You gave an answer and you don’t even know!

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Allah says inner Haida inner who Sevilla in ma Shakira in Makkah forum in Messiah, Camila shatta. You know you're striving is very different it will be, each one will strive in his or her own unique way. So what did Allah give you? Allah created you before He created you. He actually asked you a question. Allah asked you a question. Yes, he did. What was the question? Allah says, What if ofada buen camino bunny mommy Oh udim Guney

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Humala forcing him. Let's do me on a being cold call Oh, well, I shahidan amazing. Allah says, long back remember when we took from the back of Adam alayhis salam,

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all his progeny in Seoul form. And we asked them a question, what was the question allow us to be or become? Am I not your Lord, your Creator? And what did we all respond? We said, Bella, indeed you are shahina we bear witness that you are. So we actually said this, and we forgotten it. And Allah says in the Quran, an takuna young malkia Mati in a corner and have a feeling, you know, don't come on the day of judgment and say to us that, oh, we are oblivious of this. We didn't know this. Allah says there is a nature within you, a fedora fitrah, meaning, that natural instinct within you to turn towards your maker alone. So Allah says that within the nature of man, if it is uncontaminated

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from birth, and there is no external factor that fills that hard drive with that, which is unacceptable, automatically, the hard drive will fill itself with that, which recognizes that I have a supreme maker who made me whom I'm going to return to, because that would be common sense. Allah gave us the sense he gave us the brains, and he has actually left that brain in a way that it is filled as time passes, by the surroundings, by the people around you, by those who brought you up. And this is why Allah says to us through the blessed lips of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ma'am in molding. Illa Allah to Allah fitara

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every single child is born. They are only born upon the nature the nature of recognizing Allah alone, recognizing that you have a maker, recognizing that the maker is in control, you're going to go back to the maker he deserves worship alone. That is called a fitara.