How Responsible Is Tommy Robinson for Finsbury Park

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One day after the horrible incident that happened

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in Finsbury Park, where this crazed lunatic

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human being this individual is terrorist came and attempted to kill

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using a very similar if not exactly the same tactic as the other terrorists and Westerners to use to kill his victim. So here, what we're doing is we're walking around seeing what the community needs. seeing what's really happening here, we're realizing very quickly is that actually, people of different faiths and different backgrounds are coming in solidarity To be fair, and they're all coming, espousing the same very message, which is that of peace and solidarity in times of distress here in London. But having said that, it's very important for us to realize the few that are not not doing that you are not doing that. The extremists on both sides and who, in particular, we're

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talking about right wing, far right extremists like EDL. And Tommy Robinson, him, we're going to show you some clippings of some of his, some of his fans, you can see some of his friends, it's going to be on the screen here, you can see some of their comments, as you can see on the screen, here is some clear incitement to death and killing. So these individuals who are following this guy, Tommy Robinson, and others, like him, are inspired by him in such a way as we make this thing.

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Instead of reporting these individuals, as he should do,

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reporting these individuals, as he's asked us to do, and he's pressured us to do, Tommy Robinson has said, has acquiesced and allowed this kind of expressions of these kinds of expressions to be to be promoted on his social media account. Now, here, it's not a surprise that this has happened. It's not the first time it's happened when it comes to right wing or right wing extremists. Now, what we're not saying is that this is representative of, let's say, white people, or let's say, even the white wing, people who express sentiments of, let's say, right wing, saying is completely representative of that. But what we are saying is this, this is an accumulation of,

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of promotion of certain sentiments against Muslims, and it graduates to the extent whereby allows for someone to actually take it upon themselves to kill someone.

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Or in this case, it's to try and kill as many people as possible.

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So we have to really ask ourselves the question, is this going to be is this going to be

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condemned by the far right, is Tony Robinson and others like him going to say something to condemn this?

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how long they've opened it, they've opened it here, probably because the underground station and things like that needs to be used, obviously, was a very important London, Seven Sisters road, which has been closed off most of it or a big part of a big chunk of has been closed off today. And the reason why it's been closed off, is because it's a student of tics, expressions, and what he's done. And so it's the stuff the economic progress, and obviously, here, the message of the handler that has opened up.

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And by the way, this is an important point I want to make right now, this must adhere to Muslim welfare, trust, or Muslim welfare house. This particular mention here is where the where the closest Mr to the scene of the crime. Now, you'll find in the Daily Mail reporting, that the Daily Mail people are here to show their support, Daily Mail, and other

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and other newspapers. They attribute to what happened to the other message over there, which is a three part mosque, which isn't the message

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that we're talking about. And the reason why they did that is because they wanted to stress

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the connection with Abu Hamza, radical preacher that was preaching in that particular mosque. That's not the mosque he was preaching. This is not the mosque he was preaching it said different Masjid. So this is not where Abu Hamza was actually preaching at all. He was preaching at the other mosque there. But this was the reporting that was going on why to divert our attention away from the the unjust actions of this man against Muslims, to injustice done by the Muslims. But here To be fair, there's lots of people from different backgrounds coming to show solidarity to

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and this shows you that To be fair, the majority of people in this country, and majority of people, especially in this city, are not people of racism and a lot of extremism. And they don't even sympathize with this or feel like it's an eye for an Iowa or something like that. They are completely against what happened. I've never seen as many non Muslims going into a mosque as this

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Hopefully we will get more and more of that happening for a lot of fun to our team. Here we are at Finsbury Park.

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You know, the scene of the incident is down there. This is where the police had blocked the road, you can see flowers.

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The generous British people come out to express their solidarity with the Muslim community

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in London, this barbaric, vicious terrorist attack against Muslim Muslims in this country. And we have been very disturbed by this attack. And we have been asking for the last 24 hours as to why it took so long for the mainstream media to come out and call it what it was a terrorist attack, a vicious, barbaric, unacceptable, inhumane terrorist attack, just like the one that happened on London Bridge is like the one what happened in Manchester, this was no different because the guy drove into innocent people. So terrorists don't specifically have a religion Rather, they do things in similar ways because they want to kill people unjustly. Okay, so

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we are very glad that the media has come out and called it what it was. It took a while it took nearly seven to eight hours for the media to realize that it was a terrorist attack, although he was very clear from the thought that the man was shouting that I want to kill all Muslims. I want to kill Muslims. And I'll do it again. And when he was putting the police van, he was waving at Muslims as if he was wanting them again, or taking the you know what we call it taking the Mickey language. So I'm trying to basically figure out as to why it took so long but

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you know, better late than never. The Prime Minister has come out and condemned it.

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we thank Jeremy Corbyn for coming out and expressing his solidarity. We saw some Sikh gentleman here today, distributing food. There were there were people from the Jewish community who had come out to express their solidarity. So we're very glad to see the quilt is coming together to stand with the Muslim community. Now we will ask a question as to what the government is going to do about those extremists, those bigots, those hate preachers, who are no different to ISIS, or people who are reaching hatred to cause havoc and chaos in societies, people like Tommy Robinson, people like Paul Golding, people like

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Katie Hopkins, LBC news, radio station LBC radio station is deliberately pumping hatred in the minds of people. When it comes to Islam and Muslims. What is the government going to do about these right wing?

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You know, neo nazi activists, what is going to happen? Of course, they deny Tommy Robinson denies that he is a white right wing activist, Paul Golding. They come across as if they are representing the British people in attacking Islamic extremism, it is actually not

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Islamic extremism they are against they are against Islam. How do we know that quoting verses from the Quran, and telling the Muslim that your book is barbaric? And if we started to quote the Bible, they would they wouldn't know what to do? They wouldn't, they wouldn't know what to do about it. So if the Bible has violent verses in it, do we tell the Jewish people not to read it anymore? Do we tell the Christian not to read it anymore? So why are they picking and choosing verse from the Quran out of context, and quoting them like that? So they have a problem with Islam. These people are hate preachers against Muslims. That's why they need to be stopped by the government. The government has

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to take this very seriously. This is not a joke anymore. There are people losing their lives, there are people innocent people dying around this country, because the government has failed to do something about white supremacist, extremist, hateful propaganda against the Muslim community. Something has to be done about this. And the media has left already. We hope that this incident is not forgotten. It is not forgotten, among other incidents, and it is remembered

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for the coming years so that these things are not repeated again. Thank you very much.

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The prophet SAW Selim said that 100 plus four

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is not painful to Allah, the One who doesn't thank the people. So firstly, we should thank the people who showed their solidarity to the Muslim community in the in London.

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They came, they left their comfort zone to come to help Muslims and that's something we saw but it came from different backgrounds, from Jews, for example, from Jewish community from South Korea, different people from different backgrounds, who came Muslims and scan inside Muslims and helping them and that's why we should be Oh,

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as Muslims, we should be thankful to those people who came and helped help Muslims in the in that situation as well. We need as well from the community as well stand together against all terrible either from the customer it doesn't have. It doesn't have religion actually, the main factor which you like alternate, alternate alternate This is that they are against the people against the innocent people, they are always against the unity amongst the people. And that's why we should always as a community as for example, one of the people who lives in a blessing, they should come together to condemn this act, especially either from you know, people who claim who claims to they

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say the Muslim, Muslim, or someone who say in the name of British values or someone who called themselves the the defender of British values. So we should we should condemn those ones who go against the you know the laws and don't try to harm the innocent people and try to attack them.