ALL SHISHA SMOKERS! Make this promise

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I want to say and I want to come down hard on this. Anyone here who smokes whether it's a shisha or a bishop,

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any one of you who smokes I swear if today you can make a promise not to me but to Allah, if you can make a promise to Allah, that you will quit it from tonight, by the will of Allah, it might just be the one deed that will tip your scale. It might just be the one deed that will tip your scale for entering Jannah on the Day of Judgment because let me tell you what's going to happen on that day. Allah says in the same noble book

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when Obama was in Bali young woman Kenya Marathi fella to lamona of sushi were in Cannes I mean Scala hub, but him in Cara del, at the inner being worker fabby now has EB. Allah describes in Surah, Al Anbiya. How he's going to have the scales of justice on that day and bring every deed into account even that which is the weight of a mustard seed, Allah says we are sufficient when it comes to taking account. And then Allah says, For among thokku let's know as he knew for all it can really hone whoever's good deeds are more than the bad deeds, they are successful. Allah knows you have bad deeds, Allah knows I have good deeds and bad deeds. Allah knows you have good deeds as well. And

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Allah says, if your good deeds are more than your bad deeds for you is paradise. And if your bad deeds are more than your good deeds, it's only you who is to blame. So if you were to do good deeds, that are so many, keep doing as many as you can be hard on yourself, be strict on yourself. Allah says he is going to grant you that scale and the mercy of Allah will come to you as a result of you having done more good than bad. So Allah says, make sure you do it. Good deeds. This is why I say you have a bad habit and you quit it. Sometimes you're struggling to put on a scarf, for example, if you do it against all odds, that might just be your one deed that tips the scale on the day of

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judgment. And Allah says that's the deed put it on and when it came on, it went beyond the other one. Allah says Jana Allahu Akbar. What did we say at the beginning of this talk? What's our aim and where is our destination and where do we want to go

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