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The importance of protecting one's eyes and bodies from evil attacks is emphasized in the context of Islam. The success of the Lemon King and the use of dams to prevent future evil attacks is highlighted. The importance of educating oneself about their Lord's teachings and finding good friends in social media is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for continuous education about the reality of Islam, promoting good behavior, and setting up means for good to facilitate marriage. The importance of building a message and promoting people to come to Christ is emphasized.

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In an hamdulillah Heyerdahl and Madhu hola Serena we want to stop futile. When I was a villa God I mean, surely and fusina with the RTR Marina Maria de lo Darla fella, Mala. One minute lil fella heard the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de hula Sharika la hora shadow Namo from Madonna Abdullah who whenever you who are sort of, yeah you have Lavina taco la halka Ducati he wala Thermotoga in LA one Thomas moon. Yeah, you know, Sephora como la vie halacha community Wahida Ocala caminho Jaha Well, that's I mean humare gel and Kathy are on one is

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otaku la Hala de Tessa Ilona Vicky will our ham in Allah Kana La Cooperativa.

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Yeah, you have Latina Amruta Hola, hola. Kulu Poland said either use la cama glaucoma ama hola como de la Rubicam? Well my new for a la hora Sula who forgot the first and those that are Lima. All Praise and Glory be to Allah we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and it's pleasure and it's forgiveness. And we seek protection with Allah from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds for whomever Allah guide monkey never lead astray and whomever Allah leaves without guidance and can ever guide them. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion

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and our love and obedience in the absolute sense but Allah and Allah, Allah and without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth without doubt His servants and His Prophet and his messenger, whom Allah azza wa jal sent us a mercy to all the worlds

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Oh, you have Eman? Oh you have believed have the Taqwa of Allah presence in your life at all times. And to the extent that he deserves it subhanho wa Taala and do not die do not get caught off guard by death except in a state of complete and total willing and loving, consistent surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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To begin after welcome my brothers and sisters of the house of Allah azza wa jal. We continue as promised with the advices of Lachman, and Hakeem, Look, man, the wife

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and we left him Radi Allahu Anhu last week saying to his son, ye born ARP, Miss Kala, Oh, my dear son, establish the prayer, establish it properly, prioritize it, make it meaningful, and do not ever confuse anything in importance with the importance of the prayer. But then he didn't stop there. He said to him and from here we proceed. Yeah, Buddha Yeah, famous for Allah. Oh, my dear son established the prayer. What mobile model for you on honeymoon curry works with Alana alpha in early chemin. As a little more,

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Oh, my dear son, establish the prayer and enjoy and promote the good and forbidding denounced the evil and the patient on what will afflict you in the course of that. And certainly this is of the matters that require a great deal of resolve a great deal of determination to promote the good and to prevent the evil and to be patient through that requires a great deal of resolve a great deal of determination, a great deal of endurance. And so it's as if he's telling his son of the Allahu Anhu even though salah is the most important action, as we established for a full 30 minutes last week, it is not the only action

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and to worry about yourself and your private actions with Allah subhanho wa taala, even the most important of them.

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That alone is not enough to grant you or earn you or qualify you for the Mercy of Allah, you have to also have mercy for His creation. And a part of having mercy for his creation is to promote the good among humanity and to prevent as much evil as you can be among humanity around the Earth at large not just with humanity even but enhancing human beings enhancing humanity by promoting the good and by preventing the evil.

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And this is a common theme throughout the Quran. And it was from the wisdom of Lachman Radi Allahu Allah, that he said it just as Allah Who says in the Quran,

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commands good forbidding evil, join good forbidding evil, promote good prevents evil. It always said like this I'm gonna remodel when the animal is a common theme that you hear all over the Quran. Look, man from his wisdom is that he said it that way, what way?

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He said it by speaking about the promotion of goods first, and prevention of evil second, that was from his great wisdom.

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Because you need both, but that doesn't mean you need 50% of this and 50% of that. The promotion of good which will be

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Our topic, today's cultiva is far more important and because it's far more effective than forbidding evil, and admirable Maru is far more important than any animal, because they are both is more effective, even if they are both required. So today will be dedicated to the Umrah model. And next week in sha Allah who dedicated to the monka Allama will model will roughly translating as promoting good.

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What I want you to focus on here is the fact that so many times we give greater weight to young girls to forbidding evil, meaning we're always seeing an evil that we're reacting to, or are hearing some evil that we're debating or pushing back against.

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But to on some level partially or even mostly ignore the evil attend and promote the alternative to promote the good, that is where many of us may lack

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we may underestimate the power of that.

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And so when you look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his call in Mecca, it was not like that. He did not go out to all of the vices of Mecca, though he spoke out against some of them. But what he went out and did more than anything else was look for what was absent from the life of the people the good that was absent and he developed it

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more so it's about proportion, more so than he attacked and combated And destroy the evil that were present in their life.

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And Allah azza wa jal is the one that told him to do that. He said, Build where there's potential to build. He said, Who the last motivator well out of Anand, jehlen, he said to him, who the last which means take, take advantage of Alas, who means that which is given freely, meaning see where there is availability to preach, to teach, to promote good, take that capitalize on that?

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What more will maruf and use it to admirable model of use it to promote good well out of island jehlen. And just ignore the foolish those that want to fight and debate and attack and you attack back? Ignore as much of that as possible.

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This was the prophetic method. And that is why he was so successful. Ali Salatu was Salam. So the Quran he came with, it did more of teaching people who Allah is

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then talking about how ridiculous these idols are, the false gods are, because if you disprove this belief, another faulty belief can come take its place, you still haven't solved the problem. And so he told them, what is the proper belief system more so than he dismantled and attack and deconstructed the faulty belief system. Likewise, many problems in our life, we attack them head on, and we're ineffective, because we don't promote good in their place.

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So the love of dunya all human beings have a love of material, the material world this dunya there's two ways to make sure that doesn't ruin your life.

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One method, which many of us use is to try to criticize dunya even sometimes, many people on microphones in Muslim spaces do this. They attack dunya as if dunya is inherently evil, to try to get people to hate this world. That's not an effective message. That's not as effective as getting people to love Allah more than they love the dunya to build the love of Allah so that could transplant to remove the love of dunya from their heart or temporary you're never going to remove it.

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So many things. People love for sin sometimes the Haram of dunya I shadow the Allah Juana. She said the very first this is the first call of the problem because that's how he was so effective. He didn't attack wine head on. She said he didn't attack fornication head on. She said, Oh, well mannered. Again, I want to manage that I'm Al Quran super minimal for fun. We have equal Jannetty. We're now the very first thing to come down from the Quran, where these shorter sorrows that contained a loss of mention about Paradise and the hellfire, fallen method and natural Islam in Islam, halal haram, when people became inclined to Islam, you've developed you built inside of them

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this awareness, this keenness regarding the asset of paradise hellfire, which is when people became inclined to Islam, then the halal and haram, the do's and the don'ts came down. She continued to say, if the first thing to come down from the Quran was don't drink wine, the people would have said, we will never stop drinking wine. If the first thing to come down from the Quran was Do not pour the cake they would have said will never stop fornicating

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and so the idea of promoting good being more important, and this happens on so many different levels. Even in our lives, so many people have struggled with their faith and by the way, if you take some criticism

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When people bring against Islam, and you give this young man or woman, this happens

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a lot with our youth predominantly with our youth. You tell them this is not the correct criticism against Islam, and we have a very good rebuttal. We have very good response to this. And then you you solve that doubt of theirs, they'll bring you a second doubt you thought of the second one, they bring you a 10th doubt you solve that when they bring you 100 Doubt, they will never have faith.

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So instead of trying to destroy the doubt in their life, that's an endless project. It's like firefighting, it never stops. What you are supposed to do to be Quranic in your method, is you're supposed to come in join command, promote, building them why they believe, so that when they get a doubt, it's okay, there's probably a very good answer, because I know why this is true. And so this I'll find out the answer later. No big deal. I can go to sleep at night.

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Even in that hour, by the way, even in doubt, sometimes people, Muslims, because so many Muslims, like everyone else are online, and some of them on the online space always debating with people that your religion is wrong. Because of this, that doesn't really work. Because when you attack someone's belief, right?

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They get defensive naturally. Sometimes people aren't even very convinced of their belief, but when you attack it, he protects it.

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If you were to save some of your time, and just present to them the correct belief that you have the merit of Islam, not the lack of merit that you see in another system, you present to them the greatness of Islam, they will look at there and compare automatically and just let go of this. This was the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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even in his Dawa when Rootsweb neuroglia who was one of the staunchest enemies of our Prophet Sal, Allahu Allah. He came to that Muhammad property with his whole clan things it's called What do you want? Do you want women will marry you to the most beautiful you? Are you crazy will spend all our money and get you a doctor you want power will make your king you want What do you want?

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He could have very easily responded to every single one of those accusations. Right and disproven those accusations. He listened and listened and listened. And then he said to him, and I hate it eventually. Are you finished?

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Are you done with your offer? He said, Yes, Carla Festina is and Now hear me out. And he begins to recite to him from sort of porcelain.

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Until the man was so moved by the if he got up and he covered the amount of the bravas offers and stuff.

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He was moved by complete disregard for the accusation, refusing to get into the back and forth myth that is never very effective, hardly ever effective.

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And so what I'm saying is, aside from the debates, aside from the combat, aside from you, only jumping on the things that are going wrong, how about we start producing and highlighting and amplifying the good and calling people to it.

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And that is all part of an honorable model promoting the good. And I want to highlight three things in particular that fall under this. The first of them is educating people,

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about the good of this religion and the truth of this religion, whether those people are non Muslims or those people, your children, whoever they may be, don't assume people know. You don't just know about Allah with your logic. You may know he exists with your logic, but to know the details of Allah are only noble through revelation.

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You know, Musa alayhis salam if you ever notice in the Quran, he says, to frown what he says to frown? Do you have any interest in purifying yourself? Well, I had the i ke Larabee, kapha dosha and that I may guide you meaning educate you about your Lord so that you may know how to fear him basically, so that you may fear him. How does someone have the fear of Allah inside of them without being educated about to Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala How does someone have confidence in Allah in them trust in Allah in them without knowing who he is?

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Abdullah zine are the Allahu Anhu to this point. He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one day Yaga Hakkoda buena mean oh no, the Abbe de maccoby reality biliary

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that Allah the Most High lapse, of course, in a manner that it's reality we can never understand as human beings in a manner befitting his glory and His Majesty. But Allah laughs from how quickly human beings despair, despite how close the release is, the are interviewing machaca despite how close the relief is, so like the human being that he's short sighted, you don't know the unseen and you can despair and the relief was coming tomorrow or next week or in 10 minutes. So Allah Azza didn't last from the this action of his leaf. And so I was in what did he do with that bit of education? What did he do with that information? How did it affect him? He said, Yeah, rasool Allah

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I have Rabona yeah on Messenger.

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Allah Our Lord laughs

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like if it was left to me I wouldn't think that God laughs it'll be befitting of God.

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So the prophets off tell him and teach him he does laugh but in a way that is befitting of him he so he says to him I up Hakuna buena our Lord lacks call unanswered yes he does call Alanna the moment Rob beneath Haku Kira. They said we will never miss out on good from a God who lacks

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from a God who is well wishing from a God who this is his nature subhanho wa taala.

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And so the first part of it has to be education. Because if you don't continue educating people about the details of Islam, its truth, its teachings all of this, it will get lost. Like a generation will be replaced with another generation that never learned these things.

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That is why when Allah azza wa jal said quantum cradle material cultures leanness, you are the best of people brought out for all of humanity, that maroon have been married for 10 Helena al monka, because you promote good and you prevent evil. The scholar said, Why does promoting good and forbidding evil, make you the best nation. They said, because you have the best religion, you're not just the best, because you're God's favorite. You are the best owner because you have the best religion, promoting good, make sure none of that religion is lost or forgotten over time. And forbidding evil, make sure none of that religion is corrupted, infiltrated by that which is not from

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it, not part of the perfect religion. And so the first you have continuous constant education about the reality of Islam.

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That's the first one. The second part of promoting good is not educating those who don't know, reminding those who may have forgotten. Just because you know, something doesn't mean you're going to remember it perpetually. We are forgetful creatures. And sometimes we even lean to forgetting things for convenience. And so reminding people of it causes them to feel conflicted. Oh, man, there's something that I know I should know that

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I've heard this 567 times I'm still not acting on that. Somebody's back from the first time but with the reminder, and that's why Allah azza wa jal said in the vicarage, and I mean, the reminder benefits the believers.

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And you remind people of the good through a number of ways this is speaking about to remind meaning remind, orally speak tell people about the good to remind them of it so it's not forgotten. But even without speaking, through your your behavior. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in a hadith, Elia Allah, the nearest servants of God, those people closest to God are those either ru leuke Allah Who to Allah, they are people that when you see them, you remember ALLAH, their presence around you remind you of Allah azza wa jal subhanho wa taala.

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And you know the other Hadith, the Hadith where the Prophet SAW Selim said, look for good companionship basically. And beware of bad friends. He said, Because the good companion is like what he said, like Hamilton misc, yes, the the perfume seller, he says the perfume seller.

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Either he's gonna give you some as a gift, or he's gonna sell you some of this good product, or at least you're going to enjoy being in his company, you're gonna smell a good fragrance from from being around him. We cite this hadith and some of the scholars said many times to tell people look for good friends because they'll rub off on you. But from the opposite angle now, are you the perfume seller?

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Are you the good friend? Do you rub off well on people? Does your presence around people enhance their life? inch them closer influence them? Even subtly? You know, all influence is subtle, by the way. You may not think so. But what do you say to the people in your social circle could be more effective than order shifters from the member because of the shifters from the member. Number one he doesn't know whether I'm doing it or not. And number two, he's probably talking about the guy next to me not to me, there's so many ways to dismiss this

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and so don't belittle this you know, there are people that just wherever they go, they're just a good influence in a very subtle way. And again, influence is subtle by nature. People don't take stuff head on injections like this all the time.

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You know, even bad influence. Like people think they're not affected by the music they listen they will always say that yes, I know I shouldn't be listening to this and I know it's wrong but it doesn't affect me I just listen to it to relax I study stuff doesn't affect me. Well, that's the whole point. You don't think it affects you what it actually does. Likewise, when you're around people you do have an effect on them. You think you don't but you do.

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So you can take from this person Mashallah. He always gives the lamp to the people. He knows the people he doesn't know.

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This person whenever he's around, he gets up and pray

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Shouldn't so you find yourself getting up to praise? Don't we do this? Like, don't we look around everyone's Princeton, okay? Like very soon, especially when it's again, not in the masjid. When you're at home, you have a dinner at someone's house and you finish the line, everyone looks around, like, are we gonna pray soon or not? And if one person does it, they're like, Okay, might as well do it. And we all get up and we pray, are sitting in prayer.

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And so reminding people this way is extremely important when you're sitting there socializing, and you choose the gathering to be about a certain subject, instead of the filthier subjects and mentioning of people and their names and, and things of this nature.

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Or when you're sitting there watching some sporting event or something, and this person always says, Guys, you know, let's make follow up to make follow up, follow up time, have all our money in Allah right? One of the most beloved acts to Allah is praying on time.

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You may not realize the effect that you have on people but this effect that Allah gave you the potential to create something you will ask you about, be a promoter of good

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you know, when I went to New Zealand, to Christ Church after the massacre there, one of the brothers are sitting there telling you the stories of as many people that were killed as he could. And he says Subhan Allah, Allah does nothing randomly these people Allah chose them for shahada, you know, to be more 13 It's clear to me. He said that brother, there are pictures all over the place and the memorials, people were building outside the massages voluntarily. He said that brother.

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He said he came to us once and said, Listen, we don't have a chef. We don't have any man. We don't have an expert in Quran. Let's just have a halacha once a week. And he started that he initiated that

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and it lived on and he used to tell them you never know guys I know. It's not like an official Quran class. But maybe Allah will resurrect us from Allah Quran. The other people in the Quran in the sight of Allah, let's just try and it's stuck. And it became an ongoing sunnah. That's the idea when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us

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men that either who The Omen center fill Islam is seen as an asset to different Hadith, whomever establishes a good tradition, Islam. What does that mean? You're not allowed to add anything to Islam? It means what it means reestablishes something that's been forgotten,

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you know, or something that became no longer applicable, like, well, or not applicable right now. Maybe there's another way we can do charity inside the United States. He established the good thing that it's taken from them. It's carried off by many other people. He established a class he reminded of something he promoted some form of good and so to educate is how you promote and to remind is how you promote and do not belittle yourself.

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Allah expects that of us subhanho wa Taala and that is what look man was trying to instill in his child Akula Colorado stuff Allah Alima Lee welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa ala Sharika, who are shadow under Mohammed and I will do whenever you are a solo.

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You know, the scholars of Islam. They say that Allah azza wa jal

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like in the Revelation He sent down to the water that he gives life to the earth with the spring, as well.

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They said, because water also works in subtle ways.

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And likewise, the size that you instill in people has happens in a subtle way. It is gradual, and it needs to be ongoing, because otherwise, you dry up, as we said in previous quarters. And so when you remind people of good you promote good by way of reminder, this ensures that the person never loses sight of it, like the hearts really becomes dehydrated. And it becomes unhealthy if there's not an ongoing supply of water to it.

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And so what you want to do is make sure good is constantly being echoed in your surroundings by you whenever you think it's possible to do that. Don't shy away from this. Don't belittle yourself. The third and last way, there's only a minute and a half left in the hotbar to promote good, educate, remind, but also facilitate. It doesn't have to be a direct teaching that you're imparting on people. It could be used setting up the means for good to grow.

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Like the building of massages or making massage is appealing. How do you make someone feel like they want to come to the masjid? Well, you have to build the message. You have to make the message presentable. You have to actually go out and invite them. You have to make them feel welcome when they come. All of that is facilitating good. If that doesn't happen, the good behind it will not happen.

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You know promoting chastity it's not just telling people get married early and don't commit dinner. It is facilitating marriage.

00:25:00--> 00:25:04

In a time when marriage is becoming overly and unnecessarily complicated

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when you're trying to call for justice, for example, make sure that you've built, you facilitated people, the chances you've made it easy for people to listen to you.

00:25:18--> 00:25:55

You know, a person said this in a political context, but it also applies on so many levels on the social level as well, in dealing with people, they say they were saying about like civil rights movement. They said, if you have a critique, like you want to correct something in my resistance, you're objecting to the fact that I'm resisting to oppression, that I'm a freedom fighter, or I'm taking a stand and speaking truth to power. If you want to critique my resistance, then you better have a track record of critiquing my oppression, the same way you're telling me what I'm doing is wrong. Make sure you're telling the guy who oppressed me or the system that'll press me if they're

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wrong as well, or else I don't want to hear you.

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Similarly, the province often and then just come and tell, for example, one sector of society, you need to put a job on. He objected to the fact that they were very difficult as infant girls, he was very he was objecting to the all of this so that you just don't see me as the wrong that I that I commit. You're truly consistent in what you say and what you do.

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And also of the ways you can facilitate plays, and it is very effortless for some of us more than others, is to create in those around you admiration, respect for the people that teach them plays,

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for the prophets of Allah for the Sahaba for the Imam of Islam, all of these people, many times they don't know enough about them to admire them. And so they don't have trust in their integrity when you quote them for something, and they are the bearers of our tradition. If they fall in people's eyes, they fall on people's heart, then whatever they're carrying can fall with them.

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And this is over the signs of the end time that people will no longer have regard for the bearers of the tradition. So that's another way you can facilitate faith.

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May Allah azza wa jal makers of people that are constantly upon the plate serving it and promoting it and help us understand that the long term project of promoting good is more effective than the firefighting of forbidding evil May Allah azza wa jal makers of those that promote good and prevent evil in a way that is pleasing to Him, make us Quranic in our that our Quranic in the way we raise our children, Quranic in our dealings with those that we are pleased with and those that we are displeased with Allahumma Kalina or Hannah Allahumma Felina or Hannah insulinoma for them now of course,

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Elena well man to Allah will be him in Allah Allah Halina Zulu Bella Coola the Kohala G Lucha so Raha Allah and Allah wa Cara Allahumma barik NFE Dawa Tina Allah Who Medina Allah Divina or Jana who does Musa Dean where is that Islam? Ansari Muslim in y de Laval? Amata Well, mortar Dean was stuck. It was I mean, as you said, Matthew de Anika, what are the steps in Cobell Nephi a biological father him Jalna me man either Rupiah or bene Jalna me man either Rukia Robina well Sal, Allahu Allah Baraka Vienna Muhammad voila early you're talking to yourself

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hola hola.