Signs of Glorification They made not a just estimate of Allah such as is due to Him

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The speaker discusses the importance of having a good relationship with someone and not giving too many concessions. They also mention the difference between normal and normalized behavior, including fasting and praying. The speaker emphasizes the importance of respecting one's own privacy and not giving too many concessions.

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So what are you going to market for surely glorify Omar, maybe not as one should be, but you glorify Allah, what is the sign?

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Have you missed a Salam in Makkah?

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If you don't go to the home, what happens to you?

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in Makkah, and I didn't go to the home

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true or false, how often you go to the masjid

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and you get my point there, for sure you haven't done it, you glorify anymore. So the first sign that you glorify and last part is your relationship with his orders. When he said it's about your time, what happens when he said it's more optimal? When he say lower your gaze? When you say don't say this? When he say say this, when you say forgive people, how do I respond? If to me send me an hour by now I hear and obey that's a sign you have the norm you glorify law. If I start saying if and but but you don't know you know how we are then I need to work on this. Tell the move. So number one, look at your relationship everyone today who are home alone Don't talk to people about this.

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This is between you and Allah and if you find good

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if you find something good hamdulillah praise Allah. And if it is not I also say it from doing that you know why? Because he taught me my shortcomings that's a good news because if I know my shortcomings I'm going to change so look at your relationship with his orders number two,

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and this is all from the Quran Bible. What happens to you on how what do you feel when the name of a lot is mentioned?

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The name for what is mentioned what happens to us? Are we the one he described as Martin Alfa? I lived in Tokyo model YG lived

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with utterly utterly him is Zelda to me, man. Why don't we meet okay? Are we from those who are not described? If the name of a law is mentioned the name the name of Allah mentioned? What do not call them hearts, Truman's shakes out of lon out of fear. With a 2d Atari you have to wonder horses have a lot meaning the Koran is being recited to them zada to a manner that a man will increase. Or we

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look at yourself a normal on in mind. What's happens to us in Rome, Milan.

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Actually, number one is the best test for our demand. It's sometimes expose things good things in you. You don't know what time is muddled next month, it's two months Exactly. Tomorrow is first of Rajat Sharma.

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What happens to us in normal? How many hours we fast?

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60. Right. anybody in this room other than medical? Don't fast? Not even a question. We don't even ask people. Are you fasting? Because it's an insult? Right? Don't you? Most of you do terrarium I'm sure everybody whether in the masjid or in the house. And taraweeh is not easy. At least an hour, maybe two and you read the Quran? True or false? And everybody works same and you don't have a family, you do everything? What is the difference in normal?

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If I tell you Monday, Monday, how many of us would be fasting? Don't show me hands. But for sure it's not the same as their mobile? What is the difference?

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Your final one was to have, Mr. Milan. And you always wonder what is it all about is the month of a law.

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So you glorify a law then you have the power, you have the energy to the sign that you have the role of you glorify Allah inside you see, what's your relationship with his orders, with his, with his, with his prohibitions, and with his book

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and with his liquor, no more you will remember or when you will have someone younger all children, spouses, what happens when you love someone, you always remember them? What happens if they don't text you in a day?

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Right? How many mothers get upset with their children? Because they don't answer their texts?

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We're not going to go there. Right?

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But what what is my Allah peace Forgive me but what is my relationship with Allah?

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How many texts and I'm not an I'm just saying this for us to feel how many text I sent a lot in a day. And how many texts I sent to my child? What are the one I love? marcada law,

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legal not to glorify a one, the way in which

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And what should we do?

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again and again and again and I always say this number one turn Tomas upon Todd and ask him to give this to you and to me and to us He is the only one who's going to give it to me with all the means I gave you with all the points but he's going to move my heart shifted your shifted that you are number one in my life, that I know who you are. But I look around when everything around me reminds me

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and the more I glorify Allah is going to show it's going to show on my character

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and we always forget this we always want to talk about the we think about the external you know, I fast I pray I put my head down I do this I do that. What about the relationship with human beings, the more you glorify Allah, the more humble you are. That time she fell off the Maha don't walk on this earth with a lot of arrogance in economic data Colorado wwL a bola you are not going to be able to walk all this off or go inside there. And you're not going to get to the height of the mountains on water the total Swanee slaughters. So what he saw, so you will see, the more this is the song, the signs that you are close to a what will be way more humble. I buy the one with the name shoe and

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I'm only

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the servants of Allah walk on this earth, with gentleness, with humbleness, there is the it's not like nobody else went on other than me on this earth. So you will be way more humble. You will be way more forgiving. And that's a huge problem we have these days. I'll never forgive her. I never forgive him. And every single day you went on this Obie Award winning, knowing and He forgive us. How can I not forgive people? So the more you are closer to Allah, glorify Allah knows Allah, it will reflect on you as a human being in your character, even in the way you dress. Everything is going to be around the loss Pantone