Mufti Menk – Dhul Hijjah – Best 10 Days #05 – The Way of the Prophets

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a woman named Zurrah Alayhiayson who prayed for her parents' peace and eventually found a caravan to pray. She also talks about her parents' actions during the pandemic and how they were not allowed to go to work. She mentions that she wants to go to Makkah to establish her parents' peace and that there are more lessons to follow.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved brothers and sisters, if you are to look at the Hajj, which can only take place in little hedger, just like the fasting of Ramadan can only take place in the month of Ramadan. Whereas when it comes to the charity and Zakat you can give it throughout the year. Whereas when it comes to prayer, you pray every single day, but prayer is also time specific. But on a daily basis, the Ramadan is time specific, but on an annual basis within a month. Hajj is time specific, particular days within the month of the ledger. So when you look at these days, you will come to realize that indeed we were taught about this by the prophet Mohammed

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May peace be upon him. But it actually goes back to many prophets of Allah. Allah loves, when he is obeyed, when he says something when he instruct something. And we obey that instruction. He loves it so much. We believe in Allah. And then we understand that this is Allah Almighty, his decision, his plan, he decided this for me and I've got to get it done. If Allah tells you to pray five times a day you pray without questioning, and then see what Allah does for you over time. So Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. If you look at his life, he married her job May peace be upon her. He had a son, his smile, may peace be upon him. And this was after many years when he was quite old. And then

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Allah Almighty instructed him, gave him a few instructions.

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Firstly, they were in Makkah to mocha Rama. And Allah asked him to leave them there and to go and pray, to go and worship Him. So as he was leaving them, he prayed to Allah, Oh Allah, I'm leaving them here. In order that I worship You, I call out to you and I respond to your call to me.

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What did the family do? Subhan Allah. This is a lesson we learned from these 10 days of the ledger, because it happened during these days. Subhan Allah.

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And so what did they do? They knew it's barren land. They asked him, where are you going? He said, Well, Allah has instructed me Allah amarak. Did Allah instruct you? Yes, he did. Well, then it's okay. He will take care of us. Where am I going to pray or to call out to Allah to follow the instruction of Allah? When am I going to come back? No idea. So hotjar May peace be upon her was left with his main May peace be upon him. And so they didn't have much in terms of provision. And Allah provided for them. They prayed, they prayed very hard. The mother prayed very hard, and she actually started searching for water or for a caravan that might have been passing. And as she's

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searching for this caravan, she went from Mount Safa, down to the valley and up to Mount Marwa, down to the valley and abdomen suffer again, hoping that when she gets to the top, she might draw the attention of a passing caravan. In the meantime, at a certain point, she heard water, she saw birds were just started gushing from the ground. The Zamzam that is actually gushing to this day was a miracle. Allah granted it to this woman, the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim May peace be upon her, and upon him and their son, Ishmael, at the time. He was the Son, they were in Makkah, and then a whole city developed from that particular place. Look at how it started with a seed generations later.

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Look where it's become. When he sacrificed for Allah. He says, Oh Allah, I'm leaving my family here for your sake. You've told me to go and do something, I'm going to get it done. I know you're going to look after my family. How many of us would leave the home just for Salah to the masjid around the corner or a few kilometers away?

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And say, I'm going for the sake of Allah. Yes. If you're living in a dangerous area, perhaps you may have an excuse or if you're living in an area where you need to lock up make sure that everything is you know, safe and secure. Make sure that that is but if it's relatively secure, what excuse Do you have Subhan Allah, you know what Allah did for you but Imani Salaam, he says robina Yuki masala indeterminate Nikita GUI lame, O Allah. I've left them in order for me to fulfill Salah to establish what you've asked me to fulfill. So make the hearts of the people to come inclined towards this place. Or Subhana Allah towards these people.

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towards them. Guess what, to this day we all want to go to Makkah. We're all saddened that we're unable to go due to the virus or whatever else it may be. That's amazing. Look at how Allah bless them. And this is why when Allah told Ibrahim alayhis salam later when they built the house, the Kaaba him and his son is my aim. Allah says to them

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Allah says to him what are the Infinity Bill had yet to curry Jalan? You just announced the pilgrimage they will come to you walking in on every lean camel, from every far place, they will come to this day that you are that supplication we witness it and we are a part of it. Subhana Allah, look at the gift of Allah upon the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, may Allah grant us goodness, there are more lessons to follow inshallah in the next episode, until then, Apolo Kali, or sal Allahu wa salam o Baraka, Allah Nabina Muhammad

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