Where Are These People?

Mufti Menk


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In alladhina Kanu data Java Juno Bomani, Moto G boham, kofun wapa ma. Where are those who used to at night forsake their beddings worshipping Allah calling out to him when everyone else was asleep and they used to call out to Allah with a sense of hope and a sense of fear.

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We are the,

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if you end that verse we read it and so that such that the verse says Swami Maharaja now whom Yun Fei Poon, they are the ones who used to spend from what we gave them. Notice what I was speaking about just now. They are the ones who used to spend from what we gave them. Allah gave you, he gave you to eat he gave you for your family he gave you for your children he gave you for your brothers and sisters for whoever your relatives may be. He gave you and after that, he's just gonna watch. I'm gonna throw at you 1 million times more than what you need. And I just want to watch what are you going to do with it? Are you building your hereafter? Are you just going to stash it away until

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you die?

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The winners are those who build the hereafter.