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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim in the Name of Allah, the Most gracious the most merciful, my brothers, my sisters across the globe. Firstly, I want to congratulate you upon the commencement of the most beautiful month of the lunar calendar, the Islamic calendar. This is the month of Ramadan it's a month in which good deeds are multiplied in reward, and at the same time a month in which the Almighty is forgiveness is distributed and given to everyone who wants it so we will achieve forgiveness every single night there are so many people whom Allah subhanahu wa taala grants freedom from hellfire, my brothers, my sisters, it is the month

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in which the Quran was revealed. So we take it seriously we must develop a connection with the Quran. You cannot let a day of Ramadan go by without having read the Quran, be it in the Arabic language or the meaning of it or learning its rules and regulations trying to put it into practice conveying it to others so congratulations upon being granted the acceptance to witness this beautiful month because there are so many people who have not been able to witness this month they've passed on before the month May Allah Almighty grant them paradise May Allah forgive their shortcomings and give them Jenna give them the highest levels of Paradise and the day we pass on May

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Allah make it a blessed day and may He forgive us and grant us to entry into Jana into paradise. So those of us who have witnessed the commencement of this beautiful month I am in Madina, Munawwara the medina the city of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he is resting very near to where I am standing May Allah Almighty gather us in paradise in the companionship of Muhammad May peace be upon him, my brothers, my sisters, I want to let you know what happened for me this evening. Obviously the moon was sited somewhere in Saudi Arabia and this part of the globe and those who follow this part of the globe in moon sighting commenced the commencement of Ramadan usually is with the

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announcement and immediately the ambience changes everyone is in Ramadan mode. People are greeting each other conveying the news excited preparing, washing themselves having a bath or a shower or making what is known as will do or the ablution getting ready for the prayer. The night prayer is what commences this beautiful month of Ramadan. In Masjid the neighbor we were we were they closed the doors of the masjid about when a van was called. So just when a van was called the doors were closed, they were not allowing people to enter. So if you are visiting Madina Munawwara you will need to make it in the masjid Nabawi inside before a van commences. That's just a tip. And the idea

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was to keep the crowds managed, to be honest, we made it in because we were we had entered just as a van was ending. And there was a door that was still open. So we were fortunate but many people were unable to enter they had to fulfill their prayers either in the rooftop on the rooftop which has carpet on it, Mashallah. And it was just a little bit warm according to some of those who were there or they had to make it outside in the courtyard, the courtyard also have carpet and there were 10s of 1000s of people in the courtyard, perhaps hundreds of 1000s inside when we went in we walked around the masjid it was full it was full mashallah but it was not cramped or squashed because they

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had controlled the crowds. There was good space. There is air conditioning Masha Allah, and some time later the karma commenced. You're announcing the beginning of the salah and the prayer of Asia. And then we fulfill salata, Asia, we fulfill Salah to Tara we we did Salat and Witter, and we managed to come out so from among the verses that were read this was the beginning of the Quran every time the emotions are running high, masha Allah, it seemed like May Allah make it easy for the Imams, but they had a little bit of a throat problem both of the Imams May Allah make it easy for them, and for all of us at the same time. Salat lpm, meaning the Salah, the tarawih commences

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obviously what Surah Al Fatiha just like all other prayers, you have to fulfill Surah Fatiha in every unit in every unit. Why? Because it is Amal Kitab it is the mother of the book. The term mother in the Arabic language is used to express importance of something so it's the most important surah in the entire Quran. Surah Fatiha Alhamdulillah Robin

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And I mean, all praise is due to Allah all play praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, the creator, the Nareesha, the Cherisher, the Sustainer, the provided the protector, the cure, the one in whose hands lies complete control of everything in existence. All praise is owed to him is due to Him, To Him belongs praise Allah Who Malik Al hamdu Oh Allah to you belongs praise Allah Who Malik Al hamdu unter BA, O Allah to you belongs praise so that you are pleased and to you belongs praise until you are pleased and to you belongs praise after you are pleased, like Al hamdu unterberg wala can handle Hatha Riba? Well I can handle either Ravi Tala can hum do by the river. This is the

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Almighty, we should be looking at what He has blessed us with the biggest blessing being faith in him. The best feeling that I had this evening was when my foot when my head was on the ground on the marble, and I put my head on the ground and I said Subhanallah BL Allah Subhana Allah, praising my Lord, the one who made me the greatest that feeling I didn't want to get up because I, I felt so close to Allah Almighty Subhan Allah, and I'm sure all of us would be feeling this when you know what sujood is all about when you know what prostration is all about. And you understand you're the closest to your maker in the posture of prostration a caribou Maya Kunal Abdulah, Robbie Wahoo, a

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surgeon, the closest that you can get to your Lord, the closest that a slave is to his Maker is when he is in frustration. And you are saying, Oh Allah, my head has frustrated for you, the head that you have created, the face that you have made has frustrated to you, the one that you have allowed its eyes to be split open and its ears to actually hear and so on. These are beautiful applications of the posture of frustration, opposition should I say of frustration, my brothers, my sisters, thereafter, we had the beautiful verses of the surah continue or Rukmani rocking. Allah chooses to mention His names and qualities, commencing with the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent, the Most

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kind, the most forgiving, these beautiful qualities of Allah because the world is hopeless. The world is filled with hopelessness, but it is the almighty who restores your hope. You have hope in what in whom, in Allah, Allah alone will solve your problems. Allah alone will grant you goodness, Allah alone will protect you from harm. Allah alone will cure you. Allah alone will sustain you, Allah alone will fulfill your needs. Allah alone will grant you the protection that you need from the enemy from the devil from loss from sickness from disease from all negativity, that is Allah or Rahmani Raheem, He is the Most Merciful. He is the most kind. He's the most compassionate, the Most

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Beneficent, Alhamdulillah benign, I mean, oh man, you know him, Maliki omit Dean gently Allah is reminding us who the owner of the Day of Judgment is. He is Allah. Allah says Owner of the Day of Judgment. Immediately after he said he is most Merciful. He is most kind. If he wanted, he could have said he is the punishing he won't forgive you. He will hurt you. He will hit you. He will penalize you He will throw you into hellfire. He could have said all of that right at the beginning. Yes, indeed. He is just but he says while documenting, watching add color sharing. My Mercy encompasses absolutely everything. Don't lose hope in my mercy. Oh my worshippers that is Allah. So

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Allah Almighty says Owner of the Day of Judgment man in Kenya will meet Dean in Cana Buddha he cannot staring You alone we worship Allah You alone we ask help from Oh Allah, you are the one who will give us you are the one who will help us you are the one who will protect us Oh ALLAH. So that reliance on Allah that I mentioned earlier, is exactly what we are reiterating and repeating. When we say Yeah, can you do what you can sustain and we are confirming that we will worship none other than him. Nobody besides our Maker when we say La Ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, it is the most powerful statement in existence there is none worthy of worship, besides Allah and Muhammad

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peace be upon him is his messenger. So we won't worship anyone because they are not worthy of worship. besides Allah. Allah says, a year cannabid What year can sustain you alone? We worship you alone, we seek health from a day now Sarah, almost stepping the first supplication made by all of us the first supplication made in the Quran. The first supplication the one that is repeated

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The most on Earth. There is no supplication ever in history that has been repeated more than guide us to the straight path. The reason I say this is billions of Muslims, trillions, trillions, quadrillions of Muslims have passed from the time of Muhammad peace be upon him the revelation of the Quran to this day and shall pass right up to the end of time. They pray five times a day they pray, 17 units of prayer and Subhanallah Subhanallah that is the minimum in each unit they have to say, guide us to the straight path you do the mathematics that is the most important supplication or dua in existence. What is it?

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Then I'll sit up on was stepping guide us to the straight path, guide us to the straight path, you have laid rules and regulations. We heard verses of the Quran that have really given us lots of comfort, but we need to know the guidance is from Allah. Yes, someone can show you the path but you may not tread it. Allah gives you that guidance and he allows you to tread upon the path that is Allah so Allah says he had enough Sarah Thomas the team that is the supplication we should all be making sincerely Oh Allah guide us. Do you know why man you believe Allahu, Allahu Allah, whoever Allah misguides there is no one who's going to guide that person and may Allah for Allah mobila

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Whoever Allah guides, nobody can misguide them. So guidance is from Allah Almighty. My brothers, my sisters, sincerely seek the guidance of Allah go out and search and look for it. And at the same time, be sincere about it, work hard towards it, make an effort to, to make practice on it or to practice upon it and make an effort to become a better person to improve yourself. If you have witnessed this month of Ramadan. It is a favor of Allah upon you. Allah is going to question you I was standing in prayer in Masjid Nabawi looking at hundreds of 1000s of people And subhanAllah I'm telling myself each one is here for his Lord. The Masjid was full before anon it was already full at

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other and like I said, they close the doors. Imagine all these people are here for who for Allah trying to please him. I don't want to lose out on this competition. I don't want to lose out on this moment. I don't want to be the one who is not going to achieve the Mercy of Allah. I want to in fact do better than everyone. I want to make sure I'm closer to Allah. I want to do as much as I can. I want to pray more if you feel that the prayer they offered might have been a little bit less than you wanted to. The scope is open for your voluntary prayers continue through the night and pray more as much as you can that is Ramadan, masha Allah, read the Quran, engage in the remembrance of Allah,

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learn, teach others do whatever you have to improve yourself. Engage in Toba. Spend your time in worship? That is Ramadan. So remember, we are not the only ones there are millions of others out there tonight. They have commenced their prayers they have started why why are they all there? Why did they make an effort to fly to this part of the world for example, they spent their money to please Allah to be able to worship Allah in a masjid where the reward of one prayer is up to 1000 times according to some narrations. And some of them take it even higher than that. Masjid. Nabawi. So we'd like to pray. We'd like to spend our time you know, people might be outside and hamdulillah

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doing their own things we are inside. Thank Allah thank Allah. So this is why Allah Almighty reminds us to say guidance is from Allah, what path? Are we asking Allah to guide us upon the straight path? It's not going to be easy. That's why it's repeated so much. But Allah Almighty tells us that you need to know what path this is. It's the path of those whom I have favored. If you tread this path, you are favored, not the path of those who knew the truth and then they left it. So Allah was upset with them and not the part of those who were astray anyway. And they weren't even interested in the truth. Didn't I say make an effort to go out and learn. Make an effort to tread upon it Do not be Do

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not be proud or arrogant to give up, too willing to give up bad. Don't be too proud that you're not going to give up this bed. I'm going to give it up. Because why Subhan Allah, a person who has a droplet, a person who has an atom's wait worth of pride in their hearts, Allah Almighty says, Jana is not for them. Paradise is not for them. Remove that pride, no problem. If Allah tells you dress in a certain way, dressing that way, change your life. See what will happen. If Allah tells you do this, do that. It's okay what the world thinks of you no problem. You do what is right because the day you die, the whole world will not be with you. All of them are mortals just like you are. The

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Immortal is Allah. So we owe it to him. This is the month of forgiveness. It's the month of reaching out to others. Imagine the end of the surah Allah Almighty says a day now Sarah Palin was stalking a Muslim ra

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levena Untie him. He didn't bow marry him, on me, amazing, guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not the path of those who have earned Your Anger nor the path of those who have gone astray. I mean, I heard that so many times this evening. I repeated it so many times this evening. We all do repeat it. Let's learn from this. This is today's boost. I pray that every day we can have a short message in order to boost us to do better during this month of Ramadan, to come out with good character good conduct, but above all, to worship Allah alone to surrender to Allah in the Dena in the law in Islam, when we hear the verse that indeed the deen the

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religion, the belief, according to Allah, that is correct. His submission, submission submission to who to your maker, what does he want you to do? These rules and regulations are there to make life easy? Not difficult. Inshallah, we'll address that in one of our boosts during this Ramadan. In the meantime, may Allah bless you all and grant you every form of goodness. And may Allah make this a month that is filled with worship that is filled with change within us that is filled with hope and goodness that is filled with solution that is filled with forgiveness. And may Allah Almighty grant us the best of everything. Ultimately, forgiveness and Paradise are Kulu Kali hada wa sallahu, wa

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Salam wa Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad