, right. And as for surah, the word surah came from Surah. Because a sword it means part of something. This is the part of a laws speech, I saw is part of the revelation. So those are the four meanings of Sora. And like I said, they're the recordings online. As far as we gave three, what were they

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correct. I wonder number two,

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a miracle. Number three, assignment. I wonder a miracle and assign something big. You say what I write Wow. Wonder miracle is also called the area and as Mr. jeiza why because people are unable to perform them. Correct is unable, right. And it's a sign it's I lemma. And we said there are two types of yet. This is called Ania. And I add konia Quranic ayat, and universal so what you see from the sun, the stars, the moon, the seas, the oceans, right all of those things that are yet these are signs of Allah's magnificence, Majesty greatness, etc.

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So we just summarize an hour and five minutes with hamdulillah

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Doing well.

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And revision is very important. I've said this before and I'll say it again. repetition is the mother of memory. And one of the scholars said, learn Accra Kitab insalata Murat aha boo LA and Accra salata, Kuta. To read one book three times, is better than to read three different books. When you read something once, you might retain 50% you read it again, you retain 70% you read it for a third time, you'll retain 90%. So you're asking me Merida, how do you retain your knowledge? Just keep reading the same thing over and over, you won't forget it. So they said to read one thing three times it's better than to read three different things. Revise a lot, you'll retain your knowledge

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inshallah. That's all last week. So the new content

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Billahi min ash shaytani. r rajim. We're gonna start off with a lofty Majestic Name a lot. A lot.

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This name Allah came from so many other smaller words we said universal principles. big words come from small words. But we're just gonna limit it to five today. Five. The first Allah came from Allah.

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alley What does that mean?

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alley hack means Aveda, whatever that means. To worship literally. It means to worship.

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Why? Because Allah is worship upon Allah. Allah is worship. Even in his name Allah it means the one only worthy worship. So panela Show me another deity, anything else worship, show me in their name. It actually means the one worship Jesus. Does that mean the one worship? No, it doesn't. Buddha? Does that mean the one worship No, it doesn't the fire does that mean the one worship No, it doesn't. Money people worship money. Worship the dollar? No. So as you can see the name Allah actually means the one worships upon amazing. And that's where the word ILA came from, who was the ILA?

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anything worth worship, right? La Ilaha. Right. La Isla. So, the Illa who is the Illa?

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anything anything worshipped is called the ealerts a deity right? Now Jesus is he worshipped by the Christians? He sure he says he anila Yes, he is to them. The elephant is worship among some in Hindus, the elephant is an ala to them. So anything worship is called Illa.

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Yet he is an inner

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night so part of Allah Allah. So Allah is something worship. So therefore, when you take your Shahada, you are saying La Ilaha there's nothing worthy of worship. It doesn't mean there's no god no.

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People translate La Ilaha meaning there's no God. That doesn't mean there's no god there plenty of deities out there. Trust me. People have now taken stars, celebrities idols. Alright, look at Australian auto, American auto that balut they take them as idols. Even when a soccer player scores a rip ago. What do they do? We're not worthy. We're not worthy. They prostrate to them. They've taken them as idols. They've taken them as objects of worship. So when you say la ilaha, you're saying there's nothing worthy of worship, then you affirm it? In Lala.

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So the name of Allah came from Allah and Allah. So what happened?

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If you have Allah here,

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to get the name of Allah, what did we do? We added Alif Lam al, Al Islam, plus Illa equals Allah. That's where the name Allah came from. So the one deity worthy of worship. That's what Allah means. Allah, what a powerful name. The shame that many people when they hear the names of celebrities and circled stars, who are effect the most filthiest of people in reality, if you look at the lifestyles, right, the here these names are going nuts. Oh,

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wow. But when they hear the name, Allah doesn't know anything. There's a problem in the heart. people haven't studied what the hate is all about, or what it should do to the heart what I should do to the believer. So the name Allah is a powerful name. In fact, it's so powerful evidence by him said this name Allah is Usman Jama. If you had to summarize what is the name of Allah mean? It's it's one Jama the comprehensive name, the name of Allah is the comprehensive name.

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It's the comprehensive name the comprehensive term, a lady Yes, Maluku, lol, Asma josephat that encompasses and includes all of the laws names and all of these attributes. So the name Allah, it contains all of the other names Ar Rahman AR Rahim Allah have a top Alka Deuce a Salaam Manila Aziz all the names in fact he has more than one No, no.

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If I told you I have $99 in my pocket, does that mean I only have $99 to my name

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No, I could have I could have. I could have more in the bank. Yeah, I could have more at home. Unless My wife has my debit card. I've got nothing, right. What this hadith means yes, in nilay satin, what is sinus man? I mean, Allah has at least 99 names at least. So I confess that I have $99 that means I have at least one and I also could have more at home. So that had is not is actually authentic. So it's true to some extent, but we don't restrict it to only 99.

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What you've kept with yourself, one that's right, any Allah How can you restrict something so great, the names and attributes of Allah, so you can't restrict it to 99. So really the name Allah as we said, it's, it's your comprehensive name for all the other names and attributes. In other words, if you are Rama, you want mercy you can say yeah, Allah, you want knowledge, you can say Allah, you and mercy Yala, you want health or wealth, you could say Allah says the name of Allah is your one stop name for all your needs, and all your deeds. We can't go wrong with the name Allah. If you're shorter names, you don't know autoweb and you can just say Allah, you showed a name, just say Allah.

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Amazing, amazing. So it's a comprehensive name. That includes all of the names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal.

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The second meaning of

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Allah. It came from the Arabic word Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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And what that means, extreme adoration. Extreme love. They said, and two Hedberg shocks on hub bench he didn't have the habit of look, you love someone so much that your mind goes, infatuation. Let's say madly in love. That's albula. Right? madly in love, extreme of extreme adoration.

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As we said, people have replaced that love and Wella not for the Creator, but for the creation. They've made these things, these deities or these people these objects, right. They're objects of extreme love, adoration and affection. They love them so much when people see a celebrity or they do not some of them faint. Remember the Michael Jackson phase? in the in the 90s. People were fainting just because I saw him. Who is this man? Right? And a family see if they shake their hand. I'll never wash this hand again.

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That's how people are, know that extreme love and adoration should be for Allah. He is the one who is loved. He's the one who is adored, venerated, revealed on it. Allah, Allah and he gave us everything. And if I just gifted you with a phone you say thank you so much. Thank you. What are some thanking me? Just a phone. Right But what about the one who's gifted us with the ability to see work talk life? You know, how do we we should show that appreciation? True love adoration for allows for love.

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And true love equals worship. True love equals worship because true love is proven on the limbs and only on the lips. True. True Love is proven on the limb. You have to prove it. Your husband says to you I love you. I love you. I love you never shows it never takes you out. Never hugs you never kisses you. Nothing. That's called love. So true. Love is proven true love is proven. Like when you go to class, right? One day. In an exam, you hand the test paper back blank. I give it back blank. He says Where's your answers you get knowledge is in the mind. Walk away. Doesn't make doesn't make sense. prove you have knowledge. You have love. Prove it. That's what lesson what entered Allium Ron

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Paul, say in Quinta de la.

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Factor biani. You claim to love Allah to a born Allah. What should you do? First Debbie only follow the Prophet act. Show us show us so that people say I love Allah, but they never pray that I wear hijab. They don't do a lot once. I'm sorry. Yeah, that's a knowledge. Yeah, love is in the heart.

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Well, if you had to go to work, and you don't show up for a whole week, your boss calls your brother I was in my heart to come in. But I couldn't be bothered to say you and your near you and your intention and your heart. Stay at home happy for good. You'll find

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your husband You never told me you love me and he says

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grace and polish on your car every few weeks. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't do that. There you go.

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There you go. The list goes on.

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So alella

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love hub. No, it's a name. It's

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Name NASA but as I have better fan habit is the firm and hope is a name isn't

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Yeah, I have a say I have many he loved me right or she loved me. So herb is actual that is the name all right. I have hope for you For example you say to someone so that's that's the name. The name Allah also came from le ha la la liga. La

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Liga LA.

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Anyhow la he means second la what Sakina Sakina

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tranquility stable stillness, peace, so well done sister Mashallah 10 points for you. Yes, Akina, Sakura.

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aloha Maine's second Sakina, to have peace, tranquility,

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to be at peace,

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to be tranquil.

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So what's the connection between La Ilaha and Allah?

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No doubt when you believe in him. You have Emad in Allah, Allah azza wa jal greci peace and tranquility in your heart. Allah be the karela takoma in Nakuru, no doubt. Allah is like no doubt Listen up, listen up, in the remembrance of Allah the hearts find tranquility, peace rest in Allah and Allah.

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Put Allah first. You'll never be lost. For Allah azza wa jal as first you will find peace and tranquility.

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and entertain me I said, Don't rely too much on the creation. They'll let you down. Even your own shadow will leave you in dark times. A large region will never let you down. He's always there.

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So as we said, it's connected to a man right you have a man in Allah Islam with Allah then Allah will give you peace just like Islam and a man main peace. Also the name of Allah actually has the definition of peace. Show me any other deity Lord and you can ask people if you give power to non Muslims, show me any other Lord or deity that has all of these names within their name? None. What hamdulillah only in Islam

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Yes, yes. You say I only have valid Allah on me.

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boy went to his mother right for peace and tranquility. Right? So we turn to Allah for peace and tranquility. So Allah Allah Allah, Allah amin

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Yeah, that's right. Yes. You see, so you turn to Allah for peace he turned to Allah for peace tranquility.

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Not early herb early ha extend the last little

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alley Ha.

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alley high means a manor. Manor home and house and what's amazing we took it safety again another it's connected to alley Ha. But this is alley her.

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name Allah so the name Allah came from. So early high means to keep safe. So with Allah you asking that person in and of themselves, turning to Allah for peace and tranquility. But Ali ha Allah is the one now who's applying the verb you could say?

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No, no, this is Alia is a verb. It's like jealous show diba Ocala. Alisha is to do something. So Ellie had rehab. Elliot she's really hot, hot. Did you

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know that that's al Lu,

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Lu, Khadija and Lu. There'll be another way. Hello, howdy Joe. Hello Fatima, this Alia as a verb. So le hair as we said is to keep safe why because if you believe in Allah, He protects you. So alley her is to keep safe any manner.

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Finally, a I'll put this up here.

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Since five, we're gonna limit it to five

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Due to time, the name Allah came from the Arabic word, la

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la humaines Allah wa stoer What does that mean?

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To your heroes to go above to elevate? Literally stoer? Is this

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sure is a man who had a lot of stuff a lot of the Most Merciful, rose above the Throne.

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Not stolen Yes.

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Not conquered.

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So allow her to rise, ascend,

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to elevate.

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That's what it means because Allah has done that. He's above everything. Allahu focac. Alicia, Allah is above everything. Nothing's above him. He's above.

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Although people, unfortunately, for many reasons, people are blind followers of what their shift just tell them they just, you know, accept whatever they hear.

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Yeah, and other people are ignorant of the Arabic or a lot of people. Why? Because, as I understood, it's a nocturnal focal after the revelation of reasoning, whether the other way around, they have their own misconception, and then I try to find the evidence for that in the corner. No, that's not the approach. We change ourselves for the Quran, and not the Quran for our souls. So they may come with preconceived notions. And then I approached the Quran with those ideas, and that's how they go astray. And that's why bidda innovation started when, nine, the time of the Sahaba the Tiburon, but rather when he Sam spread to the other nations that didn't understand these principles, and they had

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prior, you know, misconceptions, prior, any concepts of aqidah they're all messed up and deviated, like the Persians, and the Romans and the Greeks, when the slaves were to those countries, the beta started from those people. But it didn't start with the Sahaba tambien. Because they had these pure these pure fidra. Right, they didn't really have it there before Islam. So Islam came to them, right, like on an empty plate, you could say, at first they accepted everything, but with them other nations, as we said, because they already have, they had deviations to begin with. They tried to it affected them and affected the Islam. That's why the Buddha came from them.

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stone that means to conquer you. Now if you conquer something means you didn't have it, you have to go and fight for it. So a lot doesn't conquer things, everything belongs to him from day one. So when people try to change the diet, and the horrific diet, to change the diet and to distort them is of two types. One is to try and change the word like instead of stoer they'll say Stoller but Alhamdulillah it's impossible because I was protected the Quran so if since they can't do that, they'll try and change the meaning. They'll say this means this but hamdulillah the meanings are also preserved in the sooner in the authentic generations. Like al Bukhari you know when people say

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Allah protected the Quran don't just think a lot protected the words he protected the meanings is how can it How can a law just protect the words and protect the meanings? Doesn't right that's even more important or equally important? So they both protected so the name a lot of quick revision we said five things at least and it means the one will correct the one worship

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It means the one who is extreme has will have extreme love for

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us is it getting hot in here do you need the icon on

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do you want Can we turn it on sorry Murdock Forgive me

00:23:37 --> 00:23:38

to be at peace with correct

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one correct, keep safe and to rise? Mashallah. centum as the name Allah

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Jalla gelato.

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What about

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the word Udo came from either either you have to write that down, either means to enter protection or to seek refuge from but what I really want you to write and focus on is the difference between although and St.

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And as Esther you

00:24:26 --> 00:24:29

know, not to prepare, that's a state design.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:33

And then this is a Val.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:48

So what's the difference between our oh and s Dido. Now they both translated as to seek protection, seek refuge right that's where the word either came from. But the difference is in Arabic whenever you have these letters.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:53

I live scene into whenever you have a live scene into

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00:24:58 --> 00:25:00

US depending how you're going to

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

Say the word. What that means in reality is you're requesting something bernabei.

00:25:08 --> 00:25:30

requests. Yeah. So Allison and that if that comes at the beginning of what most times nine times out of 10 it means to request something. What's that prayer when you're seeking the Lord's guidance called? It's the hollow. See, it's the heart. Elif Sen. you're seeking the height of something you're seeking the goodness from it is the horror. What about when you fall into sin? What do you do?

00:25:31 --> 00:25:41

It's still far I still feel a loss and you say, I still fit a lot. It's still fun. you're seeking what requesting forgiveness. So it's the holly requesting

00:25:42 --> 00:25:58

guidance, and it's the fall you're requesting forgiveness also in certain Fatiha Yeah, cannot Buddha yakka nastain a stain is Tiana. What are you seeking out help? Say LFC ninja

00:25:59 --> 00:26:01

is lefur as the Halifax

00:26:02 --> 00:26:04

Halifax Halifax

00:26:05 --> 00:26:50

swear, well, Lloyds, I'm saying I'm requesting you to take an oath. Okay. Okey dokey. take an oath on this that you didn't do it. For example, is the alpha. C is the hora is Tiana is the either. So what's the difference between str the and out? Okay, we understand str the str you though means to requests protection, whereas you're not requesting you got Okay, what's the big deal? Now if you are drowning at sea, you're drowning. And you see someone on a boat, you're gonna say, if you may I please request a life jacket from you, my dear sister Annalisa in a request. He said throw me a life jacket quickly right before I punch your lights out quickly do something you're not going to

00:26:50 --> 00:27:13

request. If let's just say a hurricane outside of Macquarie Street, you're not going to go to each door Say hello. May I come in? Please help me I'm about to die she's going to barge in. So as they go to request right you're relaxed you're requesting from a lawyer make drop. Although you're not requesting you're just entering into a loss worship that's how desperate you are. That's how desperate you are for a loss help.

00:27:15 --> 00:27:28

Yeah, you're like you're demanding but you're not even entering. You don't even requesting you're entering immediately you're saying oh well I enter I mean, I give myself up. You know like I said me I surrender. I give myself up I had myself in to your protection

00:27:29 --> 00:27:36

protect me over. So as the halo we said that as a means to request here. You are requesting

00:27:37 --> 00:27:39

you are seeking protection.

00:27:44 --> 00:27:46

Yes, this is for B.

00:27:47 --> 00:27:52

We're doing odo now when you say oh Bella, well I will do you are entering immediately.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:33

In other words, this teaching you you need to enter a loss protection straightaway when it comes to the shaytaan this guy is very deceptive. He has a PhD in deception. He's been around for many years. He's old. You when you he's experienced we amateurs don't think you can outsmart him. The only way you can outsmart him is via the Quran and the Sunnah implement that then hollows the balls in your court. But other than that you need a list of 50 needs protection. You think I enter straightaway you're alone I give myself up protect me protect me. In fact, that's what criminals do. If they're going to get shut down by a gang right actually go to the police they say look, I've committed this

00:28:33 --> 00:28:39

crime please lock me up. They'll actually hand themselves in the prison because they want to get protection

00:28:40 --> 00:28:42

so I suppose it's very interesting when you look at these words,

00:28:44 --> 00:29:00

but we said most of the time you have ellefson attack because doesn't work for every single verb like estacada I mean a gnome he woke up he said no, no request to waking up. He said he woke up so we said nine times out of 10 general principles that's what I'm here to teach you general concepts not every single detail.

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So we've done with arrows. What about the word shape bond?

00:29:11 --> 00:29:13

No, you do use it? Yes.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:47

Correct. Yes, very good. Because I don't comes to most when trying to get closer in particular, to acts of worship the Quran and Sala the Quran Sala. So a lot of people, they don't really last in coding classes where they try to memorize and they make excuses or it's too hard. I'm busy. Right and so Allah also so shaitan gets to you why those two those because they are great acts of worship.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:56

And they connect you to Allah if you want to connect with Allah you pray for a lot to only speak to you you read the Quran for to have communicating with Allah

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

Yeah, well, so many doors Yeah.

00:30:01 --> 00:30:05

No, that's right. As for sure on

00:30:09 --> 00:30:11

the word shaitan came from two words in Arabic.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:14

Number one, shop on

00:30:19 --> 00:30:20

shop on shabaneh

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and shutdown amines. Bauder, what's buried far away. shaytaan is far from Allah. He's far from goodness, he's far from deeds. He's far from done. He's far from Allah's mercy. So literally shutdown a means

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to be far away.

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because he is far from so many things.

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He's far from goodness, that's a summary.

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Shelter I'm unqualified, he's this guy's far from anything good.

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That's what he's naming. So Satan is not a real accurate translation, or the devil. Not really, either. So there's more to it. So the scholar says something interesting. They said, if you want to be far from shaitan, in fact, his name means to one who is far you want to be far from him in the next world. You got to be far from him in this world. So don't follow his footsteps be far away from him, be far away or ignore Abdullah, as he said, Don't be like those who curse shade on in public, but obey Him in private? Well, a lot of people do that in public law. Mottola shaitan. Oh, that guy, you know, this and those are enemies, but in private, they're obeying him Oh, what can I do for you?

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Oh, shit on almost almost like that. So don't be among those who curse him in public and obey Him in private.

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Not in the sense of money if you can. islamically but in the sense of equity, the English definition, limited kolomela to follow what he said that what you don't do. Of course, this is Hadith, Allah, this is hated.

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But even if a person is sitting, they should still tell others not to do the same thing. Because that's and if you don't, then you're falling into two sins. All right, you're actually doing this in and you're actually not forbidding the evil.

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And if not by him, or one of the self said shaitan said she taunted. I used to teach people evil. Now I learned from them.

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If people have gotten so bad when I say Tom, he's actually taking notes from them, right? The people have become the the machines and the sheoak of shaitan is taking notes. How can I learn? And there's a joke about abijah Hello frown, where, of course shaitan was trying to whisper bad thoughts, right? What's worse, what's worse? So he's whispering whispering and then around Abuja, they come with their own evil thought. So she thought it was

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so so bad, that even she thought thought well, that's

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and that's exactly the case. And that happens even with teachers, like I'm teaching Islam and Arabic but there's many times we'll actually learn from students. So sometimes the teacher can actually learn from the students so that's the case of straight on and mankind today mankind have gotten so bad shaitaan is taking notes and what's also interesting in Arabic, the word shaitan Allah wasn't the file and it rhymes with file and when are when a word rhymes with file and

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it's not it's on a higher level altogether. So shodhana in Arabic the dua you learn how to derive the dua from these verbs. The dua for shutdown a Shelton, right. Aveda ibid sarebbe sharib right shaitana Shelton. The dua is a shelter it's not called shelter in its good shape on what what word does that run with in Arabic? We said Fallon. Fallon now what's another word that rhymes with phyla and when you extremely hungry Anna Joanne when you're really angry Anna xyla and oh, Anna Ben are really thirsty Anna

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can see those words right our chant hog ban Zarrella fallen a name of Allah.

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Ramen, ramen ultimate mercy that's the highest level you can get higher than that is bad and really angry heads are gonna roll my golden right. Mild tempered are Chan really hungry. starving, not really thirsty. Sorry, right if you don't have water now you're dead. I'll fish you're just one little bit of water. Joanne really hungry, as opposed to Jay peckish so far.

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The word shaytaan is on the same rhyme pattern. It's called knifes. It wasn't right? Wasn't file and it's on it rhymes with it. So Shay Tom is not like Shaolin. So he's really far

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And you're gonna see the other meaning also, okay from Sha, which actually means angry, agitated, ignited that shaitan is really angry. This guy's really Moody, agitated all the time. Okay, and he's ignited because you've been credited from fire. So that's the second meaning.

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The word cytron came from shouto. In Arabic, that's where the word shaitan came from. And shouto has three meanings really angry,

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and ignited, set ablaze.

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aerated water element said about this word.

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They said the word shaitan came from shaitana a hajra watarrka. Yani to become angry, agitated, and Tanaka from antilock to be set ablaze. So he's really Moody, hot tempered and being created from the fire and really angry really angry subpanel

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so which is more correct yahoogroup Nokia, Nokia Sydney's famous tafsir LMR usaha own and money in the scholars said both are correct. The word shaytaan came from shawanna and shouto. Both are correct, was the correct

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no doubt, no doubt at all. He wants to take you to the ignited place hellfire. And he agitates humans for many ways, among them is to remind you of your past, make you remorseful and regretful, why do people do that? You probably get that a lot with counseling. People always regretting and upset over the past. Right? shaitan does that so when he reminds you of your past, remind them of his future was going for him. So don't even remind you of your past. And if something has happened in the past, you know, happened within hamdulillah it's decreed helot. It's done. It was written decreed 50,000 years before the creation, I'm upset. No amount of worry will change the future. And

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no amount of regret will change the past. accept things as they are hamdulillah. And when the past calls,

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not on the phone, but when the past calls, send it to voicemail, because it's got nothing new to say old news.

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That's what shaitan does. So of course, I need some nice points regarding protection against the shaitan. And our LMS said how do you protect yourself from someone you can't see you concentrate on? How do you protect yourself from someone who can't see you turn to the one whom shaytan can see Allah tatanka see him so there you go. There's your advantage point.

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shaitan And finally, a regime.

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We said in universal principles, big words come from small words. So what's the small word? rajamma. Good. So the word Rajim came from rajamma

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rajamma has many meanings among them yet, Raja Mariani to * something

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to her what in particular? Rock stones that's rajamma

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large human neck right? I'm going to stone you literally learn how to do monochrome rajamma to hillstone. So what do we do how to turn?

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Nam Rajim AJ Murat, right, the Jamaat where you throw the pebbles or stones right? So that's the that's where the word Rajim came from? Because he is literally one who is stone and silver like the jemalloc, etc. And by the way, the student of the Gemini, the small pebbles, not huge boulders, Lana to like LSA done. Right, and you kill the guy in front of you. No, that's not the sooner the sooner if you're Lebanese right the phone right out of the malaria shape on that's not him literally. It's just the symbol. It's symbolic.

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There's worse Actually, I don't even want to say it what people do to the gentleman on this panel,

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like urinating or defecating or thinking that's that's just a thought. So nom

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so you're following the shader already doing? So Roger mommies to Holsteins but it also means to *?

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obscenity is curses. The scholar said Rama Rama who Bill haidara we took that to hailstones but also on our hobby for a few minutes only while on Anna who to hurl insults at to her curses.

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And so people do two shades on day and night Lana to allow the shade on this planet Allah Allah shaytaan that they hurl insults and curses upon Allah. So yeah, you can curse the shade on but not in a state of anger when something bad happens because the shaytaan because that's when he grows. Yeah, but if you're calm and you say, Oh, no problem, because if you do in a state of anger, he's gonna

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He's going to become proud and arrogant to say, via my power, I've angered him. So rather do it not when you're angry.

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And that's why sometimes you read the the definition of shaytani r rajim, the cursed, that's one of the meanings among the many others. Sometimes you might read another translation, which is the outcast. In fact, that's another meaning of regime regime, the one who is outcasts because rajamma awesome instalado dadada sorry. Barada in Arabic means to expel

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to outcast

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and that's the final thing we're going to write for today. In terms of language of the Quran shaitaan is expelled is outcasted. Originally from Jenna he's been outcasted and expelled from Allah's mercy for forgiveness. So the word

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Yes, so this is another meaning of regime The one who is expelled okay rajamma means to expel

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if you were to say to someone or jump to have expelled you, or jump to come in Beatty have kicked you out of my home.

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Yeah, da da da, da da da is Raja

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Bora that means to Canaan Mata rude. So his motto roodman Rahmatullah is being kicked out of laws mercy, he's expelled.

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So really, when you say are all the Billahi min ash shaytaan regime you are saying, I immediately enter into a loss protection, the one only worthy of worship who is extremely loved, adored, venerated, the one who we seek protection and security from in which the hearts find rest from the one who's extremely far away from from goodness, good deeds, mercy, forgiveness, the one who is agitated, ignited, angry, moody. And the one who is expelled outcasted from Allah's mercy, the one who is held from stones and hold with insulting curses. Try putting that

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that his our the blame and a shutdown regime. How many words is that in Arabic

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Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim. five words, definition. And in it 50 words, to summarize the five words in Arabic. That's how deep the Arabic language is upon Allah. Amazing, amazing. Welcome sisters take it.

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No problem, no form of it. We thought we conclude sapochnik aloha Mohammed ignatia de la ilaha illa and Mr. Furukawa to willeke


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