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Will Allah FORGIVE Me?

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Mufti Menk

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Allah chose an act of worship that was not given to others. What is the act of worship? something known as Toba? repentance, forgiveness, and Allah says, I will continue to forgive for as long as

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my worshiper continues to seek forgiveness, did you hear that? I will continue to forgive. For as long as my worship continues to seek forgiveness. So keep seeking forgiveness, and be convinced that Allah has forgiven you every time. Never does Allah say I reject forgiveness when someone asks for it. Never does He say, I don't want to forgive. No, he always forgives, you need to know that for as long as you have admitted your sin, you regret it, you seek His forgiveness and you promised him not to do it again. At the moment, I promised a lie. I'm not going to do it again. And I believed I wouldn't. somewhere down the line. I repeated it, I need to go back again. Seek the same forgiveness

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and I'll be forgiven again and again and if it happens a third time, a third and the fourth until a time comes when Allah calls out to the angels. Do you see my worship? He keeps seeking my forgiveness because I Lima Abdi and Allah who Robin Yehuda be zombie Dumbo Pharaoh omniva Tula. My slave now knows that he has a lord who can either forgive him or punish him. That's why he keeps seeking my forgiveness. I want you to bear witness that I have totally forgiven him completely. Mercy of Allah keep repenting to Allah. No matter what you've done and how many times it's been repeated. But when you seek the forgiveness, make sure you're genuinely saying I'm not going to

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repeat this again. May Allah strengthen us so that we can fulfill that promise unto Allah.