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The speaker describes how Jesus said to the audience, if anyone drives their Porsche, they will be given ease. The speaker also discusses how Jesus's boastfulness is not something that is automatically recognized, and how he has made people feel empowered to fulfill their rights. The speaker also mentions how Jesus has made people feel empowered to fulfill their rights by being boasting.

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Now, if someone is driving their Porsche, may Allah grant us ease.

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It doesn't mean they're automatically boastful, right? I see the youngster smiling at me here because he knows Hey, I'm going to be driving my Porsche very soon. And I'll come to the masjid with it. Does that make me an arrogant or boastful person? No. remain humble, greet people, help them be a good person give the warmth to the people fulfill their rights of responding to the salon, or of fulfilling the salon of going out when they're in need be a part of the community and society not from a lofty position, but from the position that we are all equals. So you can drive your Porsche Shama mala granted to him and to every one of us. So my beloved brothers and sisters, when Allah has

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blessed you with good clothing, good perfume. That doesn't mean you're boastful. Don't ever look at someone who comes with the best and latest vehicle and say, this guy's boasting. He's not boasting, it's your heart that's making you think that But did he ignored? Did he become hurtful? Was he abusive? If that was the case, then yes, indeed. There is a problem here of boastfulness. Allah says Subhan Allah, if God Allah Allah, whoa, como la de fora, in

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your hip bone fairy ain his people told him Hey, listen, stop being boastful. Allah does not like people who are boastful. Allah does not like people who are arrogant. They are haughty. Allah blessed you now humble, calm yourself down. You got it. You got everything we know you got it. Masha Allah, may Allah bless every one of us.