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In an hamdulillah Hina who want to stay in who wants to feel

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when are all human surely and fusina will say you to Lena Mejia de la who fell on mobile Ella who was a young little fella hottie Ella wash How do

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you know? Allah wash the hula Sherry color wash I don't know Mohammed Abdullah wala solo Yeah, you heard that in an otaku la haka to a party he Walter Morton in one to mostly moon. Johann NASA Comala the Halacha commune FC Wahida wahala come in has with them in Houma region and Kathy along one is

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what type of law haliaeetus Luna V Well, in Allaha gana Alikum la diba Yeah, are you Halloween man otaku la how cool oh Colin said either useless la comme la come welfare la comme dono back home. Wanna use a la Hawala Shula who forgot the first 1000 Hobbema

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dog fur in the Hadith. Nikita below here as our John Well How y'all had the head unit beginner Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam Warszawa Ohmori Muffuletta to her what coup d'etat in what could be the hatin Bala Wakulla Bala let infinite. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we thank him, we seek His help, and we ask for his forgiveness. And we seek protection in Allah from the evils of our selves and our egos.

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We seek Allah's protection from ourselves and from the evil consequences of our sins, whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is His servant, and His messenger. Indeed, the best speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam. And the worst thing in the religion are the newly invented matters for all the newly invented matters are considered to be innovation, and better and every

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bidder is misguidance. And it leads to the hellfire.

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We're still exploring the beautiful words of our Creator, the words of Allah subhanho wa taala, as he describes the elite among humanity, the ones that he favors the ones that he loves the most, the ones that he gives the most of his mercy to and these are, we call them as the last one to describe them in the Quran, a bad or Rockman, the servants of the Most Merciful. We will try today to conclude with these descriptions and these traits and try to wrap them up, connect them together in a

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harmonious, compatible group of traits and attitudes and behaviors that Allah subhanaw taala has been describing about these a bad man the servants of the Most Merciful. We mentioned about so many things, some parts of their, like inner life, which is Anna, lube, and external behaviors, which is another Jawara their attitude, how they deal with other people, how they carry themselves in different affairs, how they deal with different situations, the concept of moderation, the fact that their love of Allah and their toe hate the worship of Allah subhanaw taala alone guides everything in their life, and is a very active ingredient, in who they are, is a very active ingredient. So to

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hate is not a passive concept is not just recognizing Allah is One. That's probably just part of it. But to hate is a way of life. It's an attitude towards life, knowing that everything has come from Allah, and everything will return to Allah, and that we have come from Allah and we shall return unto Him.

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And we should live this life in devotion to Him alone. This is what hate means that so we should do what we do in life out of love for Allah subhanaw taala that we are born with. And this love is the very fabric of our humanity. This is why humans always search for love. Humans wherever they go, wherever they grow up, wherever wherever they are born, what language they speak, what color they are. All of them are searching for love. They're searching for love, because they have been designed to love Allah subhanho wa Taala and seek His love but when they miss the path that leads to Allah subhanaw taala they start searching for this love

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Among other human beings, or they start searching for this love in their possessions, and in their consumer consumerism, they think they're going to find love there but the more they tap into that, or emptiness they find inside because as Scheffel Islamic no Tamia said, in the Philippines we'll be out ocean Washington. Law your way he Wallah. Now your way he will get you metal who is ready for to Allah He wants to have better who will also be he will show for it Allah Hi. He says there is a thirst in the hearts. There is a sense of loss in the hearts that cannot be treated, and cannot be quenched. Except by the knowledge of Allah, and the love of Allah. And the connection of Allah and

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the nearness to Allah and the longing to see Allah's face because that's what away the heart is what the heart is created for. So we all search for that love and we can only find it we can only satisfy that need when we love Allah and that's what worship that's the essence of worship, as the Muslim scholars have always explained.

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And then we said this actually prevents them from falling into sins, different sins like fornication and murder and all other sins. And we explain this well as Allah is trying to describe that human beings have a weakness so they might fall into the sin. But when they repent to Allah when they remember the reality of this life, and they remember the covenant and their agreement and that commitment, Allah subhanaw taala. They come back to Allah and they repent unto Him because they know Allah is the Most Merciful. Allah is the One Who forgives the sins, Allah knows we are weak. Allah knows that we have shortcomings and this is why he legislated Toba. This is why he legislated this

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repentance that we returned to Him and we seek his forgiveness. We seek his pardon. Allah knows we're going around ourselves, Allah knows we are going to wronged him. Allah knows we're going to violate his laws. And he realizes this will be the case because this is our very nature. We are not perfect, we're not infallible. We're just human beings. So Allah gave us a way out so we can make it up we can make amends with Allah subhanaw taala and fix our mistakes and come back to Allah subhanaw taala and start a new page altogether a new chapter altogether. And when the sins are all wiped out, all forgiven, and not only that, when your Toba and your repentance and your love for Allah is

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sincere, Allah will replace them with reward.

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So you rewards will be doubled. Then Allah subhana wa Tada describes a very beautiful aspect which is a social aspect of these a battle Rahman the servants of the Most Merciful Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Levine, Allah Yasha Dona Zola either not Roby love will not rule Kirana What beautiful words, these people lay a shadow in a zoo. They do not hold false testimony.

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They do not witness they do not bear witness to something that did not happen.

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And false testimony is a form of lies. So this is why the Scholars say when we take your own home, the general concept and meaning of this verse, that means they do not engage in anything that has lack of truthfulness in it. So they only tell the truth. They only speak the truth. And when they act, they only act in truth so that they don't fake what they do. They don't pretend, whether in speech on or in their action.

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So they do not hold false testimony. So they do not say I've seen such and such do this thing when he or she did not do it. Specifically in the courts, specifically when there is a judge, and he's about to make a judgment, specifically when there are serious consequences based on that testimony. Because you might destroy someone's life. You might destroy a whole family. You might take away the possessions and the property and the wealth and the belonging of someone else. Just by one word, and that shows the power of the word. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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yeah teeny hydro como Hua

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el Han will be heard Jetty him in a fee for Aquabot EULA for inlanta. Kula could have in an awkward leader who put in them and he occupied two men and now he says, I judge between you among you and your affairs. One of you is very eloquent is very good in presenting his case. So it seems to me that he is on the right. So I give him that right or I give him that property. I'll give him the disputed item.

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Because I'm just a human being.

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So if it doesn't belong to him, and it belongs to his

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rubber let him not take it because if he takes it it's a piece of the Hellfire that he has taken to himself

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so the power of word is phenomenal and this is why it's reported from aluminum foil probably Allahu Anhu that he said and Bella OMO work alone Bill monk back and it was reported from Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah.

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Al Bala Omen Welcome, Bill, man, thank you, usually calamity, pain, hardship comes because of a word. And this is exactly what Allah subhanaw taala what the prophets of salaam explained in the Hadith that a person utters a word, one word, and this word brings about the anger and the Wrath of Allah, it throws him in the hell into the hellfire, by the distance below and down in the hellfire, the distance that takes 70 years for him to cross it.

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So the words are powerful.

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The words are so profound. So when you hold over false testimony, you're destroying someone's life, you're taking away someone's property, and all of this has been has been sanctified in Islam.

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It's haram, for you to tamper with people's possessions, with people's lives, with people's honor, with people's religion, and relationship with Allah, these are things you cannot come near, you have to be careful about them. So when we take this gentle meaning that you do not tell a lie as a Muslim, you will never tell a lie.

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And part of it is not talking about the things you have no knowledge about. So you see someone walking with another person or I don't know what they're thinking about. I don't know what they are conspiring about, oh, he knows that person. So he must be in him in that issue. That person, for example, is engaged in something haram, he drinks alcohol eating bugs, or he does all sorts of wrong things. You find another one walking down the street with him, you say, Oh, he must be like him. That's a false testimony. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that when a beat will come be Akbar Al Qaeda, shall I not tell you about the major sins with Allah, the major sins that

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Allah holds you accountable for so that means the punishment is severe from Allah, and it's usually the curse of Allah Subhana Allah the Prophet SAW Selim says, As should Kuebler untouchability Allah hinted then rocket wahala caulk that you associate partners with Allah in worship, you worship other than Allah

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will validate that you are disloyal, and and dutiful to your parents. And waka wolf zoo Allah wa shahada to azul, Allah, zoo, Allah wa shahada to Zoo Allah Zoo, and our shahada to Zoo hola Como Zoo Allah wa shahada to Zoo the narrator of the Hadith says the prophets of salaam kept repeating the third one, which is bearing false testimony or saying something telling a lie, or will resume just telling Allah is something you have no knowledge about, is just some kind of assumption, some kind of an inference that you created, that he said the problem kept saying it and repeating it. He said he was lying on his side. Then he sat up and he kept repeating it until I say until we said later

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who said that we wish the prophesy Salah would just, you know finish that terminated, stopped seeing it, because he stressed it.

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A believer cannot tell a lie.

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Because it violates everything about you. It violates your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in Laos doc were to help us. October and Allah He so did. He first he said La Cumbre suck. La can be suited for in a suit. I had the ill bill. Were in Alberta I had the ill Jana. Hold on to truthfulness told the truth tell the truth, no matter what just tell the truth. And if you think you will escape with a live be fooling yourself, tell the truth, because the truth leads to righteousness and purity and purity leads you to paradise. What year Kemal caddied for MLK day bye Bahia De La Jolla and beware of lying or false

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testimony or false speech. What Yeah, como El Cajon, in El que de but yeah, the ill Fujio because lying builds up and it leads to football, which is evil. sinfulness, lewdness, all sorts of evil.

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So lying takes you downhill and you think it's just a white lie. There's just something that I just, you know, get away with what I did just tell a lie. That's just the beginning of a downward spiral which would which would take her down downward.

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And Fujio leads to the hellfire. Then the professor says that a person tells the truth and seeks and strives to tell the truth because

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is not always easy. It's not always easy to tell the truth because oftentimes, it might jeopardize your position or your stance or it might lie might seem to save your face. So you want to protect your ego. You don't want to take a step down and admit that you were wrong, that you made a mistake. So instead of violating this false knifes and ego, you decide to champion it and violate the rights of Allah instead. That's the problem with lying, you are breaching your covenant with Allah every time you lie. You're going against your very nature, you're very fitrah when you lie, when you tell something that's not truthful, or something you don't know for sure that is true. And this is where

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Allah subhanaw taala says, what type of format lady Salah can be here in in Assam, I will masala well for the cooloola can and Hamas, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says and do not speak, do not address do not engage with attack for malice Allah can be here and that which you have no solid knowledge about. Something you don't know for sure. Something you don't have solid knowledge about you don't engage with it. In a sense are you hearing well Basara your eyesight? Well, even your heart and your thoughts Kaluga, Lika, Khanna and Hamas, Allah all of this you will be questioned about it.

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So this way the process and them says, and the person when the Rajala layer the boy to hull Kenya pat you in the law he can

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and a person would lie. And that would lead him to tell more lies and seek to tell more lies. There are people that you meet in this life who cannot tell the truth, even when there is no need for a lie. Because they're so obsessed, this so entrenched, they're so caught up in this pattern of lying, they can't even tell the truth. They have to tell a lie. So it cheated them they have to tell a lie until the person is written with Allah as a liar. So imagine in the books of Allah in the records of Allah. May Allah protect us from this you are written as a liar, and you will be called on the day of judgment as a liar. It's a serious issue. So make sure this is why the Prophet SAW Selim when the

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when the companion came to him and he asked him about what's the thing that enters the people most into the hellfire, he said,

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while Yakubu NASA Allah will do him for now. elhassan elsina to him. Is there anything that takes the people throws the people on their faces and drags them on their faces into the Hellfire anything more than this, their tongues, the consequences of their tongues? This is why Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu one day he was out in the street and he said ha the levy, a rod O'Neill Mahalik and he would hold his tongue her the lady of Rodney Mahalik This is the tongue This is what throw me into pain. This is what threw me into the things that might destroy me. And that's Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu is called a Sadiq Akbar the most the most truthful after the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala met

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Allah's peace and blessings be upon them. He's also deckle Akbar. And he said, he said, this is about his tongue. This is the one that got me into trouble into the things that might destroy me. And he's Abu Bakr What about ourselves today? When we talk about things we don't know, when we talk about the religion of Allah, this is halal. This is haram. This is right. This is wrong. Allah loves this. Allah hates this. When you don't have enough knowledge. When you don't have the basics. When you have not studied with this collars properly, properly. You are misleading people about Islam.

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You have something that is halal and you tell them it's haram

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or you have something that's haram and tell them it's hella you can do it.

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Subhan Allah, that's a crime against Allah, that's one of the biggest crimes against Allah. We're in Turku Allah Allah him Allah Tala mon that you say about Allah or about the rules of Allah, that which you have no solid knowledge about. So we have to be careful. All of this is part of shahada to resolve all of this. So never make sure you never tell a lie. You never engage in any false testimony, even a recommendation, you recommend someone for a job, or you will nominate someone for a position if it's not true. And if it's there's no credentials, and there's no solid basis for that. That's shahada to zero. That's a false testimony. So be careful. Often times we find a way out

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by playing a mental game. And we say oh, that's not part of it. We engage in lying. So that's not a lighter weight lights, okay. It's a lie. You engage in riba you engage in backbiting in the media. Oh, that's not I'm doing it for a good reason.

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Are you wrong someone? And he say no, no, he deserves it.

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So you find a way out for yourself. Allah's religion is not a game that we play with. It's not a toy for you and for me to play with.

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It has serious consequences. Then Allah subhanaw taala says about about them not only this they don't engage in lies, what either not a row Beloved Women Rokia Rama, when these people pass by idle talk, someone or some people are talking about something with there is no benefit and they will end religion religious issues, or there is no benefit in worldly issues. It's just you know, I wish the weather was nice today. Oh, it's not a good weather. I wish it was hot. A bit warm today. Oh, I wish this car was green. I wish it was like blue. I wish I could go here or go there. This kind of idle talk with there is no benefit. These people when they rise to high levels, they don't engage in

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this. They don't have time to waste.

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And there's something in the book and also from the understanding of Sharia. That is called LPS who will Aquila LPS who will hola and the Arabic language they call it mean Barbie and hula.

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Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala, for example, says that you are not supposed to say off to your parents. You're not supposed to show any word of disrespect or even discontent to them. So the scholars say

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Allah did not did you find do you find in the Quran or the Hadith do not hit your parents do not smack them.

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Does that mean it's halal? It's not because Allah mentioned something that's far less than that. And he said It's haram. So that means when something is greater than that it's included in this. So Allah Subhan Allah is saying about these they do not engage in idle talk something though there's no benefit. There's no harm. Just some chit chat, casual chitchat with there is no benefit and casual conversation. They do not engage in this, let alone engaging in evil talk, let alone engaging in something that's that violates Allah subhanaw taala and his rights, people talking about about religion people talking about about Islam or about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or people talking

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about about the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, or people talking bad about, about Muslims or people talking about about another person which even Amina backbiting,

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tell carrying. So it's more deserving to that for them not to even engage in that because even what's less than that idle talk, where there's no benefit in that conversation, they don't even engage in that. So when they pass by people who are having this kind of idle talk, they just pass by like honorable people not rock your armor, they just pass by with so much dignity, and walk away their mind their own business, because they don't have time to waste on things when there is no benefit because you will be asked about the time that you spent in this world.

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So this is these are the traits, the traits of believers and all of them are connected, they're connected to the love of Allah, they're connected to their to hate, they're connected, connected to the humbleness that we talked about. It's all it's all interconnected, nothing of it is separate. You can't take part of it and leave the other parts. It comes as one package. So we have to read the words of Allah subhanaw taala and take them as a way of life not just something to show that I know the Quran I know this part of memorize the seal this surah and I know what it means, but you violate almost everything in it. What's the point it will come on the day of judgment as a proof against

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you. The Quran will come as a proof against you.

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And you will have no answer because the Quran was revealed for us to understand it and learn it embrace it and act upon it Akula probably had was the federal law he would have convinced

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him to do the hell behind me no salat wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Muhammad Ali, he was a Jemaine Allah subhanaw taala then says,

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well Lavina either to cure will be to be him lamea Hello, Ali Hassan now what omiana That ties in nicely with what we have been talking about. When these people and they are reminded of the verses of Allah or the signs of Allah, whether they are in the Quran, verses of the Quran, or they are signs in existence in the creation in the universe, they do not turn a blind eye to these verses unto these signs and they do not turn deaf ears to these sites. So they are very attentive when the words of Allah come to them, they pay attention because they grab their hearts.

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They when you give them an advice based on a correct and authentic understanding of the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they do not wash it away with some kind of excuse and justification that is, in reality, a self self serving attitude. They do not do this. So when they are reminded of the words of Allah when they read them when they come across them, they have a pro

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found impact on them. And that's what Allah Subhana Allah says, in Surah inFile in a minute when Alladhina either aduki or Allah Who would you like to follow? What either actually led him to who's at home Amen. Indeed the believers are the ones. When Allah's name is mentioned the hearts tremble. They shake in love and longing and fear of Allah subhanaw taala

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what you're actually telling him Allah to who's at home and when these verses and his words are related to them, they increase them in faith and faith here, what does faith include Love of Allah.

00:25:36--> 00:25:55

connection to Allah commitment Allah obedience of Allah knowledge about Allah certainty about Allah, that's what it is. It increases them and adds to their love and their connection and their knowledge of Allah subhana wa Taala when they hear the Quran, so it's not just something they read. A lot of us and the Prophet have described the coverage.

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The coverage one of the most dangerous sets that split out of Islam who used to fight against the Companions until today, they're fighting against the Muslims. And they're giving a bad name to Islam, the prophets of salaam described in one of their descriptions he said the Quran Al Quran, Allah Azza wa Taala to whom they recite the Quran with their tongues, but it doesn't go across this jugular vein, it doesn't come up doesn't doesn't penetrate to their huts. They don't so then the scholar said that means they do not really understand it properly. So they will quote the Quran and the Sunnah against you can be used WC you're contradicting the Quran, the Hadith when the problem is

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in their understanding. They don't understand it they have not studied with the scholars, and this is why they make the fear of the companions. They declared the companions to be Kuffar.

00:26:44--> 00:27:00

The Companions of the person they've declared declared allegiance to be thought to be a Catholic. And they said, when a boss came and spoke with them, they said to him, and he brought me thought, if so the judgment of amrop, not us. And Abu Musa lashari

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says that he sought the judgment there hukum when Allah subhanaw taala says in a nutshell como en la la indeed Allah says the judgment is belongs only to Allah woman. Nemea can be Manzella Allah for Allah, Muhammad Kathy are on the one who does not judge by the rules of Allah, then these are the disbelievers. He said he judged by other than Allah, He took the judgment of people, he's a Catholic,

00:27:24--> 00:27:26

that's playing with the Quran,

00:27:27--> 00:27:38

and are best explained to them. That's not the correct understanding. You don't have proper knowledge of this. You're just reading a very surface meaning and you're applying it throwing it on people thinking you know what you're talking about when you actually don't.

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You need to go through a process you need to study with the prophets of salaam study with the Companions study with the scholars who've spent 50 6080 years sometimes studying the words of ALLAH until they are able to give a verdict. But someone who learnt Quran, someone who just started praying

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two weeks ago, two months ago, two years ago, you find them now they're going to they're going to fight against Muslims. What is this?

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So these people, the Muslims, the believers, when they come across the words of Allah subhanaw taala, they do not turn blind eyes of deaf ears, they take them into heart, it's not only in the head, it's also on the hearts. So it shapes who they are. I was going to complete the conclude with the with the descriptions, but it seems that we might need another Hotman Sharla about this. So we will shall continue in the coming hotbar Isabella, I just want to conclude with one thing just to stress again, because that's a collective issue. And it's very important for the overall Muslim community. The the issue of the petition, this official petition that's to be signed, this is

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something that's very important for Muslims, saying this is something from you know, the kuffaar There's something from a non Muslim government etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, that would ignoring such things and not being active within that will mean ultimately your wife will not be able to walk in the street with her hijab on

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and your daughters as well.

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And you as a Muslim might find it difficult and dangerous and risky to come and walk into a masjid and pray because in certain areas in the world, this is happening already.

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And we know from the story and this is something that checklist, the media talked about in depth about the story of Yosef Alayhis Salam that he took part even in the government when it was non Muslim.

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And he even sought opposition and he said give me any other haha and make me from one of make me the one who overlooks the Ministry of Finance Give it to me. That's what he sought for it he asked for it.

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Because we Muslims who are supposed to engage with life not run away from it because running away from it would be a betrayal of our future generations when they will be left way behind because we are already behind in so many things. And Enough is enough. Enough is enough people taken * that they do not understand too

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Trying to force it on a land where they were doesn't really

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it's not implemented in that in that context. And the scholars are the ones who are able to talk about these things, not students of knowledge, not people who just started started studying Islam just yesterday, that doesn't work. These issues it needs profound scholars in its people, strong students of knowledge who have been in these countries and who are aware of the principles and the muck acid of Islam. So they are able to deal with such issues. So this is an issue that the scholars have spoken about.

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And they said Muslims should engage in these things otherwise they will find themselves in a very awkward and bad position in the years to come. So we need to do this in protection of our honor our deen our religion, and our younger generation and our sisters and our mothers and our daughters that inshallah at least they will be safe practicing their religion and living their daily life. Allama filipiniana Minato Muslim minimal Misty met even homeless Loma Linda slough and FE M Medina. With a bit of Madame Anna on sadhana Halal calm will Catherine.

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Allah McDonough will be widely dealing with him in the home Hacohen Halina Aloha McClendon Muslim life you and me didn't want me and if equally McCann alarm happened in our home was on the home Allah whom I follow him Dena homo Iman, Allah home and Zodac Mehta coma had better Kerala. Fish up to maturity, or the one Arabia, Allah homogeny bedrijf COVID had better be in equilibrium Muslimeen Allah, Allah Allah have been up all over him. What do you want him Allah Kemetic Subhan Allah because Allah is that he is looking for. wa salam ala Marcelino hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen