Falsely accused! What do I do?

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the importance of verifying one's actions and accusations in order to achieve their downfall. They stress that anyone claims to be guilty without proving it is true, and that anyone who claims to be guilty is considered guilty until proven guilty. The speaker warns that anyone who claims to be guilty is not just a criminal until proven guilty, but also goes on to discuss the law of Allah, which is the way Allah works.

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Now, how does this verse bring about hope to me, brings about hope to me because if people are planning and plotting my downfall wrongly, by right, everyone is my supposed to be my brothers and sisters. So they're not supposed to be helping someone achieve my downfall when I'm an innocent party. Subhan Allah, when someone comes to you with a tale of someone else, you're supposed to be verifying, I would expect that you verified this. And if you couldn't verify it, consider me innocent. If you are prepared to do that, there is hope not just for me, but for you too. Because when tails come to me about you, I will do the same thing. Number one is your discount the tail when

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it's irrelevant and not involving you. I've got nothing to do with this tail. Please don't bring it to me. That's number one. Number two is if I do have something to do with it. The question here is, is it true? Do I just consider someone guilty by a mere accusation? The answer is, Islam teaches us that a person is innocent until proven guilty without doubt. So it's easy to accuse people the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, No, your openness will be our home, you know, a beautiful Hadith if people were given their accusations. If people were given do's based on accusation, then men would come up and accuse others have murder in order to get them killed. Subhan Allah, but the prophet SAW

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Selim says clearly that the person needs to bring concrete evidence or if they don't have that evidence, the concrete evidence, then the accused person needs to swear an oath by Allah, that they're innocent. And in that case, they're considered innocent and the topic is closed. So unfortunately, today by mere accusation, people are considered guilty until proven innocent. Look how the tables have turned. If someone wants to destroy your life, all they need to do is make an accusation. And is that accusation through the legal channels through anything that is considered legitimate, acceptable? The answer is no. Well, in that particular case, you and I are taught to

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discount that. It may be true, but it hasn't come through the proper channels. So I have to give my sister the benefit of the doubt to consider her innocent before the any evidence has come up that is concrete study by credible people who are appointed for that. So if you have, for example, social media that decides that, for example, a sister, a certain sister, is an adulterous for example. You cannot just believe social media no matter how loud it sounds, because there will be a lot of people who perhaps might say things just because of their frustrations. You will also one day be given the risk bite. You will also one day be given your right of being considered innocent until proven

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guilty if you consider others innocent until proven guilty. Remember that. So this is the law of Allah. This is the way Allah works.