How Do I Know That Allah Has Forgiven Me?

Mufti Menk


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so the reason i chose to speak about this is to in order to help us develop ourselves to say auspicious occasions allah forgives me a little cuddle allah forgives ramadan allah forgives so many of these days allah forgives but certain categories he doesn't forgive and here we're talking of people whom allah just forgive like that your name gets written this person tried hard forgive jana subhanallah you need it once in your life if allah has accepted you how do you know that's the last question you know how you know your life changes that's how you know your life changes

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when you go for hajj it's easy to fulfill the hajj but how do i know my heart was accepted i will know it when if i come back and things have changed in my life positively when you fast in ramadan your life changes you're forgiven and all the sins are wiped out how do i know that ramadan was accepted when ramadan exits and you know your life has changed something good has happened here there's a good vibe i'm now going to the mosque all the time something that's a sign allah has forgiven you it's a very good sign when you seek forgiveness of allah how do you know allah has forgiven you when you quit a few of these things in your life changes somehow won't sometimes it

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happens because of the death of someone close to you your life changed that death was a mercy for you subhan allah your life changed because you start thinking gosh my wife is gone guess what i'm next when you start thinking that your life changes look forward to the day that you're going to meet with allah and allah almighty will bless you in a billion ways look forward it's going to be the best day the best day because we're trying we're packing away our salah we're packing away good deeds we cleansing our hearts we removing hatred malice jealousy envy etc against others from our heart you got a clean heart and you're trying to worship allah and you're constantly seeking

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forgiveness you don't need much more than that you're a human you're a movement you believe in la ilaha illallah muhammad rasulullah sallallahu sallam and you're trying very hard allah says you did it you have succeeded that's what successes may allah subhanho wa taala grant us all gentlemen to fill those