Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #09 – Wisdom

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Gita Boone

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who Eli gamba kuliah, de mo, de Wiley, salaam, Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters in Surah Al Isra, Allah Almighty makes mention of something he calls wisdom. He says hikma, the term hikma, Allah says Valley kami ma Oh ha la cara Buka mineral hikma. That is what the Almighty has revealed to you from the wisdom, the wisdom here at times, it refers to knowledge as well. But it's a combination in the sense that if you were to take heed, you're considered wise. A wise person is he who follows the instruction of Allah. Although what is being mentioned is to do with an instruction of Allah. It's halal and haram being spoken about the prohibited and the

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permissible being spoken about, and the instruction where the obligations are being mentioned. But Allah still refers to it as hikma wisdom. And then, so many things mentioned all at once. And he says, That's wisdom. So let's start off and look at some of it because we want to reconnect with this beautiful revelation, one of the first things he says, while at Cthulhu, Allah the crusher to him luck.

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Do not kill your children fearing poverty. That is verse number. 31, of salatu. Salam, that's exactly how it's worded to not kill your children fearing poverty, we will provide for them and for you, we will provide so this is speaking about one of the things that happened at the time of ignorance. The pre Islamic time, people used to bury their girls alive after birth, because they were ashamed that they had the girl child. So Allah Almighty makes mention of this and tells us firstly prohibits the killing of children, do not be embarrassed regarding the gender of a child that you were blessed with, for as long as it is a healthy child, by the will of Allah thank him for

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it. And that's it. whatever Allah has bestowed you with, thank him for it. He chose the identity, the face, the complexion, whatever else it may be, he chose and Allah Almighty has given you a very small scope of choice in that regard. So this is what Allah saying, do not kill your children.

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Out of fear of poverty, based on a tradition or or something that used to happen at the time. Now my brothers, my sisters, be happy male children, no problem. Many males, no females, no problem. Many females, no males, no problem. I'm thankful to Allah. If Allah has given me a combination of both, I'm still thankful to Allah Almighty. So remember that my beloved brothers, my sisters, Allah says, do not kill your children. That's considered wisdom. But it's prohibited to kill your kids. How could you? It's murder. Don't do that. And so that is the first of these instructions. The next one is one at a caribou, Xena do not come close to adultery or fornication.

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Notice how Allah Almighty says do not come close to adultery and fornication.

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Others things he says don't do this or don't do that. But for this particular thing, he says, don't even come close. Him now who can officiate and it is definitely immoral to commit adultery or fornication.

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That is Allah Almighty guiding us telling us don't do that. You don't need to you don't have to and you shouldn't you're a believer. We know why we are telling you not to do this. Yes, lineage is sacred. And yes, you need to protect your private parts and your tongue. According to the Hadith of the Prophet, the narration of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He says whoever guarantees me the correct use of their tongues and the correct use of their private parts I guarantee them paradise, which means entry into paradise is connected to two things mainly, one is correct use of the tongue to is the correct use of your private parts. May Allah make it easy for everyone? Where

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we have faulted we seek the forgiveness of Allah. Many people have abused their tongues. Many people have abused others through their tongues. Many people have misused their private parts. It's not the end of the world. You seek the forgiveness of Allah and you ask him to help you in future, never to do that again. And Allah Almighty will forgive and he does forgive

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So Allah Almighty says, lotta caribou, Xena, Inna hookah, fascia, wasa a sebelah, it's a bad path to follow. Because people who get into it and they don't realize how immoral it is. They they continue in it, believing that there's nothing wrong at a point. And at times they get addicted. May Allah Almighty protect all of us. Then Allah Almighty continues with these verses of wisdom. And he says, lotta Cthulhu neffs don't commit murder. Don't ever commit murder. That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, So murder is prohibited and killing your own children was mentioned separately, although it is also murder. But because of its seriousness, it was mentioned separately. So Allah says, don't

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kill, don't commit murder. The next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Do not consume the wealth of the orphans.

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Don't consume the wealth of orphans. What that means is, someone's passed away leaving behind welfare is a widow, they're orphans. And they're a few other people perhaps involve that inheritance. When you execute the, the or when you are distributing

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the inheritance of the estate, make sure you do it fairly and justly. And if you are going to be a cast or custodian of some of the orphans. Make sure you do it properly. Make sure you don't steal from there. Make sure you do not shortchange the widows, the females, whoever else it may be Allah's warning us. He says, not a caribou, Malia teen, don't even go close to that wealth. So this is another thing where Allah says don't even go close to it. Don't become

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greedy, or don't start getting attracted to what's not yours. Because the punishment is severe. Those innocent children who were helpless, whose money you ate, Allah says, You're not going to get away with that. May Allah Almighty grant us from his virtue. So Allah says, We're Ofu Billa de fulfill your covenant your promises, you made a promise, fulfill it, you've

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you, there is a covenant that you're a part of fulfill it. Make sure that you're an upright, honest individual is part of wisdom. When you lose your reputation and integrity, then what do you expect? There is a promise you've made, stick to it. You pledged something, fulfill it. That's Allah telling us this and the biggest pledge is that to worship Allah alone, Subhana Allah O fullblood. Fulfill your pledges, your promises.

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Allah Almighty says he is going to ask you about it you are responsible and answerable regarding your pledges, your promises and what you have been a part of. Then Allah Almighty says, well, full Kayla. are awful. Kayla either killed Tom, when you weigh

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you weigh correctly, what is that referring to? When you are buying and selling, and you're giving receiving, make sure that you are fair, you are just in your weight, you're selling apples. Do not cheat people by putting 800 grams in you claim that it's a kilo. That might be a simple explanation. But the deeper explanation is, don't cheat people and short change them in business. Do the upright business deals. Imagine Allah telling you, when you deal with people deal in an upright manner, no matter who they are? Muslim, non Muslim, whoever they may be. The fact is you should be honest, and upright. Are you a believer? Well, this is what Allah wants from you. He wants honesty and

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uprightness in business. When dealing with anyone or everyone, you make sure that your reputation is intact, and you do the right thing. Then Allah says, Don't indulge in that in which you do not have knowledge of, you know, you talk about things that you don't even know. And you want to involve in that which you have no knowledge about. And you want to be a champion of something you've got no knowledge about. Allah says Allah Taku Malay Salah can be ill. Allah says in the summer, while basato alpha kulula EcoCAR nanomesh uhland you're hearing your eyesight, your heart, Allah says we will question you. Now obviously there are certain things in the heart that you can't help sometimes

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but feel now remember, what you have control of you're going to be questioned. What you don't have control of you're not going to be questioned. So if there is something that happens beyond your control, Allah is not going to ask you about it but something in your control your eyes be careful. How do you use them? Be careful your ears, what do you listen to be careful because Allah's gonna hold you accountable for this? So these are some of the

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beautiful pieces of guidance that Allah gives. And he caps it by saying, Don't be arrogant on Earth don't walk with arrogance. That's going to get you nowhere May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from arrogance. And may Allah grant us goodness Akula Kohli hada are SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad kita buen

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