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Jimmy, I

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just want to really ask you about the third,

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on the third instance has asked you about your own experience. I mean, what how did you? How did you come to us in Islam? What was your experience? Well,

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as you correctly mentioned, I was born and raised in a religious, Shia family. And it's very important. That's why emphasize and underline it religious because it is correct that many Iranians not just outside Iran, but even inside Iran.

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board minute, Dean, how do we say this? that far away from religion? I'm not generalizing. I'm not saying the majority. But I'm saying it's it's it's huge numbers. It's known. It's, I remember, I lived in Germany, I went to France, I went to different countries, everywhere you go. First thing you hear from people from universities and where the sale you're on? Is it all fast? These Iranian I know these Iranians they eat pork, or they're not religious at all, except for a few. Well, this is, of course, an own topic on itself. And I personally believe this is the fate of illusion, of course, not just the fate Revolution, the fate Revolution, the failed religion. That doesn't nurture you,

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despite its claim, it's very ironic, the sheer religion and the scholars, they claim that it's very minor when you say the spiritual, right, very spiritual, and is the truth and a method of debate. But I'm not saying there are not have seen apostates from Egypt, I have seen from different Arab countries I've seen from Afghanistan. Nothing compares to the number of Iranian Shia people who leave Islam altogether what they believe to be Islamic. This is known. And

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remember, I myself, I did a research in, I went to the website of the no Norwegian website, and I saw a documentary in Germany, I speak German as well.

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Both countries said that the only group of immigrants from the early 90s on who convert to Christianity and stay Christian, who, among all Muslim nations,

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Iranians, they're the only people who were

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basically the priest or the pastor of the church. He admitted he said, most people do it for paper, or do you think they do know for papers? Yeah, I was gonna say, No, No, No, they don't. There are of course among Iranians as well. We do it for paper. But it was so funny to me because the pastor on TV on live TV said, You know what? Moroccans, Afghans, there's here there's some will become Christian. It's very rare, except one nation. And then I was smiling, looking at my family members. I said, guess which one everybody? Iranians. So look, although it is correct apostasy. You will find it in every religion, and in every nation. But what I'm saying here is no over exaggeration, it is

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the plain truth. It is shocking. Shocking the numbers. and here we can enter the next chapter, we can open the next chapter, how I left Jason. And I myself coming from a more religious family, obviously, most people in the West, I was born in Iran. We moved during the iran iraq war to to Europe, I grew up in Europe. Most Iranians obviously knew were not religious. My family, however, were from a religious background, especially my father's side, both my father My mother's side, my mother's side, they're more

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I don't want to use the word moderate. But compared to my father, less religious, my father's side, very religious family and known family into Iran. and Iran is where I'm from shimron is a is a town really, which is today part of Greater Toronto, it used to be an old town, Chevron. So

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me coming from this background, because this many run in the background is I don't know, Sha followers. They call them you know, from the monarchy. And when you say that I left she's gonna say, Are you one of these Sha followers? You're from these people who were never Shia in the first place? No, no, no, my family's a very religious family. My family ran influential.

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In fact, my grandfather passed away. He was a strong supporter of Khomeini. Right until the end of his library, then he started to regret and May Allah forgive his sins. And so

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I only had this back in my mind that Oh, look, I'm from a religious family. We're Shia. We're not the type of Iranians who were not Muslims there. There are many of the these kind of Iranians you find loads of them or writings who became Christian? No, we were

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considered ourselves Shia Muslim and for my father's background,

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whenever I visited Iran, my auntie and the number of family members, they were very religious back in those times.

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In the early 90s, and so, I was there was always this awareness there. So I always had it. And then when when I reached puberty to say, right,

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I always had a very strong affiliation you say affiliation to Islam defending Islam, how I didn't have much, much knowledge. So what did I do? I had a very close friend who passed away and Allah, I said to him, we are Muslims. Right? He said to me, as I said, we're not practicing enough, you know, not allowed time sometimes no slides all

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the rest of the rank, which is even worse, there's no Salah Murphy Salam O.

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's are upset. Nothing. So nice to me. All right. So imagine somebody who is only I was

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1617. Back then in the 90s 1617. That was the last thing people do to go themselves knocking at the mustard store. Especially that European country I grew up it's not like London, what they call it non non standard since the 90s. That was crazy people will do that. So I said to him tomorrow, we want to go knock at the

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door and say we want to learn one lady got grande salatu salam everything. Three is short. I said yes. So we went to the central station, it's upon God Allah. That was the decree of Allah, that should have happened. Because there was a taxi driver. Where was he from?

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Our towns, cities a city. Most taxi drivers were from Iran and Afghanistan. So imagine I would have approached an Egyptian like yourself or in Morocco. He would send me to a machine to the machine. The new machines have evolved and to aid in a body of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala. But this was not written for me. I asked somebody said to me, he saw that I'm confused. I was looking for a bus that takes me to the cosmos in our city. Most of the mosques were around the central station. He said, were you looking for a mosque? And I said it's not in Farsi. Then he he understood that I'm a Persian speaker. He said to me, I Iranian I said yes. He said to me, alright, take this bus. It will

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take you the masimo Ali. I said thank you sir Monica. Yeah, alamut

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just for you to know this is Yeah, now I remembered it makes myself laugh but you know, this way how you said goodbye to each other. You know, this sentence itself. You can make a dose one hour dose about

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a culture that claims it's Islamic, a myth that claims Islamic a method that claims is upon the beliefs of Alabama with Oliver on the lawn. And we are not will we follow banyo made a claim we are born Moberly and we are balling we are misguided and they are guided yet in the cup it's not something

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ignorance to it is Pew she religious culture instead of saying salaam aleikum, Ya Ali madad

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mother does Arabic mothered means help, basically, like you see in Egypt and so the Indus Valley, people say alongside longspan Allah, Al Mustafa, Al Mr. Anderson, you see an Arabic speaker comes from St. Anna, right? From help you need all sorts of helpers from Allah. Constantly Muslims as soon as I mentioned Allah, Allah hamdulillah that's something that can sort of made you more move towards Sunni we will come to them we will come to that. That was the first little shock Okay, not that I didn't know it somebody might say you didn't know that. Every Iranian says this now of course I know.

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But realizing you want to go to a mosque and you know most religions are not religious or this guy was more or less religious sayings Salaam to you with your limited there's another form they say Allah your it your means I have this in my languages as far as ali ali yarmulke Mensa help you understand means your companion friend. So earlier it means what alley your companion alley protects you. Okay? So imagine in religious Iranian Shia culture, it is common to say by alley, Yama, that and is the source Alice the help and Alice is a companion it will protect you. But I also believe there's another one I forgot.

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I really pushed a pan on it. It may be your back in front may protect you. When a problem is brought. When you mentioned these things. They'll say oh this is that was sold this is you know they opened another can of worms where they want to drag you into other discretion which has nothing to do with it. Giving pure

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heretical non Islamic polytheistic practices the stamp of

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what you call it an Islamic approval stamp as if if you call something which is philosophy, which is superstitious which has been our which is something never did never that elevated. Just call it a stroller you call a dish and then it's fine. Anyway, so that was the first little shock, right? Because of course I was born here. Of course I heard it before

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how I was thirsty for Islam. I wanted my thirst to be quenched by Islam. So I saw other people around me although as I mentioned, it was very rare people in my age to be religious in the 90s where I was from,

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but a new Muslim see salaam aleikum wa alaikum Salaam pipe in Farsi it's not common to say why alikum Salama when you say when Persian language when you say by you don't you say hold office? hold office means

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Allah hanifa Manila

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I'm not saying they don't say this of course they say called office as well but they also say this shortcut that I just mentioned you know sometimes people say we worship Allah also

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we call upon Him alone as well. But you know it's coming to see ali ali pushed to your limit that just because you added who don't have it sometimes or often or less than that doesn't change.

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That's very common.

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It's very common. So

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headed towards the masjid was called Muslim family.

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And it's funny they love it and I realized when

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when the first time when I visited London

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the Islamic center of England

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they're very, very confident they don't call observe this lovely city of London,

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England, Masha Allah say where I was from they call themselves the Islamic center of that cities nobody nobody I don't know who made them the Islamic Center away but wherever they go, especially the Iranian branches, which is from the regime.

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The column says quickly the Islamic center we went there beautiful, monument, nice mosque

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and not literally the door. A person maybe he's watching him right now his name is

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Hasani he was a good man helped me he helped me really

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with some basics knocked at his door I said I want to learn I want to learn the proper solder maybe do some mistakes maybe I don't know all the rules about sim everything everything I was so thirsty for them and he said no problem so to cut the long story short because now I can I was at least I think like two years proper active there. And I was not random person who was known there will come some solar. I was like at the top from the youth who organize who are there I lived you have to imagine here you guys in the UK and in London especially so easy you have every every I don't know 10 minutes there is a must convert even an area where there's not many Muslims, there's definitely a

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mosque. I had to travel every day one hour to this mosque. And I loved to go because I was thirsty for Islam. So it took me everyday one hour to go there. As I mentioned we were where I grew up we did not have machines every 10 minutes so it was literally around the central station you have to travel there and I lived west of the city and then the central station but I loved it because as I said I had a thirst for Islam was unbelievable. Yeah. Even my family members and surrounded him with many Iranians in my neighborhood where I grew up many Americans and other people

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but my family especially Why is why is such a bluff or Islam so strong. So I'll handle I always had it from i if i may claim from the very beginning so I went there to this to this place I knocked at the door of

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somebody who's named Mr. hazard is million Iranians their name is Hassan. So I'm not exposing nobody. So I went to particular mosque. It is I don't want to mention it because there's no need to make I mentioned already his name people will know me people who are watching right now they know exactly who I am. So but it's of no interest to the viewers. It was a one of the biggest markers. She emerges in Europe.

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So I went there.

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I knocked at the door. And I said literally you have to teach me everything

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and was very strange to them. You have to understand this. You see, he I need to have to explain bits and parts of Iranian culture and the current situation. Religion in general is perceived amongst Iranians how bad the situation is. Imagine how bad this

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situation is for the mullahs themselves

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knocking the door they thought that I'm probably I'm, I'm from the Mahabharat from the intelligence or from from maybe you know from yeah hooligans or someone who's taking

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taking it as a joke. They couldn't believe it, because the only people who came to the mosque, even in the West, I remember. First, I visited London, and I saw Ashura. The Deaf Ashura I passed the Kilburn mosque, Islamic center of England, Mashallah.

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I saw suddenly hundreds of Iranians, hundreds, many well known Iran's as well, all of them had a food is a very famous food we have is very nice, by the way, it's called came in, is a nice food by especially given on Ashura, Mahara as all of them each of them have one under under their armpits.

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Then I was telling brother I said to them, Do you know what's going on? He said to me, brother, I just know displays always empty normally. But when it's absolutely, exactly, I was active in a major, big Iranian center on the day of Ashura and Muharram, generally, especially across Europe. They told us because I told you I was very active in the in the mosque,

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over 3000 Iranians call

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but normally normal days, not just normal days even Juma the majority of people who came to Juma were non Iranians. Why is that?

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Because Iran is so far from religion.

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It is so strange. It was so strange even to the mosque. When they saw me they thought that I'm the son of some moolah. Or that I might be some son of someone from the embassy where the embassy the city your son from a blue wave

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look in your culture every Egyptian goes to the mosque, normal Muslim calm nobody associates it with politics or your

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you being a son of a moon or some of shake. It's normal you have a beard is normal many Egyptian youth have it in Iran stations so bad that if you look a certain type religious Islamic, according to them, they call you by CG moolah, moolah. So, if you're one of one of this type,

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which again shows how bad the situation is, how bad any what they have, what they have done in the last 35 and more plus years, the Iranians are so far from religion, that if you happen to be Iranian religious, first thing people will assume from the from the regime. So what was the turning point for you? What made you What made you actually

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think about symbolism? Well, in these two and plus years, I was active in that mosque. I saw Of course, a lot of things.

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There's so many shocking incidences of blatant schilke blatant policies in which you can't excuse it with with tawassul. And in you know, coming in playing around with the shadow a with these little boys exactly was give you an example. I'll give you an example. There were so many things that happen. I need to give you a few examples.

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It was Mohan Mohan today. She is a month of wailing in lemon, lemon, lemon, lemon ting and wailing. Not one day or two days, the whole month. Plus our buying comes then you are buying means the 14th to the 14th day after the the demise of somebody. So anyway, it was Muharram

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everybody came most people came who never come to the mosque. They never come to Salah, praying Allah. They never come to Ramadan sitting there praying to Allah alone. But suddenly, when it came to Ashura, lemon ting wailing in getting their payment, their food each under the armpit one suddenly the most free 1000 people whether

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so we cook for these free 1000 people and you know what they say I allow you to comb my

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hair you translated in Arabic way because of Arabs and Persians there. They say well, I'll reward you. Yeah.

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person standing on a lorry and said And may I say and also reward all of you.

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I was looking I was I was like, Frozen, frozen. These kinds of teachings are common. They are sanctified, they are approved. They are mainstream. Nobody gets shocked. You will get shocked and the Sunni viewer will get shocked. Trust me most she is unfortunately will not get shocked. And those who do get shocked and say no, but I don't do this. I don't call Abul Fazal al Abbas babble Hawaii, the gate of the fulfill of my needs. So what was the last straw on the camel's back for you what said you know, I have to account Well, these kinds of things, hearing them in Muharram saying mama

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Same reward you I will father is the gate of the fulfill of our needs. By the way, some other moms they call it is well, I'm Mazal call them the Columbo as well Bible, how age and

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all these things

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had a huge

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influence on me. As in, I knew something is wrong. So what was When did you become Cindy basically, it was when my beliefs became shaky when I was at that center. And it was a time where I studied and read I had a library in a number of languages was not somebody who was just, I wasn't just a follower. I was active, I was a leader.

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but these things obviously had an influence to me, in deep inside myself. I knew something is wrong, but that's why I mentioned the psychological part, that people who are in the minority are always defensive. So I remember one day I was making I was making blue

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and then there was a one cheery fellow who knew he said to you, I said, You dangerous so why is he gonna become one day will have said to him one more he ever, I will never leave him alone. And you know, bravo. I believe that I did not lie on that day. Because there is a fear from behind his famous book in Arabic. Unfortunately, you see, we also know we are mocassin we haven't done our work our homework, all this stuff is not translated, is a book by a person from Bahrain who wrote the translation you could translate it is how I gained the Sahaba I did not lose there.

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So I was aligned when I said well law he I will never leave a man in a salah and I did not because by leaving to share your you're not leaving Galbraith.

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This logic is like it's difficult to understand to fathom from the sheer side but for us as Muslims, it should be very logical. Just like when you do that our to Christian person. Let's see he's an Egyptian Coptic Egyptian, you see big way becoming Muslim? Are you losing Jesus? Are you becoming a real follower of Jesus? Are you giving him his hat that he deserves no Hulu, no exaggeration, you want to say you want to become a real follower of Jesus. Because on what you are upon right now is Hulu. It's extremism is over exaggeration. Same with me. So in these two years, when I was there, when I had this, my beliefs became shaky, but I couldn't express it.

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It was in 2003. So now we are heading to the end of my story.

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It was in 2003, where there was the last time I visited Iran, obviously since then, I never visited Iran. I can't, of course, because

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of my activities, and TV and so on, so forth. So 2003 summer was the last time I visited Iran.

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I still consider myself Of course, Shea. But it even gave me I had even I was how do you say zyliss? I was like, Yeah, because it was the first time I went, I was 19. It was a good age before I used to go when I was like, I think it was under 14. So this one time I was 19 years old. I said, I want to see everything. I want to say the Juma prayer, I want to go to the scholars I will go to this mosque that was as much as possible. So I've been there. Again, I can tell you 1000s of incidents shock over shock over shock over shock. We don't have this time. So I'm going to take some gems from here. And the first thing I did wanted to do was to pray for budget.

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I woke up

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it looked you know these western movies in the morning with there's nothing in Suffolk blows like this, when like that. So I was outside. Look at that the city was that.

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So old woman,

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grandmother, she looked at me she said Why are you doing? I said I'm here to pray. Want to go pray? Juma Masjid Islamic Republic of Iran.

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She said to me, she said to me boy, nobody praise the most are closed. It's closed you understand for fragile is closed and there's a tape for other than

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I was completely shocked. As you can imagine, I was complete I was I was I was shocked.

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Now I knew one thing ruin you and most of us will not know this. She has a very lenient when it comes to Juma prayer and they know it themselves. They are not proper straight shoulder to shoulder Forget about it. So

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I went back home when sleep is an earner pray and then I went to sleep wake up next day. I woke up next day went to my closest most liberal kumars which was called Madhavi. Yet, of course, of course every mosque you won't find most of the names to tell you

00:25:01--> 00:25:19

No, no like were you were you just by pronouncing the name you know? There's Islam to hate Sunnah Madhavi yet not any Maggie Fatima Hassan says A Beautiful Names and we have Muslim which are named I remember in Egypt is Mashallah saying

00:25:20--> 00:25:45

we love these names but everything named only after a little bit whoo whoo everywhere you smell scent literally over exaggeration of the alphabet so the next day I woke up when I said to my mother I need to go to the local mosque I need to find out what's How do they do things here maybe it's this area so nobody thinks that this area had plenty of so called mosques

00:25:47--> 00:25:50

so I went to our local mosque Madhavi yet was called

00:25:51--> 00:26:13

so holla again Yes, bonuses she raises Is she in back of your mind you know these things somehow but you know, sometimes you need to see things isn't it? Don't they say you can describe to someone who never ate a strawberry? She is so very sweet is or he ate the cherry in order to cherries, it's like sweetly cherry but you know it has this and that

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that that person needs to actually taste it so you understand what it is so same with me being raised most of our time has been lived in Europe yes was religious and the center

00:26:29--> 00:26:39

was watching videos lectures by Shia scholars and I knew a lot of things how the environment is but actually entering their places of worship.

00:26:41--> 00:26:43

So this was what happened I entered the first thing I saw

00:26:45--> 00:27:09

5060 or more pictures and the entrance of the most images images images imagery I had immediately feeling like you know this when you go to I don't know if you were in Egypt you guys have churches you have this Coptic people who are very similar to the Orthodox the column says also their form of Orthodoxy so they are very into images isn't it that even their priests on on the cloth on the garments that images

00:27:11--> 00:27:37

The first thing I saw everywhere images and that was shocking to me. Yes, I am sheer bone Yeah, I should have known this in images are very normal to them as you know, they they they draw images of the Imams it's permissible according to all mirage. I don't know any merger merger is the title of Grand Ayatollah whoever she has to follow a merger. I don't know any merger who prohibits they only come up with very

00:27:39--> 00:28:18

word clauses like they say as long as not disrespectful towards the television What do you mean disrespectful? When you see you have seen the images how they draw the debaters to us. It's something completely is despicable. So going back to the mosque, you went into the mosque, you saw these images you didn't it didn't sit well with you. What happened then? Well, going inside the most I haven't seen his images, I asked what are these images about in the address? They were like oh 50 images, they said these are the Shahada from the wall. So you see something new happened in Shia history iran iraq war, new hora thought new superstitions more bit more turning a place of worship.

00:28:19--> 00:28:39

Allah should be remembered adding more images already there was a image of Khomeini and harmony you know family what they claim and now 50 and more from the from this area, which are the Shahada What do you call it Shahada martyrs of Iran that have an insight brother in says very important just describe quickly what I saw inside

00:28:40--> 00:28:53

the place of worship? How do they look January mostly dropped trapped you say when it's wrapped a dry drip, drip, drip, drip in black? Black, reddish and black colors.

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And on the member on top of the mirror up top is the place where the mom said yeah, Fatima. They were like signs like have you seen like from a shop when you were there is an offer. They made like the signs yahaya Ali was shocking. The prayer things they pray on which people wrongly call it stones obviously they don't pray to the stones is a wrong statement. Whoever says this even calling it stone is not right is you can call it the mud pressed mud cloak or what they say. Clay sorry.

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Remember how I always used to defend these feelings? For example, when Sony said What is this you pray? No, no, it's just because he or he isn't raising the profit rate on Earth. You see brother making up beliefs. Yeah. And then looking for evidences. Yeah, of course the professor was preyed on for example, the must sit back there was a we of the race that he prayed on his when it was hot on his government, something not allowed at all and she is and you're not allowed to pay on anything which is not made from soy. Besides

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I remember one time is suddenly coming to me saying to me so this is suddenly what you have said yes. He said show me Show me this turbo. Remember, you know what was written on my toolbar 99% of these Torbert is prayer clays, which you have? Yeah, Ali. Yeah. Musab Narada Musa and even Musa imamura the mom was buried machete in Iran. So he said to me, so that's to hate Islam. Yama, Santa Rosa. Yeah, Ali said the tsunami of Russia was us and when we do bit are we so nice? This is what we're missing. Right?

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What she should have said,

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of course, unfortunately, this is my experience most Sherry's look for excuse after excuse after excuse, there is no excuse, you should be honest. You should call it what it is. What alpha superstitious beta, if this is the bid or what is this?

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I said two weeks there in Iran last time around 2003 the same in this mosque that shocked me that I just described. I mean a few other mosques talk to some Mohammed amin,

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Tobin whereas the scholars so it might four weeks stay one sorry one month stay there in that place that I the mustard I went other mosques, mosque I visited.

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I explained more things. For example, I realize they don't speak Arabic, the scholars shocking to me. Because I'm not saying that every scholar from non Arabic countries you go to Turkey, for example, will go to I don't know Bangladesh. Not everybody knows Arabic but hitsville Quran and decent amount of Arabic somebody who studied for 810 years it's common sins are known to be helpful.

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For example, circles of headstall Koran where do you find this? Only in Sunni mosques? You think when I went to them, you will find circles of Quran memorizing the Quran. Learning the Arabic language is very rare. So I went to this monster that was in Israel.

00:32:07--> 00:32:19

I must have back them Eric was very weak was I knew Arabic. So I asked for example, this shift in this world, you know, ma ma ma, ma ma, ma, ma ma.

00:32:22--> 00:32:35

In my local mosque this matter Viet, I met a group of procedures in opposition to this paramilitary you call paramilitary influential people they were one of them was very influential. He he was

00:32:36--> 00:33:14

very excited meeting somebody from the rest of his religious as I told you, it's so rare, specially coming from the west. Most people who come from the west with Iran, they do anything but going to the mosque. So he said to me, brother, next week or a few days, and then what was I going to take you to the Hossaini of Agha Amin's our means and he said and he meant harmony. I'm going to take you to the center of harmony. What was that about? It was, you know, people think that she has the lemons and the morn Ashura only in Muharram No, there's more. There's a lot of days throughout the year for lamenting and wailing and crying constant sadness.

00:33:16--> 00:34:01

So I knew what it was about it was a Yama file to me Yeah, they call it a young father Mia, Yanni the days of Fatima which they believe honorable Katara Han, who has killed Fatima and all these things lies refuted 1000 times and more. This is what they believe and they sell between Iran Iran that claims unity and between Muslims that's what they not celebrate. Or what is the English term moon Yeah. So I said to him You got to take into harmony to see harmony said yes. So I don't know what day it was. He picked me up with his car. And you know harmonies saying he was a near means. You see they invented a place of worship beside the mosque of Muslims only of mustard mustard comes

00:34:01--> 00:34:37

from sajida. sajida means to do to prostrate Suzhou is a place of servitude place of worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. They invented another place of worship, which they call was, again named after humans Of course, say Nia even after the Prophet is not called mohammedia. You see that Hulu? I like it one another actually a friend of mine set it's interesting and she is in the Hulu isn't even with the Prophet. We though we do have certain branches in Islam, where there's a lot of Hulu with the Prophet service and we know that they're known for him. In the case of dishes the Hulu is not over the Prophet is referencing anyway, so they call it hussaini Hussain yards would they

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

claim are branches of the shrine of a llama See? That's how they explain it. How do they justify it? This is not a bit out. So this is the shrine of our sin and a message of percentage spread for senior gotta Whoa, where's this in this edition noises in the Quran? We're not Koran is only we don't say it must be in the Quran. Allah says in the Quran no matter what. So Noah. What is

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

To the Prophet he hasn't even started something in his name calling it Mohammed yet Did he? Let alone yet? Anyway, homies we're saying here is what you might have seen all viewers have seen on news when harmony gives you important speeches as a blue carpet. It is his personal senior. When there is certain events, people come there morning and speeches is all gone. So he took me actually there. So I remember that they went there. I was looking all these Revolutionary Guards and police. I said, we're gonna go to 1000 people there. How are we going to pass there? He said to me, don't worry, I'm, I have connection. I'm going to take you there. So I went there. And there was like,

00:35:39--> 00:36:21

literally was like it was like a concert. Sorry, what did I call it? Super security. And so we went through this, what do you call it? Like an airport when you go through this thing when you look when they look for weapons and yeah, this like, check. So then one of these gods said Who is this? The person I was with? His name is Mohammed. Mohammed, a friend of mine, he said one of my friends for Don't worry. So what do you mean go Who's this? He said, He's with me. Hello, this God suddenly his face changed. like as if when he emphasized that said, let us fruit and fruit I was like then I realized this guy really has something to say.

00:36:23--> 00:36:35

We went to decide and you know, the main role was for the first role was for very important people officials so he brought brought us it really, really really front front front row.

00:36:36--> 00:36:45

And then Bravo. I saw like, back down hard to me was the president hearts became an officer Johnny came shahara he came to Russia Rudy.

00:36:46--> 00:36:57

And then just before harmony came hype, it was like a concert. Like, I remember what they used to say they used to shout Salah Allah Muhammad boo 14 Alma

00:36:59--> 00:37:15

Salalah Muhammad any peace and blessings on Mohammed in the familiar Mohammed is the scent of Mohammed is coming, the scent of Fatima is coming. And he calling combinate is in the ally of the mass murder of the Syrian children, the ally of Bashar calling him the center Fatima, this criminal person.

00:37:17--> 00:37:36

But this was before obviously the war. That was obviously before this is we're talking about 2003. But what doesn't matter? He is not that he hasn't committed crimes. So I saw this combinate person there are people beating themselves slapping is that Yeah, no raises include involve no knives involved. But that doesn't make it better.

00:37:38--> 00:38:01

And I when I saw this, you know, but they're just very important point to make, you know, they have a lot of power. The Mirage is because of a lot of power upon the layman, because the communists because there's the tech lead is tech lead, what they call it tech lead is very strong rooted in them. Literally, they follow blindly the scholars, they claim it's only in fear cannot appeal them, and most of them don't research. So

00:38:02--> 00:38:28

seeing what was going there and how many the moment how many came in people slapping this attitude. Even that Mohammed guy was with me was holding my eye and said, you know, don't worry, what you're seeing is a bit extreme. You know, it's some dude a little bit extreme. I could accept what he said. Because I was like, these people will slip they can stop everything. Iran for example, whether the tie is forbidden, prohibited and official.

00:38:30--> 00:38:54

Would you call it when schools and official buildings government buildings, you're not allowed to wear tie? Did you know that is because they say it's a it's a symbol of imperialism in western or Western ism and so on so forth. So this person commonly in the regime who can probe it's something like a tie in schools and in government buildings, right? Why is he not doing nothing? Look how they behave is a way of mourning.

00:38:55--> 00:39:19

Anyway, a lot of things happen. I saw more of this more horrified more superstitions more shaky as I told you about even the way people greed Yeah, alley are people say by alley are it pushed upon Oh, Daddy, may Allah be with you, protect you and so on so forth. There's a lot of things that could sell but really to cut it short. I came back to Europe.

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

It was awesome to start is about to start. I have more and more doubts. I became friends with a person first I haven't become first I did not become friends with him. He was there was a website's Allah. May Allah bless these brothers. It was so nusseibeh.com it was a Persian English, Thai website. calligraphy was this there are a lot of articles refuting she is in common. She doubts our era this Armada that I will back up this salon. No it's not long time it's gone. But when I saw this is a she I was still here. I wrote to the admin and said you Naseby enemy of our enemy of debate gonna refute everything you wrote.

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

He was a very good adverb of very good manners he said to me brother I know you're not gonna believe me he said he said I'm a former she a scholar from Tehran. I had to fled Iran complete because my family's super religious and biased. And look, I'm going to prove to you that she Ism 12 Imam ism is based on the most shaky foundations you can imagine. Mutasa behat called an Arabic and biggest evidence from the best thing he said you bring me from the Quran I attached here I will I will answer to you. We may the best you have from this one right here. I will answer to you Everything will backfire.

00:40:47--> 00:41:02

Never met in my life, a confidence Sunni, especially in early 2000. There was not many websites, you know, dealing with this stuff. Probably it was not for the single Sony websites like except this one. And my brother days in weeks of exchanging mails

00:41:03--> 00:41:08

until I reach the point, and I'll be really reaching the end where I said I can't be here anymore.

00:41:09--> 00:41:16

She isn't, is trova we have to be precise. 12 ism is based on Muta shabby heart

00:41:18--> 00:41:30

and biggest evidences I loved one thing he taught me this actually escalated to me, I said listen, all false religions, you can expose them and find out that weakness loop.

00:41:32--> 00:41:56

What is the main main our what is the main call? What is the main beliefs? And look on? What is it base? How strong are the foundations? He said, you go to the Christians. David is a Jesus the cotton literally the cotton Son of God and you have to worship him and he's literally God. Then you ask for evidences. I once had a debate with a with Egyptian lady Christian.

00:41:57--> 00:41:59

I asked her for example, what is your favorite? And she said,

00:42:01--> 00:42:01


00:42:03--> 00:42:08

She said in Egyptian accent she said mercy. He said Jesus is the bread of life.

00:42:10--> 00:42:13

So you believe in this

00:42:15--> 00:42:19

horrendous belief According to monotheists, to even to do even to Jews,

00:42:20--> 00:43:02

to as Muslims first and foremost, but even Jews. Consider this a horrendous belief that Jesus literally the Son of God, this is COVID This is the Incarnation this is and this is your Daily This is the best you can bring. So the same this teacher of mine this friend of mine said to me go to any other sick but the man is so good buddies. Any other wrong sects. Look at the main foundation and ask them bring me your best. I don't want you to second best. I don't want you second best had these 12 honey for brother. We don't need this. 12 halifa Hades Bring me a deal. I had some Russian we proved all of you. One lawyer it proves enough. An idea was understood exactly as lucerna wajima

00:43:02--> 00:43:21

understand it. One lie he I the way I did home to famous incident for the home where she has claimed that the Prophet appointed as his successor This is not true. Of course it's also not true that the Prophet only said that's my friend is a straw man. They make up strawman. This one they say that the prophet SAW Selim said this is my friend.

00:43:22--> 00:43:31

Nobody claimed this. Soon as I've written about it, it has a context. Roger does not prove wilaya mama let it of Allah let alone of 11 other ones.

00:43:33--> 00:43:52

We talked a little bit about the ayatollahs here. For the sake of argument, even if we would surrender let's call it surrender and say okay, I verse 33, sort of sub so called Iota theories about our debate. Right I will be kissa you said hierarchies are the five How do you include the others with what permission

00:43:53--> 00:44:10

What will you see? Alison Brava I believe is so superior and I was taught this by this actually shape the believes of angsana so superior, so clear. So founded and hold on strong pillars, let's call it

00:44:12--> 00:44:39

that we can even go the extra mile and say to opponents by even if I surrender in this case, still you religions have proven even if it is about alley, how where's the added for the other 11 even if I add 33 is about kissa kissa five people were for permission you add the other ones Of course, they will come up with what more ambiguous and more ambiguous arguments and this is where we reached the end that the last

00:44:41--> 00:44:47

advice this actually a friend. If you watch isn't right now I set my cell amps to him because he was

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

so super helped for me to really to to leave Shiism completely, because I was at a stage when I came back to Iran and when I debated and discussed with them at the beginning where I said I'm

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

This shear anymore can't be shea butter can't be

00:45:04--> 00:45:44

why because it was all these years so nice follow my ads but you may override I don't know is a liar of a liar no he made up a hadith Omar Omar killed Fatima I don't know and abubaker the center is in Highland Valley did this all these things that the likes of Neff Shivani when they're in their own mosques, when they discuss this are apparently not ready or maybe inshallah they are ready to discuss it with knowledgeable Sunni brothers. All these things were of course in my mind, so it was difficult for me to make this decision and it was not a light. I didn't take it lightly. I didn't take it lightly. I was not the kind of person so Okay, I'm gonna leave now. I did not take the

00:45:44--> 00:46:02

decision lightly. It caused me trouble in my life. I can never visit my country again, as long as especially in front as these rules are ruling their mind come to law, a law. As the next year the hiney brother who wrote a book famous book in Arabic, I did not lose weight. I kept my debate. And I have the Sahaba

00:46:03--> 00:46:17

I have authentic Islam pure Islam. I know that I have plenty of narrations from Albania, we pilot in the sunan in the nine books of Hadith, more than Abu Bakar, and Othman, together with moderation family, so I did not lose anything.

00:46:18--> 00:46:59

One last advice I would give to you, the viewers and everybody really is that look, we have to be straightforward with to be honest with each other. Some people might call this very session here sectarian and why talking about these things, when Muslims have trouble, are in trouble here. And then wars are going on. We say for everything. There's a situation in a time this is correct. But what's the problem? discussing these things? Honestly, everybody? I always say in this age has a member in Arabic we say it has a pulpit pulpit. Everybody has a camera can do a speech. Yes. Many people watching right now might curse me might say that I'm a liar. I don't know. Everybody's free.

00:46:59--> 00:47:01

But the thing is, they must accept that.

00:47:03--> 00:47:41

It's not the time for the husana job. It's not our time for yours soon is just watched. We are not sick will lie here compared to what they do. That TV channels, as I said revolve most of the time about what soon isms habit is a habit that I mentioned, I made TV as a whole show about so called competence. We listen. It's not like brother, we don't have X. Yes. Well, why? In this very city alone that I was at right now. I have seen so many. And I know so many brothers, we have many. In Iran. There's a phenomenon a few days, it's acknowledged by the regime and by ideology, you have heard probably in a house

00:47:42--> 00:48:23

1000s and hundreds 1000s of people have to come sooner so much, and even the regime is not denying it. It's just we do not convey these news to them. And assume that we have to be honest, we are more considering we haven't done our homework. There's a lot of books by actual scholars that are much more worthy to be heard about than me, but it's not been translated. That's just one one off and on. It's been a pleasure having you on today. I would like to say that, you know, the Quran makes it very clear. And so it's the 30th chapter. And the 32nd verse, Allah subhanaw taala has been the Latina for Rocco Dino Makana, Shia Kula Aquila has been emailing him for a home. And he also says in

00:48:23--> 00:48:24

sort of,

00:48:25--> 00:48:26

sort of Anam.

00:48:27--> 00:49:10

In the 100 and 59th verse, if I'm remembering correctly, a very similar verse. By then he says, to the Prophet, the ones who follow who Dino whom are the ones who basically break away their religion, less than minimum fee shake that you Oh, Prophet Mohammed have nothing to do with them. These are two examples of actually, evidence is from the Koran where the word shy is actually being used explicitly. Obviously, it's not talking about what we know as she has him today. But why is saying is because the word champions group and sect, what we're saying is let's stick to the Quran and the Sunnah and the Prophet. That is what we believe in right? Don't become a Shia, or don't do become a

00:49:10--> 00:49:25

Shia in the sense that don't become a group don't become a sect. And this is what not why I'm saying this is what a lot is saying. And as a Muslim, anyone can anyone can identify with that. So this is really why we call ourselves Sunni, wireless. And now because

00:49:27--> 00:49:59

because we follow the Jamaat In other words, we follow the Prophet Mohammed Salah, so if you don't like that terminology, we just say that we are Muslims who follow the Prophet Mohammed Salah salam, which is in the Quran, who were meant to follow. I say, guys, if anything me or the brother have said, has upset you guys. Well, we're not we're not we're trying to do that. We were just really trying to convey a proper message to you guys. We think it's your right to know these things. And you should be subscribing now to our channel and inshallah we will be producing more videos in the future or so.

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