Ramadan 2023 Boost #10 Andrew Tate Focused on Reading the Qur’an

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters, didn't Allah tell us that this is the month of the Quran? Didn't Allah Almighty revealed the Quran in this beautiful month of Ramadan? Didn't Allah say that this Quran was revealed in order for us to ponder deeply over its verses? Didn't Allah say that we have revealed to you that which will bring about comfort to the heart, the soul? Didn't Allah Almighty tell us that He has revealed to us a beautiful reminder that will draw us closer to him? Didn't Allah instruct us in many places of the Quran to ponder not just over the verses of the Quran, but over the entire creation. This is the book that will bring about comfort,

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it will bring about goodness, when you just listen to its verses you are mesmerized, the sound, the beautiful melody, the absolute beauty in the pronunciation, the up and down the pulling and the that which is shortened and so on. The rhythm, everything is absolutely superb. It is a book that brings about so much of goodness from all angles, be it the recitation, the reading of it, the understanding of it, the putting into practice of it, and the conveying to others as well. All those who have been distressed in one way or another have told us and they have been witness that when we sincerely looked into these words, and this Quran or listened to it or interacted with it, it

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brought about tremendous comfort, it changed our lives. It brought about hope after there was hopelessness, it brought about goodness after there was nothing good. It brought about growth after there was no growth whatsoever. It brought about profits after there was loss. So we ask Allah Almighty to help us imagine he gives us the month of Ramadan and we believers we believe in Allah we believe in this book, we believe in all the glory. We believe in everything that Allah has said still, we are not doing good enough. We need to do more to recite the Quran to interact with it. To learn its pronunciation, the disciplines to learn how to recite it, don't be shy to read it

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melodiously Don't be shy. In fact, it will bring about an amazing form of comfort and solace. It will bring about something unique, that is Allah. Similarly, the meanings of the words the differences in the different parts of the Quran. The verses which were revealed in Makkah, and the verses revealed in Medina before and after hijra, the differences between them and how they came about how they were revealed and so on. All of that is magnificent. My brothers and sisters ask those who have been distressed, who have actually come and been rescued by the Quran Subhanallah when amarapura Tarbela the Allahu Anhu recited the vs. Ma and Zelina alagille Khurana Leticia, it

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answered so many questions for him because they continue to say the verses of the Quran and this Quran has been revealed in order to be a means of distress for everyone. It's come with rules, regulations, and so much of disciplining, and Allah answered all of that in one verse, in part of a verse he says, we have not revealed this Quran to you, oh Muhammad salallahu Salam, in order for it to be a means of your distress or discomfort. That is the Quran. It's the opposite of all of that. It actually brings about comfort and goodness discipline. It teaches us discipline, it teaches us to focus on the right things in life. It teaches us how to lead our lives with rules and regulations

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that will be of our own benefit, both in the short term and the long term, and in the hereafter. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala strengtheners. Consider yourself fortunate that you have the Quran in your hands, read it and learn it in order to extract the jewels. therefrom and remember, every time there is a question that arises, there will always be a suitable answer. Don't listen to the enemies who want to speak about something they hate anyway, they will find fault Even where there is a straight line, but rather learn from the experts and you will know that indeed this is the book of Allah, the word of Allah. May Allah bless all of you a call loco Leha salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.