Help! I just lost my job!

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Assalamu Aleikum so people are asking, I've just lost my job. What does Allah plan for me because I've been praying to Allah all along, and I was hoping this day didn't come, I've got bills to pay. I've got so much to do. And here I've lost my job, my brother, my sister, take it a day at a time. Thank Allah, seek forgiveness of Allah, praise Allah, call out to Him and continue trying. Don't give up. Don't just sit back and start crying and lose hope. Get up and start working. Perhaps Allah has unclenched your fist in order to give you both hands full of sustenance, you're holding a job with one clenched fist. Allah says open it up, so you've lost the job. Then Allah says, Now bring

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both hands together, get up and let's fill both of them. Many people who've lost their jobs, and they have been positive about it, have actually come out and gotten better jobs or open their own businesses that have become bigger than the entire business. We're in they were working. So remember, don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Believe that Allah has a better plan for you. And it might take some time but keep trying keep searching, keep looking, keep doing whatever you can. Don't give up and at the same time, cut your expenses. Adjust your life and that of your families to be able to live within your means. May Allah make it easy for every one of us. Don't lose hope a

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.