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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker explains that they can recite a couple of verses from the Quran and show the customer what they think will give them more flavor. They discuss the concept of divine qualities in the Quran and how they relate to the customer's well-being. The speaker emphasizes that the customer is not just doing what they just did with what it is, but rather experiencing what the Bible sounds like.
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So what I can do in fact is I can recite for you a couple of verses from the Quran because what I believe is they have the unknown through the revelation and I can recite for you maybe 10/22 verses and translate for you and show you what I think it will give you more of a flavor of what you believe. Sure you can do what you will

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so the Quran states in the end of chapter 59

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he hears Allah, that there is no God worthy of worship except for him, the King, the holy, the one free from all defects, the giver of security, the watch over his creatures, the Mighty, the Compeller, the supreme Glory be to Him, glory, glory be to God, highest he above all that they associate as partners with him. He is Allah, the Creator, the inventor of all things, to bestow of forms to help belong the Best names, all that is in the heavens and the earth glorify Him. And He is the Almighty, the lies. So these are, I would say, the two, potentially the two best verses that summarize for us so right, so it's an attempt to use a multiplicity of virtues to dis, to define a

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supreme source of good. So okay, I have a technical question for you a procedural question, I guess, um, when we're talking, so you sang those verses? And then so here's what happened. I asked you that question. You sang those verses, or chanted them, it's or combination. Okay. But there's a there's a melodic element to that. And I don't understand the language, and then you translated them? And so why approach the answer to my question in that manner. Because we believe that the Quran in his original language has an element in it, or has a has a virtue if you like to, or an attribute to it, which cannot be felt or experienced. phenomenologically feel like

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just mere translation, we believe so. And so what what purpose does that serve in the discussion with someone like me? We will do hopefully, because we believe the Quran has divine qualities itself.

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The Quran itself has divine qualities. So we believe number one, it's a cure. We believe as a physics, it's actually a physical cure, as well as a spiritual cure. We believe that it's a guidance, we believe that it's, it's something which will literally put you in a psychological state of ease. So in a sense, what it will do it, hopefully, you know, will have an effect on you, which is physiological, maybe psychological. And in a sense, is like, giving you something to taste, rather than just explaining what it tastes like. You know, and so that's why I feed it how do you know when that's how do you know when that's appropriate? And when it's not? It's when you do

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obviously doing all that well, but you don't have Yeah,

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no buts about it. So that's why I asked the question is, obviously you're making distinctions you're not you're not doing what you just did with what it is do.

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I want to give you the fullest lemak experience you see, yeah, okay, okay. You know what I mean? So, yeah, okay, Baba is two part of it is to let you hear what the Quran sounds like.

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