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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was early he was happy Jemaine,

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my beloved brothers, my sisters. Indeed, we are very fortunate to be from among those witnessing not only the month of the ledger, but the day of Friday within the first 10 days of the ledger.

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And not only that, it is a Friday but it is the time of the Juma and the hotbar.

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If you look at the

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collective timings of all of what I've just mentioned, you would realize that the favor of Allah upon us is great, it is a moment of seeking the forgiveness of Allah.

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So we ask Allah at this particular moment to forgive all of us whatever we've done in the past, may Allah forgive us.

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Things we know things we don't mean Allah forgive us. Allah Who Mumfie Lana Zulu burner what Kofi Rana say, Tina, what are fun, man bruh

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Oh ALLAH forgive our sins, forgive whatever we've done,

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and grant us

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resurrection with those who are pious and righteous.

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It is important to feel the moment if you're a believer, you feel a Friday. If you're a believer, you will feel the month of Ramadan. If you're a believer, you feel the fact that we are in the 10 days of the AJA because you're a believer. If you don't feel it, you need to connect and reconnect with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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When we have an iota of iman in us and believe faith in our hearts, the Quran holds value to us. It does not hold value to others who don't believe because no matter what do you say or do nothing moves them. Guidance is in the hands of Allah thank Allah, He has guided you and I but make dua that He guides us further and strengthens us upon that guidance. Because from amongst us there are those who are weak, and there are those who are slightly stronger. None of us are on the ideal. It is a lifetime struggle to get to a higher level every single day.

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Check your heart. Does it feel a connection to Allah? Does it feel a connection to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? The minute the name Mohammed is mentioned immediately sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does it affect your heart? Does he do something positive to you? If the answer is yes, Mashallah. You're heading in the right direction. Do not let shaytan trap you because he is waiting. He is planning. He knows everyone from their thoughts and their minds in the shape and I actually believe in the Adama Majora dumb shaitan runs in the veins of humankind and shape on plots every day with the pious he plots in a different way with those who are not that religious, he plots in a

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different way. The minute you get out of the fold of Islam, he no longer needs to plot because you are where he wanted you to be. That's why people say how come I'm a Muslim and shaytan comes so much to me. That's because you are in the territory where he does not want you to be the minute you get into territory where he wants you to be His job is over. So understand that when you're a believer, you're in the exam room, you're going to write the examination. If you're not you're not even in the school, let alone the exam room. Lie of or Nikita Lupo levena kuffaar roofing biller. Allah says don't let the fact that the disbelievers are enjoying on Earth deceive you. Mata calling, Allah says

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those are provisions for a short period of time, leave them Don't worry about them, worry about yourself, lie about

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the day to

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Allah says Oh you who believe be concerned about yourselves. Those who are astray will not affect you in any negative way. If you yourself are rightly guided so ask Allah's guidance. That's the reason why on a daily basis, we continue to say a Dana Sirata Lu stepping in every unit of prayer salah, guide us to the straight path. Guidance is in the hands of Allah. Many believe they are guided but they are not guided Subhanallah it happens right? Allah subhanahu wa taala says

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pull Hanoun

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have been

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been upsetting Malla Should we inform you of those who are in the greatest of loss regarding their deeds?

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And levena Walesa you whom Phil higher dude near will whom Yassa, buena

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net whom you've seen

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those who struggle on Earth is a stray unacceptable far off from the mark yet they themselves think that they are doing good May Allah protect us from that. So never become arrogant when Allah has allowed you to engage in Ibadah never become proud when Allah may has protected you from sin, and you might see someone else fall into that sin. Don't let it make you proud because that is exactly the first crime of iblees Allah, Allah Allah Allah, the devil himself.

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What was his crime? Pride? What else according to some narrations that we've heard, and we've read,

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prior to that sin, he was an obedient slave of Allah.

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I'm sure you may have heard that what happened? Pride over took a pious person or a pious creature of Allah. What was the pride and how he wrote I mean, who that's it, I am better than him. I am better than Adam. I am better than him. That feeling made him worse. Allah Almighty warns us to say be careful, be careful, oh son of man. Do not allow the same sin that shaytan fell into.

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To overtake you. May Allah protect us.

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So when Allah allows you to do good, thank Allah be humble. When Allah allows you to stay away from bad thank Allah be humble. Feel the connection, the connection with anything connected to Allah, you should feel it that Ikawa may have in sha

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Allah for in

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double, one collude, a sign of the piety of the heart is when the centuries of Allah that which Allah has given value to is valuable to you, too. It's a sign of closeness to Allah. What did we say? When you see the Quran? Someone mistreating? maltreating Does it hurt you? Yes, it does. If that's the case, inshallah you are heading in the right direction.

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And I'll tell you why we say heading in the right direction. Because sometimes

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we do the right things. We engage in Ibadah we read the Quran, we have a connection with Allah and His Rasul. But we don't understand the trappings of shaytan. Hence, the verse I just read earlier from Surah Al calf where Allah Almighty warns us about those who have lost the plot because they did a lot of good but they achieved nothing from it. You know what, sometimes you do a lot of good deeds, those good deeds are given as gifts to others. Why are they given as gifts to others? They are given as gifts to others because you wronged them you beg, beaten them, you slandered them, you accused them, you deceive them, you hurt them, whatever else you may have done against them not

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realizing he Sabu whom Allah Allah, their hisab is with Allah not with you, who are you? Who am I? Zero nothing. It is Allah the Lord of the universe. Maliki young meet me when we are reminded every day so many times, Who is the Owner of the Day of Judgment, not you, not me.

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But sometimes we become such that we forget

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the good deeds you did so many all of them are gone. You get to the Day of Judgment, the Hadith of the moo fleece comes into action. May Allah protect us?

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The Hadith of the one who is bankrupt, who is he, he's the one who has a lot of good deeds, his balance is mashallah full. But he, he was humming this one. He slandered that one he wrong that one he ate the wealth of another how many pious people are not prepared to share the inheritance in the way Allah teaches waste of time you wasted your life of Ibadah surrender to the law of Allah and all the other good deeds you did, we'll come to your assistance, but you don't want to surrender for something Allah tested you when it's over. That was your main test. You lost it. May Allah protect us so Allah gives us opportunities to turn to Him.

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Allah gives us on a daily basis Salah

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one salah, read with JAMA, and the next one you read with Jamara the minus sins between the two are automatically dropped and wiped out. Majors

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requires specific Toba and repentance but the minuses they wiped up you didn't even notice in Al Hassan at you the business

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your good deeds that you do they automatically wipe out the bad deeds

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that's Allah His gift what else? A Joomla Joomla one Joomla to another Joomla the same thing for her the minus ends balm and aroma to elaborate camera one camera to another ombre Don't you feel? I need to turn to Allah here comes a Friday do you come to the masjid on time? Are you enjoying it? Or are you always in a rush? Last one in first one out Subhan Allah connect yourself a little bit more.

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Yes, if you have reason you need to go you have some perhaps work something happened no problem but at least you enjoy coming to the house of Allah you prepare.

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Some of us no preparation whatsoever. Oh, by the way to Joomla Oh, I didn't even realize if that happens once or twice in your life. It's a bad sign but it's okay if it's human error, human forgetfulness, but not every Joomla you're a believer. You look forward to the Juma Wednesday you say inshallah two more days. Thursday you say tonight night Eve of Juma. Let's prepare. That's what men that's a believer. Mashallah, Tabatha May Allah accept us.

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Ramadan clocks in you see the moon Wallah, he a believer can feel the difference even in the food mashallah a believer feels the difference. Within a few moments you are in Salah to taraweeh the entire atmosphere has changed but only for the believers.

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Have you felt it? If the answer is yes, good news to you. There is a man in your heart. May Allah help us to strengthen it.

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Who will hate Joe has just said in the moon was just cited. Mashallah, do you feel we are in the 10 most blessed days of the entire year more blessing than the days of Ramadan? Did you know that right now we are in days that are more blessing in Ramadan from a certain angle what is it? You might say? No man come on Ramadan, different Ramadan, the nights are the most powerful. We'll hit the days are more powerful. Difference. You see the difference? Leila to cuddle is a night of degree the most powerful night in the whole year as mini. The last 10 nights of Ramadan most powerful but the days first in days of the hijab, you see the difference? Nights Ramadan days, first 10 days of the

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So what do you do in these days? Well, you do as much a Bader as you can. What is it you try to fast for the first nine days? The 10th Day is the e haram too fast on the day of E.

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A Yamato Sriti a Yamo. Acklin was shopping with the creme de la the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam tells us those days of tertiary they are the days of eating and drinking and remembering Allah. Notice how he says eating and drinking and

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remembering Allah. He doesn't say eating and drinking and joining and forgetting Allah Nepal. You eat and drink on the day of Eid. But guess what? There's an extra Salah that you fulfill closeness to Allah tech could be a lot more on that day, closeness to Allah Oh Allah I thank you for giving me this joy. Yes date. This is why we say when people are getting married and this joy and happiness. Allah has given you that happiness do not displease Allah ever,

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on the day that he gave you as joy to celebrate, be it the days of eat, or the days of your Nikka or what else it may be in terms of goodness, a Friday or whatever else it may be. It's a day of aid. If it is a day of Eid, do not displease Allah, not like you're allowed to displease him elsewhere, but you need to be more careful and look at shape and strap He comes to us on those particular days and makes us dress inappropriately, go to inappropriate places, listen to inappropriate things, do inappropriate things because we think of Ramadan I had so much of Sabbath. This is the day of Eid, Eid for who? For Allah or for che plan. May Allah grant us ease.

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So during these 10 days, the Prophet Muhammad Salah al salam says, ma'am, in a yami

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Allameh Lusardi houfy him or have been ill Allah him in her de la Zhu. There are no days. Notice we are using the term days, not the nights.

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We it's referring to the entire 10 days of the ledger. But the hadith is specific by saying there are no days in which good deeds

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is a more loved by Allah than these 10 days, which are the 10 days, 10 days of the hijab and the verse of the Quran in surah Al Fajr make mention of the 10 days of the hijab.

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The term used is Lian in Asha.

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You know, when you travel somewhere and someone says, how many days did you stay for? You say I stayed for 10 Nights.

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What are you talking about? You're talking about 10 days right or wrong? Because they calculate the payment of the hotels by nights, you using the term nights. But in actual fact, you stayed for 10 days you agree?

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Allah Almighty says, one federal wildlife earning national watch chef in one letter, I'm sure you've heard these verses so many times.

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Allah is the only one allowed to take an oath by things he's created.

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We are not allowed to take an oath by anyone or anything besides Allah.

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Allah takes an oath by unfathomable the door. And then he takes an oath by

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the 10

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days of the pizza, and he refers to them as Layali Nash.

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Why because of the greatness, Allah does not take a custom by anything unless there is greatness to it. My brothers, my sisters, seek the forgiveness of Allah in these days, seeking the forgiveness is one of the biggest acts of worship you can engage in because if you're forgiven, you're granted entry into Jannah. But it comes hand in hand with changing your life. Watch what you say because what you say can eradicate the good deeds you've done.

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What your mouth don't say unnecessary things don't hurt and harm and slander and back bite. Sometimes your life will turn upside down in a matter of time, because of words you've uttered.

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Allah protect us.

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My brothers, my sisters,

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the care of Allah the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah and Allah Allahu Akbar Allah how Allah Allah Quwata illa biLlah this should be increased during these days.

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You might ask me how many times 100 times and more a day we don't want to specify a number, each one on his own level.

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If we tell you exactly this number what if someone doesn't have so much of time or energy or they might not be that pie years? We are telling you even if you read it once or twice Come on, it's a start. See the power of it. Look at what it does for you more than anything blend the meaning of it before you start.

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Praise be to Allah Glory be to Allah Allah is the Greatest no might no power except that of Allah Subhanallah Hara Billa mean Lord of the worlds and we're repeating these beautiful words. Allah loves good deeds the most in these days if the hadith is telling you Kalamata Annie Kofi photonic Allah li Sani tequila tourney. filmi Zanni. Habib, Attorney la Rahmani Subhan Allah he will be handy he Subhanallah he'll have him there are two words that you say that are very heavy on the scale very light on the tongue very loved by Allah they are Glory be to Allah Praise be to Allah Subhana Allah he will be handy he Subhanallah hill of him. Allah the greatest. If these words are most loved by

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Allah and most heavy on the scale, on any ordinary day, what about inside these 10 days?

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Don't you think they will change your life by the Quran Power of Allah if you say it sincerely pick up the Quran and do the tilava and the recitation of the Quran more so now try to finish the Quran in these eight nine days that are remaining.

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Finish it, why not make an effort? Your life will change. Don't you want to change your life? People are struggling with everything but they don't want the real solution. They want worldly solutions. You ask a brother I'm suffering why I lost my job, brother. Your spiritual job you lost when you abandoned Salah totally but that didn't bother you that to you is not a worry.

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In reality I mean if you ask him, How are you? He says I'm totally stressed because I missed one Salah then you're talking business but who says that today? Have you ever heard anyone when you ask them how's things mashallah people may say Alhamdulillah? That's the correct answer. But if there is a complaint, what do they complain about? They complain about how something worldly is missing. And they don't complain about how something spiritual is gone.

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May Allah Almighty strengthen all of us so these are the blessed days these are beautiful days I could go on and on but this is only the first five modules that we are giving. I pray that Allah strengthen me to begin with make me a better person.

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Give my shortcomings and make us such that we earn Jana to fit those in the companionship of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I pray exactly the same and more for all of you and all of us as an ummah, may Allah increase our love our muhabba may we strengthen together and may we stand up for the Ummah together, I only had a sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad