The Uniqueness of Muhammad’s (ﷺ) Life

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The speakers discuss the importance of finding out who is truly a Christian to understand their actions and influence the world. They also talk about the success of a woman named Michael Hart and the history of the church. The discussion then shifts to Jesus Christ's use of the Bible and his teachings in the Bible, including his use of words to describe himself.

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To have been Why should

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we be In the name of Allah Almighty God, the Most Merciful, the grantor mercy, all praise and glory belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds in need of love deserving of the best of thanks, and the most beautiful phrases. And we testify that no one is worthy of our devotion, our worship, and our love and obedience is the most absolute sense of those words, but oh my God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Supreme King, at the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was His Prophet and his servant that is a messenger and the sea limbs revelation.

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And the best in this creation

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Houma lesson as a mercy to the world's to begin first we welcome everybody to this conference. And I pray that a lot of so agenda the mighty majestic accepts from us into every step, and every ounce of effort and every minutes that was expended to come make yourselves a part of this initiative, and benefit us with understanding the life of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on a deeper level with Sharma.

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And before we jump into the life of God's final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there remains a question that must be answered before we do the walkthrough of his life in the remaining nine lectures of this conference, and that question is why, like, why should people spend the weekend or half a weekend

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study in meticulous detail, or some detail, but still the life of a human being that passed away, surrounded by desert 1425 years ago.

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And john William Draper was a very famous

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English historian, he gives you a reason and he says,

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in 569,

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common error and the end of the sixth century. He says four years after the death of Justinian, he says there was born in Mecca a man who out of all men exercise the greatest influence on the human race.

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So how great was his influence? Another British scholar, David G. Hogarth, he explains that he says, whether it was serious or whether it was trivial, is every daily behavior, the behavior of a llama body he was

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instituted a Canon a system, which millions observe until this day with conscious memory, he says, There's never been anyone regarded by any sector, any section of the human race, as the perfect model, the perfect man that has been imitated so my uncle so carefully as some of

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these are non Muslims, by the way, saying this, because he saw that 1400 years later, all around the globe, 1.5 billion Muslims will imitate this person, sometimes down to the sway of his finger. I think it's up to us set up. But why, why model him with such precision? Michael Hart, who is an American historian contemporary, he says it's because he was the only man and he was saying this, in his book, The 100 greatest, think of the 100 most greatly influential, most influential personalities in human history. So he had Isaac Newton and Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, Mao Zedong, Hitler, Buddha, zoroaster. Everybody you can think of, he was justifying why he felt to be

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true to his research. He had to put in comments on a lot of articles as number one in human history, on top of the list of the 100. He said, I know a lot of people that disagree with me, and this may upset some people because the subject is a little bit politicized. Right, he says, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful. Nobody was successful like him. He says on both the religious and the secular level, he said and on top of that, he was an immensely effective political leader. He said and then on top of that, he had no means he was an orphan born in a society that was void of art.

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literacy he himself couldn't read or write, there was no hallmarks of civilization around him. And despite all that, against all those odds, he triggers such an astonishing chain of successes, triumphs, transformations on the individual and on the world level. He says, who has ever done anything close to what he did on his auto setup. And the last of the four historians I want to cite here, Washington Irving, who was also an American biographer, also a non Muslim, at least not openly was doing. He says, His triumphs, it's not just that the triumphs of will come from above, or they do send them a weekend to no vain glory, no empty, pointless

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arrogance in a week in the no vain pride or glory. He maintained the same simplicity in his manners, and in his appearance during the times of his greatest power,

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as existed in the times of his adversity, when the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

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He says he was even displeased when people would show unusual, a little bit extra testimony of respect to him. Upon his entrance, meaning he imagined this is on top of the world, so successful like nobody ever with the hardest start point he started behind this advantage, most successful ever, and he wouldn't even like it when people get up when he walks into a room with a Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. So this is not just the study of an impressive human being or some fascinating personality. This is someone who was matchless. Incredible,

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remarkable beyond words and histological setup. And so now let's jump into it.

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What happens before his prophethood because the next lecture will begin to add him receiving revelation him his ministry officially starting

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him being commissioned as a prophet, the Messenger of God. And so I want to take you on a time machine, if you will, to different places, so that you can get a grasp of what's happening before the coming of the comments of a lot more than a sentence as a prophet. So he was born perhaps the most accurate.

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Year marker was he was born in 571, common error 571

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ADC common error.

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What does it mean the or 571? What does the sixth century mean? Some go as far as to say this was the darkest century in human history. The world was in utter darkness, nothing like it. You couldn't believe the amount of bigotry blind nationalism, human kidnapping, trafficking, slavery, extra exploitation of human beings, racism, everything you can imagine to the point that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Of Love overlook the people of the earth, and he despised. The Arabs and non Arabs alike, except a few that remained from the remnants was leftovers from the people of the books, the people of the Scriptures, the oldest scriptures of the previous prophets,

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he says, and so he says, His final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in this sixth century, role to a place like Jerusalem, what's happening in Jerusalem,

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Palestine, what's happening there? It's been at this point, about 600 years, since Jesus Christ peace be upon him left the earth.

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How he left the Earth would differ based on which religious traditions you subscribed to.

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But 600 years prior in Jerusalem, they were already awaiting the coming up and coming sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Even in biblical accounts, and until today, we have these accounts remaining. They've been preserved until now, of what appears to be the original texts of the real accounts of what happened in these in this day and age during the lifetime of Jesus Christ that needs to be upon him. It is mentioned in the very first book of john that they went to john the baptist peace be upon him when we do believe in of course, Muslims, yada yada. So

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they went to him, the Jews and the LED lights in Jerusalem and he said to him, are you Christ? Are you claiming to be the Christ? He says, No, I'm not Christ. They said, Are you Elias?

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Yes, sir. And he said, No, I'm not Elias. They said to him, Are you that Prophet? He said, No, I'm not.

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You can go back to john one for this. Whose is that Prophet who's not Christ? Who's not Elias, who's not john, who's so famous. You don't even need to mention his name that Prophet

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That everyone knows what you're talking about. It's as if there's something huge that everyone understands here, something that everybody is awaiting.

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And then if you fast forward, by the way to later on in the book of john, if you're into biblical studies and john 16, there's another conversation, that happiness that is mentioned that Jesus Christ peace be upon him himself. He said to his students, right before he was lifted, I must go.

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I can't see. There's many things I want to tell you, but I can't right now. But when the Comforter or the parent leads comms, he will tell you everything. And He will guide you to all truths, meaning he'll provide definitive guidance. Remember, we said write down how to move your finger? Who did that? Who conveyed all the truths? Who was Jesus speaking about peace and blessings be upon him. It couldn't have been the Holy Spirit. They said, I have to leave so he can come. And the Holy Spirit is always with Jesus. Right.

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And they couldn't have been Paul, because Paul didn't come to give us all troops to complete the law, if you will. He said, You don't even need the law. You're saved by grace during the act. So who's Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon him speaking about that's going to complete the mission. You know, by the way, our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the example of me and the previous prophets of God is like the example of a beautiful building, that people walk around and they say, how magnificent how brilliant this structure is, except for this one missing brick. And so he humbly said, some blessings be upon him. And

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I am that missing brick when the heart is beating, and I am the seal of the prophets

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are, quote, just one more regarding what the people were thinking about the Jerusalem or some of them, at least in the book of Deuteronomy, until today, Deuteronomy 18,

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you'll find that God not only revealed this to Jesus, john succeed, but he even said it before Jesus to Moses, he said, I will raise up for them, a prophet from among their brethren, their brothers.

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So the children of Israel, the Israelites that Moses sent to these are the children of Isaac, Jacob, Israel, his children, his brother, Isaac's brothers, Ishmael, I will raise for them a profit from their brothers.

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like unto you, meaning this prophet that will come from their brothers from the ishmaelites, he will be like you will notice, and you will not be able to find any two prophets of God that are similar as Mohammed is to be upon him and Moses.

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Both were born to parents, both had irregular infant sees.

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Both of them

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received the full book, it's a walk, or the poor and the Torah, the poor of the poor, and both of them were thrown out of their homeland, both of them came back to defeat their oppressors. Right, and try the tyrants out. You will not like Moses, I will send them someone from their brethren from the ishmaelites like you, or Moses, and I will put my words in his mouth, and He will not speak on his own accord, you know, in the Quran and read the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us to recite one young declining Hello, he's not speaking from his own accord, no credit goes back to him. This is not the source, he is a messenger, he does not alter on his own accord in who in our

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view, it is nothing but a revelation divinely revealed divinely inspired to him. Who else does this refer to? Like when all this convergence

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so that was Jerusalem real quick move to Arabia, to get a feel of who the Prophet Mohammed Salah blah blah to send them is in terms of the history leading up to this arrival? I mean, it's a lot of setup.

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So in Arabia now, it's been 2000 years since Ishmael.

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It's been 2000 years since the Prophet Abraham, he's to be upon him,

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dropped off in a barren desert, his wife Hagar, her job, or as the Bible call surgeons, bondwoman haggard

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with Herbie Ishmael, right? Why would he do that and just walk away because God commanded him to do so.

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And she put her trust in God afternoon. This was God's command and when she ran out of food and water she's

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scrambled and God sent his archangel gabriel to sprout mini her a blessing, a blessing miraculous well called thumbs up, right?

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By the way, all of this that I'm saying exists in the book of Genesis. This is not just the Islamic accounts By the way, this exact detail is in Genesis 21, except for the words.

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And Mecca is called Peron. But there's no doubt this is the story. This is exactly what it's referring to.

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Going back to the story, he causes xlsm. to sprout a blessing. Well, that has not dried up in 3500 years until today, there's 1.5 billion Muslims, everybody that lives in Mecca has tags on top of their house, and they get free delivery of gems, and by the way, and all the Muslims who had general law, come home with tanks of Zamzam water, and it's still not like if that's not a miracle, I don't know what it is.

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And so because of that water, people came and started living around Hagar and Ishmael. And Abraham would continue visiting them from time to time.

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And God said to him, this is a Genesis, I will make the son of the bond woman, the son of a god, a grandma out of him a great nation, because he is your seed after all.

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And so hold on, what's a great nation referring to? Who is what is the great nation that came from Ishmael? Where is it? All of the Arabs, all of them, Islam is a universal religion. The Quran is Arabic and language, because it started there on one reveal that upon these people, but for the world, but again, where it came from the only people that are a great nation, in terms of number in terms of religion, because great nation, by the way, can not be a nation of Iran worshipers, right? That couldn't be it No way. The Bible isn't called a great nation, people that worship statues, that can't be it. And so all of them trace their lineage back to Ishmael. So this is the great nation.

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What did the Prophet that was coming from this great nation look like? There's more details even in the Bible, by the way about this.

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In Isaiah, it's mentioned that I will send my servant among them, or to the people, he will not fail, he will not be discouraged, no matter what the odds are, they'll still be successful, supremely successful. Remember Michael Hart's words, and he will bring justice to all the nations who did that? Which descendants of Ishmael became a great nation that brought justice to the nations.

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Even if you claim that this is referring to Jesus, some people tried to claim this but really, what justice didn't Jesus get persecuted, he said, blessings be upon him. And even according to the Christian account, he was resurrected and lifted. He didn't bring justice to the nations whereas the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, took the people that were idol worshippers, and made them the most

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emphatic upholders of monotheism the one true God on the face of the earth until today. And he took a people that were futilely warring people that were lawless, and made out of them a civilization of fate, a civilization of prosperity and success.

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And so all of this cannot be coincidence. No way. It's impossible. That's where he came from anime salatu salam. The last point I wish to mention, before we get off the microphones for the rest of the night and relieve you

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is that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born in 571. He said

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he lived a fairly difficult, a very difficult, fairly ordinary childhood for his time.

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And then God had him picked up by a wedding nurse. It was their custom to pay people to nurses, to nurse their children. For those that didn't even want to. They underestimated it. But all of her friends had someone to go home with a baby to go home with and she hadn't taken anyone. And nobody wanted him because he was an orphan, peace and blessings be upon him. But a long wish to carve out of him through being with the poor, being with the weak being with the downtrodden, the vulnerable, the most compassionate, the most empathetic human beings the world has ever seen. And that's why it says in the Quran, we did not send you except as a mercy to all the worlds. He lost his mother never

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saw his father, then lost his grandfather then lost his uncle, and then he became a shepherd of sheep.

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before losing his uncle and his teenage years, early adulthood, and even that was an engineering of God, if you will a planning of God for him because every prophet, including Moses, right, another similarity was the shepherd of sheep. Because God wanted him to build this endurance, the spiritual fortitude or this moral fortitude. He wished for him to learn leadership for him not to just follow the herd. No, he was a shepherd of a herd, right? He wanted him to learn humility and taken care of she is not like taking care of camels that hold grudges or horses that are that are boastful, proud, that have these qualities. He kept sending him in those directions, preparing him very subtle. But

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for the most part, and this I close

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the first 40 years of his life, he was known for being incorruptible. Yes, sublime ethics. Yes, supreme integrity. He was named the solderable. I mean, he was known as the man of truth, the man that was ultimately trustworthy, people can find it in him, but he was an ordinary human being like he sufficed with being good to his neighbor taking care of his own being good with his family. And the reason I keep on mentioning this as my last point, is because this is one of the greatest testimonies to him being a true prophet and messenger. You know, who says this? A fifth historian, I'm not gonna vote for you, but his argument is just perfectly logical. His name was Thomas Carlock,

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he's just a huge figure in English history. He says, You're trying to tell me he's an imposter. He was a prophet. First of all, someone who acts like they're an imposter, as a carpenter, as a as an engineer can't build a house? How does an imposter prophet build their religion that saw Christianity have a head start? And they're right behind them? How does that even work? He said, This is unacceptable. He says, and then how do you explain to me someone with such a simple life, such a simple life? For the first 40 years, he never spoke about changing the world, he would move away from people seeking to change himself. And then after the fire in the energetic phase of his

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youth is over. Then he utters his first words about going out to the world and preaching.

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Could that have been a plan all along? He says this imposter niri is, it causes more problems than it solves to be dismissive of someone like that. And indeed, we do believe with certainty for very good reason without blind faith that Allah cherish the world enough not to leave them in darkness and not to break his promise to them. He said, crystal clear, a final prophet, so that whoever discovers him can make a decision, whether they're going to prefer God's pleasure and their salvation and their betterment in this world, or are they going to just overlook the consistencies and the biases of their worldview and just walk the other way and self destruct on their own? We

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thank Allah, the Almighty for sending us the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. ala and making his mercy available through his message through his prophethood until the end of time, and his example replicable for us until the day that we meet our Lord as a law the most heightened sense of what Canada can feel assuming that he was

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the man can.

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You have the perfect example now, in the Messenger of Allah for whomever is looking forward to the day they meet their maker, the day they meet their God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious is that they are invited. Thank you for listening.