Mufti Menk – I PRAYED HARD but I was still afflicted!!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of praying with conviction and avoiding giving up on one's past experiences is emphasized in Islam. Even if one experiences a severe illness, it is still important to pray for them. The speaker also emphasizes the need to pray hard and stay patient in order to achieve success, even if one experiences a illness from Allah's actions. Prayer for others is also emphasized, particularly in light of the pandemic and past mistakes.
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Alhamdulillah heop belie alameen wa Atiba to Lima turkey in Walla Walla Illa Allah volley mein wash hadoo Allah ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Kala wash hadoo and Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ijma in Ahmedabad, my beloved brothers and sisters with the virus, they have been people who were told, if you were to read a specific dr, it is impossible for you to get the virus. And then they read that Dr. And they were still affected by the virus. So the question is, why did that happen? The answer to that is very simple. Number one, when we are told that if you were to read this, you would not be affected by the virus at all, that is not from

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authentic narrations of the Hadith. And sometimes people on social media as well as sometimes in some books, they misquote others. And they misquote the Hadith. They may say such and such a scholar actually said, This is what you should do in order to be totally protected from the virus. And people do that. And then they get the virus and that weakens their faith in Allah. Because they begin to think I did whatever I should have, why did I get this virus and what has happened? Well, like I said, there is no authentic narration that states that if you were to read a simple dua, then it is impossible for you to become ill or sick or to get a virus. There is no narration that states

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that however, there are people who have said that, only to encourage you to pray. And when you do pray, yes, there are prayers that say, Oh Allah protect me from this disease, or protect me from that disease. Number one, to pray with conviction is already an act of worship and earning closeness to Allah. Number two is when you continue that prayer, your status continues to elevate. And inshallah perhaps Allah may grant you, Savior and protection. But if Allah has chosen that this is going to get to you, then you've made the dua, you've called out to Allah, He chose it for you. So he will reward you for the, for the supplication he will reward you for the worship that you engaged

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in of him, he will, he will reward you greatly for the hope that you had in his mercy. And at the same time, he will reward you for the patience that you will have to bear when he has decided that you will be affected. So it does not mean that Allah did not hear you. But it does mean that whatever was best for your hereafter, and for your current life will definitely be happening, especially when you have a great conviction in Allah. And when your belief is very strong. When your conviction is solid. Allah says, we know that we will grant you the best that may give you an example. You pray that you are not affected, and you pray hard, and you're a good person, you have

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your five daily prayers, and you have so many other prayers and Subhanallah you know, and you're happy and time passes and Mashallah you haven't been affected. That's Allah showing you we responded to your data. And time passes even more time passes, and guess what, you're still making the dua, and you're still giving charities and so on. And one day, you're affected, and you find that you may be positive, well, perhaps Allah might protect you, by not letting you

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have feel the bad effects of the symptoms. So the symptoms may not be there, in your case, simply because you made it to our to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what did he do? He protected you for a while, which was also a response of the DA. And then when you were affected, he did not allow the symptoms to be severe. That's also a response, perhaps, and sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala may want you to go through a different level of sobral and patience, which is rewarded in a very great way and it actually forgives your shortcomings your sins. They're actually wiped out as you bear patients with contentment. So sometimes maybe your symptoms might be felt, and they might be severe.

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And in that particular case, you bet patients don't ever say why didn't Allah answer my data? Because there are people who have made this dua and then they were affected and then they lose faith.

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In a law, that's not what it should be, you should understand. Allah has a plan. Allah knows he will always test you when he wants to test you. And by you praying, he will make the test easy for you. But it's not like he's not going to test you altogether. He may not test you with one test, he might test you with something else. So when it comes to this particular virus, remember my brothers and sisters, keep praying, keep taking precautions, keep helping others keep praying for others keep promoting that they take precautions, but life continues. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from harm, from negativity, from sickness and from shape and tampering with our faith. So my

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brothers and sisters, once again, I remind you, the sickness is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is a test. And you need to pass this test by being positive about it. That doesn't mean don't take precautions, but it means you make dua and as things happen, you get on to the next level. So if you're affected, you think a lot the symptoms are not so bad. If the symptoms are bad, you think a lot that you're still alive and you're getting better. And if the worst case scenario, a life is lost, if we bought patience, we will see paradise simply because we may do and we supplicated to allow with conviction, we had hope in the mercy of Allah, those who are acts of worship, we bore

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patients as much as we could. That was a huge act of patience. In your first sabie una agilon. Be ye a sub Allah says, indeed, we will give the full recompense of those who bore patients without limit unlimited more, Allah will actually recompense your patients with an unlimited reward. That's what he's saying. So if you bought a patient's and you still had severe symptoms and see you happen to lose your life, I promise you with that patience and that conviction and the fact that you will not upset with Allah,

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and the fact that you are not questioning Allah, that is a very, very great sign. It's a sign that you're very close to Allah, may Allah grant us closeness to him, such that we never question his decree, such that, that he makes it easy for us to actually go through what he has destined for us. My brothers and sisters learn to reach out to others giving them hope. One narration says that none of you should die until you have good faith in Allah. And until you hope in Allah is positive until you're hoping Allah is very positive. So let's build that and let's develop that. Remember, if Allah tested you, if Allah tested you don't say, Well, I prayed not to have the test. Why did I have it?

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Well, that was the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he will reward you for your prayer. And when you pray to Allah for something, like I've said in the past, he will either give you that thing, or he may give it to you later. Or he may replace it with something better, or he may avert a calamity as a result of the beautiful prayer you made. So you're praying to Allah for something and he actually saves you from something even worse. So it's always a win win. My brothers and sisters call out to Allah have hope in Him. be convinced that Allah is the owner of cure. He is the one who will cure you. And remember when you're tested, take it in your stride bear patients, Allah will reward you

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for the patients up to your last breath, you smile and you remember the good that you've done. And you know that Allah has forgiven you for the evil or the bad that you may have done, because you're a human being for as long as you sought forgiveness while you are alive. You will definitely be forgiven. May Allah forgive all of us, grant us good health grant cure to those who are sick and Ill grant mercy to those who have passed away and the day we pass away. May He have mercy upon us and make it easy for us. May the best of our days be the day that we meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean akuto Kohli ha de la Sol Allahu wa sallam. obata Callan Amina Muhammad was Salam alaykum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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