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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam in his journey of Surah as they recite in a daily basis, we might find it the main theme of this of the source is the human being is Alan son of Bashar. Rather we find that indeed the main theme of the Quran is you have people in sun, it to speak to humanity to speak to human beings. Speak to Muslims to speak to the Kufa disbelieving individuals or non Muslims to remind these individuals about Allah subhanaw taala what the good will be a year Mila, remind them about the days of Allah Subhana Allah or the meeting with Allah Subhana Allah Allah,

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Allah Subhana Allah created the human being, little variety only cost the only Nissa T Allah created a human being with an intent with a purpose on this world. And that purpose has been summarized in near enough in every single page of the Quran. And specifically ALLAH has kind of mentioned it's sort of there yet. The 51st Chapter The Quran verse number 56, when mahalo octogenarians insert elderly or Budokon, I did not create the gene and the human being several Basha animal a high B was what boy here, the scene world, unseen world, whatever that exists that we know of, we don't know and every single creation the face of the earth. welcome Susan al Bashar al Insan are created for

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the sole purpose to only worship Allah Subhana Allah and to worship Him, as it had been at best said, Dr. Abu Why don't the singular Allah Subhana Allah for Eva da for worship? That's even the beginning the surah began to look into bindi later on the soil to milk the baraka lady, but yet the animal Kuba who Allah co Leisha in the year, Allah the Halacha moto will hire Leah blue accom au axon Armineh was the intent of bringing the human being on the face of this earth.

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Placing him on the face of this earth

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has placed death and life. Leah blue accom ayoko us and where am Allah to see which of you is going to do the right and the correct action the face of this earth upon the face of this earth? Allah placed us upon this earth Lily a bed for worship. Now inside Jana that people ask the question, what will what would make the bed that be inside Jana? There is no taka leaf. There is no responsibilities. There is no Halal haram. There is no worry about that as such inside Jana,

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that the struggle is on this dunya that Allah subhanaw taala wants to see. And that's when ALLAH SubhanA speaks about Rebadow speaks about inside the surah he gives us that inside Manila Who is Allah? Who is Allah Subhana Allah Anna, so you get to know what is your purpose of a birder because the more weaker the person is in their email and belay Subhana Allah and you're in the yeomen earth here, in a belief regarding Allah Subhana Allah and the belief regarding the last day and what will take place, the more weak or weak they actually become on the face of this earth. When a person knows Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah is One who created everything and placed upon

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this earth for a purpose. Because we don't know Allah subhanaw taala we don't see the symbols or the signs of Allah under throughout the Quran. In the beginning of Quran, the first seven verses are speaking about whom Alfred Taha that we reiterate at least 17 times a day how many of us really know what the meaning of effect is? Those are some of the early medieval times of God I mentioned the whole Quran. The Holy Quran is to summarize inside sootel Fatiha the whole look around flows if you understand certain data from Goodwill Quran you divide the whole Quran into your mind the section from Surah Fatiha and from Surah Fatiha er cannot do a year canister in you understand this one

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verse, that You alone we worship and You alone we seek aid and assistance from an even further Sunbrella my say it goes down to just what the verb Naboo do we worship you? And then some of them say it goes down to the noun of Alhamdulillah or will hand either for him Castile and ham DOMA on your hand. If you understand the meaning of what is Al hamdu you've understood what the god of the Quran with the intent of the Quran is then the Quran spills over into sort of Bukhara, or other malaria filled Quran. The greatest idea inside the Quran is AYATUL kursi verse 255 was sorted Bukhara speak about whom about Allah subhanaw taala seven names or attributes placed inside it just

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10 Sorry, speaking about Allah Subhana Allah Surah Ali Imran

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Columbia medical Mulk speaking about the Dominion, the control the kingdom ship of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Surah Hood Surah Yuna Surah, who would speak about Allah Subhana Allah to let you come to Surah a nor Allah Who knew to some alpha t will speak about whom, as far as I have knew of the Quran light of the Quran speak about Allah subhana Tana And throughout the Quran we traverse and uncovered, speaking about Allah subhanaw taala to end the SOTL Harsha speaking about whom, who Allah who led the La ilaha illa who animal of AB was Shahada? Who are Rahman Rahim until the end of the surah. Speaking about whom only about Allah Subhana Allah than the end of the Quran. So today has

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fully full Quran 1/3 of the Quran whoever knows understand school who will love and

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understand the surah yet ACARA Illa Allah will come close to Allah Subhana Allah because Allah Subhana Allah mentioned the Quran Phantom and no La Ilaha illa Allah was stuck really them big meaning our minute Well, lo Jana Mota conda Bakumatsu ACOEM have knowledge that none has the right to be worshipped except for Allah Subhana Allah, when a person has that knowledge, what do they lead to it leads to repentance. It leads to asking yearning, asking Allah subhanaw taala so the more the person understands, or has some understanding of who Allah subhanaw taala is, the more it strengthens that a birder and the person who knows Allah Subhana Allah Anna comes under feeding

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Matilda comes under the protection of Allah Subhana Allah because this person is trying to be a bad rap man, where a bad rap man and Latina young Shona and Abdi Hohner were either Saltalamacchia eluna CalU, Salah, read the SIFAT of a bad rap man and De Soto for con. What are the characteristics of the believers in Allah Subhana Allah and Allah calls them a bad man. Servants he servants of our Rahman guests of Abraham man, and they traverse on the face of the earth. They traverse in a state of humility. That's how they walk on the face of this earth. And if the foolish or ignorant individuals, they disturbed him, all Salama Peace be upon you they walk away because this world is

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full of so many distractions. Distracting all of us derailing all of us that's why we tell these Emily's even Josie the traps and deception of the devil let them many the numerous throughout the Quran read in Nola Kumar. DUMO been for you is a clear enemy clear animosity. So the Iraqi will come from every single angle to attack you, from the right from the left from in front of you from behind you What did you do a chrome share Kyren only few people don't be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah also mentioned except for those sincere servants, he has no control over them in nakida shape and he cannot believe

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the plotting of planning shaytaan is weak. If the person knows whom Allah subhanaw taala is, has that conviction and that belief towards Allah subhanaw taala and Allah will rescue this website is Surah one of His Names and Medea, the one that rescues rescues the believers. Allah subhana cannibal Medina, Rahim Allah is merciful towards the believer don't think Allah leaves as Muslims in this in this state, that we may think that we perceive Allah mentioned inside the Quran that those people who may call upon Allah Subhana Allah, what is the response? When Eunice la Salam called out in the realms of darkness, not dark the darkness is Fernanda Bulu. Matt, he called a darkness of what the

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darkness of the night, the thunder, the clouds, the darkness of the ocean, the darkness of the belly of the whale vumat Focus Bluma volume, the volume surrounded inside there Fernanda blue mud and now ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the consuming of volume in

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the in the in the anti Subhanak game you could do bit of body bead, faster job no no faster job Nana who when a J know who made the hum. We responded to his call. Because some of many that really matter fussy that mentioned unis at a cinema, when his time have had a difference in the state of happiness and goodness. He used to remember Allah. He used to praise Allah call upon Allah. So Angel said that we know this voice. This voice is a familiar voice that's calling upon Allah Subhana Allah. And Allah says that we're going to take him out of his thumb. He's deep, he's colored, whatever he's going through inside his life. We're going to bring him out of that. And look what

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Allah has panda dimensions after that, because they're indica noon genmab meaning and likewise we're going to rescue all believers. The unknown is to share and is pointed fact whoever uses this dua, Allah will deliver that individual

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whoever makes that door calls upon Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah in the consuming of body mean. Go back to our domination how

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Well look at the headlines. So Tara Khan,

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both of them said Rob Bunnell alumna and Fuson our LM talk fildena Otter Hamner, then Hakuna. Namaha serene. This word life of the believer is Abu Bakr said to the Prophet and some teach me do I can say in such a short say these two are Allahumma inni vollum to Nuptse Goldman cathedra What are you up for the Nuba Illa and fog Fridley Mugford Ahmed Indic What are happening in teleco for Rahim, they were pressured does it mean there's all forms of sitting pressures being in a state of a gut fly heedlessness, not reaching out potentially in rabada in focus and commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala this will Allah is Panda wants from us to to see his servants are making the effort

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towards him subhanaw taala so he will deliver he will rescue his seven who come underneath that protection but protection comes by making the effort of trying to say decipher who is Allah Subhana Allah. So does Allah grant Allah highlights about inside the surah about a koala the big deal milk when we're under kulesza in ardeer, Tabata to cut this is smooth, praise be Allah subhana min Baraka, Baraka, everything about Allah Allah has blessed and whatever he places upon his life he blesses it in his hands belongs all goodness in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala that He is Allah Subhana Allah so you find that really matter begin to decipher inside the Quran, places inside

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the Quran how they begin Imam so up right above it, and it's concrete aluminum on 10 different formats inside the Quran, how the Quran begins, he divided in sections whereby he speaks about Allah hates Allah mentions about himself and Tabata occurs numerous times you start the Quran by the beginning of Surah inside sorted for Khan Tabata calorie

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dessert I'll have been for Connolly accorded and Amina Anna Zerah that's Surah tabernacle Furqan and this is Tabarak and monk. These only two students that are gonna begin by speaking about Allah Subhan Allah subhana wa Tada that he is the one it all in his hands beloved Old Dominion old power. And that's when a person understand this the surah the Prophet Allah is not some said that is a Surah inside the Quran, or the person recites the history of Ghana Jaco lane, Laila, Laila every night.

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He'd read the two suitors before going to sleep Surah Alif Lam Meem searched the 32nd chapter of the Quran and sootel milk the 67th Chapter of Quran every night when we read them before going to sleep. And some aroma they try to they try to decipher the said What is the reason why why these specifically these two suitors?

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Firstly find that both the suitors contain 30 ayat.

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And if Lam Meem sagia contains 30 I yet and so two more contents. 30 is what you're left with some I will absorb all of ADA kalila Mata Sharon, this i occurs in both disorders, identical versus inside these both disorders. And in general the theme of both disorders is identical is the same about the human being about the purpose the intent of the human being, why the human being was created. And what is aside when only one other surah in the Quran contains 30 is historical Fajr so whoever reads this surah every single night it becomes a form of protection for the individual. In other races that we find whoever reads the sword at 3d 30 iron, it becomes a protection for the individual from

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our double cover from the punishment of the grave. As we mentioned Ultimune Jia, that is certain things inside the Quran every person carries them out inside their life, they become a form of protection for the individual just like it could see and more with attained become a form of protection for individuals as suitable becomes a protection for the individual because oh well Munzee min Manasa aka the first station of older stations.

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Is what a washer to cover.

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Is the emptiness is the scariness of the grave.

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That's why you find he encouraged us to recite the surah every single night. And man is the one that prevents the one that protects so every cathedrals are intercede. He begins to discuss some other week narrations about how certain multiple protect the individual and once you get these narrations a week by just mentioned inside the house that suitable when the angel will come to punish this individual will be on their face. It'll be in their mouth, it'll be in their heart, it will prevent the punishment coming upon the individual that is sort of to milk or if an other authentic narrations that it protects the principle of punishment of the grave or the punishment of the fire

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inside the grave. That's why even Taymiyah Rahmatullah right, based upon all these narrations he said under Jimmy Aloma, well I'ma the whole of the Muslim ummah, and the Imam they believe in that when the person enters the grave, among others, in

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that when a person enters into the grave, there's either going to be bliss or there's going to be punishment. No two other things no nothing else. One of these

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Two things. For every single human being on the face of this earth is either going to be bliss, or there's going to be punishment. Likewise the Imam know we begin a whole long discussion. When we speak about football and Quran speak about the surah and the Salah, Dr. Italica. The Sheikh begins to mention him I'm not meant to have long narration studying about what is our double cover, protecting oneself. numerous passages inside the Quran prove to this point because why do we highlight this because we live in this modern world, that even Muslims have this perception that these things are figment. SRP will actually these are ancient tales. There's no such thing we dig up

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the grave. There's no punishment there. There's no physical punishment. They're scientists, they take mercury that moves upon the slightest element of fraction of movement. Place it in the grave. We didn't find no movement. Because they as the Quran says makhanda na. Smith, owners Maru makan Nephi as herbicide Allah refutes these people, because they think they have accom they are all color the intelligent individuals intelligence is to see the Quran to see the messy the Quran not to believe that everything that physically that exists highlights that this is a reality. There's no emotion delay, Subhana Allah, there's many things that are hidden from us many things, Allah wants

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to see that when you really believe. Are you going to believe at the final moments of your life? Are you going to believe in work to look haha? Are you going to believe in your soul come to the top of your throat? And then when you see the Angel of Death coming and approaching you, coming towards you? Are you going to say that now I believe that for our

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walk outside.

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Now now for all you want to believe now at this moment of time. Now he's seen the Angel of Death he's seen. He's seen the image of an era. As he opens up the space opens up he sees the transition of moving from this world into an era. He's seeing that now. And when you begin that journey of moving into Alberta, there is no returning back. There is no what people speak about near death experiences. When you die you die. Allah might give you certain symbols in this dunya to awaken you

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will have the Khaliqul motor will hire tele or blue or you can ask Who am Allah created death and life because I should insure inside and know who will make it. The essence the human being is dead, we will not in existence. We never existed. So Allah Allah placed us in existence and places upon this earth for what purpose? For a burden delay Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is the One who brings us out from death from death into life. From now you need to configure your E commerce implicative Inside the feed, then it causes you to die and it causes you to come alive again.

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No one can escape Allah Subhana Allah. If someone thinks that they can escape him Subhan Allah Allah, you find a hadith about the person from Bani Israel. He said he said to his children that when I die,

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burn me cremate me and then take my ashes and throw them in a windy day at the edge of the sea at the end of the ocean of the beach, throw them in a windy day.

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This frog get rid of me in this manner. Thank you for what purpose that may be maybe Allah is Panda calm, bring me resurrect me once again. Allah brings him together and ask him this question. Even though Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will be he will be handy. He won't be in me He, Allah knows this individual why he done this action, but he wants this individual speak himself.

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He says I've done this, because I feed you your Allah. And I don't know what's going to happen to me. That's why I've done this action at random and MacDonagh of this hadith and is it a proof that cremation is allowed? This was used was at a time of Bani Israel. Remember that whenever you read a hadith about fee Bani Israel canopy Bani Israel, that hokum doesn't apply to us. You can't read those Hadith and begin to apply them around our society that specific at that time, that was his action that he's forgiven for. As for cremation inside Islam law, your dues, he's not allowed to cremate a person and Muslim his his body is treasured is a prized commodity in Canada may eaten

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O'Hagan a Muslim he bones and everyone individual is respected, whether living or dead. Because why is a soul that believes in Allah subhanaw taala is sanctified, sanctified, because it has the name of Allah kind of flowing through its body through its mind. So it needs to be duly respected the way it's presented. That's why one of the companions he went and he placed a peg on a grave because he should set up the tent in the Hadith such the pseudonym I'm not mistaken the hadith is kind of by Ethan. He placed a peg on the grave and he had a voice. He had a voice the person was reciting the Quran what were they reciting reciting Surah Al Mulk.

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And he completed the surah. Then he narrated that to the Prophet Allah Islam, Islam, this is what I did. I placed this peg on the grave because he didn't

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canoes a grave because graves weren't like shrines that we find today. They were simple. Just a just a hand span that's all the graves were at that time and still not go to Jana to Bucky go there. So they are hand span. We don't find these great shrines of relics of people who began with you only worship Allah and Ebert that Allah that's why the Abu Bakr Omar Abu Dhabi mentioned his statement. Montana Yeah, Abu Mohammed and Vanda Muhammad and met whoever worshipped Muhammad is left his dunya in the coming you know, may you tune there's not derogatory or defaming the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the Quran says in Nikka and perv Kitab,

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careful Maha Baba is speaking to whom it's not speaking to us. It is speaking directly to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Allah is saying to him in Nikka Mejia, you're going to leave this dunya we're in now who may you tune and everybody else is going to lead this dunya so we don't worship him. Her life is based upon that. And whoever worship the love for him, no matter how you like your mood,

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whoever worshipped Allah, Allah is eternal or living. So a person has to make a philosophy a badass equilibrium. Everything inside your heart has been nothing but filled with the love of Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah inside the surah speaks about himself. That Allah is the one that made this creation placed His creation, for what purpose?

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Meant to manifest sama II

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A Josefa book because for a while either here or more, do you feel safe? From Allah subhanaw taala, who controls the heavens and the earth? Then again, Allah mentioned I'm in to Memphis summary, and you'll see Alikum How soon do you feel safe that Allah would say, torment upon you, destroying you? And prior to that Allah mentioned what did what did he give to the human being? He gave it a human being. What Yeah, that was somewhat absurd, I will either call in the matter screwed, why did he give us these faculties? For faculties? Of seeing of hearing of perception? For what purpose? Let's do that just to enjoy yourself.

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Just luxuries of this dunya to eat to drink, whatever it may be, we're not against that. But is that all that life is for us? Is that all that life from wisdom has become? Just this this cycle? Look at the Quran the language of Quran some it's been derogatory? Can an army been whom Allah Allah says that people become can an amulet Katha like beasts.

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That's what animals do. Just eat drink. relationship that's the Eat Drink, sleep relationship, eat drink, sleep just said it's a cycle.

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The human being is far beyond that.

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The Far human is far beyond just eating, drinking and just sustaining himself. It's a higher perception that Allah expects from the human being clearly the matter screwed. Very little do you give thanks to Allah Subhana Allah Anna. That's the Allah's plan on the Day of Judgment will ask us about these documents. Allah mentioned that as some in the summer will busser will further kulula it again and homeschooler The fact is, he doesn't really matter at that hearing. Why didn't even Allah mentioned here it's not suitable hearing. Because people hate the Quran. People hate the message. And they will not respond.

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Well call an akuna. Now if only we could comprehend.

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We could comprehend this message decipher this message. These people they believe the intellectual smart individuals.

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They think look at people boast about apps are the design every single day you have to upload your app change your app.

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Why don't we ponder about Allah subhanaw taala

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look at the heavens and the earth. Forget Basara has TermInfo poor look at the heavens and the earth? Do you see any photo show cook? Do you find any discrepancies? Any weaknesses inside the heavens and the earth? Look at the sky every single day. Don't walk with your head down on the ground. Look at the heavens. How tall I mean football. Football gel Basara Karitane young clip electron muscle hacia Hua See, then look again to the heavens and earth are no matter facies it doesn't mean look again curtain doesn't mean camera but the camera Amara Tane be Maharani keep on looking, keep on searching. You will never see any deficiency, any discrepancy in the creation of

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Allah subhana Dyana that's what the prophet Allah says on the end of surah Allah Imran he began to weep, I assure you stay with him and he began to weep. And he said this is been sat down with whoever doesn't weep listening to these iron.

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In the hot summer word he will or the bhakti Luffy lady wouldn't have heard the Yeti leoline Al Bab and Medina yet kurunegala Yamama Coronavirus, new beam Waetford Karuna vehicle pizza where it will Robina malefactor heard about Allah subhana wa Sakina burner

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in difficulty

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Somehow it will add and the creation of heavens and the earth the alternation of night and the day now at nearly as bad as science for people of understand a loophole after

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loophole after this the mind. You know, Quran isn't against the act of the rational that we think the Quran is saying use your actual use your intellect, use your mind. See around you the signs of Allah subhanaw taala assigned to those individuals who remember Allah standing, bowing, frustrating lying down. What did I say? Rough Bernama? halacha Bartylla

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you haven't created this vanity.

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You know, these people believe in suit for the Big Bang theory that everything just came into existence to Allah Allah Allah when Kabira would attribute to Allah look at this and says, Listen, some of the things that they sing about what they attribute to Allah would attribute to God. The film of the corruption is far beyond the vile speech they have, look what they say about Allah subhanaw taala

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this will you call a law society that defames the Creator rebelled against the Creator speaks ill of the Creator, attributes haram to the Creator,

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commit ship with a creator. That's the solver whoever person nurtures, their child nurtures their son, their daughter nurtures them and they grow up and they said say to their parents or you help somebody inside you love you help them throughout your life. They say to you you've done nothing for me in your in your life. You never helped me. You never supported me. You didn't do anything for me.

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Think about that inside your life. Every human being will be enraged will be enraged at how did that person say that I broke my back for my family for my children for my loved ones.

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I've done this to help this person whatever it may be. This is what they returned back to me while he lay must have to Allah Tala blanc the highest and greatest example. But this is just as as human beings to understand.

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So that when a person says that there is no creator,

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I created myself. I came into existence myself and in had been atheism rejection. There is no God there is no Allah there is no return. There is no an Astra there is no hereafter there's no life after death.

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Religion is control of people. Does he read books of philosophy? What do they write? Oh, Religion is the opium of mankind is the drug of mankind.

00:27:31--> 00:27:40

People been injected with religion to dumb them down. That's not what religion is. That's not what Islam is. Because Islam isn't a religion. Islam is a way of life.

00:27:42--> 00:27:48

They may have dumbed down people with their Christianity to inject into people, but Islam is what gives life to people.

00:27:49--> 00:28:15

The Quran says that it gives life to be what awakens people that's what Islam does. That's what Quran does. That's what Allah means. It's a disorder that a person who's going to be walking on their face. McKibben and our watch. He had a mayhem. She's so weird and our Soroptimists Hakeem, are those people that saved the person who walked straight on this earth, and no one's gonna be walking on their face. Doesn't really matter. It literally is reading the Astra people going to be dragged in their faces.

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That's the suit of Allah that everything on this earth that we see it will be flipped, it will be changed over there be dragged in their faces to jahannam

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so the person who walks straight on this follows the rules and teaching of Allah Subhan Allah is not the same as a person who turns away. And then Allah mentions a young woman Hala Hala, people Hebei, does the Allah know what he has created? This Another problem is that our society people trying to challenge Allah. You know, we live in a modern world is a 21st century 1443 years. Don't speak to us about relics of ancient history, the sixth century of Bedouin practices

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don't speak to us about that we live in a modern world

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of modern dress modern identity modern understanding.

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And lamb woman Hala Paula painful her beer

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there's no Allah's panda know what he's created.

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There's no Allah know what existed in the sixth century, the seventh century, eighth century, before Christ, before the creation of heavens in the earth after the destruction of the Earth does the Allah know? Tala ha Sha. Allah does know. So if you read the city of Allah kind of every single thing of Allah, Allah unique,

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they are minute minute che things that change of the shutdown or that they change according to the culture and environment.

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But right so Sheree, the essence of Sharia law.

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The essence doesn't change. The essence of the law doesn't change. Salah is there from the beginning to the end. And I got the font dress sense is there from the beginning to the end. It doesn't change because I live in a modern world. They are general Guinea

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attributes of a man how they have to dress

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that you find such society. And even more specifically that we find about the women folk inside that society read so to Nora. Rizzuto.

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What is it tell the believing women or believing sisters or family members? What does it tell them to do? Don't speak about the 21st century. Speak about the Quran. What does the Quran say? How does the Quran address these affairs inside the inside the Quran? Because people may take offense that when we say them, he's just another cleric who wants to speak about this. Why don't listen to just another cleric. Listen to what your Lord says inside the Quran. Pick up the Quran and read inside so to know how Allah describes the believing female women, how they dress, the attire, how they walk, how they speak, and so to further but not be cold for yet my lead if he can't be murdered Don't

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Don't be alluring deceptive inside your speech.

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Don't be deceptive inside your speech Leanna and hijab

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don't hicimos hijab as a meaning

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the Quran central person wears the veil that Erica you Ruffner fella you're vain to Quran says you were the vein so you're known as a chaste woman, that you are a woman of God if you can use these words. It's not a fashion parade. It's not a fashion show. It is not that inside the Quran that we need to go back and and remind ourselves and our family members that we find these build up towards a rightful dutiful celebration of as Muslim that we should rejoice we should eat well we should dress well. We should look well, but they are who dude.

00:31:43--> 00:31:46

There are parameters. There are parameters, Allah guides for the

00:31:48--> 00:31:49

men folk as well.

00:31:50--> 00:32:04

That they should be reminded that how many of them the undenied of rum end of Ramadan, what are they going to be doing? And this is no exaggeration or people may think that's may be exaggerated. There are people collecting their drugs,

00:32:05--> 00:32:13

the hammer the wine, the alcohol that as soon as Ramadan does not in Ramadan is over that same night, these have again intoxicated

00:32:15--> 00:32:22

this habit to live our life. Then people come in and say to us, you know this person died in a day of a make a prayer for them.

00:32:24--> 00:32:27

People are condemned to die in that manner, Allah will judge them.

00:32:28--> 00:33:10

But this is how we live Ramadan. That's where Fuka mentioned a person who makes his intention about Ramadan. If you know yourself or you know any individuals got this intention inside their heart, you to pluck it out now before the end of Ramadan. If a person makes a double intention inside their heart, I'm only going to be a good Muslim in this month of Ramadan. And as soon as Ramadan is over, I'm going to go back to my normal life. I'm not talking about a normal person who may sin that's all of us. We all will see make mistakes outside in Ramadan outside of Ramadan, but one who specifically makes the intention only in Ramadan. I'm going to stay away from all these haram things. And as soon

00:33:10--> 00:33:13

as Ramadan is over, I'm going to go back to my normal lifestyle

00:33:14--> 00:33:17

for God said for sia mu bothin

00:33:18--> 00:33:23

for god I've said that a person fast your 2930 days has been invalidated.

00:33:24--> 00:33:28

It's been invalidated with what the intention inside your heart.

00:33:30--> 00:34:12

Allah Allah woman Harlequin who allottee full hubby and the thief knows the subtle affairs knows deep down what exists inside our hearts. Seven places inside the Quran Allah mentions who Allah Cleef and many times he attributes with an Hubby, that he is the most subtle, the most aware and all knowing there is nothing you can conceal and hide from Allah Subhana Allah there are nothing a human being can do. You can just a food I mean a Nursey what is the food I mean Allah, you can conceal and hide from people you can't concede from Allah. So that's what his story is trying to instill within ourself is the belief and the conviction about Allah subhanaw taala Allah Subhana Allah then begins

00:34:12--> 00:34:49

to conclude this surah as you mentioned, is sootel Mole Kota Baraka, the big ol molk or Surah Tabata Almunia. The final word here the Imam Sloot, if not mentioned, mentioned that among Jasmine bras in Saudi Tafseer, who mentioned that this is a Surah deliver that will give success to the individual who mentioned to make this a regular habit to read the surah before we go to sleep, read these 30 verses and protect the individual from the punishment of the grave. And as was mentioned, as human beings we mentioned we want this this concept that we want to be given something to us. So use those Ayat inside the Quran use those verses inside the Quran whereby Allah says the Hadith mentioned this

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

is what we give it to those individuals. And we know the Holy Quran is it will be a form of intercession person who stands who listens to the Quran. Inside Ramadan it will come as a form of intimacy

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Doing for that for the individual will come and intercede that are kept this individual awake. And we've been trying to encourage ourselves throughout this month of Ramadan to read the Quran to study the Quran to follow the Quran that come to come to the pages to follow the Quran. Because a person who follows just even follows the Quran the verses of Quran have a deep impact. Because whoever follows from Manitoba who Daya follow your build one or Yasha whoever follows the guidance of Allah and Allah will never be wretched, will never go astray, will never be a wretched individual. Allah hasn't sent the Quran or Islam to be difficult. There are certain elements of burdensome that

00:35:35--> 00:35:40

existed. But Islam is there for what for for alleviation, the soul and the mind.

00:35:41--> 00:36:23

Ba ma Anza neurological Khurana the testscore in such Surah pada 20 of Chapter Quran we haven't said that this Quran Nitesh called to make you become a wretched individual. You know, some people walk about Islam or Busan always upset angry, shouting at people screaming at people. I'm only shouting it because your mudroom is cooked bah. Because the professor will stand up give the word give the admonition that his voice will be raised his eyes would read it by any other time. How was the prophet ISIS I'm full of hope, will Karim generosity, love, affection, kindness when my son Naka in the Rahmatullah Alameen. He said, as a mercy to to the world to mankind. You know, if you see

00:36:23--> 00:36:57

somebody who's not praying, he's not fasting, he's doing something wrong. There's no need to become overzealous upon them. I wish I had made them. Everybody has their own journey. Everybody has their own journey to Allah, and I just encourage them, especially the society that we live in, we see so many strange people, strange conduct strange behavior, but they're on their journey to Allah, it may be it may have taken us 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, it may have taken the individual only two minutes and straight away that we find this responsibility is placed upon them that you need to do this and this and this and this and it breaks people.

00:36:58--> 00:37:19

It breaks people because not every human being is the same in their mindset and understanding every individual's their own challenges. There's always say imagine a person, a person who has been carefully couldn t be the display of throughout their life, be there to care for a living amongst disbelievers eating and drinking haram sleeping haram living haram surrounded by haram.

00:37:21--> 00:37:28

Wala Dyneema has the minima Alhamdulillah unless he had done and he had one I could Nalina

00:37:29--> 00:37:31

Allah this person becomes guided.

00:37:32--> 00:37:57

Yeah, mille Allah. That's what prompts to rescue people from their Hellfire to rescue them. It's not upon you to stand over them to have a tick box that is their bed like this. Is the government like this? are they standing like this? Are they praying like this? Are they doing that? This is not That's not why Islam is. There's no a tick box for you to place people subjugate people, your tick boxes that every night, I know how well

00:37:58--> 00:38:07

I tried myself. I tried to remind someone else maybe had died when I reminded that person maybe I should remind myself, maybe the way I reminded him was wrong.

00:38:09--> 00:38:38

That sort of person. He said maybe I was wrong in the way I've reminded them in my opportunity and tried to remind them, that's what most of them should be. And as we find that, then the warning is given to an individual who turned away. Now who's going to rescue you from the punishment of Allah. Only Allah can and he will he will rescue the believing individuals who placed their trust upon Allah and Allah. And then Allah concludes the surah by speaking about scientific facts, as you mentioned, speak about the heavens and earth in the beginning the surah

00:38:39--> 00:38:47

colinas Bahama or Kamakura say that if the water trickles into the earth, there's a drought, the water never comes out again.

00:38:48--> 00:39:00

It diminishes, it ends, it stops, who's going to bring that gush that water out once again? From a yet D can be met in Marine who's going to bring that water out once again? Only Allah

00:39:01--> 00:39:35

that's what belief is. That a belief of the believer as we began with layer Illa illa Anta Subhana Allah in the containment of Halloween, no matter what Vaughn what Luma that you existed, the person called upon Allah Allah will deliver them will rescue them only by the Alladhina Ashraf, who Allah and fusi him love but not to me Rahmatullah in Allah young Pharaoh the Nova Jamia in know who will afford a Rahim Polly rebellion Latina Astra for Allah and fusi him the end of Ramadan though server to say I've transgressed my soul I've committed all types of sins in my life

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

Tekna to me Rama Tina don't despair for the Mercy of Allah. In Allah yoke fear of the noble Jamia, Allah forgives all sins. Allah concern as soon as mentioned, who's where Allah Who person reads the surah every single night his sins are forgiven. He's pardoned by Allah Subhana Allah. And as we mentioned rabuka for alpha dude

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

afar a web. Your Lord is God who forgives over loving, body, merciful, compassionate. Why am I gathered up Bukovel laminal a beat you Lord doesn't address any of his servants. He doesn't impress any of his servants. Allah wants us for guidance. Give these final moments of Ramadan look at steady alive coming back Vida Hanif I love what we're not the number dot and how many may not be there for falling Ramadan and how many of us may not even make it to next Ramadan final moments Ramadan that Allah places a treasure that we should focus inside our lives that these could be any final moments any one of us that you find it in a hadith and Sunnah Imam every major and non Muslim Imam Ahmed,

00:40:46--> 00:41:00

you find a person Jahad a FISA beat Allah He fought and he struggled two brothers, two comrades, one for and struggled in the way of Allah subhanaw taala Anna, and a companion began to praise this individual that he was a warrior is a ferocious individual.

00:41:01--> 00:41:42

And then came the other individual. And they saw him in a dream he entered into paradise, paraphrasing the Hadith. They asked the messenger how is this plausible possible, we see this individual inside paradise. How can he go beyond the individual who physically fought and strove in a way for lost count data and an ASHA senator who did not live a year after him did not carry out his worship one more year after him did not foster another Ramadan dish on the Mercer This shows the virtue of Ramadan. They show the virtue a person who lives another Ramadan to make a burger inside Ramadan. And of course Susan to search for lady to other Cairo min l Fischer better than 1000 months

00:41:42--> 00:41:57

at three years and four months. Most of us won't live that long because the average age of a human being has been a 16 or 17 According to prophetic tradition. So 83 years and four months is what Lady Gaga is equivalent to.

00:41:59--> 00:42:20

And as we squabble and and we we we waste our life away, in his final moments, a person to become selfish and trying to focus towards Allah and Allah and as we began whoever finds Allah is trying to find success, find deliverance and rescue. May Allah Tada rescue and deliver all of us in his final moments of Ramadan rescue us inside this dunya rescue inside the grave and inside that Hara