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Friday Jumu’ah Lecture from Arcadia Masjid, Harare, Zimbabwe.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of alcoholism on society, including its impure and void of monetary value, and the importance of belief in Islam and not giving up on one's obligations. They give examples of successful businesses that saved customers and emphasize the importance of finding one's own success and happiness in life. The importance of clear behavior and avoiding giving too much information is also emphasized. The success of Islam is seen as a life event and a source of wealth, and anyone who gives openly will not be punished. The importance of being clear about one's behavior and not giving too much information is emphasized.
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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy as

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we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them all, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Bless every one of us, I mean,

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my beloved brothers and sisters,

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we know that the times are tough in this country. And we know that the times are tough across the globe.

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We know the situation here when it comes to the currency. And the difficulties that we face in this country are so unique, that even if you were to begin to explain them to someone

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who is not from here, he won't be able to understand it easily.

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So, in this condition, a lot of people

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would be looking for the best bargain, the best deal,

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the deal in terms of when purchasing things, when selling things, deal in terms of when making money.

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this business that we engage in, we are governed by the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We have to make sure that what we earn needs to be pure. If it is pure, you have blessing in that wealth. And if you have blessing in the wealth, when you consume from it, the energy that you derive by that particular food would be energy that will be positive, it will be used in a positive way.

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It will be beneficial for you. It will encourage you to obey Allah instruction, it will facilitate for you the obedience that is greater. So if I'm eating halal, and I'm concerned about the halal income, then it becomes easier for me to get a four Salatu Fado, it becomes easier for me to fulfill my prayer easier for me to abstain from prohibition easier for me to read the Quran and to do things that would please Allah because the energy that my body has, is actually derived from a pure source. This is something that we need to understand. The same would be understood if we were talking about how we a person consumes that which is prohibited, they've stolen, they pinched, they deceived, they

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cheated. They connived in a wrong way, they did something evil in order to earn $1 or two. In that case, yes, they might enjoy temporary figures, the figure looks nice 1000 instead of 110,000, instead of 200. The figure looks big. But what do we gain out of it is nothing, we actually gain that which is destructive. You might have something posh looking, you might have something beautiful to the eye, but it won't help you. You lack happiness. You lack contentment, your energy's failure in the sense that you might feel energetic, but you end up being encouraged to do the wrong thing. You end up in the clubs, you end up wanting to drink alcohol because now you have the money. You end

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up wanting to commit adultery, wanting to go and spend it on gambling and also many other things. Why there's something wrong with that income, it is impure, it is not clean. It is that which has no Baraka in it, it is void of Baraka, and this is taken from the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, wherein he speaks of the buyer and the seller, if they are honest, if they're upright, if they're clear about the deal, then they will be Baraka in their deal. There will be blessings in the deal. Everything that comes from a blessing, clear, clean deal, will actually be positive. And then the same Hadith says that if they cheat, they deceive, they hide the reality,

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meaning they deceiving and then they earn that which is monetary, through deception. The blessing of the deal is actually snatched away.

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That means you might get to figure you'll get a lot of money, you might be able to afford this and that but there's no blessing. That money gets spent maybe in sickness May Allah safeguard us that money gets spent maybe in something that was a waste. You don't know where it went. What happened. The money goes

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spent in Iran, like I said, So today, yes, this was the introduction. But I want to teach you about something far more important and remind myself about it. We've spoken about the dealing, the reason why I spent a few moments, five minutes on that is because we are going through a very, very unique economic situation. So when we talk about dealing The first thing that comes to mind is money. And you know, let's do you know what's the what's the business all about? When you use the word business? The first thing that comes to the mind is money, monetary, cash, etc. But did you know that in the Quran, with the term tiara is used, it does not necessarily refer to that monetary

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business that is of benefit for you in this world? But it refers to something greater

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so several places in the Quran Allah talks about it in one place Allah says yeah, I you

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know, Kamala

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g can mean either been any unique this unique, absolutely perfectly worded. Oh, you who believe? Should I not show you the business? Should I not show you the tiara the deals? Should I not show you the business that will save you from severe punishment?

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Did you hear that? Should I not show you the business deals that will save you from severe punishment? Now one might think you know what, I'm a poor man. What type of dealing am I going to do? I'm a I'm a person who doesn't even know business. What am I going to do? So Allah says subhanho wa Taala.

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I will show you a business that will save you from severe punishment. What is that business?

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To me? No Nabila, you are assuming you believe in Allah. believe in Allah. Can anyone say I don't have money to believe in Allah? Can anyone say I don't have the capacity to believe in Allah? No. It's open, equal chance for everyone. believe in Allah have faith convinced, be filled with conviction. And believe in the prophets and what he's come with. And strive and struggle in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala with your wealth and with yourself. So you need not be lazy. Don't be lazy. Get up, do things. Use your energies in the right cause. Use your energy to serve Allah use your energy to serve what Allah has asked you to serve us your wealth, no matter what you have, when

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Allah says give, he did not say give only if you have, if you have it might become compulsory at a certain point known as Zakah. But he says give no matter what he doesn't place a minimum to it. You can give one cent if you have $1. Nothing wrong. If you say no, I can't give I've only got 10 bucks in my pocket. No, give one of those 10 give half of the one of the 10 give a quarter 25 cents. Give it so amazing how Allah is watching. He says, Look, when you came to the earth, you you were zero, you had nothing. You came naked, you actually were clothed. Everything we put on you one by one. And if you think your parents put it on you remember we gave your parents now what we are going to do

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throughout your life. While you are living your life we are going to ask you to give to others. We're just going to watch and see what you do. clothing you didn't have you got it? Are you ready to give others the answer is no. In some cases. Let's work on that answer, inshallah. Then you didn't have money. You got it? Are you ready to give others how much? Very small? You ready? If the answer is yes, you're winning. Because now you you're going to leave the earth and leave behind everything. rather spend some while it was yours instead of leaving it you did now other people you don't know what they're going to do with it. They come with their own sustenance. So Allah says, the one

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business to save you from the punishment. That's one type of business he's teaching you. So to be saved from hellfire. I need to believe in Allah believing the messenger follow as best as I can. I need to strive in His cause with my self and my wealth. Spend my wealth, my energies in the cause of Allah. When we say the cause of Allah, anything that would please Allah is considered the cause of ummah. It is as vast as the heavens and the earth. Nobody can minimize it and say the cause of allies one little thing here or one big thing here, no, it's the big and the little thing all put together, everything. Everyone according to his capacity should do whatever he can or she can that's

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known as the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now let's go to another verse, a verse

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in Surah, verse number 29, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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in Medina, Luna Gita

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Long You want a bomb Oh sala de

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was upon whom 00 Allah Nia yo Juna, deja

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de boo. I'm going to start with the end of the verse when I'm translating it. In order to make it clear, Allah says there is a type of business that you can never ever lose, it will continue giving you profit. Imagine I struck a deal with you, my brother and I told you look, I'm giving you $50 you go and buy something, and you sell it and we share the profit 5050 he goes and sells it shares the profit 5050 and he says Hang on, I can go again buy again and it keeps on going. And my profit keeps on coming. And even I don't need to do any more work because I'm sitting relaxing, my energies are now being utilized in something else because I'm so happy that this thing is so beneficial with

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profit it keeps on coming and coming and coming and Mashallah tabarrok Allah. So that is called the GR Atlanta boo. You can never suffer a loss and it keeps on giving you profit upon profit. Today when we go into business, we are scared. We really don't know the market out there. It's changing as we breathe. And even if you're a veteran businessmen, the days are such that, you know, the economy is swaying. It's, it's causing anxiety. So Allah says, I want to show you a business you can never go wrong.

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You can never go wrong. What is the business says it's simple. Now I want to put it into perspective. The first verse that I read was connected to how to save yourself from hellfire. Also Allah calls it the business.

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You believe in Allah and the messenger, and you adopt and at the same time you strive in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala we spoke about it. This verse, Allah is speaking about how to earn paradise, how to earn that which will be happiness in this world and the next you will be happy. Nevermind figures I've got $10 I'm happier than the guy who's got 1000 bucks he's crying outside then I'm happier than the guy was gonna mention because he can't sleep and I'm under the tree. The mango drops when I make to ask for sustenance, Allah blessed me with food. Next thing the mango hits my head What happened? He literally dropped from the top.

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Let's hope it's an avocado with no we need to sleep under the right tree.

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So my beloved brothers and sisters, that's the blessing of Allah, if you're happy and content, that's the life life let's change the narrative. Let's change the perspective. have success in life is not if you've got the money. And if you've got the mansion and the car and what everyone else has. Success is actually if you're happy that's what it is. and happiness is to do with whether you're prepared to accept the decree of Allah. I worked as hard as I could. That guy works for 10 minutes he gets $10,000 I work 14 hours and I get $1,000 You know what, I'm happy amended him that is success. So change this attitude the Quran teaches us but the biggest success is the day you and

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I are given paradise.

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So after a few verses, Allah speaks about it that if you are to follow what I'm what I've just said meaning what Allah subhanho wa Taala has said, he says what is WILL GIVE YOU JIN Hwa, Danny, Luna, you Hello nothing I mean,

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there have been

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one a bad Sufi ha ha de the type of Paradise that you will get as a result of this business that you will be doing with Allah subhanho wa Taala the business that you will be engaging in, you get paradise beneath which roofers will be flowing forever You will be there and you will be granted the clothing that is absolutely immaculate that which is totally beautiful, that which is good to the eye, you will be dressed in that which you will not allow to dress in on Earth. So the silver and the gold adornment. You know, we're not allowed to wear gold chains as men. Gold is haram. For us. We're not allowed to wear jewelry, it's difficult sometimes because the trend out there everyone

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wants an earring. Everyone wants a chain or two, everyone wants a bracelet or two. And nowadays it's becoming more and more so we think I want to be like the Joneses. put my hands in the pockets and you know, bounce around with a few chains, you know, making the sound and everything else. People must look at me and think wow, the dude has got it. Allah says Hang on, don't wear it here we're going to give you in the era in a beautiful way. We're going to give you the parent the the the silver and the gold and we will allow you to dress in silk, pure silk for the males not not permissible. But Allah says we'll give it to you. And Allah says, in an amazing way that is the

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agenda. But at the beginning of that verse, Allah says, How do you get it? What is the business? How do I do business with Allah? So many people think it's so hard, man. What am I gonna do? I want

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Gentlemen, I want to paradise. I want success in the world in the next. You know what? Verse number 29 and 30 of soret father, go and read them. Allah tells you what to do simple a few things. He says those who recite the Quran in the lineage Luna kita Bala, those who read the book of Allah, those who read the book of Allah and recite it, how many of us and I'm saying this to help myself and everyone else how many of us in all honesty, pick up the book of Allah every day recite one verse, guys, one how many wonders now you must be a dude You don't even know me I don't speak Arabic I can't read the lingo. What do I do?

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Well, there is a response, there is an answer. Start with the English start with it and have an intention is the English translation Then there is another one they were sitting in the house of Allah come five minutes early, pick it up, read one verse, close it, put it back. What did you do? You started something.

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A huge fire starts with a match the match it started, the fire came. But if you're not prepared to strike once or twice, you might even that little powder that you have at the top of the matchstick might even fall off because you know where we come from, don't you so it might fall off. But at the same time, get another one try again. Try again. And it will light when you realize what happens it will catch fire. In this case, it's the moon that is being caught. It's amazing. Allah is telling us in a beautiful way that those who recite the Quran recitation includes the Arabic definitely without a doubt. So you improve that and trying to understand what you are reading is also included. And

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Allah says waka masala, what's the next most important thing this is my business deal?

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read the Quran regularly established your prayer, my brothers, my sisters, I want to say it from the pulpit. Don't compromise your five daily prayers come what may weigh you are what you're doing. Stop it everything and put your head down on the ground for the sake of your maker because it might be the last chance you're going to get while I do it for the sake of Allah, you want to heaven. You want happiness. You really want contentment on Earth. I promise you a lie saying read the Quran. Make sure you putting it into practice as best as you can. And fulfill your Salah at the beginning in Medina at Luna, kita Bella, Allah, then Allah will give you is going to start giving you things

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when he gives you you know what he says, or unfollow him?

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And they spend from that which we gave them they spent, how should I spend? Allah says you spend it quietly? quietly, no one must know what you're giving some people want to make a big noise guys. It's gathered together. Everyone come, you see this? $5 right. I'm donating it here. You see these guys? Don't say I didn't give?

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Why are you doing that? Why are you showing the whole world don't do that.

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Allah says those who spend

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quietly, quietly, meaning they don't make a big deal out of it. If someone sees it as a result is no problem. No harm. So Allah says silver while uneaten. Those who spend quietly, and those who who spend openly, there are two times when you are allowed to spend openly. One is when we are all collecting money, and you know that this man doesn't have so much. But he's giving now if he gives $100. And I know it's tough for him. I'll give it a give 200 because I'm supposed to be a person who's got more, I should be ashamed of myself. So when we have to collect or when we have to give and our giving publicly is going to be an encouragement for others, then by all means for the sake

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of Allah, you give it openly no problem people have seen that's how we know that Abu Bakr Siddiq rolana spent this much Amara blah, blah, blah, and who spent so much and so on. Because they gave and openly people knew what they gave. So you are allowed to give the second time you give openly is when people have seen it, they've witnessed it, I needed to give I gave someone so no problem, no harm.

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But otherwise, the best charity is that which you have hidden in such a way that your left hand doesn't even know what your right hand is spent. So Allah says, read the Quran, establish your Salah and give.

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That's it, how many things you mentioned, three things will law he you know what he says? Those who do that they can expect a business deal that will never deplete, it will never go wrong. It will never ever end. It's with Allah Subhana Allah. Now here to make money today, this part of the world this economy we have, may Allah make it easy. May Allah grant it, you know flourishing, and May Allah make us all from among those who benefit but my brothers and sisters, we become hypocrites when we are only worried about the dollar in order to survive for the next time.

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Day and we're not worried about the currency that will build the whole year after for us how many of us have closed our eyes? How many people have got off the train? You know we're all on this train known as life. Our friends are off already we sitting on the train, we don't know when we're going to jump off. And the West parties we actually kicked off the train to be honest. No one chooses a record we jump off the train. No you won't. You plucked out it's over. So there are people gone who are younger than us, healthier than us wealthier than us. We're also going to classes listen to these three things. recite the Quran regularly.

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And this verse is so beautiful, the wording of it is immaculate, perfect, nothing better. Allah says recite the Quran regularly and what to do.

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establish your prayer. Don't miss your prayer, establish it, fight your knifes. Fight yourself to make sure that you do that salah and then spend you will never go wrong. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We will grant them their recompense in full Leo of fear home Oh Joe Moya z.

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Allah will grant him the recompense those who do these three things, read your read your Salah, and give different what Allah gave you. Allah says we will give them the reward for that. But on top of that, we're going to give them from our virtue much more much more than what you deserve.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us Why? Because Allah says because Allah is most forgiving. And Allah subhanho wa Taala two things, he appreciates, he appreciates what you do, and he is thankful as well.

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He will grant you He will give you Allah shows you that he has accepted it by giving you more and more and more. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us all. So these are just a few words of encouragement. I started off by making mention of how we need to be honest in our own business deals, and how we need to look at the dealings that we have in the Baraka, what it entails, what it means, what will be the impact of Haram, what is the impact of halal in terms of income, and then I went on to the business dealings with Allah subhanho wa Taala the two different types the one is the deal that you need to put in place in order to save yourself from the fire. I spoke about that. And

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the second deal is the deal that we need to put into place in order to earn paradise and to earn from the virtue of Allah subhanho wa Jalla

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wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad