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Friday Lecture, Harare, Zimbabwe
9 August 2019

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy Jemaine, we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household his companions We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless them to bless every one of us, to grant us goodness and to grant goodness to the entire Ummah to humanity at large. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us all to the straight path and keep us on that straight path of goodness. And may Allah grant us General favoritos I mean, my brothers and sisters, a massive event has taken place this morning, the commencement of the Hajj for this year

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1414 Hijri 2019 where millions of our brothers and sisters have embarked on this blessing journey

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of the five days of Hajj

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by traveling from wherever they were to Mina. Mina is a place in the outskirts of muckety muck Carmen. Many of them traveled this morning. Some may have traveled last night, and some would probably go later. A few of them may proceed directly to arafa.

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But it's important for us firstly to pray for them to ask Allah to make it easy for them to accept it from them. They are fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam it is a pillar that holds up your faith, if you can afford it.

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It is prohibited to stay back. You're supposed to do it at least once in your life as soon as you can afford it. Some people think, well I can afford it. But I'm young. I don't need to go right now. Maybe when I'm a little bit older. No. It's the Almighty Who decides when you shall go by giving you the means. Once you have the means it means you need to make an effort to go the following Hajj, if you don't, you are sinful and if you die in that condition, you have left out a pillar of Islam. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, May He grant us the strength. May He give us the sustenance to be able to go and not only to be able to go but with us here in Zimbabwe it's important for us to

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even pray that Allah grant us enough to solve our own little problems that we have in this nation, may Allah make it easy.

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The same applies to all those on earth we must pray for them May Allah grant ease to all of them. Every country you go to has a unique set of problems. But there is not a single country that has no problem at all. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant every one of us goodness and ease, the ability to understand that when Allah chose a test for you, now you can leave him alone Epson in sha

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Allah does not burden any soul with more than what it can handle and manage. So when Allah has chosen the test for you, it's something he knows, you can manage. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. It's difficult at times, but Allah knows he gives us strength from where we did not imagine. Don't look at your problems as things that are too big to resolve. No, they're not. They can be resolved. You can manage them with the help of Allah. So seek the help of Allah and he will open your doors.

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One of the lessons we learn from this powerful journey, the most blessed journey that can be made the journey to Makkah Tomoko Rama for the fulfillment of the pilgrimages. The fifth pillar of Islam is that everyone who goes there, learns what to do. And to a certain extent knows that today they have to be in Minar. Say for example, if there are two and a half to 3 million, perhaps more, we don't know the exact figure, but there are estimates say 3 million of the Hajaj. They all need to get to Mina, they all help each other to get to Mina a few days. Prior to this they all gathered either in Makkah or inizia, which is just outside maca, or anywhere else they were in accommodation

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today they are in accommodation. Because of the number of people it is impossible to have a comfortable stay. It has to be somehow compromised in terms of comfort, but you're not going there on a holiday nor are you going there to camp or enjoy the hotel or the accommodation. You are going to fulfill a massive act of worship which you

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is not going to be so easy because it is a pillar of Islam, just like it's not easy to get up for salatu wa Salatu. Or just like it is not easy to give out a certain amount of wealth for zakka and sadaqat. Just like it is not easy to fast in the month of Ramadan. So it will not be a walk in the park to go for Hajj. But Allah will grant ease to a great extent.

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So people live together in accommodation, sometimes four in a room, eight in a room. More than that in a room. They have perhaps never known each other well, prior to that, at times have never met before that but they get along, they would fulfill their prayers together, they would eat together, they will have to move as well, to a certain extent together. They will have to be on a bus together, they will have to cooperate and they do cooperate. This cooperation is amazing because we are lacking it in the Muslim oma in every other aspect of our living. But when it comes to Hajj, it's a lesson. You have to cooperate you have absolutely no option. You must cooperate. You have to

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help each other to get to minute when you're there. It's not about yourself. Those who are selfish lose out on the reward. It's about making it comfortable for others.

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Some people as they get into their tents are worried about their little spot. Let me choose the best spot. Those are the losers. May Allah forgive us, but others would look at the elderly and say let me get the best spot there is an old man with us. There is an elderly lady with us there is someone who's not so well with us someone who's disabled or challenging one way or another. Let me try and get the best spot for them and put them there. Those are the winners canon law houfy O'Neill Abdi Makana lab dupioni, a fee. You want the help of Allah, Don't be selfish, help others and Allah will help you but when you want to help yourself, Allah will be helping others Subhana Allah, it's

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amazing. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to care for others those in need those who are destitute, those who are challenged in one way or another, the elderly and so on.

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So when we get into these tents, and I'm speaking as though we are all there right now, with the idea inshallah, one day Allah will gather us they say amen.

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My brothers and sisters,

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the unity of the judge, in terms of uniformity, where everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. When they have to eat, they have to share their food, you eat a little you pass it on, so Han Allah, you have to be mindful of the others. You have some water you have to give water to the others. And this is happening. Why can't we do this on a day to day basis with everyone in the Muslim ummah. This is a lesson when you return you are supposed to have achieved total forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Imagine if you are achieving total forgiveness by going for Hajj for five days, by going for Hajj for five days, you achieve total forgiveness, surely there must be something

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massive that you are supposed to have achieved and the transformation that would actually change not only your life, but it would show you your purpose in life, some Hana love to please Allah, all of us are in the masjid today for salata Juma to help someone to come to the masjid to make space for someone else is a massive reward. But we don't do that anymore. It's all about me, myself and I

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to care for another person to think you know, we all have to get there Come let's all go facilitate make people feel good and easy. We're all struggling, so facilitate for someone else. Today when we are struggling, and we find something we are looking forward, we hide it quickly. No one must see they must not ask me for it because I'm not going to give it to anyone, even if it is just 20 litres of petrol. May Allah forgive us. I think in this country, we know what we're talking about right? With the shortage of fuel May Allah make it easy and grant us goodness sometimes, the lessons we learn from these difficulties are far greater than the difficulty itself. It was cheap for me to pay

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a price of a shortage of a commodity. When while standing in the queue, I was able to help so many people get to know people interact with people, associate with others and get to earn so much of reward. You will thank Allah for those shortages at one stage if you utilize the moment in the correct way. But if you didn't, you will have lost both through your character and conduct as well as through the stress and depression that you might have got because of something you didn't get the way you wanted it. May Allah open our doors.

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So from this beautiful stay in Mina on this day before the main day of Hajj, which is tomorrow

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As the day of arafah, the day of arafa Subhana, Allah, when everyone will proceed to Allah prior to that Allah wants you to go to Mina. It is a sin of the prophets of Salaam to go to Mina and you spend the day there and the night they're doing what worshiping Allah pondering over your own weaknesses, your faults, your flaws, your sons, your bad deeds, asking Allah to forgive you to transform you think of who you were and who you should be. That's what should be happening in Mena today. People are thinking of who they are, who they should be, and the difference that there is and what steps are going to be taken, seek the forgiveness of Allah, you have been singing, how long are

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you going to continue singing for when people more powerful than you have already gone back to Allah to give the accounts of the deeds they've done? You look at this life. At the age of puberty, Allah subhanho wa Taala has a book for you, you start writing your deeds. After a little while Allah says come back to me, give me a book Subhana Allah, that's all that life is all about. Nothing else. What are you writing in your book? If you've made a mistake, you can erase it you can delete it through Toba through repentance, and you will have a good book. When you meet with Allah have a nice book you can give Allah Look, I used to do good deeds every day. I used to do this I used to treat people

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well. The issue of treatment of people is one of the biggest issues through which people will enter Hellfire because they treated people in a bad way. Who are the people sitting next to you? Do you know who they are? They are creatures of the same Allah who owns paradise, Allah made them and Allah planned and designed that they will sit next to you today only because he wants to see how you treat them, nothing else, nothing else. Are you going to respect them? Do you understand they also love themselves like you love yourself. They are also human beings. So when we melt treat people today we look across the globe, there is no respect for life. People are oppressing on a large scale, massive

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killings torture so much happening in the name of what supremacy in the name of one being better than the other, in the name of whatever else it may be greed. People are greedy. We are taught from Hodge Don't be greedy, you're all the same standard one stuff, no matter how rich you are, how dark you are, how fair you are part of the world, you come from, what your father's name is, or whatever else it might be, you are one human being. And the day you understand that others are just like you is the day you can inch closer to Allah. If you don't, you are at a loss, your color, the amount of wealth you have your background where you were born, who chose it. If you didn't choose it, it means

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it was a test from Allah, always the examiner chooses the question. You need to understand when you choose something, it can't be a test. But Allah when he chooses massive things like this, or someone else chooses things, it's an exam it's a test. It means a how I look and what where I am and what what is happening around right now. He's all designed by someone for a purpose. And I'm going to go back to him to give him my book to show him what what did I do check? Look at my answers. They were top man Mashallah. May Allah make us from among those who received this book back in our right hands on the Day of Judgment, because those are the ones who will have good news of paradise.

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Islam is not only about the five pillars, but together with the five pillars we need the building, when you have the foundations of a building and the core of it and the steel structure that holds up the building. What about the brickwork? What about the other design? What about everything else that also makes up part of the building? You follow what I'm saying? You cannot just say it's only the foundation, it's only five pillars? No, it is much more than the five pillars, but the five pillars will teach you they will build that foundation, they will give you the grounding, and thereafter you will continue into the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in Mina, and the lesson is for every

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one of us, we should be doing it on a daily basis, certain things What did I do today? How many sins did I commit? I need to stop that. How many good deeds did I do? I need to increase that? Those are things you need to ask yourself every day. seek the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis. Imagine they are being given a whole day and the night in order to ponder and to remember Allah to seek the forgiveness of Allah to thank Allah for the favors that he has bestowed upon him. What has Allah given me? Take a look. You will be shocked if you were to pay for your eyesight. What would be the price? priceless? If you were to pay for one heartbeat? What would you pay? priceless

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If Allah had to stop five heartbeats of yours and then you said okay, I've got money let me pay How much would you pay for five heartbeats it's your whole life that's what it is just a few heartbeats and you're gone way back to Allah. So don't think you're a big deal. You know in Surah Yaseen Allah subhanho wa Taala words it in a beautiful way,

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corner corner

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for either who

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does man not see that we created him from a drop? And today he wants to come and argue, love Akbar? Did you hear? Man, we created you from a droplet of semen. And today, you think you're a big deal? Wait, you're coming back to us, you're not a big deal. You are not when you've obeyed the law, when you've respected others, when you have treated people in a good way, when you have facilitated the life of others and tried to reach out to them with goodness, now you have gotten to the purpose of your entire creation, worship Allah and fulfill the rights of the rest of the creatures of the same Allah. If Allah wanted, he could have made us here for eternity. But Allah kept paradise for that.

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in Paradise, you get what you want. Why? Because in this world, you got what Allah wanted. So Allah says, when you go there, if you followed what we wanted, then we will give you what you want. But if you did what you wanted here, one wonders what's going to happen on the other side, may Allah subhanahu wa taala strengthen us. So the powerful day of Minar is not an ordinary day. It's a day of the dhikr of Allah, the declaration of the greatness of Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Allah who Allah Hu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, WA Linda Hill Hamed, Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest, there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. And All praise belongs to Allah for

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Indeed Allah is the Greatest, that is the remembrance of Allah. How can we be saying Allah is the Greatest, when we are doing our own thing on the side, we are not even interested in what Allah told us. We are not even interested in our prayer in our dress code. We don't even want to dress to be able to please Allah in a modest way that is compliant to what Allah has taught. And we are saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. I have seen people May Allah forgive us who are doing the wrong thing on the day of it, but they're still saying Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, he'll hand Come on Subhana Allah, may Allah grant us ease.

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May Allah open our doors, we need to improve wholesale, we need to improve everything we need to go up just like we want our living to improve. So should our life with Allah improve? How has your Salah improved? How are you going to want the improvement of what's going on perhaps in your own little economy of your, your system that you live by? How? How is it going to improve? How are your problems going to be resolved when the owner of the solution of the problem you have no relationship with him? It's by the way while law he my brothers and sisters I'm going to say something embarrassing. We treat Allah as though he needs us we fulfill Salah as though we are doing a lot of

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favor. On most occasions, we read or and sometimes as though you know what it's going to be. You know Allah subhanho wa Taala this is actually something that Allah needs out of the villa. He doesn't need anything. It is an honor, your connection with your maker that is going to help you the day you get back to him is determined by how eagerly you worship him. Are you eager? Do you make the time switch of your phone read the Quran? one page a day? do you do that? The answer is no. I don't. Well come on. You need to improve the day of Mina is a day of this where you start thinking What should I do? Do you read a page a day? The question is for me too. Do you read a little bit of the

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Quran a day? If the answer is no, my brothers and sisters, how are you going to meet Allah? You know you're going tomorrow today later today you are going to go back to Allah. That's how close it is. You're going to go back to Allah, people have gone before you. This is why the whole Georgia in two pieces of white cloth one of the explanations is it should remind them of the day they are going to go back into their graves. You're going to go back to Allah How are you preparing? Oh Allah I returned to you love byculla Humala bake love bakerella Sheree Kala Kala bank in Alhambra one metre locker one milk

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Sheree colic wow what a powerful statement uttered by the judge the bake means I am at your service Allah tells

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Me and I will do it. You've told me and I'm here already. You told us to come I'm here at your service, Oh Allah, are you really at the service of Allah? You may just be lying. You may not be at the service of Allah, you might not even know what it means Subhana Allah? Are you at the service of Allah? If you were, you wouldn't be at the service of prohibitions. You wouldn't be a selfish person who only thinks about yourself, because and I'm repeating it. The reason is, the only time you will achieve the help of Allah is when you are interested in helping others. That's when you will be achieving the help of Allah. You have major issues. Allah will help you when you help someone else.

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Subhana Allah, did you hear that kind of Allah who found the Abdi It's the second time I'm saying this hadith today? macconnell Abdul Rahim, Allah assistance will be with his slave for as long as that slave is busy helping another. Are you helping someone else with us? No, I've got my problem. It's me. My whole day, I'm worried about what my problem for what? start worrying about someone else's problem, make ease for them. Look what Allah does to you, your life will change and life will change. We don't we we don't think of this because for us, I'm going to lose something. No, you won't. The owner of the universe is telling you you won't help here's the way but now what do we do

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Subhana Allah

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May Allah grant us the ability to be at his service all the time, to things only that you need my brothers and sisters, your link with Allah, your link with the rest of the creatures of the same Allah, that's all you need. What more do you need? Nothing. Nothing. You need to have a good relationship with Allah. And after that good relationship with everybody else, as best as you can, as best as you can. Sometimes there is a toxic person, you may want to stay away from them no harm, but as long as you have had the best possible relation, you know, together with enjoining, that which is good, prohibiting that which is bad, etc, etc. So as the judge spent the night to 19

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minutes, seeking the forgiveness of Allah pondering over the weakness and the bad pondering over their condition, how to improve it, how to decrease the bad etc, etc. Tomorrow morning, they will all proceed to alpha alpha, alpha d it says the main day of Hodges alpha. Now, too fast on the day of alpha is actually so great in reward that it will forgive the minuses of the current year and the previous year. Some of the allama have explained that it is the most powerful fast of the entire year. Because the 10 days of the ledger are better days than Ramadan. The days are better than the days of Ramadan, but the nights Ramadan is better than these days. So there is a difference between

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nights and days. You're looking at the nights, Ramadan has led to Qatar it has so many other powerful nights the last 10 nights and so on. The most powerful nights are in Ramadan. As for the days the most powerful days are these days of the ledger mom in a Yamuna llama la sala

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de la la him in halacha. The Hadith says there are no days better than these 10 days. Allah loves good deeds more than any other days. So panela these are the 10 days. So do your good deeds you fast on the day of arafah a question is should we fast the day the judge in alpha or should we fast when it is the ninth of the ledger? where we are? The answer is one. We fast according to the ninth of the ledger where we are simple logical explanation. I'll explain it to you. Because the moon sighting there are differences of opinion, whether it is a global moon or a regional moon and both those opinions are valid opinions. Saudi Arabia as a nation follows the opinion that it is a

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regional moon every region must cite its own moon that is the opinion that has been followed in Saudi Arabia for centuries. So the day we see the moon before them, they will not accept our moon because we belong to it belong to a different region. And it has happened in the past. So if we were to say you must first win the hoh ga in arafa. They will come a time when we've seen the moon before them it will be our day of EAD, how are you going to fast? You follow? So when there is a rule, it has to be a rule well thought of that can be applicable every year you can say this year, it's with the judge and the following year because we saw the moon before them now it's with our own moon it

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has to be a proper rule that is followed every year. So a simple explanation is and it has happened in the past when the moon was sited prior to Saudi Arabia then what is your date of EAD and the Hajaj only in America it is the next day. So for that reason, wherever you are, remember, if the people around you the masjid near you, when they are doing their eat, you will do your eat

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When, for example, the people in your locality, your city are doing their job, you will do your read. If it is the ninth of the ledger, you will fast the day of arafah, according to the ninth of the ledger, because you don't want to be caught out the following year. And this rule, as I said, has come from the heart of Saudi Arabia, there are Hadith that have proven this Subhanallah if there is difference of opinion in your city in your country, like is the case in UK and a few other places where there are several opinions in one home in one city, then you must have a broad heart. You follow the opinion you believe is correct. And don't fight the other people leave them. They also

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have the evidence that they are following. It's okay. It's not a big deal. Whether you have it today or tomorrow is actually not a big deal. We've made it a big deal. We are allowed to celebrate on more than one day. It's not wrong. We've made it such a big deal as no kiama has come no not at all. It is something that is broad. It is a matter of jurisprudence, difference of opinion is permissible in this regard. May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless every one of us. I really pray that Allah grant us goodness and ease. Remember my brothers and sisters, to declare the greatness of Allah. The fast here of arafa will be on Sunday by the will of Allah and the eat here will be on Monday I'm talking

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about Zimbabwe, where we also follow the same opinion of the regional citing May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all a blessed season good acts of worship, minimum my brothers and sisters. We need to try to seek the forgiveness of Allah change our lives Let's be concerned about one another. If we are truly concerned about one another just like the judge at the moment are concerned about one another. The problems of the oma will be resolved. The difficulty is we have become slowly minute groups. Each group pointing a finger of negativity at the other That is why we are losing let's open our hearts Let's become one let's love each other make life easy for one another and see your doors

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open up Oulu kolyada was on Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad