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The speaker discusses a new initiative at the Trade Institute where support and development will be created for generations to come. They emphasize the importance of not missing out on opportunities like this and encourage people to donate.

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at Sapiens Institute we are not looking to create copycat we are trying to create support and develop a new generation of people with their own style to intellectually and academically share Islam for generations to come. This opportunity has come knocking don't close the door on it, as you will never know when it will come again. Last year we trained and developed over 15,000 people the reward that you will gain with what they now can achieve is mind boggling. Every time each person gives dollar Ganesha Hadas develops teams shares and difference Islam. You share that reward but in this case by 15,000 Do not miss out on the reward of the next 15,000 Click the button or the link

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and donate now