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Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker reads a reference to a book called Row offline design, which is a multi-channel source of information and used in the writing of Arabic. They also discuss the meaning of certain words in Arabic, including "will" and "will", and clarify the meaning of "will" in Arabic for actions and events. The speaker is trying to clarify the meaning of "will" in Arabic for a person to do something, but is confused about the meaning of "will" and "will" in Arabic. They also mention a rule in Arabic that says "will" is for a person to do something, and suggest that "will" is for a person to do something.
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You're making a mockery of your favorite people. You're making a mockery, just by denying these basic facts. And you didn't spin them just trying to deny them. And he resigned. Yes, Ronnie because I volume nine, page 31 the bottom of the page.

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One second one second. I'm just opening if you got to give me a second, okay.

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Okay, bye. By the way, can I ask you what is what what is this about? Ginger? No, this is about this is about my point that he used. What? Why do you asked me a question?

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I'm trying to open a book. Sorry, I'm trying to see the reference

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is about I'm making a point from it, that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani used a vulgar language, street language dirty language to describe his opponents. This is the point I'm making. Correct? That's what you're saying. I'm opening the reference wizard.

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So I read I read from Rowhani design. Yeah, I've got the very scan in front in front of me. Here is the reference. You can see Ronnie because I'm opening it

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30 Sorry, volume nine, volume nine page 31 Rouhani design. By the way, those who don't know Rouhani design is a collection of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. He's put together all his book, a collection of his works, a collection of his works. It's an an anthology, basically, it's

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it's, it's all his works put together in multiple volumes. And this collection is called Rowhani design. In other words, literally translated as spiritual treasures. spiritual treasures. This is not mean. Yes. Can I read? Can we which page are you reading? Base? 31. Can you read? Okay, so can you while you're mine? While you read? Read? Read first first read the code. First read the second last line and the last line. Yes, yes. Yes. But this is you know who this is about is about atom right? You know, you know the bank before you before you tell us before you tell us who this is about. I have a problem with this. Even if it's about shaitan don't worry about that. Even if it's

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about shaytaan you have a problem with this. I'll tell you why. I'll explain to you why. Just read the second last line and the last line and then we will talk about it whether it matches who it is about.

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Okay, okay. Okay. Can let me let me let me read out to us all right. Yes. Okay. So when you want me to read it from second last line, and the last line, okay, those are Muslim says the font sizes are a multi factor data and then you've got to solve some Java documents keep who's covered to haram by Nick Ashok Halawa nahi, but Halawa B'nai kaylea varje ba TA, K agar vo Mooji Juta Janta or hair or ISA Yoko la Posada Yagura data to marry is who jetco vacay torpor Raja curry, Germanic pesky because it's for Connor Pina haram. Hayagriva is the article party or Mr. Abdullah en que pasa Naja or other Padawan dalla Costa and Rahim those Gundlach who have cebause solid guitar vocal MRTA Masuda ik

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rocker they are teen hazhar repair Lele or ye Kar Wai cerca de COVID. You know what, this is what he's talking about? You know, the background to this. What are you hearing? What are you saying? This and I can explain in English. Wait, wait, wait. Firstly, firstly, firstly, before we get to what this about? It is about I know exactly what it's about and what is about. Don't worry about that. I am asking you

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the language or what I'm asking is this the language of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani? Is it confirmed? Yes, it is. You're not disputing it? You're not disputing it? I don't know why you're going on about it in his writing. Rather I'm I'm doing it for a reason. You're not disputing it? Yes. No, I'm not disputing Yes. Okay. Now

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Ahmed, he is calling Mr. X, a bastard child Correct. What other Haram is not used here in a in a literal sense and I will explain why okay, what? What is word in Arabic? What is the meaning of wallet?

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Okay, what is the meaning of wallet in Arabic? Nobody for the person to decide what in what what understanding is used that word. Strokeplay if I if I say if I say,

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Brother Ahmed,

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if I say my brother,

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can I say my friend? I'm asking if I said to RIA to shaitan. Okay, in the Arabic language. What is my

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look, I'm calling you with respect. And

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even though I believe, even though I believe you're upon disbelief, you're upon Cofer. I'm calling you with rain. Same Sandra the same? Yes. Same thing. No.

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We're talking to each other with respect. So please, please honor my respect. I'm asking your question What is the meaning of Viola

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In Arabic,

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what is the meaning of words in Arabic? In the thing is, the sentence is or the word is one of the Haram is not just one word. Okay. When

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when you said, you said while ago Haram is not used in in the, in the chat in that sense boster child, your user said that you just said that you were about to dispute, so I'm disproving you before you waste our time. What is the meaning of wallet in Arabic? What is what? What is the meaning of RIA in Arabic? And

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don't hop to another topic.

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What is the meaning of all it? Son? Son? Yes. What it means child? Yes, child. Yes, yes. Yes. Can calculus continue? I mean, why? And haram? What is haram? Illegitimate or let's say Haram is okay, okay, good. Good. So now Okay, now now we're getting there. So you're

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not Qadiani all Mr. X, or miss y, one of the Koran, correct.

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We haven't finished. We haven't finished the paragraph. Brother Ahmed first established facts, basic facts, did he call Mr. X, whoever, whoever we're not in, we're not in prep or something we don't prep or people that are listening to educate the people you're like, but it is important, it is important for me to do this so that you understand and and the listeners and viewers understand what I was doing. So understand now. Anyway, so my question is, which is Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani call it Mr. X. A bastard child.

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He hasn't said bastard child Waldwick haram. He says what are the what are the illegitimate child? What is?

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What is?

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Haram? Your honor. I'm telling you the EDM in which is used my brother so when we say Korea to shaitan what does it mean? What is we're not discussing Korea? We are discussing what is the Haram stop hopping? Stop?

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I'm not going to I'm not going to let you do this until while other haram does it mean pastor I'll not

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say that again? Does it mean a bastard child or not?

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In a literal sense, yes. Does it have any other meaning in the Arabic language? Okay, that's what I'm asking him.

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You can easily save us all this time and say yes, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani called a certain person while other haram yes or no.

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I've answered like 10 times. I don't know where we're going with this. He's

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he called a certain person A bastard child.

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No, because you're not getting as a foster child. That's your problem. What is the meaning of what I've got? Haram? What does that mean? He was at the shutdown told me if I call you to reiterate

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just just one second sorry. Because both of your speaking, it is not fair to compare with another phrase in an idiom. If one of them haram does not mean an illegitimate child, armored unit to provide from classical Arabic dictionaries, or literature, that word can mean something other than a bastard child in a praiseworthy positive way. So why don't you bring that point on the table?

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Okay, okay. Yes. So what I'm saying to acknowledge that she there's there is a rule in the Arabic language and he's, if he's a scholar, he knows that, that the person who writes something is for him to explain what it means you can't have another person coming to explain to you what it means. So if the Promised Messiah Islam himself explains this is what it means, then he can't come up with another meaning. So let's continue to see what he has written. Okay, okay.

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Let's stick to this page. I'm going to claim means I'm going to explain what it means what I understand from this very quote. Your your Prophet is saying you're probably saying that those who do not accept our conquest or our victory, okay.

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Basically, they want to be or they have a desire to be one of those haram illegitimate child or a bastard child.

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And this person is not a halal zada

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means a legitimate child. Halal means halal, legitimate, zada

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was the opposite of Halal Giada is haram zada in the language in the Persian language. Okay, it's haram zada and halal. zada Haram is other means a bastard child, which means in the Arabic language well,

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okay. In the first sentence, he calls a person who doesn't accept his victory,

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a bastard child, and when he explains what he means by that, by such a person is not

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can I respond? Can I respond?

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You can not wait you can respond you can respond okay okay can you please this game you're making are you making a mockery of your faith no no and you people you're making a mockery just by denying these basic facts and you can spend them just trying to deny them

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