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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh from the cold city of London Masha Allah Tabata kala

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my brothers and sisters I get straight into the point of we're driving and mashallah we're just bumping side to side sorry, this excuse that

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I was logged out of Instagram. I didn't block any one of you so that logging out it's happened more than once in the last few days and I'm not sure why they see they sent me an email like I posted to say that it was a mistake and you know, whatever, but they sent me that email again. I'm not too sure but we'll try and deal with that Inshallah, what I wanted to tell you is something very strange. I was in Madina, Munawwara and Maccha recently, and mashallah, diabolically It was a beautiful visit. Usually, I don't like there to be a group of people walking with me because number one, let the guy walk on his own. Number two is you want to greet greet will always be back. But

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when you start walking with me, it becomes problematic. I have my family with most of the time. I have women with me a lot of the time because my family is made up of

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you know, I think I have 80% of my family is female, so hamdulillah but at the same time

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it you need to be a little bit considerate. Please forgive me if I came across a little bit rude. I tried to give everyone some time. But people say Can I take a picture? Can I take a picture I did not come in order to take pictures. But you can take one while I'm walking. Nobody's gonna say anything. If you want to stop me make sure it's the right place. Another thing is, when we're eating, please don't take photos because we eat for a few minutes in the day and that photo becomes you know, saved and posted online and everyone thinks we spend our lives eating which is not true. So when I'm with my family, don't take slight pictures, you might get me a little bit irritated that

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you won't really see otherwise. Because I will have to tell you to delete the pictures because my family doesn't want to be in any of those pictures. Another thing is

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don't get too excited. It's okay you saw the man that hamdulillah Salam aleikum, Aleikum, wa salam, we could greet we could sometimes we couldn't. Some people didn't realize who it was until you passed, no big deal. Just make dua for us, Allah will grant us the opportunity in sha Allah in this world in the next. Now here's the here's the thing I want to say what happened to me in Medina was something that really needs to be mentioned because so I used to walk in in a certain way try to make sure that my face is slightly covered a little bit in the sense that I put my scarf down a bit, I would sometimes even just put my my my hand on my face with a bit of my scarf so that people don't

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actually see because i You've come therefore EBA for the Prophet's mosque for the Prophet salallahu Salam the mosque and so on. So it's not like you've come for me but I shall I happen to be there and so on it's not haram it's good to meet and handler it's not bad it's a nice thing it's you know, it's

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bad don't forget to focus on the reality. So I come in and walk and then people get excited sometimes and I normally like to say please don't don't walk with me we can maybe for a little while, but then don't just stay and create a group of people because from a security perspective at the prophets, mosques and a lot of Santa they don't allow gatherings because security reasons everybody probably knows that you have a big gathering you need a permit it and you can't just keep on going to get permits because number one, they won't give it to you and number two is even if they did you can't go every single Salah and say I need a permit together. So what happened is when I

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when I was after the follow up, I like to quickly walk or change my place and I pick up my shoes and I walk out a lot of the times

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and here's what happened

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it happened more than once. That's why I'm gonna say it so as I'm walking out of the masjid salatu janazah commenced more than once so Sonata Genesis started I thought to myself you know what, let me quickly walk and get as far as I can

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and see if I could get to a certain point right so that we we don't need the crowds to come and make create a bigger crowd and you know, to cluster all in one place. I promise you I had a brother, two different brothers but a brother who broke his Janaza Salah because he noticed me passing and I was like what this Brothers is no the Salat and Jana is only Faruqi fire, it's going to carry on with other people but I needed to greet you and I'm like no way my brother. You don't break your Salah to the janazah because you want to go and greet someone no matter who it is. I mean, unless someone's in danger, but here I am Salah to Jana.

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that is happening. And I'm just walking past it. Suddenly the brother broke his heart. We happened the second time I said, I'm gonna talk about this, because this is ridiculous man. You know the Prophet sallallahu Sallam speaks about a reward of a T wrath. The Wrath is a mountain, a mountain of reward for you to fulfill Salah to janazah. So please don't ever think of breaking your Salah you should be looking down anyway in the first place. You shouldn't be looking across at people walking past. So I thought I just mentioned this to tell you Listen, guys, these strange silly things that have happened, they should not be happening. And no matter who on earth it is, you don't get so

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excited to see them. That number one, you do the wrong thing. Number two is you make them uncomfortable. And number three is you create such a big hype that it's actually an embarrassment. I won't be upset if you saw me and you said Oh, salaam alaikum. How are you? Brother? What's happening? You know? Can I take a picture while we're walking? I don't mean to disturb you. You're going to stop me. You got to you got to ask yourself, Where is it? What time is it? What are we trying to do? Where am I going? Do I have the time or not? And so on. And then we don't mind so please be considered. And I tell you what, if I were to meet any one of you, I'd give you time of

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the day. If I had that time inshallah. And I think the people know that China in the meantime, let's hope that Instagram does not do this again. But if they do, we'll deal with it.