Mufti Menk – Dealing with Tough Times

Mufti Menk
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy as you may.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to bless them to grant every one of us goodness, my brothers and sisters, if you were to look at the reason behind the creation of mankind, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a few things primarily, he says, One follicle gene,

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set in lania.

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I have not created mankind of gene kind, except for them to worship Me, for them to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. Primarily, that's the purpose of creation. Now people might have questions, those questions will be answered by Allah subhanho wa Taala. The day we meet him what I know what you know, is I am here now. And I did not choose to be here. Someone put me here, none of us chose to be here, someone put us here, we will also not choose to die, he will take us back when the examination is over. Because one of the other purposes is to be able to worship Allah through the tests that he puts us through in our lives. This is why nobody's life ever has been free of tests. You need to

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think about what I just said, Listen to what Allah says. Has he been through IE Taku? Ie aku?

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Does mankind think that it's sufficient for him to just say that, you know, we are believers or for mankind to say we are believers, and then it's okay. I say I'm a believer, and I'm not going to be tested. Allah says, Does man think we're not going to test him? We will definitely test him just like we tested those before him in order to distinguish who has passed the test, who was truthful, and who was not truthful. You say you believe, okay, we're going to give you things Do you still believe?

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Has it humbled you has it brought you closer to us? If it has Alhamdulillah, good for you, nothing was decreased from the kingdom of Allah. In one Hadith, the prophet SAW Selim says, If everybody had to ask Allah, whatever they wanted, from the beginning of mankind, to the end of mankind, and allow us to give every single person every single thing they asked for, it would not displace from the kingdom of Allah, except that which had been displaced is when it's thrown into the ocean.

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That's Allah. So what did Allah lose? Nothing. What did Allah gain nothing, it's you and I who are gaining or losing. Similarly, you need to know another thing. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while Annabella

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We will definitely test you. If you look at the wording of that verse in Surah, Al Baqarah, Allah says, We will definitely indeed, very, very confirmed and stressed when I say stressed I mean, Allah has

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actually said it in a very strong way. He has given it great significance. He says, We will definitely test you with what number one test. Fear will have, what type of fear not necessarily one type of fear, all types of fear. You're worried about your health, you're worried about your food, you're worried about your drink, you're worried about your safety, you worried about security, you're worried about the enemy, you're worried about animals, you're worried about electricity or about water, you're worried about ecocash you're worried about everything else, Allah says we will test you it's a worry, it's a concern. It's definitely a worry in this country. We are going through

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difficulty, but I want to let you know. It's not the only country. The most developed countries at this juncture are going through great challenges, huge challenges of a different nature. Subhan Allah, Allah says, we will test you with fear. What are you worried about? Someone asks you What's your greatest fear? You have a long list of things to say, I'm worried about this that How long have you been worried for? I promise you the last 2030 years, right? who carried you alone? Allah, He carried you along? I promise you are in a better condition. You are, you know, you are in a better condition today than you were in the past. And we're still worried. So panela when we when we had

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nothing, we were worried. Now we've got something we are more worried. What is it? Because the reliance is now on what we have no longer on Allah. That's where the problem is. You see what we're saying? rely on Allah. Allah says, Don't worry. You don't have the most of the next morsel we will give it to you. But that test of Allah is

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Supposed to be bringing you closer to Allah. He tells you in Surah Al Baqarah he didn't even say it later on in the Quran right at the beginning Surat Al Baqarah he's saying we're gonna test all of you, every one of you with what

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we say in mental health with a little bit of fear, you will be scared sometime I explained to you all sorts of different types of fear will joueur and hunger, you can understand that on your own hunger. Sometimes you will be hungry, sometimes they may not be food, sometimes they will be famine. Sometimes they might be money and no food and sometimes they will be food and no money and sometimes they will be neither food nor money. That's Allah

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Subhana Allah and your well health and Sophie will do one oxen minute and one you will suffer loss. When you suffer loss. Do you say Al Hamdulillah La ilaha illa

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Allah says you will suffer loss of wealth Noxon minute Amal, your money, boom, suddenly, one day someone stole it. There was a fire. There was a robbery, there was an earthquake there was What's all this about? Allah says that's the whole reason why we sent you onto the earth, man. Don't be fooled. You know, people say you came onto the earth. Just enjoy. And when you have a lot of money and a nice house and everything is smooth, it means Allah is happy with you. Not at all, no ways. Allah says we need to test you look at your school, your school to start with how many of us are educated yet? We'll put up our hands all of us, even the little ones will say we go to school, what

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school all about exams, tests, do they become easier or more difficult, they become much more difficult as you become closer and closer, higher and higher. To the you know, to the end much more difficult. You're writing a whole level you can't take a kid and put them right up there because you know, that's going to be a difficult exam. But when you go through it, what do you say you come out of the paper and you say Alhamdulillah it was easy, Masha Allah, thank Allah, it could have been worse. So Allah says, We sent you to test you, nobody can deny that. Nobody people say How could Allah send us here to test us? I tell you, I'm not here by my own will. I'm here by the will of

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Allah. I'm not your brother because I chose to be that Allah chose it for me. I'm not in your community and meeting you here today. Because Because I wanted it No, Allah wanted it primarily then perhaps he gave me the ability to a certain extent.

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So there is going to be a challenge as you grow older. Once or twice a year you get ill you have a cough you have a headache you have you know something wrong with yourself and allergy whatever whatever. It's part of the tastes of Allah it proves to you that what Allah is saying is right. When XML Amman when amphis Allah says, We will take away the life the life of what of who people around you, whom you love, perhaps people around you whom you see and witness, family community whoever else. However, we want to take it we will take it people say why are innocent children dying?

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The one who gave them the life loves them more than the people who gave birth to them remember that?

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The one who gave them the life loves them more than the those who gave birth to them. People say the mother's love is the highest actually allows love is higher than that. So why did they suffer? That's a question I tell you go back to the to the reason of creation, you will know it's part of the tests. Allah is testing you who remained behind? Do you understand the last plan, they might be the means of your entry into Jenna. If Allah knows that there is a little child who is going to grow up to suffer beyond a certain degree, Allah may take them away earlier. If Allah knows that there is a child who is going to grow up and make someone else's life a misery, perhaps the parents life of

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misery, Allah might take them away earlier in a car crash where they may not have died in a way I would have liked to you would have liked but they died in the way Allah wanted. And if you bear the patience, you pass your test you walk out of there, you might be sad, but you Allah will give you gentlemen because you were patient.

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And had they remained and had they been given life perhaps you would have said Oh Allah look at my son he's hassling me he's troubling me helped me I'm really depressed. Subhana Allah, Allah says we will always do you a favor you don't know the future we know the future. The knowledge of Allah is so powerful yeah Allah mama Karna mama Hakuna Mama mia can either Kanaka fire Kunal, Allah knows that which was that which will be you know, the past the present and future those three Allah knows. But there is a fourth category of knowledge that is the most Supreme, that is only for Allah, you know what it is? Try to understand what I'm saying. Allah knows what will not happen in the future.

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If it were to happen, how it would have happened. So panela say you don't have a child.

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Allah knows that if you had one and you're not going to have

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One, what would have happened had you had one, he will show you that one day, if you want to see it perhaps that look, we didn't give you because of X, Y and Z. Not only that, even if it's a business deal, sometimes there is a million dollar deal. And it's so close to you, and it didn't come to you. Sometimes you want to get married to someone so desperately.

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And you think everything is smooth and this person is blocking? No, no, no, no, Allah knows that which is not going to happen. If it did happen, how it would have happened.

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That's what Allah knows. We read Soraka. Every Friday, a lot of us, I promise you in that surah there is something very powerful regarding the meeting of Musa alayhis salam and Al Qaeda. When al Qaeda decided to kill the little boy, later on, there was an explanation to say had he been given life, he would have been so disobedient to his parents. Allah said take that life away, don't worry, we will replace him with a better child. Subhana Allah, the child never ever grew up. So Allah knew this child is not going to grow up. But if the child had grown up, which didn't ever happen, was never going to happen. Allah says, we know what would have happened Allahu Akbar, it's a little bit

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too deep. You need to think about what I'm saying. This is why I double the Umbrella Movement. the affairs of a believer are amazing. The reason why I'm repeating this type of topic is because we're going through a lot of hopelessness on Earth. People don't realize why am I not coming? Right? Well, nobody is coming right actually. So what is coming right? If you could read Salah That day you have come right? If you have obeyed the law you have come right if you have thanked Allah against all odds you have come right that's what that's what is right? Right is not about your food and your your money and everything else which everyone thinks today when you ask someone house things, they

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will tell you very tough. What are they talking about? They talking about materialism only? But the true answer is Alhamdulillah. Today I read Salah today I managed to get up what the * today I did for you today Mashallah. I did this and those are the real answers. I managed to read Quran I managed to obey Allah, I thank Allah He gave me one.

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Avocado Subhana Allah on my tree, La ilaha illa Allah, where are those? That's why on the day of the AMA, there will be a caller who is going to call in a Latina can Ramadan, Allah, Hafiz. sobre. La.

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Where are those who used to thank Allah in tough times, and in good times? Bring them come forth. VIPs when you had a tough situation, instead of saying any bad words, you said hamdulillah it could have been worse. It's just like that exam I told you about we just now all level you walked out What did you say? A it was alright. It could have been worse. The same happens with us. You have a massive accident. It's your test. You walk out with one broken limb, say Al Hamdulillah. It could have been worse. I could have lost an eye. You lost one I could have lost both eyes. That is a mean. Believe Allah says you agree, you are here to be tested. Don't become despondent because of one or

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two challenges in your life, or 100 or 1000 challenges and you need to know another thing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, the more Allah loves you, the more tests he puts in your life. Something you think what just happened here? You cry. Allah says I love those tears. Why? You are now relying on me alone, no longer on anything else. I told you when we didn't have one law, he our reliance on Allah was greater that now that we've got a little bit luck. This was the condition of the Sahaba of the law and they thanked Allah, they were thankful.

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And yes, it's a test of Eman. That's why we are here to talk about it regularly. The Sahaba of the Allah who used to ask, When is the help of Allah coming? the messengers of Allah used to ask when is the help of Allah coming? Allah says will shake you to test you. What is your limit? Then we will take you across to Jenna.

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Um, has he been to

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another beautiful verse, Allah? Do you think you're going to go into gender just like that without the test? Do you know how we're going to test you? What am I a marathon Latina follow

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the example and the tests that we had tested those before you have not yet even come to you. And you think you're going to go to Jenna without those type of tests. So you might ask, Oh Allah, what type of tests did they have? You know what Allah says?

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Masato moneybags,

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They were tested with a hardship with difficulty with war warfare.

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And they were shaken Allah says was Zulu. Zulu is ELS Allah is actually an earthquake. They were shaken until the messengers and the believers asked Allah matana sobre la when is the help of Allah going to come? Allah testing us right to the limit? Right to the extent Allah says Allah in Surah la Hikari below the help of Allah is very near. Don't lose hope.

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That's what Allah says.

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The messengers were shaken the believers with the messengers meaning the companions were shaken poor we Oh, Eman will be tested. Don't lose your faith. Come back to Salah

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Yeah, are you hella Nina man? Oh, that is an honor for those who believe only Allah says oh, you who believe that's an honor. Only those who believe will say yes. Oh Allah. What are you saying?

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You know when I call you by your name? If I say a rich man, the poor people won't look back. Right? Right. If I call you by your name, Muhammad they are 510 Mohammed Mohammed 510 of them will look the rest of them won't look if I say oh you will believe every one who believes supposed to say what is it? What is it? Something very important. So Allah says yeah, are you hella Nina man, you need to say what is this

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is turning ob soldering he was Salah in LA Hamas Labine

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seek assistance. Seek help through.

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What patience and prayer. You don't pray. You're going to complain. I can't cope. You're not patient, you're going to complain. I can't cope. Allah says if you seek help through patience and prayer, and you complain to us, alone. And you thank us for what we've given you. You know, in the negatives there are positives. Yesterday I received an email from someone who said, Allah has let me down abandoned me forgotten about me. I don't have anything and I'm thinking you sending me an email. So panela not looking at your eyes, your nose, your breathing, your ears, your whatever else. How can you say Allah abandoned you? Just because he took 20 things away from you one time you think

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he's forsaken you he wants to tap you to say come close to us. Come to sovereign Salah so that you get Jenna that's the to answer of the question we are asking you right now. We're giving you the answer. We are testing you it's a question to say right? Take this take this take this Take this. What are you going to do? So our test? The answer is sovereign Salah there is neither soberano Salah you getting the wrong answer. That's why you can't cope. The sovereign Salah pay patience one year, two years, no matter how long, 20 years, a lifetime. If you lose your life while bearing patience, you still have Allah with you.

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Never mind. You died with hope it's better to die with hope than to die hopeless. You know, what's a movement mean? When he is sick and ill? And when he is right at the end of his life. He always has hope one of two things. Either I'm going to get better I will say Alhamdulillah or I'm going to meet my maker Alhamdulillah What did I lose? Why must I get depressed? If you hold the mattress tight, you're still going to die? May Allah forgive us. And if you let go of that metric and say Alhamdulillah you're still going to go when your time is up.

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So Allah says, we're going to test you

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and Allah says even produce, there will be loss of produce maybe no rain. No. So the problems are compounded one after the other right at the end the law says abashiri Sabina levina eva

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LA he Raji

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give good news to those who bear patients those whom when calamity strikes them, they say we all belong to Allah and ultimately as it is, we are all going to return back to Allah. This is just a passing phase. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us, my brothers and sisters, we are going through a lot of challenges. It's Allah punishing us, the bigger the reward.

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What should I say the bigger the test, the greater the reward.

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The bigger the test, the greater the reward. The more Allah loves you, the more he tests you we're going to be tested every day. In fact, if you're not tested, you need to be worried. I want to end off by making mention of one quick point when something happens in your life. That is a big problem. According to

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The world major disaster according to the world, how do you know whether it is a test or a punishment?

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quite simple. If you take it in your stride, it's a test.

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Which means if you're calm about it, yes, it will hurt you, it might shake you a little bit. But if you come about it, if it brings you closer to Allah, if it drew you towards Allah, it made you more humble, it made you a better person. It's a test. It cannot be a punishment. A punishment does not bring a person close to Allah, it destroys them. So say a big thing happened and you came to the machine, or you started reading Salah or you started seeking forgiveness. Allah says that was a test. We love you so much. We put the test so that you come close to us.

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But if something drives you away from Allah makes you question Allah makes you angry makes you upset, makes you so so angry and upset and hopeless. Perhaps it's a punishment.

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Don't lose hope, no matter what you lost, nevermind, Allah will give you better. This is why many people who've lost their entire businesses, I am telling you from my experience, a lot of them in a short space of time, if they both suffer, Allah gives them back 10 times more. 10 times more. Go and study, go and check. Write down the names and see the people in your own communities in our own communities, people who've lost things, and after if they were sober and Salah, and then a few years later, he got so much back they can't even believe they will never if their forefathers were alive they would say how did you get all of this? It was through sufferance, Allah May Allah subhanho wa

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Taala keep us happy. Make us humble. Make us love one another respect one another. Remember, your risk is written from Allah, the solutions to your problem with Allah not with anyone else. a coup de hada masala Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad

Masjid Al Falaah, Harare, Zimbabwe

2 October 2019

Why am I being tested? Is this a punishment or a test? When is this going to end? Why does this keep happening to me? Theses are coming questions today.

In this lecture Mufti Menk puts things into perspective.

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