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Secrets of the Heart – EP 17

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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La Jolla.

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Isla de de Sara Lee

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our hogs dry

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for you

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far we know that from you we have come around to you

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how fortunate we are to be best with the ability of loving you

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the love that remains true.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to the secrets of the heart. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, and we thank him. And we are so grateful to him for everything he has given us and everything he keeps giving us. And we send peace and blessings on our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Allah He was sending them We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to purify our hearts, and to help us take good care of them. So they help us and they guide us to paradise to the eternal happiness, and the land of the ultimate opportunities. Today inshallah, we will elaborate more on a question that we answered previously. The question was about, how can I tell if my heart is healthy if my

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heart is doing well. And we provided the basic answer, which is, the heart has been created for a purpose. And as long as your heart as long as your heart fulfills that purpose, the new heart is healthy. If it doesn't do the job, then your heart is ill, and you need to treat it urgently. Because the real life in this world is the life of the heart. And anyone who thinks that by focusing on the body and neglecting the heart, if they think that this is real life, they don't know what real life is. Because the heart has been created, to recognize a lot of love him to be attached to him to hang all hope and a las panatela to be aware of Allah all the time. Now, if this doesn't

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doesn't happen, the heart will always suffer. So real paradise, for the heart is in knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala being aware of him all the time.

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So Allah made paradise, in this world and in the Hereafter, obviously, the real paradise, the highest level of Paradise is in the Hereafter, which is Jenna, which all of us hope for. But there is some kind of Paradise, some kind of happiness, some kind of tranquility and peace that can be felt and can be lived in this world. And actually, some of the scholars of Islam like me by email, I've mercy on him. He says there is paradise on earth in this world. Those who fail to enter it will not will not enter Paradise in the hereafter. What is this he said, knowing Allah subhana wa, getting to love Allah, being aware of a lust penalty. This is what Allah does not admit to paradise,

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to the land of his blessings, the land, which is full with the remembrance of Allah what makes paradise so beautiful, is the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and with the prophets on the low end, he was in them described the happiness and the blessings that the people of Paradise would enjoy. He mentioned that on the day Friday, Allah will call all the people of Paradise in one open and plain landscape or area, then a large planet, I will ask them

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Are you happy with what I've given you to say of course we are happy, but what we want you to be happy.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, I am pleased with you. I am pleased with you. And they were pleased and they are pleased with him that Allah would say to them, I will give you something more they said What else do you have to give us? What what remains other than that? You have saved us from the hellfire. And you have admitted us to paradise in to live there forever. And you have given us everything we wished for and things we've never even thought about what else and you are pleased with us? What else you know Do we need then unless panel to Allah reveals his face to them.

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And Allah will converse with each and every one of them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that this is the highest level of sweetness and blessings the people of Paradise will be given to be able to look at the face of our last panel.

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data that Allah converses with each and every one of them privately.

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This is the highest

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blessing, this is the highest ecstasy, this is the highest tranquility, this is the highest level of prosperity in Paradise, to be able to be given the privilege to look at the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So the presence of them says, they will never find anything sweeter than that anything more beautiful than that, this is the best thing that would be given ever to be able to look at the face of Allah soprano.

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So no one would be given this privilege of really and in actuality,

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looking at a loss or looking at the face being given this privilege of looking at the face of Allah subhanaw taala. Unless in this world,

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they've been given the privilege of the hearts being aware and always thoughtful of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the recompense will be of the same kind, Allah will always respond in kind, if you keep a lot of anatella on your mind, your heart is always busy with the greatness of Allah with the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, then you will be given real paradise in the hereafter. And Allah will allow me to actually thoughtfulness about him, and awareness of him of his names and his attributes and dedication to Allah made paradise in this world. And I will quote here some of the statements of some,

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you know, scholars of Islam.

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There is one of the early generations a person, a righteous person from the early generations. He says

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that the people of this world, the people who are always chasing the, into the material,

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extravagances, the material

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joys of this world, they are so pathetic. Imagine the rich people, the wealthy people will enjoy everything they want, will have posh houses, they have posh cars, anything they think of they can spy, they can get that no PR anything they think about they can get it. And they live according to an extremely high standard. Those people he says they are pathetic, and maybe this person was very poor. And I believe he was very poor.

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They are pathetic. They've lived in this world, throughout their lives, and then they departed

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without tasting the sweetest thing, the sweetest feeling in this world. Imagine a person can live in extreme richness, being well off anything he thought he thinks about, he can get that. But still his status, pathetic.

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They lived in this world without tasting the sweet, they've missed the sweet, the sweetest thing in it.

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So the people asked him what is the sweetest thing in this world. He said, knowing a lot, getting to know our Creator, being thoughtful of him. And then loving him overwhelmingly,

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and fearing his punishment, and being so much attached to him.

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And having this eagerness, and this, this keenness and this hope, to be able to look at a las panatela in paradise on the Day of Judgment.

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That's the sweetest thing in this world, and the righteous people. They know what this what these statements mean.

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Another person says that I go through some moments that make me say to myself, if the people of Paradise live in a similar state of ecstasy, what a lie. They are in a wonderful, or they are living a wonderful life. Imagine he's talking about still he's talking about this world.

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So money, wealth, all the pleasures of this world,

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carry no weight. They cannot they don't stand comparison.

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In opposition to the sweetness of an A man, the sweetness of knowing a las panatela being thoughtful of him, being so keen, and having so much hope to be able to look at a las panatela to cut his face, having this wonderful privilege in paradise on the day of standing.

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Remember, ame himself says that there is a feeling of emptiness in the heart

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that will not be filled except by being so thoughtful about Allah. And there is a feeling of loss in the heart that cannot be removed, except by feeling chuffed except by feeling sufficiency, in a loss of panic. And there is a feeling of thirst and hunger in the

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a profound feeling of thirst in the heart that cannot be quenched. Except by

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having knowledge of Allah and having love for Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what the heart has been created for.

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So if you have these things, then your heart is inshallah on the right path. But if you don't, if you have no clue about these things did you have to check out your heart, and you have to find out how to treat it. Because that's a very serious illness. Because you don't know what you're missing, not only in the Hereafter, but even in this world.

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The real life is the life of the heart. And there is no life for the heart except by knowing a loss penalty, being so much attached to him. And

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so much thoughtful about lost, present aware, aware of being aware of a lot of Allah subhanaw taala all the time, all the time, your thoughts are about Allah, everything you see everything, through your relationship and through your love to our last panel data. This is the real happiness in this world. And when a person reaches this level, no matter what happens in life, makes no difference. If they live rich, or poor.

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It's not, it's not a big thing, you know, when the heart is feeling rich with a lifespan or to add other things, you know, mean very little, they carry no weight, once you've secured your heart, with the loss of power to add than anything else, any, you know, physical or material, or, you know, things about this world, the standard of living, the conditions in which you live, or anything else, you know, they mean almost nothing. Once is the hardest with a lot. That's it. That's the ultimate richness. That's the ultimate beauty. That's the ultimate tranquility. And this is paradise on earth. So for those who don't know about this feeling, you have to hasten, you have to rush to fix

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your heart and find out what you are missing. One day a righteous person said, he said by Allah, the lives of the people of extreme, you know, richness and extravagance, and the king's with everything they have, and all the pleasures and all the extravagances they enjoy in this world, the light, if they know, of the sweetness that our hearts are living in, of the beautiful, and the tranquil, you know, quality of life we are having, they would fight us, in order to take it or confiscated away from us, but they are they, but they will be unable to take it. Because the only way to have it is to live your life, your heart being attached to Allah subhanaw taala. So this is why one of the

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signs, or one of the clues that tell you that if the heart is healthy or not. If the heart travels from this world, and it dwells in the next life, then your heart is healthy. But if your heart is attached to this life, and only things of this life and is preoccupied and don't your thoughts are dominated by this world, and its details, then your heart is suffering. Your heart is really going through hard times. So one of the signs that a heart is health is that the heart travels to the next life. And it looks at this life from a distance because understands how insignificant this life is. The real life is the next one. Not this life. Because in the next life, you will live forever,

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either in paradise in eternal blessings are in the Hellfire eternal punishment. This is one of the most important Secrets of the heart. Hopefully we will be able to benefit from it and hopefully it has helped open our eyes to the reality of our hearts and how we should maintain them how we should take care of our hearts and nurture them. inshallah in future episodes, we'll try to deal with other secrets we'll try to uncover beautiful secrets about the heart. So you're invited to join us until then. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Our hearts dry out for our love for you.

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far, we know that from you, we have come around to you

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How fortunate we are to be best