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hamdulillah Muhammad ohana stir you know who want to still feel who want to study when I was a missionary and fusina woman say Dr. Molina, Mayor de la who terra firma de la de Ferran de de Maria murshida what a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa hula Sheree Kela Jelani shabby he will my theory will lead. What should I do now? Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah, you will Latina Amano de la haka to party Hirata Mouton. Illa. To Muslim moon. Yeah, yohanna sutopo Bakula D hora

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de la hora amin has Oh jaha best I mean humare jarang Cathy wrong manisa king in praising Allah, He is the one most deserving of our praise and of our gratitude. We ask Allah to guide us We ask Allah to forgive us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala Poland's Edita ustelecom Amira como de la Koo back home, woman, nuclear Allahu Allah suta hufa, codifies efos and alima. We begin by things that protect us from the evil of our own poor choices and from the evil around us. We bear witness that no one is worthy of worship except Allah. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our beloved messengers, his last and final prophet, Servant and Messenger.

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And we beg Allah to shower Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his family and his companions with compliments and salutations and mercy and blessings, until and all those who follow his tradition until the end of time. We begin also by reminding ourselves to renew our taqwa of Allah subhana wa tada our consciousness our awareness that Allah subhana wa Taala is aware of our thoughts and statements of actions, and that Allahu Allah subhana wa tada has designated certain angels with the task of recording all of our statements and actions at all times. And we should remember as Allah subhana wa tada commanded us in sort of the earlier Emmeline, to always be in a state of

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submission, so that when the Angel of Death comes upon us, he finds us either doing what Allah commanded, or staying away from that which he prohibited, as to what follows in the beautiful part and that Allah subhana wa tada revealed to the beautiful messenger in a beautiful month in a blessed land. And we are blessed tremendously to be from the aroma of the portal and in this beautiful book Allah who subhana wa tada gave us many historical lessons informed us of events that happened in the past events that we did not physically witness ourselves. Our eyes did not see them, our ears did not hear them, but history has recorded them. And Allah subhana wa tada has made mention of such

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events, so that we would extract from them.

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And they were people who lived in what is known today as present day Yemen, which is a blessing land. And it's a land that's been mentioned in Surah tsuba.

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And Allahu Subhana. Allah actually began this surah by reminding the listeners and the readers of the power and the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to uplift the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Yemen, and to protect them from harm and to protect them from being taken advantage of by different political agendas.

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Allah subhana wa tada tells us of the people have said that they were a people who were extremely blessed. They lived in an amazing situation of wealth. As a matter of fact, Allah named an entire solo after ability in the majesty of Allah subhana wa tada reminding about the Hulk, the amazing creation of Allah subhana wa Tada, which reflects back upon the amazing the story of almost about. And the relationship between these stories being told one after another is that both of these groups of people creator, who put all of that in motion, Allah then transitions and informs us about the story of Deadwood and Sulaiman

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to other people of Deadwood and Sulayman. And that people have said that they had something in common which was wealth

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and resources, the availability of wealth and resources right there at their fingertips, tremendous wealth. But the difference between these two people and the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions them one after another. And in this you find the beauty in the eloquence of the Quran is the reaction to these blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. So we find in the story of Deadwood in Solomon, Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed that family emoto shukra Allahu Subhana. Allah commanded them to do actions, to fulfill actions tangible work and actions that express struggle that express gratitude to others.

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Allahu subhanho wa Taala and they weren't people of sugar. They were people of worship and obedience to Allah. They were people of gratitude. They were kings, they had might and authority and wealth. But they never attributed that to themselves to their lineage. So the man could have said, I inherited this little fella who was rocking up there who didn't swim and prostrated. They worshiped. They sacrificed and struggled. And they showed mercy to the Fatah who were

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there who didn't swim and prostrated. They worshiped, they sacrificed and struggled, and they showed mercy to all the different creations that they came upon. And then Allah subhanaw taala gives us a different scenario. Another group of people, also with tremendous wealth, Lapa dekaron Elisa, infamous Kenny him.

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Allah says these people have said that they were an area, they were a miracle and assign from a lot to all those that would come after them. Jen attend to huge estates and orchards not just one, but two, meaning ohshima on the right, and on their left, meaning they are surrounded, the land that they had under their control was vast, and as far as the eyes could see, genitalia, meaning was female. If we look into history, we find that this area was between two very large mountains. And Allahu subhana wa tada had given to people of submit the ability and the tofield. And the success to construct a dam said, between these two huge mountains,

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it was a huge dam. And all of the different rivers and water valleys in that area of Yemen would pour into this dam, and it would become completely full, it would become so full that they had water available to them throughout the entire calendar year. Because they would go through some seasons, where there would not be rainfall, but they would still have water available to them, because of the size and the strategic and as we know, Water is life, or Jimena ecology in height. You cannot have life without the availability of water. But at the same time, we also can see that they benefited economically. from an economic perspective, society that was a strong society, it was a healthy

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society. And you look at all the different civilizations that thrived. They had to have access to water. And if a civilization if a Korea if a locality lost access to water, they had to either migrate somewhere else or they were expired and they came to an end. So the fact that they had water available to them in huge amounts throughout the from them alone somehow that gives us so many blessings. But what we are expected to do in return is so small comparatively. So Allah tells them who do kulu mariscal have become, eat, go ahead, eat from the blessings. These Jen net and these two huge orchards, they have varieties of different crops that they are able to harvest. Allah says eat

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from it, it's good, it's hard to take, enjoy, consume, no problem kulu maristella become wash karula and from the mercy of Allah as he said, eat first and then he said do sugar as he wants us to enjoy the blessings that he has blessed us with. But it must come with a mindset and attitude of behavior, speech and actions that reflect shuckle Hulu amid has ever become worse Corolla. Bell de tiempo de Botton, what a boon for Allah says eat from what Allah has blessed you and express shuckle express gratitude, a love and praises the land that they had buried at one point eba this land that you have here is good land. It's pure, it's fertile.

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It's healthy. It's expensive real estate. You know, the scholars of Sita mentioned some narrations, betting that on Kiva pilu it was so valuable, it was so pure, that they did not even have any of these insects or bugs that are a nuisance that cause trouble to your crops or bother you or gather around where there's filth or trash. Those bugs that bother us they didn't even have that. Gun movie atonement or one name off forgiving a fool or always constantly forgives. Well you have to do is express gratitude, asked for forgiveness. He is available and willing and ready to land that they had an even greater blessing than that while being a fool. And you have a lord and master and

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creator that is forgiving. You can't get better than that. And they are expected to be grateful. That's it. That's all that a lot told us. He required of them

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in there.

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To forgive his servants

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kulu emitted is gonna become washcoat aura Bell the tune up button Robinho for

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so they have this luxury, they have this wealth. They have these amazing resources at their fingertips. They have purity they have comfort, and they have a forgiving and generous Lord very next verse, Allah says lol Boo.

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Allowed literally in Arabic means to turn away from something other than Allah and Riba worship, at its essence, is an expression of gratitude. Why do you worship Allah? Why do you worship Allah is of the highest level

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of gopher of disbelief.

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What did they do?

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They refuse to acknowledge that these blessings are from Allah.

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And they refuse to express gratitude to Allah subhanho wa tada for these blessings. And on top of that, they began worshipping because he is the one deserving of our worship, because for many reasons of them because of all of the goodness that he has shown us, because of Allah is on an acre on his excellence in his generosity upon us, that makes him worthy and deserving to be worshipped. And no one else created us besides a lot, and no one helped a lot to create us. And no one helped a lot to give us all of the blessings and faculties and abilities we have. Therefore, no one else is worthy to be worshipped with a lot or besides a lot of which is disbelief, to disbelieve to reject

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the truth of Allah. That is the exact same word in the Arabic language that refers to a lack of gratitude to be ungrateful.

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For Allah do, they turned away from Allah, they turned away from worship of Allah, they turned away from expression of gratitude to Allah alone exclusively. So what was the result?

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That very water, that was their biggest asset. That was the most valuable thing that they had.

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It transformed into their biggest nightmare. Allah says for although for although sadhana la him sila

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della whom began nothing him genetti neither wa t occur in humbling what he means it in Pali,

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Allah subhana wa Allah perfectly and strategically constructed, broke.

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And when the dam breaks, you know, you need water to survive, but too much water will have the opposite effect. That's why that man that came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was giving kotoba he came to the office, I said, I'm yelling and screaming out of desperation, our crops are dying, our animals are dying. We have nothing to give our children we need water drought. So the prophet SAW I said, I'm raising his hands and made until Allah so put to stop this rain. Now we are going to be drowned and everything will die. So without water, we will die too much water we will die. You need the right amounts. And they had the right amount. But when they turned away from Allah

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subhana wa tada it became too much.

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And they ended up being destroyed by that very water. Well, but the Nahum began letting him Gen attain. Allah says those two huge properties of real estate on either side of this body of water, they got completely flooded, and they were replaced. They were replaced with gardens, but gardens of different crops, crops that were of no use or benefit to them, with orchards of, of fruits that produced bitter fruit, and bushes that gave no fruit at all. And a few sparse thorny trees that soaked up all the water to the ground and had no benefit or output to them.

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And they became separated, dispersed, they broke up in the land. And by the way, these people were the origin of what is known today as Arab,

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Arab people, they originated from own sub. And actually, the historian see that it was this catastrophic event in history that caused the different outcrop to spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, otherwise, they were not out of there. There wasn't a thing there. They were different tribes of different ethnicities. But when they were destroyed, and their land was destroyed, they had to disperse, the families got broken up, they went into different places until they reached an airlock until they reach a sham in different places. And that's why you had that people known as an ally or the Arabs dispersed in that land. They used to be united and together in that area of Yemen

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in that area of own sub. But this event caused them to not only have loss of life, loss of property, loss of wealth and agriculture, but even their family units and their unity and their closeness was broken up. They ended up being dispersed far from one another.

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And so the impact of refusing

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To be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah had so many different effects upon them financially and even in their society and in their family, lineage and closeness.

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Not only that they had other blessings as well. Allahu Subhana Allah says that he placed roads and avenues and ways for them to travel with Jeremiah but you know whom were they in a portal at Bella kunafa, or Anwar Hera waka Dona fi has said,

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Allah says between them and quality, Baraka and another civilization that we also blessed. The scholars agree that that was the area known as a sham, the love and time, the Levant, the area known today as Syria and Palestine, Jordan and these other countries, and these borders that didn't exist in those days. May Allah subhanaw taala, uplift the suffering of our brothers and sisters there and rid them of oppression.

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These are two blessing lands, Allah said, john, but you know, we made between them a lot of tiny little settlements and villages. The earlier man said that if they wanted to travel, they didn't even need to pack any provisions. I said Gerald Nabina, whom we made between them a lot of tiny little settlements and villages. They said that if they wanted to travel, they didn't even need to pack any provisions or food. Because the distance from each civilization from each Korea to another until they reach from a Yemen to a sham, which is more than 2000 kilometers, they wouldn't even need to pack any belongings because by the time you reach the end of that day's travel, you're in another

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town, and there's food there. And there's trees and there's agriculture and there's animals and there's water.

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But what did they respond to Allah with? For Allah banner? Bear, it's been as foreigner.

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They developed a sense of

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arrogance, with the blessings of Allah, so much so that they got bored with the ease that Allah bless them with. Which if you reflect upon it sounds ridiculous. It sounds absolutely ridiculous. But if we also reflect upon our behavior nowadays, with a lot of the abilities and luxuries and blessings we have, we will see many people are reacting in the exact same way. The language has changed. The words have changed the mindset attitude is exactly the same. Becoming arrogant with the blessings of Allah and desiring for there to be even more difficulty more challenged. We want we want to flex our muscles better. It's been our Venus Farina. They said Oh our Lord, lengthen the

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distance of our journey. We want some nice long. So we made them into stories. They're just a story that is told now.

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But they brought this upon themselves. What am

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I hiding? What messes up in our home Kula mamas. They were divided and dispersed in the lands. Allah says enough either Nika. Yet, Allah says, In the story of these people are many lessons and signs but for whom

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they couldn't be suberin li continuously grateful.

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In order to be truly grateful, there needs to be Patience, patience upon ebba. Patience to obey Allah when there is a lot of whims and desires that would lead us otherwise, and patients to stay away from what displeases Allah, even though so many might call us to it.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us people have patience, and make us people of gratitude. May Allah subhanaw taala protect and preserve the blessings that he has granted us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not afflict us with challenges and with punishments due to our lack of gratitude. Buddha only had our stuff it'll it will reside in Muslim in him including them in for sulfuryl in the who who will afford Rahim repent to Allah for he is the most forgiving, Most Merciful and please come forward as much as you can fill in all the space in front of you.

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Alhamdulillah here either sunny

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or sugar Allahu Allah tofu to emptiness tienen

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la ilaha illa la hora de cada hooter lm Alicia Anna, why should you know Mohammed Abu Isla de

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la masala wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira after thanking and praising a lot and asking him to shower Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with his compliments and mercy.

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We resumed we have been discussing about

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The people of sub foam server and they have been mentioned in the Quran an entire chapter named after them salt server, which is chapter number 34. And Allahu Subhana. Allah told us about the luxuries and the blessings that he gave them. And in response in return a light expected gratitude, but they responded with the opposite of which and so Allah subhana wa tada took away those blessings. And in this is a very important lesson for us that this is the son of a law if you healthy. This is the pattern that Allahu subhanho wa Taala adopts with his creation. Let in Shackleton let us see the nutcombe that if you express gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah He

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will increase you and give you more, or the Inca fortune in either be readied, but if people express a lack of gratitude, which will lead to disbelief in a lot, then remember that the punishment of Allah subhana wa tada is severe and intense. Allah subhanaw taala gives us these important historical, true historical stories. These are not fairy tales, or made up stories, but a lot reminds us of these people so that we can take a lesson from them. compared to most of other people, we are living in tremendous luxury. It is upon us to be like the people of that wouldn't suit a man and not like the people of Subbu Emanuel Elijah Buddha Shakira, they are prophets and messengers

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that we believe in Allah said, febby, who doubt whom work today. So follow the guidance of these messengers. Let us follow the guidance of God. Amen. Let us eat and enjoy the blessings that Allah has given us. But let us never do so without expressing gratitude to Allah who subhana wa Tada. Let not our gatherings come to a conclusion, except that we remind one another with the vicar with the remembrance that expresses gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. Let us remember that gratitude is one of the pillars and is at the essence of worship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah is deserving of our worship because he is deserving of our gratitude. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from

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ever becoming people of ingratitude. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from becoming people of arrogance? A lot protect us from becoming people of insolence May Allah protect us from becoming people who have a sense of entitlement, who feel that they deserve what Allah has given them. What we deserve, is we deserve the opportunity to express gratitude to Allah, and we've all been given that opportunity. So respond to the call of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. There's an important announcement regarding parking. Many people have been parking in front of stater brothers, and that has warranted and caused complaints. And that could be something that brings trouble to us as

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individuals, you might get your car towed, and to us as a community. And we neither want individual nor communal trouble. So please be careful about where you're parking and did not cause any disturbance. Is it a struggle? Yes, it absolutely is. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to open the doors of His mercy and to grant us opportunities in sha Allah. But in the meantime, we will struggle and we will do our best and we will come early and we'll carpool and we will push through and chat loads are added until a lot blesses us with a better opportunity. So be careful and mindful about where you are parking your vehicles. We have the program tonight in Sharla as we do every Friday night

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will begin at 8pm. Between mother in Asia, I will have the pleasure of joining you and we'll be talking about how to attain the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. This will be the fourth part of the series. Please join us and invite all of your friends and family to do so. And the youth group will also have a special session. They will be discussing and reflecting the topic that was discussed last week in the community wide fan that Jeff mustafar Omar presented on the topic of Islam stance on homosexuality. So there will be a special discussion group and forum for the youth group that will also take place tonight. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us with Tofino to always take advantage

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of these opportunities of learning and reminders.

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allow him to hop on autopilot. Or in Annabella valtonen openedge kinaba what I teach is a modern monetary scenario if and only We ask Allah to show us the truth clearly as truth and allow us to follow it and to show us falsehood clearly as falsehood and to protect us from following it. And we ask a lot to protect us from confusion that will lead us astray overnight you know in your house and I feel I feel like your husband can either be now Rebecca law for the best of this life and the best of the hereafter and protection from the torment of the hellfire. Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kumasi Lita Ibrahim are Ibrahima innaka homido Majeed barichara Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim in nikka Jaime de Majeed welcome Allah