The value of the Masjid found through Lockdown!

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People did not use to go to the machine. Now when the machines in many places are minimizing and actually suspending congregational activities, people are up in arms, but you are the same people who never came to the machine and today you're up in arms. I pray that that is life changing in the sense that we realize the value of the machine so that once this temporary measure is lifted, we will be flocking to the masjid and we will be cherishing the favor of Allah that we have these massages, I repeat those who have become passionate about this, you know, this issue and they are so upset sometimes. Sometimes they are the ones who are guilty of not ever making use of the machine in

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the correct way. Look at Salatu fetchit we have a few people look at volha we only have a few look at us. We have very few Muslims in Asia in some places a little bit better. But my brothers and sisters we can do much better when it comes to praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, people abandoned the the modest dress and what happened.

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They became from among those who perhaps in some places were banned from some of it.

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We don't want that to happen. My brothers and sisters to us. We don't want to realize when it's too late, the value of something it happens even in marriage. A person does not appreciate his or her spouse and once the divorce happens then they say to themselves, you know what? Oh, I just lost a good person, but that regret came too late, too late. Let's learn to really appreciate the favors of Allah upon us. seek the forgiveness of Allah