Mufti Menk – Happiest People on Earth

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The happiest and most content people on Earth have those whose faith is strong and they connect with their maker. They speak in a certain way and they have lovely days when they suffer a loss, they are happy within a limit, and they think Allah is a great reward for them. When they earn something and have a profit, they are happy within a limit, and they want to become a better Muslims. Allah already says that if they don't believe in it, they may not receive their goodness.
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The happiest and most content people on Earth have those whose faith is strong.

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They control themselves. They don't just do what they want, they are disciplined. They speak in a in a certain way, they carry themselves in a certain way they connect with their maker knowing that I made by a maker, and I'm going to go back to that maker. And so they have lovely days when they suffer a loss, they are patient, knowing that we are going to earn a reward from Allah. And when they earn something, and when they when they have a profit and something good happens to them. They they are happy within a limit. And they think Allah without becoming arrogant and proud knowing that the gratitude belongs to the one who gave me the owner of everything, and at the same time, he could

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take it away any minute. May Allah grant us goodness. So these are very, very deep thoughts, and very beautiful teachings, that if we were to ponder over them, they would make us better Muslims.

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And when you're a better Muslim Wallah, he you become a more content person, the minute you run behind that which you are not supposed to be running behind. Allah Almighty tells you, you know what you're going to lose? Firstly, your contentment on earth.

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Now, one might ask, Well, I've seen people who don't believe in Allah and they're quite content. Well, Allah Almighty tells you that you know what, they might be happy. They might be happy, because we have chosen to reward them in this world for the good day may have done because there are a lot of people who don't have faith but have done a lot of good. What about those who don't have faith who don't lie, and they don't have faith. They don't deceive. They don't have faith, but they help the poor, they don't have faith but they reach out to relatives and to others and they they are kind hearted and they are great. There are so many of those on earth. What does Allah says Allah says, We

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don't oppress them, we will give them their goodness on Earth.

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We will give them a happy home happy family comfortable, they will enjoy the holidays, they will go here and there. They will have a lot of fun and whatever else they may be, if they don't believe in the hereafter at all. Allah says what portion Do you want us to give them from the hereafter that's between them and Allah and Allah Almighty already says that if they don't want to believe in it,

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I may not want to give it to them. It's up to Allah.

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