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22-02-2013, Jumu’ah at Masjid Taqwa PE, South Africa

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Avenida

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de Mora,

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woman standing in your back.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala Send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions and all those who struggled and strove through the years, to bring this dream to us in a way that today we are seated here. And we asked them not to use us to do the same so that our offspring can be on the dean. And so that we can be from amongst those who have achieved success on the Day of Judgment. I mean, brothers and sisters in Islam,

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we all know that shavon is a great enemy. And we all know that he stands in our way, in order to divert us from doing what we are supposed to be doing. So there is a path, there is a road that we are supposed to be trading upon. There is a system that we are supposed to be operating upon. And yet shaman stands in our way, trying to divert us in order for us to achieve instead of the pleasure of Allah, the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's very important for us to realize that Allah through His mercy of police that he will,

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what he has done for us as a favor, is he has told us exactly how shavon comes. So to be able to recognize him, that's Allah gifts upon us, he tells us, He will come this way, he will try it that way. He will try his tricks in this way. And you need to recognize him. Just like today, in a country like South Africa, where crime is quite high, it would be a gift upon us, if people told us that, be careful.

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The robbers are using new tricks. This is what they're doing. And that is what they're doing. We would say Jazakallah Hey, thank you for letting me know. They tell you don't use that ATM machine. Be careful. There are people operating in this way. Don't go to that place. What's your back when people are following you? If they are, this is what you should do. This is what we listen to. People tell you if someone is following you drive to the nearest police station, and people will tell you so many things. Sometimes it might not come handy to all of us, but at least we will be on the lookout people say they push your belt at your gate and they tell you they've come to read the water

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meter. Next thing they're inside with their guns and so on. We get so happy when people tell us when they support us when they help us to fight crime. We are very excited, Mashallah. We thank them. Why don't we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for showing us how the biggest criminal who is shapen comes not only to take our wealth away, or to harm us physically, but to take the essence of our entire existence away. And that is our struggle to achieve paradise.

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So let's today look at a few pointers how shaper comes to us? Firstly, first and foremost.

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shapefile comes in some very blatant ways. Sometimes he comes in, he immediately invites you to that which is haram. And the person would get involved he beautifies it by saying Don't worry, it's just once it's just now I will I will make though by later on. That's sometimes Japan comes to us that way. Today, we don't want to talk about this direct way because that we're supposed to be doing already for someone to say let me commit this adultery now. And he shall as soon as I'm over, I will engage in Toba that is defying Allah, that is the height of defiance to say I will sin against you. And after a while I will say I'm sorry. To be like, if someone does it to me and you say look, I

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will harm this ankle or I will do this to this system. And after that, I'll just say I'm sorry and get away with it. It's a very, very big insult. So we don't want to go too deep into that. But let us take a look at the disguised ways that shapen comes to good Muslims. Did you hear what I just said?

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The disguised ways that shapen comes to good Muslims, those who read their Salah, those who perhaps are conscious of halala Callum Shaban comes to us as well. shaman comes to those who try to be good. And shaman comes even to the best of the best from amongst us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us identify him and help us realize how we are supposed to be tackling him and grant us acceptance to tackle.

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Point number one is

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he comes to us and makes us delay D

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De La Vie delay a deal that you are supposed to be doing. So for example, it's time for Salah. And Chopin says, How do we just now that we're just now is one of the traps of the devil? When you say I'll do it just now or I'll turn just now or you want to give up a bad habit and you tell yourself I'm still a bit young inshallah I'll do it as I grow a little bit older. That is a lot. It is his plan. It's his group, and he's so happy and excited. Wow, I got this man exactly where I wanted him to. I've made him delay his Salah. So as the time progresses, shaper, comes through with forgetfulness.

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the story of

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when the young boy says it was shavon who made me forget shavon made me forget. So the good thing is shaytan makes you forget the turning to Allah shaytan makes you forget. So once shapefile has delayed you after you had something in mind or after you wanted to do a good deed or abstain from a bad deed when he delays you his next step is to make you forget oblivious so now you've forgotten before you know its own know the time of acid is over.

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Allah he happens to even good people where you want to leave your Salah you're about to read it something happens. Someone rings the bell instead of opening the door and saying brother Please have a seat. Let me finish my Salah. We too embarrassed to say I was not in the masjid for Salah. So we just say yes forever How are you what's happening what's going on in your mind you shall read my Salah as soon as he goes. The Iran of Madrid is said and yet your Salah is not read so this is a way that shapefile actually traps you. The solution of this is as soon as you want to do a good deed do it. Especially when it comes to Salah. The Hadith speaks of how the best Salah is that Salah which

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is read as soon as the time sets in a Salah to

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Salah on its prescribed time. Once it enters you need to be worried about not having read it until you've read it. So when the time of Salah comes in how many of us would feel very uneasy if we haven't read Salah let's try and get ourselves onto that level by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I really pleased with myself and yourself to try our best to get to that stage where the time of Salah comes you must feel uneasy, feel very uneasy until you've got it done no matter where you are, inshallah, it will be possible to fulfill that particular Salah as we say there is a will there is a way by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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point number two shaman comes to us and he makes us forget the path by pointing at others. This is one of the biggest ways shapen tackles those who are supposedly pious, those who are trying their best to please a mom when she fancies that I tried to delay this man in his Salah, but his regular easier first sub second stuff. He's here on time. He reads a lot of Quran, he fasts he gives a lot of charity, he does this, he does quite a lot of good deeds, the next best thing to do is occupying him by pointing at others love about this is extremely dangerous. So a person will say, look at this man. What is he doing? He's committing adultery or he's engaged in drinking by saying that we have

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forgotten about what we are supposed to be doing. number one. Number two is we have forgotten that we are supposed to be helping such people rather than think bad and start spreading tales. And when we spread tale what shapefile did, he stole even the good deeds that we were doing. Because by backbiting about someone, you're giving away your good deeds. We all know that by backbiting about someone, you are wasting your deeds. So what shavon did is you were a very good man, you read your Salah, and when you read your Salah, he did not know how to divert you because you are so punctual. So he said the best way is let him involved in the lives of others, he lose his deeds, and soon he

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lose focus completely. So what happens? People start worrying.

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The story is bale appeal is at half past 12. I wonder if he got it or not.

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He's I hope he stays in jail. He's a murderer. And I hope this and the men worried to the degree that it's as though it's his life. And it says no, that's the main name. I need to follow this thing here. Every one of us knows the detail of what happened and we all have our own rewiring of the story. Each one has his own motivation to say this is what he did. Perhaps he did this perhaps he saw an SMS from someone else. And then he picked up his gun and went to the toilet and shorter whatever happened. This is a hot story in the hearts of people and minds. But have you thought that

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men may be jailed or may not be jailed. We are doing deeds that may result in eternal J. Have we ever thought of that. And sometimes we've forgotten our Salah is not in order. We are criminals who are not supposed to even be deserving the bail we have right now in the world. And we worried about someone else getting bail law. This is Allah, he has a gift. He has given us a gift to say Worry about yourself. And on the other hand, there is a fine saying no, no, no, you sit and watch the news more than you ever read the book of Allah. So we sit in front of the screen, we will repeat the news every hour we updating to know what happened. A guy who's not a Muslim number one and number two,

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even if he was whatever he did, he will pay for it at some stage. But what did we do? We forget about it.

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I have not even read the Koran. And I'm busy with the news. I flicked and flashing and tweeting and tweeting about what about something that's not going to benefit me at all. while lying this happens to almost all of us, sometimes we need to quickly pick up a phone and realize this is his blood and throw him out of the picture. And then we go back to the Quran the word of Allah. We should read the Quran more than we read the newspapers and the news. We should pick the pages of the Quran more than we refresh our pages on Twitter and Facebook and WhatsApp and so on. And the BlackBerry messengers. Today's heilala it has got to a degree where the tools of that hour have shifted to the degree that

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the day is a beginning to use the internet to get a message across to the masses solely because that's the best way to communicate to them.

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If I were to ask you, what's the best way to communicate with you? Some people might say, Well, for me on my landline, that person is still probably was born before 1968 Oh, goodness. And then if they tell you listen, Brother, you know what, you can find me on my mobile phone. Okay, a little bit more modern. If someone says what's happening, oh, that's now 1975 80 and later hamdulillah. And they will if they tell you you can BBM me Oh, that's also quite jagged, you know? And after that, they say no, I'll see your tweet. Oh, that's the case. That means is the new generation you're talking about. And someone says I've got Facebook instant messenger to come straight to my phone. Beep beep

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it beeps. So now when you want to remind someone of Salah, those who have a bit of sense will say let's get to the pocket of this person by beating him straight, send out a BBM broadcast, send out something you know, inspirational, reminding them of salah and Allah subhanho wa Taala because we become diverted by technology. Technology is not bad on its own. It's how we use it that makes it that

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we can use technology to become the best of people remind yourself. There is another problem we have sometimes we see May Allah subhanahu wa taala safeguard our brothers and sisters in Syria. And those in Palestine, those in Afghanistan, those in Bangladesh, those in Burma, those in Sri Lanka, those across the globe, in nearly every country, those in Europe, those in the Americas, those in Australia, those in Mali, though you name them names are increasing every day, our brothers and sisters are suffering and suffocating. So people say what are the Arabs doing about those people? Shame on them? Brother, that is a plot of the devil. you worried? What are you doing about them?

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What did you do? You busy in the nightclub worrying about what the Arabs does about Syria? They probably gave their lives without you knowing because the people who really do things, they don't have to advertise?

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They probably are they on the ground already. And you just busy saying What are they doing? These people are quiet, they are silent. They haven't done anything. The reality is you need to worry about what you are doing. Because the difference will only be made when you start doing something and I think the same and everybody else around there thinks the same then the difference is made. So behind Allah. But the minute I think what is he doing? He thinks what am I doing? Has anyone done anything? The reality is no, we busy sitting and pointing fingers. I'm worried more about what did he do then what did I do because I am not able to govern his life. But I definitely can use my two

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feet to get up and I can put my hand in my pocket and I can donate a thing or two and I can raise my hands and make it to Allah and perhaps I can assist by by going out as a volunteer and helping in whatever way is in my capacity. So if each one of us was concerned, really what is my capacity? What have I done? How many rands or dollars or pounds have I put into the

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coffers of those who are going to genuinely to assist Subhan Allah, then we would be speaking, may Allah subhanho wa Taala open our doors really we make a day out for our brothers and sisters at this Blissett moment of Juma, this beautiful hour, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to assist all those suffering across the globe to use us to help them in one way or another.

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And I repeat again, may Allah use us to help them in one way or another and may

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Help us the day we are in need. My brothers and sisters the plot of shape is very, very strong, and he is intelligent. The more intelligent you become, the more intelligent the methods of the devil become, to try and plot and plan. So what happens? The devil comes in make us point fingers. I've given you a current example it's live. If you pick up any youngster, or in fact a lot of the adults as well and asked him what's going on with this case here they will give you up to date information. Last thing was 1230 they were supposed to talk some of you might already know the result of the bail law common law protects us while we're sitting here we have tweets going on we have this going on.

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This is shaped man making us lose focus. Nobody is saying you're not allowed to know about it. You can you can learn a lesson from it. Now law protect us. You can learn many lessons from the story. But the reality is, are you engrossed in it in a way that your life has a certain focus that it's supposed to have been on. And now it's focusing on something less important. Like you know,

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if there was a pot, and we were told to put in rocks, stones and sand, you would start off first by putting the rocks the most important, the big, if you put the sand first there will be no place to put the rocks. If you put the rocks the stones will find their way in the gaps that were created by the rocks. You shake that part a little bit, then you put the sand in and Mashallah it may cover everything but at the same time it will find its way to the bottom in the gaps and so on. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us understand that

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she plans plan, what is it?

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worry about him? What did he do look at these people that means a drunken brother in your own backyard in your own family there is worse alone. And this sometimes is a punishment for us to realize why are you spreading rumors about the children of other people out looking at your own children? It's a problem. Your concern is your children and your family members and even the oma is your concern in a positive way try to help properly. But was your concern to spread rumors about others? If that's the case? Well, I think we've lost the plot. And this is why we have reminders of this nature. This is why the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salaam full of reminders. Look,

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watch out the devil comes to you like this. recognize him in shavon Allah Kumar.

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Indeed, shaman is your enemy. So consider him an outright enemy. Don't pat him on the back. You know, don't try and make friends with him. No, you need to realize let me recognize the devil. How does he come to me? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us protection, and may make us from those who understand and realize let's move on to another point. When shame and traps, he makes something very serious appear to be light in the eyes of people. So sometimes there is a hideous crime. And Showtime says no, don't worry, this is something minor. It's something small. I can give you an example. It's so hard to know. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks of how the hypocrites had created the

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story against a Chateau de la Mancha.

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And they started spreading it and some of them were not actually hypocrites, but they engaged in a sin by spreading the rumor. No, they did not create it. But they just say Did you hear the story? By saying Did you hear the story? Allah says in the Quran? What I said oh no, no

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double whammy. You think it's something light in the eyes of Allah. It is something huge. It is something great. It is a huge sin. So this is the plot of the devil. We spread the room in a video and happened to that woman. Did you check what happened to this man, you saw this that Allah says you think it's light that you just talking about this in this way here in the eyes of Allah, you're going to pay for it, you are going to pay for it. Allahu Akbar, what you do, you will have to undo. Remember that what you do, you will have to undo two ways of undoing it either the good way through Toba and repentance or the bad way leave it as is and alone sought you out Allahu Akbar. That is

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quite harsh, which means it is a quite, it is quite a serious reality. If someone tells you Allah sought you out, or lie, that's a very big statement. So we'd rather sorted out through Toba here. Now May Allah forgive our shortcomings, brothers and sisters, we may have said things we may have done things we may have been diverted. We may have given preference to you know, the newspapers over the forum and online. This is a fact we read the newspapers or the news sometimes more than we've actually read the forum that day. Ask yourself see look into yourself. Honestly, it's effect. Sometimes we we have lost the path because we have considered major things minor. And sometimes

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we've lost the path because we've interfered in the lives of

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Others are loving my brothers and sisters. It's never too late for as long as we are breathing, and we are still within the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala we engage in Toba and say yeah, Allah, guide us, help us so that yes, we can give everything it's do measure. We can learn lessons from what's going on around us. And at the same time we can be used for that which we are supposed to be used for in a way that we live our lives with two things. One is you fulfill the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala and two, you fulfill the rights of the fellow creatures of yours, human beings and even the other creatures of Allah Subhana Allah Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, groundless

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goodness may open our doors remember, every week we have what is known as Juma that is a gift of Allah upon us the most blessed day of the week, we know that

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we need to ask ourselves, how many of us would consider it such a blessed day that we come to the masjid the house of Allah very early, and we can sit, read our Quran, engage in a bit of Africa, and perhaps listen to a talk, no matter who is giving a talk, listen to a few words, you will take back something beneficial, you will take back something beneficial. But if you are here early every week, and you make it your business to be proud of the fact that you've been given a blessed day of the week, well lucky you will notice a change in your spirituality, you will notice a change Why? Because this is one of the centuries of Allah subhanho wa Taala the respective days of the week or

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the respective day of the week, more than others higher than others. So if you have the respect for the Friday,

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not to say you're allowed to sit on other days, no, but on this day, we want to engage in more obedience. That's the idea. We want to engage in more obedience we want to come early we've been given opportunity let us seize the opportunities. When we understand this, we will definitely be able to impact on ourselves positively because how many of us have a positive message that gets to us on a regular basis, many of us The only thing the only connection we have is a Friday Juma and that too, we busy rushing into the masjid making it in time for the the second and we hope in the day at least I caught the Salah as soon as the Salah is over, we're the first ones out is that how

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we treat our Deen when Allah has kept a Friday more so to get a powerful message to understand how to live your life and to continue for the rest of the week in a way that when you get back you ready for another solid message like a dose of cough mixture for a one who is suffering from a cough. So you have your five moves this week come back next week you get another five months and if you have a boost in the middle where you have a lesson or a talk or some form of a lecture or some form of benefit, no matter how it gets to you then Alhamdulillah that is noodle Allah know that is even better. But a lot of us are busy working. We work from the morning to the evening. We have not

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benefited from the radio station sometimes we have not benefited from CDs and DVDs and what else you have. We've benefited in no way sometimes because we're so busy. And then what happens the only link or when we come home we busy with the flicking the television watching the news injecting this and that and some of us are busy following our soaps yet that is the only soap that makes you dirty. Have you thought of that?

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The only soap that makes you dirty and the soaps you find on the TV, the other soap can wash you and clean you this I don't even know why they call it a soap perhaps they are washing your brain. brainwashing May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect us and we sit in flicking and so on time for Salah goes we busy you know we haven't even given time to our family members, let alone Allah Subhana Allah Allah and the only link we have is a Friday if that is the case, come on, we can do better. We need to understand the plot of shape and he makes us live this dunya as though we are never ever going to the alpha.

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The best way to recognize the devil The best way to recognize the devil

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is to be conscious of death and to understand it can overtake you here and now. If you are really conscious of that, it comes with the consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and it comes with the ability to prepare, and therefore you will not delay a good deep look at the Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. He tells us beautifully suddenly Salah thermodyne

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fulfill your Salah, as though it is a farewell Salah

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do we do that? How beautifully were the city's farewell Salah This is my farewell Salah I'm reading it the end it's long, it's over. It's the last Salah I'm going to have an opportunity to read will law he my brothers and sisters. Ask yourself in your own hearts. How many of us actually do do that? How many of us actually do that? That this is my last salah and when you finish it, you think I'm going to keep

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An opportunity to read another one perhaps Allahu Akbar. And when you come again, you know Subhana Allah, you know, I deal a lot with the youth and sometimes we talk to them and we know what is close to their hearts. And sometimes you tell them what's the best thing you can have? This is a that girlfriend of mine. She walked into my house dressed up so sweet and smart. would be the happiest man on earth. This is an answer you actually get.

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And then you ask him, when did you last year? Oh, this morning. So you so excited you wouldn't mind seeing her again and again. Okay, let's stop there. If Allah had to take you away here and now so Carla, why is it that we wouldn't be so excited to have had another opportunity to show a lot that we love him and we're worshipping him after all, he gave us the entire existence that we have here right now. The eyes in the nose and the ears and the brains and the looks and the everything you have. He's the one who gave me the wealth and the children and the everything else. And yet we are not excited about fulfilling the Salah for him. Perhaps if we will, he might have made that haram

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relation Hallo if we were conscious of him, because he would have used us to understand Hey, I cannot continue in this way. Let me turn to Allah let me go to the parents of so and so make a proper proposal get this thing done not have a long engagement to anything once it's confirmed we get a new garden and we are in the obedience of Allah. If you die Five minutes later, perhaps you will be granted entry into paradise because your intention was to please Allah.

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But Shepherd makes us lose focus. No. Kela Balto him Boehner la de La da da da da da da ne ne la vaca. You love that which is right in front of you the dunya and you forgetting about the Acura in fact in Surah. Allah Allah which we read on a Friday, we hear the verses Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about them so clearly.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala says to Theo

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dunya Well,

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we've heard it so many times. Do you know what it means? It means man, you give preference to the union and you don't realize the US hero is better and that is everlasting and every Juma every other Juma we hear these verses But for us, hey, this man can be a powerful recited, let's say, making us think something that is true he is a powerful reciter but he makes us put a full stop after that. That's when it stops. So say is a powerful recited the meaning of it is this and I'm going to put it into practice because it was recited and so and so and so. So Mahanama This is the way we will move forward in sha Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us people who recognize what the devil is all

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about and made him make us understand that we realize we have something to concentrate upon. That is my link with Allah and inshallah we will all be granted entry into paradise Allah grant us gender or sallallahu wasallam albaraka Allah