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a wife, Kathy Long, long we will be doing whatever he told

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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala purify all of us. As you enter you feel like you have entered into someone's house in Makkah beautiful instrument of behold lovely carpet, lovely air conditioner, amazing lighting. But when we look at those homes and we tell ourselves Don't worry, I had mine in gentlemen.

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Right? I want to address those who have amazing rooms today to say my brother you have you home in the dunya your carpet is lovely. Your aircon is lovely, your before is amazing. Your food is lovely. Your family members are amazing. Those who work for you are amazing. Have you done something beyond your small 70 years that you are going to be on earth year for if you hadn't really thought of that by now you would have built a much better than your home by yourself. No one's helping

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you build your house in the dunya How dare you as a Muslim, not build your house in the US, which is going to be longer by far than any amount of time you have spent on Earth. I want Allah to build for me a house in Gemini. Now it is possible for many of us to put up this whole house on our own without the help of others, without the help of others. Subhana Allah but it is Allah who chooses the hearts of those whom he wants the money have to be inside his house, there are many people who can afford it. But when you talk to them about sponsoring, for example, something in the transgression of Allah, they will give millions because Allah did not cleanse their hearts to accept

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their money for something clean like this. So when Allah has accepted you, how do you know your heart is waiting to spend on something like this? And the beauty is if you cannot afford the entire amount, you now need to go and look at the mercy of Allah.

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Allah says even if you put in one brick, you know, you saw the amounts coming in in packets and in dribs and drabs, the hundreds and the small amounts we might consider small in figures but in the eyes of Allah, you think it's small, it is huge. Allah says for you, I will give you an equivalent house.

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minutes ago said I will give a bigger donation than Alhaji aliko dangote. He's intelligence because adult

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add one who encourages others gets the reward equivalent to this. So by right he has given not just that equivalent, but equivalent of all those who have given by his encouragement. Notice I'm doing the same

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malla grant as goodness, and one line, it is a good sign. I have never I have attended several fundraisers in my life more than several. It's the first time I'm witnessing one in Nigeria. And I tell you what, it's for the house of Allah. I am convinced so far. I've never seen something like this and it's sitting and talking to my colleague, I said, you know what these people have taken on the whole of the Middle East. It will be so difficult to squeeze out a little bit from someone somewhere but here Mashallah people will know, it's my machine. It's my area. It's my future. Where are we? We are in Nigeria, probably the most populous country in Africa, probably the wealthiest

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country in terms of GDP and whatever else you have in Africa, we are sitting in the Federal Capital, we are muslimeen here, our mustek needs to be the best must be around not just in this continent, but throughout Subhanallah people must know that is Nigeria What are you talking about? Must you to know it's impossible to have something minor like this man. So Pamela, we will when we talk of mustard no already. We as people who come from far away we have a spot of respect because of the way the mustard has been run because of the the highest standards of service to the oma ensure all the masajid are important across the country and across the globe. But when there is a mosquito whose

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activities are really being across in an amazing way. Good news to those who are oiling the cogs of that machine that is running the entire messaging good news to them. Allah has accepted your wealth. Allah has gone to you that may Allah build for us our housing, gentlemen. So even if you give one big Allah says you know for you

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I'm not just going to give you a break in return, I will build you the whole house for you as well. So for one must cheat like this, we will have 100 and 1000 houses in the US for each one of us who have contributed. So even if you only have 1000 Naira, put your money in, you know, yesterday, I was speaking with some of my friends and colleagues and telling them in the harem extension. I have a colleague of mine who was studying with me, he took me inside, and he showed me a certain spot. And he told me I want to show you this you see from here today, and we walked this way here today to here. This was my grandfather's building. Imagine your grandchildren can say my father put in

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something here. This is part of our project. It is part of the oma it's easy for one of us to say Listen, 3.1 billion, I will give it back. Allah wants all of us to participate in one way or another. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all. Now, when you drive past the beautiful areas and you go in the homes, you see those palaces, you need to tell yourself, don't worry, I prepared my agenda.

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And if you are living in a beautiful home, ask yourself, have I bought my home in the afternoon? One life, you as an individual need to be good enough to say I built one here in the dunya I'm going to build one alone myself with my own money feasibility it is here this because of the data and the quality of what is inside is equivalent or better than what I use in my own home because this is the house of Allah. If I have for example, an inverter, the inverter in the machine and this is why how do you know Allah has chosen you? When your heart every time you do something for your own house, your heart is thinking how can I do this for the house of Allah, you put a generator at your house,

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you cannot rest until you put the generator in the house of Allah. You put an inverter you know what I'm talking about? I'm a Zimbabwean we have the same electricity problems. So whatever you do the air conditioner, the fans, the carpet, the painting, every time you do something, you should have it in your heart. When am I going to do this for the house of Allah? I know some people who do it for the house of Allah before they do it for their own homes of love. So May Allah bless you all honey, congratulations to you, all of you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to use us to serve the team. I am sure there will be one from amongst us who will come with a donation as follows. He will

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come to Brother dg and say Do you know what

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all the donations how much you make?