If you had a superpower what would it be

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The speaker discusses their desire to use a power that allows them to control their desires and fear. They suggest that this power would be useful for individuals like themselves who want to control their desires and fear. The speaker also mentions the importance of letting go of negative emotions and letting go of negative thoughts to achieve success in life.

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So, if you had a superpower, what would it be? Think carefully about this one.

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A few moments later, too.

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I would

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to to two hours later, I

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know that

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we're piercing into your sole superpower if I tried to use it, and then it was like illegal, I'll be in prison, but then you have the superpower. And you're above the law anyway, but I wouldn't want to live life like that. So I'd have to do something that I could be, it could be useful, like, the real world.

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And I wouldn't be in trouble if I used it. I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't want to fly or anything like that, because I wouldn't want to go all the way up, but I just you know, I don't want to fly.

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Strength, you know, I've already felt stronger than 99% of the population

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being stronger than 100.

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Some kind of superpower that allowed me to just like turn it on, turn off whenever I want to. Yeah.

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Or my anger like, you know, the emotions I have. If if there was some kind of a power that I could control it because I think if you can control two things, you can control your desires, and you can control your fear.

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I think if you can control this and you'll be successful in life, but what if that fear is required at that particular point in time? Yeah, that's fine. Then Then don't control it too much. Leave a little bit of it just to keep you on edge.

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The sexual design the anger Yeah, these are two things that if I could switch if I could have a button to switch it off at certain times, I would love to be able to do that. I think that will be the most useful thing that I could actually use as Oopah because I'm gonna burn somebody

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over the fly I thought maybe you were gonna save as a row I thought you were gonna do something on your own that Muhammad is I've single handedly is going to free Palestine

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now that you

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can't go that park and it's like kind of gross of course you can bro come on. How am I gonna destroy whole country without superpowers? Use your imaginations army can destroy army can shoot the United States

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Superman No, I don't think I'd have to train myself on those superpowers. I don't think I'd be able to take on a whole nother one Superman versus 300 million army.

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We have to be honest about this. There's no bullet that can kill him. So I mean, Superman. Oh, no bullets and kilims and I live forever. That's the

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punishment. You can die because of kryptonite. I mean, you could go to the planet Krypton and then just kill yourself

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alright, fine, fair enough. Let's go on to the next question.