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Al An’aam Verse 31, 32
Harare Zimbabwe


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The speakers discuss the importance of belief in the Hereafter and seeking forgiveness in avoiding harm. They stress the need for a culture of being aware of one's actions and actions to avoid harm and prioritize one's health and well-being. The concept of "the happiest man on earth" is discussed, with emphasis on individuals and their desire for comfort and joy. forgiveness is a key part of one's life and the war of pride and joy is highlighted as a way to achieve well-being.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah has have you in mind.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions, his household We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless them to bless every one of us and to grant us all goodness.

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My beloved brothers

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this evening, we have verses from Sudan,

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the loss, the loss of those who do not believe in the meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala the loss of those who don't believe in the hereafter.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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when he speaks about those who don't believe in the meeting with Allah, or in the Hereafter,

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yes, indeed, people might think that it only refers to the disbelievers.

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But sometimes on a lower and a lesser level.

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We, as people who have declared the Shahada

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forget in certain things

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with a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kept reminding us that if you truly believe in Allah and in the last day,

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then you will be conscious of X, Y and Z. Which means as much as I say, I believe in the hereafter. What is the hereafter? It is when Allah subhanho wa Taala will take account of everything that you did while you were on Earth.

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So while you are on Earth, if everything you do, is preceded by a question to yourself, how am I going to fare about this on the Day of Judgment, then your belief in the Hereafter is stronger than the one who doesn't precede his deeds or his words, actions, etc? By that question, whether the question is just in your mind in passing, or whether you pause and actually think about it is a different point. So if you want to strengthen your belief in the Hereafter, you have to remember that whatever you do, your actions, your deeds in this world, they are definitely going to be brought in front of you. So therefore,

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like we say, seek help, in the connection that you have with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And with is still far, is still foreign means seeking forgiveness of Allah. Because unfortunately, we as human beings, we earn, we make mistakes, we do things that are wrong, it's human nature. Adam alayhis salam, from that time, mistakes happened, sins were committed. But Allah says, those who truly believe in the Hereafter, they keep repenting, they keep coming back to Allah because, in essence, what makes them come back? Is the love of Allah, the belief in Allah, the belief that they have a rub, and the Lord who will give them either a, you know, goodness or punishment. So that belief

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alone already confirms that your connection with Allah is actually on a level higher than those who don't believe at all. May Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen us so these verses where Allah makes mention of this belief in the hereafter and the people who are at a loss. Yes, the reference at the time was made to the machine of Makkah. They had asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They troubled him, they lied about him, they falsely accused him, they harmed him even physically. They swore at him, they abused him used vulgar words with him, but he never gave up.

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So Allah told him what to do as a result of their actions, their words, their deeds. And we have a lesson to learn from all of this. Do you know that if you were to

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take care of the guests who came to you and entertain the guests, be a good host? It is part of

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Eman not only Eman but the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says men can you know be La

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Creme de facto whoever believes in Allah and truly believes in Allah and the Last Day we're talking of the meeting with Allah the Hereafter, they will honor the guest Why?

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The guest is sent by Allah. That's why the guest is also a creature of Allah sent by Allah when someone comes to you and ask you for $5 for $1

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was planned by Allah perhaps before you were born. So Han Allah, planned by Allah. You did not need to give. If you didn't feel like giving. You didn't have to donate if you couldn't donate, but your response was of essence. How did you respond? When the Quran says Messiah Illa Allah Sangha. When a person asks, you know, the beggars don't rebuke them. What is rebuking? You swear someone Are you get lost? Get out? Why did you have to say that? You can say, look, you can ignore if you want it, maybe that's probably still a little bit more respectful. You can ignore, like, you know, when the big is knocking on the window, everyone's looking straight ahead. And then he comes to the front and

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starts looking at the front and you're looking at the side, it's a little more respectful. It happens. But to open your window, I'm giving you our own example. It happens in our streets here, open, you're in the south swathing, what are you doing here? Etc, etc. You just on drugs and you just smoking? Whatever else in use, you know, sniffing glue? Why did you have to say that for what this was planned by Allah as a test for you and for them? If they fail this test because they were begging wrongly, you also failed your test because you rebuke them. So this is something that we are taught if you truly believe in the Hereafter, you will be worried how you respond even to those who

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seemingly are lower than you in financial status or in any other status in this world. May Allah help us to become more conscious of the year after

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the prophets of Salaam sysmon can you believe he will young will actually follow

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whoever believes in Allah in the last day truly should not harm their neighbors. harming your neighbors is a topic on its own May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all. When can we know Bella he will yummy fit for you, Apple halen, Alia Smith, whoever believes in a line the last day should actually say that which is beneficial or keep quiet. Didn't I say moments ago silence is a bit better than rebuke. You believe in a line the last day say a good word to someone speak good about someone you have a bad thing to say. Keep quiet. What made me Keep quiet when everyone else talks. And that's the norm. I believe in Allah. I'm looking forward in to the hereafter. And to the day

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that I meet with Allah. I recall Once there was a scholar who visited another scholar

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and told him that you know, we were sitting and chatting about you negative things.

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And I'm now concerned about my hereafter. So I've come to you to seek forgiveness. So hon Allah scholars, sometimes you sit and people are saying things and you might have said a bad word or two. And this man out of his consciousness of Allah and the concern for the year after he came late at night to say, you know what, I seek your forgiveness. We were sitting and talking bad about you. I'm worried about Allah. I'm concerned about my akhira Please forgive us. Later on that man passed away. So hon Allah, would we do something like this? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us conscious of him. So Allah says, Casa de la Vina, camdeboo bellicon illa, those who have belied those who don't

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believe in the meeting with Allah, they are at a loss, total loss. And I've explained, yes, this is referring to those who disbelieve

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and I explained on another level, how we need to become more conscious of it.

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hotter Elijah tomasa to Botha, suddenly when the hour comes to them suddenly now what is the hour referring to hear there are two sides. One is the death death of an individual is called a PSA is our is has come metacomet kiama to whoever dies, it's their own little gamma that is now almost said their deeds are almost now you know, closing up everything is gone. Besides one or two things that we've learned in the Hadith, if you've done a setup, Algeria, etc, etc. One or two exceptions, things can continue, but generally your books shots.

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Suddenly, people go, people are aged 30 4050 How many of us we know our friends, our relatives 5051 boom, gone. What? But I just had lunch supper with him today. Allah doesn't look at that. Allah says, You know what, when it comes, it comes suddenly. But if it were to come suddenly to a believer, he probably would die in salute in ruku. It died doing a good deed just having sought forgiveness. But if it comes to those who belie Allah when you don't believe in the meeting with Allah, you start singing in a way that you forget you're going to die. You start distract, meaning you are distracted in a way that you don't even remember that I'm going to die sometime.

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So people die in the wrong condition. May Allah not let that happened to us at da da da tomasa to Botha. When the hour comes to them suddenly kalu they will say or they have said and when Allah uses the past tense, sometimes to refer to the

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The future it is because it is as good as done in the eyes of Allah. Allah knows it is to confirm that this thing is as good as happened.

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Yeah serotina Allah forgotten what the last we are at because of how we took this for granted. We took this matter for granted people take things for granted. When we are told so many times, do good people take it for granted. Stay away from bad people take it for granted. Be conscious of the meeting with Allah, people take it for granted. And this is why Allah continues to remind us, this reminder is really really beneficial. So Allah says wahome Yama, Luna Ozark ozada, Houma la hora him, they will be carrying their sins on their backs, their deeds will be carried on their own backs. That's the condition you did your own deeds. So Allah is saying here, we will not let a soul

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carry the burden of another. You carry your own. Don't blame anyone else besides yourself. You fell in the pit. It was you who made yourself fall in the pit. You can't look at the guy next door and say, You know you swim the bill. So I fell in the pit. When it comes to the ACA. It's no one else's swerving. You should have been straight on that path. no distractions and if you were, you could have easily turned to Allah by seeking His forgiveness. May Allah subhanho wa Taala truly grant us forgiveness. So Allah says Allah Amaya zero, you know,

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these sins and this evil and all this that they are carrying, that is so bad Allah says, What a bad condition they are in what bad?

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You know, stock are they holding? What bad pile have they put on themselves? If something bad and sad, the sadness is for those who are at a loss, Allah says woman higher to dunya Illa Allah, Allah who and this life, meaning the life of this world, is none other than or is nothing but play and amusement. Why does Allah refer to this life as playing amusement, you take a look at things carefully. Everything that was here

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shall remain here. Everything that was here shall remain here.

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You came, you didn't have clothing, you were closed. Those clothes were from the earth, nothing was from heaven, nothing has come from the heaven. We have exceptions of the rule of law in Medina, perhaps the last word that is there. But we are talking of generally in our lives, nothing just drop from heaven. Everything you have was from the earth, your gold, your silver, your cars, your watches, your perfumes, whatever you have anything look at and think about it from the earth, it was extracted from somewhere, it came from the animals that came from something on earth, and you know what it shall remain on the earth

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when you leave. And I've always said this,

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no matter how much you have a mess of this globe and this world, it will only give you back to square meters for you to be buried without anything.

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But more than that, how much have you brought about people who are worth billions, millions, they won't even use that and even if they do use a portion of it, they will die without anything nothing. What will happen after that,

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two square meters if you are fortunate, two square meters, meaning if your body is there under normal conditions, two square meters and your bearing actually offered you. You came in, you left. Even that body of yours Allah says minha Salah panakam what we have when you do come in handy when you come tada Oh Ha, Allah says, from the soil we have created you what was the soil is from the earth you are made from the earth. Allah says we will resurrect you from there. When you get into gender, you will have bodies different from the one you have right now. Because this will have decomposed back into the soil. It will be a perfect body. Only Allah knows how so Allah says all

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this is a deception. Think about it. Continue thinking about it. We get excited. We pay big lump sums for things that are considered luxurious. But you know what? It's not necessarily Haram. But Allah is telling you remember to prioritize. It's just a pastime. It's an amusement, you like to handle or some people are happy by playing with a small car that you push with your hands.

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Others are not. They want a real car. Once you have the real one, they want a helicopter then they want a plane and they still not happy. Then they want the whole fleet and they're still not happy. It all depends. If you want to make yourself happy it comes from within your connection with Allah. Even without any of those you can still be the happiest man on earth. Subhana Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness and happiness. So unless is one of our heroes

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hiren levina yet the goon for those who have a relationship with Allah the meaning of taqwa is. taqwa is the relationship with Allah, the strength of that relationship with Allah. It's called piety as well. Some might say the consciousness of Allah, some might say, the fear of Allah. Some might say, protecting yourself from the Wrath of Allah. All of that is included in the term taqwa. So if you are a more techie, you have a relationship with Allah. If you have a relationship with Allah, Allah says, For those who do have that relationship, you know what, the Hereafter is better for them, and they know it and we know it to Subhana Allah, Who are those who really enjoy thinking

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of gentlemen, those who believe when you sit and give a talk of gender, who are the guys who smile, they start thinking in sha Allah hamdulillah those who believe the rest of them, some of them might say, fairy tale.

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But when they grow old, and they realize there's a few days left for them to live, they start thinking about what they used to think was a fairy tale. Because they now know, reality is coming to strike. Like I said, this afternoon at Juma

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when you were in the womb of your mother, perhaps you might have thought that it's over. It's finished. It's it's gone. There's nothing to come. And that's it. And suddenly, when you came out, and you said, Whoa, whoa, whoa, I never ever expected this place to be so huge, I would never be able to have described it. If I was asked in the womb of my mother, what's outside? And how far was it? It was a centimeter or a few centimeters away.

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And yet, you had no idea no clue. No, if someone tried to convince you in there, that there's something coming after this because you you now can't move anymore. You would say No way. There's nothing if you were a disbelief. Allah when Allah has promised you something. Those who have the taqwa and relation with Allah, they have yaqeen and conviction in the hereafter more than the conviction they have that a child from the womb will arrive into the dunya. More than that conviction, that as soon as you close your eyes, you know what we bring into the Hara, much better place, huge, massive only Allah knows how. So this is the plan of Allah. So Allah says that the life

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of the Hereafter is better, but only for those with taqwa those who believe

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falada falada alone? Do they not think? Do they not use their minds? Do they not ponder, consider what has happened. Every time we sit and see people dying and passing away for some strange reason. humankind is such that even if we are seeking in, we still have a little feeling in us that I don't think I'm going to go right now. But when you have imagined, you start thinking I might I might go today, what have I done? That's a sign that you have a connection with Allah, you're a believer. And if that thought and question brings about good and positive change in you, good news, then you are not at the loss that was being spoken about at the beginning of the previous verse. Because you have

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developed the connection. May Allah grant us all leads. The last verse that I'm going to be speaking about today

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is a verse way and I touched on it in the introduction. Allah subhanho wa Taala is comforting Muhammad Sallallahu sallam,

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and the lesson is for all of us, in our lives, we will face the same when you stand up for justice. When you believe in Allah when you're a mock Minh, when you trying to do good when you actually are connecting with Allah, people will laugh at you people will mock people will abuse people will accuse people will do all sorts of things. They will say so much. Allah says Kaduna Alamo in a hula Zulu Columbia Kowloon O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam we know we know very well. That it grieves you what they are saying what were they say? They were calling him a magician, a madman and this or that. They said he's a liar. He's a sorcerer. He's a womanizer. He's after money and power. He's

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this he's all sorts of things. Allah says we know it grieves you what they are saying,

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but we want you to know.

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They do not belie you, you they know you're truthful. They know you're telling the truth. But because of their arrogance, they are denying the verses of Allah. Because they are Hollywood. They are oppresses. They are wrongdoers, they are sinful people. When there is a sinful person he becomes arrogant in his sin.

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There are two types of sinful people. One is a person who commits a sin and regrets it. But the other is a person who commits a sin and digs deeper into it.

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So the one who digs deeper into the sin is obviously a person who's going to become arrogant, haughty, they're not going to see the light. So am I saying they know you are truthful they used to call you satisfied.

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mean just a few years back, they used to call you truthful some time ago, less than meaning a short time back. They used to call you the honest, the most trustworthy, etc, etc. Suddenly you're a liar. They're calling your names. Don't worry. They don't belie you. They're actually denying the verses of Allah because they are oppressed as well in the valley mean, big law he he hadn't

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been lucky enough Ballymena big law he hadn't. Let us not be from among those who deny the favors of Allah. Let us not be from among those who hurt people with abuse, who hurt people with our mouths with our actions with our accusations, etc, etc. Just like we wouldn't like others to do that to us. So, a lot of the times when we speak we say look at the Kufa look at the examples given in the Koran, look at how they were they trouble the prophets or Sunnah. But ask yourself are you travelling anyone in your life if you are you might just be a person whom this lesson is for. And if you are being troubled, this is comfort for you also to say Don't worry, if they are troubling you

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they have troubled someone far better than you and Allah told them based upon inshallah next week we will see the verses where Allah gives Mohammed Salah Salah even more confident tells him what to do, the amount of support that you need to pay. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, make us from among those who truly believe aku Kohli has a soul Allahu wa salam wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Subhana Allah Subhana Colombo behind the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta