Will your wealth create an everlasting life?

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Now what was the crime of this man? He did not do these things. He was arrogant. He used to belittle people he had so much wealth. He never spent it on others, he only amassed it in a Masjid and kept on counting it and counting it. That's why one of the short sutras that we know near the end of the Quran Allahumma aluma is why you liquidly houmas that illuma who is the homeowner and the lumada Allah de jamaa Amal Anwar Dada

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The one who gathers money and keeps counting at a today I got this much I just count the notes again following morning count the notes again just check he does a check check check I got another pile they counted again. How many kilos is that of gold? How many grams more every day he's counting, counting counting. Allah says he thinks his wealth is going to create an everlasting life for him. Yeah, subquantum Allahu Allahu Allah never ever he is also going to die. He better spend while he is alive. When you get give when you get give, when you get give more and more and more. The more you give the more you get

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unviable na fatale, Allah says spend Oh son of Adam, and then I will spend on you. Allah Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Have you heard what Allah said? You want there's a there's an ingredient there's a way there's a method what is it spend on others.

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If you want spend on others, but man can't do that i want i got 200 images, keep it 200 is not going to get to four. give out 50 check how you're going to get another 300

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give out another 20 5040 give give some annaleigh monitor samadhan min sadaqa. The prophet SAW Selim says no wealth has ever been depleted because of a charity that was given Allah is given more and more and more Subhana Allah. This is why we say these are powerful words, powerful words. You want to know how to be happy, make others happy. Allah will make you happy.