Was Muhammad PBUH a man of war

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sister's asking how to explain to a non Muslim woman that the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam is not a man of war, which she believes he is and therefore dislikes him.

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The process of symbols a man of war, a time of war, we're talking about what is going to be a man of peace in time of war.

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Know, the process of Sam said, do not pray for wall. But when it comes, be patient.

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And I'll promise I'll send him after he received revelation we're saying

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after he was 40 years old,

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the prompts awesome he fought, and 37 battles.

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And he carried with him

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18 kilos, 18 kilos of armament in the hot sun, going up mountains crossing the desert, when it's 110 degrees, and he's carrying 18 kilos of armor riding on a horse.

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And this is after he's what

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I'm after he is I'm sorry. 5055 60. So the process and fought in wars, and the companions that prosom said, they said when the processing was on the battlefield, he was the most ferocious.

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They said, when he was on the battlefield, he was not ducking. He was standing in clear sight. He was not ducking, he was not hiding. He was in clear sight of the enemies of Allah, and he was fighting them. And they said, Wallahi we used to hide behind the profit lost him ourselves.

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So when he was at war, he was a man of war.

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And when he was at peace, he was praying in the night 1/3 or two thirds of the night, praying towards his Lord, because that wasn't time for war. That was time for what prayer.

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And think about this. On the battlefield. Allah did not allow the Muslims to stop fighting. He said, some of you go forward and continue to fight while the others is in such that when other ones come out of center, the other ones go back and they fight. And so the salah went like that say Allahu Akbar.

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So our fighting is balanced. And our fighting is principled. It's not a fighting in a war, like you see in on TV. Don't get it twisted.

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Or take another question from the sisters.

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Oh, sister, and sisters. You don't get to be apologizing to these skeptical non Muslims. You don't have to be apologizing. If you something you don't know. You don't know you'll get the answer for them. But you don't have to be apologizing. Like, you know, we always got to be back footnote, you know Jevon, all that on the back. Do that. No. Now you get the jab, welcome.

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Because there's a time for this, and a time for that, or time for this and a time for that. We don't always have to be on the defense. Notice sometimes when we can get on offense, especially we'll be on the good foot. You know, I'm saying when you talk wise right. And your money is right. And your heart is right. And your mind is right. You don't have to be fearful of nothing is living and dying like everybody else. But you're living and dying for a different cause. That's all Yes.