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The speaker describes a cartoon story about a chef's work on a project that was completed before he left. The story involves a time of struggle, a letter that was given in full, and a woman who believes that the heart is the soul. The speaker prays for a betterment of one's life and their future, and mentions a woman named Baraka Luffy.

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So I want a kumara to lie here about a cartoon. In the early 21st century,

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I began working on the text, as I was preparing to leave the UAE after being there for 10 years, moving to other, this text, which I stumbled across was a text written by Ibn Taymiyyah, which was his treatise on the heart. And I felt a particular attachment to it. Because I was going through a time of struggle myself, there was much that happened to me, I had to, to offer in terms of understanding the heart. So I began to read it through to translate it, and eventually

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gave it as a course,

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in one of the masjids there in Sharjah, which was completed before I left. So all the notes were in place, when I got to Qatar, then I gave it again, in complete form, at the Qatar gas Center, which I was appointed to head, the educational wing of the center, which was center of Dawa. Here in Qatar, a part of the chef aid charity, this work was published back in 2002. In an earlier form, this is the letter format which is done by Dawa Corner Bookstore from Malaysia, even Taymiyah was blessed by Allah with very deep insight

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into so many different areas of Islam, Islamic thought, there are key the

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sociology, psychology, etc. So this work, mashallah is one worth reflecting on. Especially when the Prophet SAW Salem and told us in the field just anymore, in the body is a clump of flesh, it has solid, solid, just in color. And if it becomes good,

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then the whole body becomes good. Whether faster that faster than just

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and if it goes bad, rotten, corrupt, the whole body goes.

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This is both on a physical plane, which we know we realize we live

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and on a spiritual plane, we should know that the heart

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is in fact, the soul. I pray that you get an opportunity to read this work of Damia and my commentary on it

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and then it'd be a betterment for your lives.

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For my life,

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my future Baraka Luffy comes our they come Rahmatullahi we're about a cat