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Jumu’ah in London


AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and a proper relationship with Allah is emphasized, along with the need for people to be accepting of their actions. The success of matches with Shavon and the importance of weighing their deeds is also discussed. The success of a match with Shavon is also emphasized, along with the importance of praying and staying up late to get enough sleep. The importance of having a good holiday and not missing out on family and worship is emphasized, along with the advice to draw closer to Allah and not miss a holiday.
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My beloved brothers, my sisters,

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the most important piece of advice,

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that we should always be commencing

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the hotbar of Joomla with is the reminder to develop what is known as Taqwa it Akula.

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Be conscious of Allah, develop the correct relationship with Allah.

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And fear, the wrath, the punishment, the anger of Allah subhanahu wa Jalla, out of the love of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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We love Allah so much, that we should be concerned

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earning his anger, or

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doing something that would spoil the relationship between us and Allah. Nonetheless, whenever we have faltered whenever we have done something wrong, because we're human beings, Allah Almighty has favored us with one of his greatest favors, and that is the acceptance of repentance of a worship. Whenever the worship seeks that forgiveness and repents. That's one of the biggest favors of Allah. Think about it. If Allah were to punish us for all the bad that we've ever done, we would not be surviving today.

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But Allah says my favor upon you, oh son of Adam, because Adam Alayhis Salam himself had fallen and Allah forgave him. When Allah heard sincere words come from him. Those words were also taught by Allah. So my brothers and sisters, never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Come what may turn to Allah turned to him every day, no matter what you've done, where you have been. Allah says, come back, here is the path, come back, come back, you haven't been praying, start praying turn to us. It will never be a point of regret for you and die, to turn to our maker to purify ourselves to become clean once again, to tread the correct path once again, to develop a better relationship with Allah

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once again. And if you have not been doing it from the beginning, here is the time.

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My brothers, my sister's, one of the greatest favours of this deen of Allah is that he puts it in our hearts

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to seek forgiveness. And that is why when you regret the sin that you have engaged in, it's a sign of the love of Allah for you. If a person does something wrong, and they regret in their hearts, they feel ashamed, they feel saddened, they feel why did I do this? I should not have done this. It's a sign of the love of Allah. When that feeling comes into your heart, remember one thing remember, use the opportunity immediately to say a Stubblefield Allah or be mean Cooley them mean, we're to buoy lake. I seek your forgiveness of Allah from all my sins, and I turned to you in repentance.

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Don't let a time go by. Don't let the moments pass. Once you have regret, seek the forgiveness of Allah immediately. And did you know on a Friday there is a moment through the day within which any dua or supplication you make Allah accepts it.

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We don't know the moment

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but if you were to repeat your do as or your supplications from the beginning of the day, right to the end, aren't you going to pass that moment somewhere? Subhanallah Do you desperately need something if you do? Well? That's how you do it. Masha Allah, may Allah Almighty grant us goodness, together with that.

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I said, Do you need something desperately? The most important thing that you and I require desperately is simply the forgiveness of Allah. If Allah forgives you, even if you have nothing on earth, you have succeeded. And if Allah has not forgiven you, even if you have everything on earth, you have failed. There are so many people who had nothing they've passed on him to the Mercy of Allah, but in this world, they struggled look at the Companions Ravi Allahu Anhu. In fact, when we say companions, we must say after that are the Allahu Anhu what is that? A dua by trillions of people, may Allah be pleased with them. Subhanallah look at the acceptance. Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu

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and Omar Allahu Anhu Ceman wrote the Allah Who and the same Radi Allahu Anhu applies to all of them. How many Muslims have lived on earth from

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The beginning to now, from the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to now trillions is we are a few billion today. In total, we have been trillions over the centuries.

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Imagine every one of them saying may Allah be pleased with them what to do? What a powerful dua. May Allah Almighty keep us such that after our death, at least our children and grandchildren can say Rahmatullah Alayhi when they say our names, I mean,

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meaning May Allah's mercy be on him or on her when they think of us. So lead your life in a beautiful way.

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My brothers and sisters now that I have touched on the issue of Taqwa and developing relationship with Allah, you and I know that moments, or should I say days earlier, we actually heard about, or some may have witnessed the World Cup football that took place in Qatar, my beloved brothers, my sisters, I don't wish to talk about that. But I wish to draw a beautiful parallel with something far greater and more important in our lives. We have matches with Shavon. Every day, he scores and we score, he scores and we scores, He dribbles us and we dribble him he comes forth, and we go forth, we defend, he defends, he tries and we try and every single day, there is a result of your match

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with him.

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And what happens

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even if, at the beginning of the match, he was winning, say for example, one zero to zero, how many teams have come up after that and scored three to make sure it was three, two, so at the end, we want Subhanallah che on does this in our lives. Allah Almighty says, On the Day of Judgment, we weigh your deeds. We weigh them. It doesn't mean you have no bad deeds. You have bad deeds, but you have more good deeds. Look at that.

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Family. Sacco let my wife Zeno for Hola, Iike Humann moves me Oh, whoever's good deeds are heavier on that day. They are the ones who are successful at B A C at Al Hassan atom who are the prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim says when you do something bad follow it up with good so that it is deleted, depleted wiped out the good will be heavier and more.

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People say what should I do in my life? I've done a lot of bad The answer is ask Allah's forgiveness and do a lot of good now Subhanallah simple.

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A person comes to you and says brother I've spoken so much of bad about you forgive me. Well, even if you didn't get a chance to see them but you started speaking good about them, it will wipe it out. It will wipe it out by the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then what happens? You grow older and you become older, depending on how good you become at tackling shape and you get closer or more distant from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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When you get yourself used to Salah to infringer, initially it's not easy. People say I find it very difficult, it is difficult. If Allah tells you Rakatan, February haYom minute dunya wa mafia, the to record the two units of federal sunnah are better for you than the whole world and whatever it contains, do you think that's going to be easy?

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Do you think it's going to be a walk in the park? Not at all, it's going to be tough to get up from your bed when you know you've only slept two hours and you need a bit more sleep because you got to get up to go for work. And you got to do this and do that. And you say, Well, you know what the sunrise is at eight and I will get up and then you don't get up Subhanallah you know why? Because it's too valuable. shaytan comes and massage you at that time. Relax. Two more minutes. One moment it smoothes it let's go when you know the value of those Riccarton units will Allah He you will get up before even the alarm rings.

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mot you get used to it, you must train yourself. Look at how the footballers train, just check them out. I'm not saying it because I'm into it. I'm saying it to draw a parallel for dunya for worldly successes that don't last more than four years. These champs were not crowned for anything more than four years you know that I know that.

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If they could put in such a massive effort to kick a ball, what effort Am I prepared to put in for the Lord of the Worlds?

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Am I not prepared to get up? They get up and train earlier than we get up for failure don't they? Allah is not saying all of that. He's saying just get up and do your Tura Carhart

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salah, let's go. That's the Sunnah

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Imagine the follow up.

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And when you get yourself used to something, you won't need a clock. Ask those slightly older or those who are used to it. They tell you, you know what, five minutes before the clock, I gotta get up and turn it off. That is the plan a favor of Allah. Allah created you with a buddy that gets accustomed to your system. Get up on time, eat on time. Before you know it, you'll already feel this is time for law. Let's fulfill the door. I want to tell you something powerful. How many times have we heard the adhan, we've heard it hundreds of times, haven't we? How does it start? Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar agreed. That's how it starts. What does it actually mean? And what is it talking about?

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It is the call to prayer.

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It starts off by saying or the statement Allah is great term. Akbar actually is superlative. It means greater. Allah is greater, greater than what can I tell you? In the context of avant and the call to prayer? Allah is greater than anything you are doing right now. Drop it and go and pray. That's what it is. Did you hear that? Allah is greater Allah is greater that's what the more Adam is telling you. Then what then what you are doing right now so drop it and come to pray a few moments later. Hyah la sala

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Amazing Amazing how Allah is telling you, okay, Allah is greater. Do you bear witness Allah is one do you bear witness in Nabhi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being the messenger. In that case, consider Allah greater because you have declared the faith and come to pray Come to success for indeed Allah is greater and there is nothing worthy of worship besides Allah that's the other.

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That's the plan. So we are reminded and we come towards that which is better, because Allah is greater What do you want wealth? Well, stop for a moment go and pray. Because your wealth like I said about the four years earlier, that the cup will not last more than four years it has to rotate after that. I tell you something, your wealth in this world will not last more than a few days or years after that what happens the real eternal wealth is that of your deeds your Amal so a master a mess them do as many good deeds as you can. My brothers, my sisters, we have a holiday three or four times in the year for different reasons. Depending on where you live and what country you come from,

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I tell you use the opportunity to do good deeds, use the opportunity to draw closer to Allah. Many people think well, you know what, it's a holiday season. I'm going to club and I'm going to the pub and I'm going to do this and do that. Hang on. Are you a believer? Do you consider yourself a person who would like to develop a relationship with Allah, if that's the case, do something constructive. Get the family together because everyone's on leave. And perhaps maybe have a meal perhaps reach out to them visit the sick and Ill visit the masjid meet your brothers, meet your sisters perhaps and do something good by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala such that when you come out of your holiday

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and you're going back to work, whenever that holiday season comes to an end, you will feel within yourself I used my time constructively. I did something good. And by the way to go for a break is not wrong on condition that you don't miss your Salah on condition that you are dressed appropriately on condition that you are actually eating that which is Allah has nothing wrong. I can take my family and go for a break whether it is to Turkey or to wherever else.

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It can become an act of worship because I'm taking time to bond with my family to give them some good words to help them interact with me so that they can have a good upbringing and so on to enjoy some of the creation of Allah to increase my Subhanallah look at this Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us, masha Allah, take a look at what Allah has created. All the wicked comes into fruition. It's a reality. It's an act of worship. But I should not miss my salah in the process. A holiday in Islam is never ever a break from salah. And that's why one of the scholars when he was asked by a child that you know, we have a holiday where we don't go to school, why don't we have a holiday

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where we don't pray. So the scholar says to him, well, that will happen the day you have a holiday and you don't have to breathe Subhanallah

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so if for example, you're talking to a child, if for example, you say well have a holiday from breathing or tell your heart Look, you've been pumping so much 136,000 times a day. Why don't you just have a break? Can you do that? You can't Well, our need for our Salah and our A Bader and our worship is far greater than the need for the heartbeat. Because when that heartbeat goes, you're still going to return to Allah. But if you're

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Have a bother and your worship was not there. What would happen? May Allah Almighty bless every one of us, my brothers, my sisters, I thought I'd share this with you today.

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Because it's important for us to feel the love of Allah to feel the connection with Allah. Allah has favored us in ways we will never ever imagine. Allah has blessed you think of the favours of Allah upon you. Thank Allah make an effort with your family. Do you know the gift of family is chosen by Allah, your difficult parents, your difficult grandparents, whoever they may be, however difficult they may be, you know what that was chosen by Allah? It kind be good try and understand them. Try and look try and see why they're saying what they're saying. If you have a word or two of guidance say it in a beautiful way and Allah Almighty will grant us goodness it duckula Yeah, Allah Allah

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Allah come to flee Hoon, be conscious of Allah or worshipers of Allah in order that you achieve success. Akula Kohli had our Aston Villa Holly welcome Melissa it will Muslimeen first of all who in know who will have a photo Rahim?