Ayaan ‘Hirsi Ali’ Ridiculous Research Exposed

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Do you think that there's a link between Muslim immigration in Europe and an increase in sexual violence towards European women?

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The answer to that is yes. And there are some caveats. I've my latest book is called pray. And the subtitle is Islam, immigration and the erosion of the rights of women.

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The answer?

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My easy answer to this is yes, the caveat is not all Muslim men are misogynist, and not all Muslim men harass or attack women, or treat them badly.

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But there is a minority, and that minority is considerable. And that minority of very young Muslim men have come from societies where women are viewed differently from the way they're viewed in Europe. And once they come to Europe, they start to behave in ways that are hostile to women, sexual harassment, craves gang rapes, even syndicates or grooming gangs, that prey on young girls. Now, what has Islam good with any of this?

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When you talk to religious leaders, Muslim religious leaders, what they say is, well, the behavior of these men is wrong. But the fact that women are around in public uncovered, and by themselves is also wrong. So then they propose solutions that are surely are based in Europe. That's

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number two. Women are divided into those who are good and modest, and those who are bad, and bad women, whether it is within Islam, or within the tribal culture that some of these young men come from women who are regarded as bad, are regarded as unprotected,

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unprotected, meaning unprotected by male guidance. So since what you see is your and I have talked to some of these young men, Muslim men in Europe and ask them, why is it that you can't if you behave this way, in Egypt, when you come to Germany, why do you carry on behaving this way? And a lot of them who've actually done some reflection on the differences in societies just say that they explain the differences in they say, that if I behave this way, in Egypt, or in Afghanistan or Iraq, I would meet with no disapproval. The women were targeted, they are the ones who are disapproved of because they are the ones who put themselves in trouble. So as you can see, there's this big clash

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of values or clash of civilization, I don't know what you want to call it.

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But on the treatment of women, there definitely is a clash of values when it comes to the values of Europe versus the values of Islam. So on the thesis, I'm not sure if you want to ask a separate question. But the thesis that McGann has put forward, in her newest book, pray is that actually what you find is that Muslim men, the immigration of Muslim men to European countries, has increased rape. This is basically it. And she mentions in page 33 of that book, she says there's an actual causal relationship. She says that there's a causal relation, I've read her book, the entire book. And I've seen the data that she puts forward for the claims that she makes on Makayla and she, I'm

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just go for the idea. The idea is that Muslim men immigration coming into European countries causes an increase in rape. That's what he's saying. Now, look, she mentions what is the data that she mentioned, she mentions data from about five European countries, including but not limited to the United Kingdom, France, and Sweden.

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Now, what she thence states is that there's evidence for a causal relationship in page 33.

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What is this data missing? Mikayla? This data is missing. I mean, this data has everything going for it, in fact, except for the evidence, because this data does not even have

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that these men are Muslim men. And that might be a surprising shock to you. But this data is about where these men come from. So for instance, she cites that these men come from Africa, from sub continental Asia, but you will know. And I'm sure your viewers who are just clever people who have been educated that minor level will know that Africa is not it's not a Muslim continent, the entire continent of Africa. There are many Muslims in it, and there are many Christians in it. So the data is not conclusive. In fact, it doesn't even show anything. It just shows that people come from Africa as an increase of people coming from Africa. And then there's an

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Increase also in rape. Okay. Well, we tried the same methodology. Mikayla, I actually tried the same methodology with Latin America and America, the United States of America. So people coming from Latin America, which are not Muslims, as you know. And when they go into America, the United States, there is also a correlative increase in rape. Now, we can't say just because there's a correlative increase in rape, and this is a fallacy, by the way, that therefore the causation is those people. But even if we did say that, well, Latin Americans are not Muslim, Latin Americans are Christians, and therefore the most part, very small Muslim, mine are very, very small, a negligible Muslim

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minority. And therefore, the whole thesis collapses. She even mentions, and she lies through a mission by mentioning data from the World Health Organization, and she is a liar. By the way, she's alive, she lied to the Dutch parliament. She lives by by omission, by mentioning the who the only I know the only data that has that who has done on rape. And she, she mentioned certain things about Africa, once again, there's not even a Muslim continent in this entirety, and sub continental Asia. But what she doesn't mention is that according to the W H. O, that same report that she mentions, but she admits this part, according to the W H. O.

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That stranger rape is highest in what they call the high income areas, which is the West. So in other words, stranger rape is highest in Europe. Well, if you want to generalize Europe, and America, and Canada, where you from? So wait a minute, what's going on here, the whole thesis starts to be destroyed. And of course, as I've said to you before, and I'll say to you again, Islam prohibits premarital pre marital engagements between men and women. How on earth can you get a thesis that says Islam, as you mentioned, the word cause and fallacy causes an increase in rape before Muslim men to non Muslim women, where Islam limits it to the highest level, Stranger rate

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Funny enough, according to the WHO is lowest in areas which are most populated by Muslim people like the sub continental area. Of course, they say that's because the cultural reasons of a woman coming out and all that kind of thing. That's their analysis, but that's not their data. More. Furthermore, if it was to do with the jurisprudence, then we know that Orthodox Jews have a very similar, if not more strict, way more strict

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kind of jurisprudential tradition when it comes to the interaction of men and women. However, I will tell you Mikayla, despite that being the case, we don't see that that is causing any rape within Jewish communities or Jewish men doing that to non Jewish women. She mentions in her one of the interviews that she does, she says that, therefore, Muslim people need to be made, be taught how to be egalitarian, we believe in a complementarian system where there's a managerial hierarchy and the man's at the head of it, we do believe in that mechanical lighting in the household, just we really, that's the only way we can do it. However, she's saying, no, let's just try to impose a feminist

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narrative which you should be opposed to on your father's already opposed to what she says that she's trying to that men that coming in from abroad should now be kind of vetted by told by being told what by being told that they need to believe in the egalitarian family system. Now, if that's the case, that's not going to happen with just Muslims. That should also happen with Christians with traditional conservative values, and it can happen with Jews as well. And if that's the case, now, she's this is a kind of corrosive

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restriction on human freedom, which is unusual as the creeping of collectivist discourse. And it's very unusual, because in other places, she denies that she's a collectivist. In summary, therefore, I will say that the thesis is most pathetic. And it's his most rejected, I it cannot be, and it has already been refuted by, by many, many academics by, for example, Joe, Philip Pavich, who's recently written a comprehensive refutation of this nonsense. This miserable specimen of an academic charlatan has written foreword, and some reason is being is being taken seriously by people, but it cannot be taken seriously by people. This is basically let me show you something and Mikayla since

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we're on this topic, it's basically a rehashing of it is the rehashing of the Jewish discourses as you can see here, the fascistic Jews the Jewish problem, you see the white woman there and then the Jewish man, can you see this kind of thing? Can you see it? Not sure if you can see that? This is the kind of thing before I'm not sure if you can see that or not a little bit closer would probably the better. You put that bit closer, please. This is the kind of newspaper article where the Jewish problem the white woman does the prize and all the people that Jewish man that bring it back a bit, bring it back.

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Bring it

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Yeah, can you see it wait for a bit

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like that? Can you see it? There's a wall. And a Jewish man on the side. This is before what happened, the pilgrims and whatever happened. This is the discourse. She's just just rehashing a fact that fascistic this was and being academics and clever people we should you know, I'm sure people in the neoconservative movement or have the alt right whoever is in America and in the West, were able to see this photo is nonsense, is academically redundant. And it is the most ridiculous thesis I've ever seen in my life by someone who has no peer reviewed work. I should not be taken seriously by anybody.