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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Neo Savage, very vague In the name of Allah whole praise and glory be to Allah and means find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tread his path. May Allah grant us and your life upon his path, and a death upon his guidance and our union around him along I mean, may Allah purify with these moments, which we spend on his book, on his words on his Quran, make of the moments that we remember and finding our scale of the deeds on the day we will be in need of every last good deed along that mean. So there was a bit of

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recitation today because we are going to try our best to cover in this half hour,

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an entire page because that is the scene The scene is a bit detailed regarding what took place when Yusuf Ali Salaam his brothers went back to their father and made an attempt at

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being given their brother, the full brother of use of La Sadam, their half brother. So that they can be allowed back into Egypt and allowed to

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seek out more food, more measures of food being sold to them for the goods that they bring into Egypt. So in the first idea, Allah subhanho wa Taala says for them, Raja Isla de him called Adana, when they went back to their father, they said, Oh, our Father, money, I mean, Al Qaeda, we have been denied measure the measures of food that are weighed out for us in exchange for the goods we give. These measures have been denied to us

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follow sigma on a on an actual, and so send with us, our brother so that we will obtain measure, because he's the requirement now for being allowed back in Egypt? Well in LA hula, half alone, and we will certainly safeguard him. And so despite returning with loads of food, for everyone in the family from this journey, the clever brothers began with mentioning the fact that they were denied measure. And they cleverly omitted that. This is in reference to the future like we were denied any more measure, we will no longer be allowed to buy food from Egypt. So we said we were denied, you know, purchase, meaning future purchase, but they left the future part out why why did they do that

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for an obvious reason. They wanted to evoke a sentiment of fear, a sentiment of urgency, so that they'll know that this is a necessity to send the brother, by the way that they mentioned that his name is Benjamin, we don't have anything in our records that says that his name was Benjamin, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did say, in Venezuela, how much narrate or convey on behalf of Ben was sworn in? And there's no harm in that. Don't hesitate in that it's fine, when it's so difficult to get the boom and so just don't deny it.

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That's for sure a lie? Well, it's not the home nor affirm it that for sure. It's truth. And so this type of fact, is fine to mention, because the province also lends it well.

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In any case,

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they said this brother who said to be Benjamin

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was sought out by the brothers like this, okay?

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We're not going to get much anymore. This is the last food we're gonna have. They created a sense of urgency right away. And there is an abstract lesson here, among other lessons, but one of the things that comes to mind is that some people

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exaggerate the fear mongering, to get you to accept their behavior to dictate your behavior. Like marketers do this all the time. They like if they want you to buy their antivirus software, they'll really exaggerate you know, create this alarmist atmosphere or alarming atmosphere arouse fears. So that you'll buy the antivirus software, that's what they do.

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And so, when shaytaan does this as well shaytan does this as well. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala say a shade Finally I do come on falcoda Murakami fascia shaitan causes you to be afraid of poverty. And so he instructs you with indecency, like he tries to get you to forget that Allah has provided for you so much in the past, so that you'll be unethical in the way you seek provisions in the future. Right.

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And so just be aware of that people are trying to cause you to be afraid. Why? Why are they trying to make me afraid? Why do I let them cast fear in me? Sometimes because they're looking out for me, they I trust them. Fear could be very productive.

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The driving force a wake up call lights a fire under you. That's very good. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that that fear and anxiety could be your driving force agenda. He said la salatu salam when hoffa de leche, whomever, whoever fears whoever is frightened at the ledge means he leaves in the middle of the night. You know, you start your journey in the morning, ordinarily when you're traveling somewhere, but he says, Whoever does that leaves extra early. That's what it means right leaves before the morning means he leaves extra early, meaning he plays it extra safe. And he says, Well, my advantage available Manson and whomever leaves before dawn, will surely get to

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their destination meaning in time, and then he switched gears as to what this metaphor is about. He said la mesilla de la jolla la necesidad de la he agenda certainly the merchandise of Allah is precious, certainly the merchandise of our lives is paradise. Many you want to make sure you get that fear is an excellent driving force for it. And so people that Stoke fear in you or evoke fear in you.

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Just be careful. They could be trying to get you to make an emotional decision.

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That is not in your best interests. In this case, the brothers may have done it and it may have been justified. By the way, I'm not necessarily criticizing this. They do need to get their brother but just notice their cleverness in knowing the value of fear.

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To go about that, the next verse says that the Father responded Hello ameno kumala he should I trust you with him?

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In the camera, I mean to kumada see him

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as I trusted you with his brother in the past me as I trusted you with with use of notice he still hasn't How could he forget us? But it's still on his mind. For law. Whoa, Clayton Hatfield law. He said So Allah is the best guardian or who are hammer Rahimi?

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And He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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And so he suspecting them. I don't trust you. And that is from the wisdom of iacobelli. Sarah and it is certainly permissible. Nobody should ever doubt that. You know, suspecting we said this early on in the surah suspecting people baselessly is impermissible, but suspecting people because of them. offending committing an offense in the past is wisdom is necessary is prudence. You know, your gut instinct. Listen to it, especially when there's some evidence behind the gut instinct it's not just an instinct, then the Prophet la Soto ceram say lol devil minuman johanne maratea that the believer is not struck or stung from the same hole twice.

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And so assuming when there's substantiation for assumption, his wisdom and prudence it is not wrong. baseless assumptions are what are wrong, in fact are more about the lavonne used to say men lamb

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than fat hold on Napoleon fat hold on Napoleon fell over I know who whoever is assumptions like their gut instincts will not benefit them they don't get anything out of them they will not benefit from their own eyes

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meaning if you're gonna like ignore a very strong feeling you have an evidence is that you can't seem to shake off

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then you may even shake off what you see with your own eyes at some point say no I didn't see that I must have been you know hallucinating

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so he had every reason to suspect them so there's nothing wrong with suspecting them. Rather they would be something wrong if he didn't suspect them and apply that to your life as well. That you know they said we're in Allahu Allah half moon, we are surely going to protect this brother. How could he trust them when they said that exact line earlier in the solar hour in Allah Allah half alone, right before the disappearance of us around a setup.

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And then from from the opposite side. Now if you're the person that has lied or betrayed, think about it like this, do not expect people to just trust you. From the moment that you

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claimed to turn a new leaf like Don't lie. And then blame people later for not believing you. Don't betray and then criticize others for not trusting you. Own your problem. Own your mistake. Realize that people are not like Allah, they take a longer time to forgiving you, their hesitation their foot dragging, consider it part of the painful purification process for your sin. Consider it part of your repentance for your past and don't expect from them with your essential federal law to forgive you and forget it. As Allah subhanho wa Taala may do. People are not like that.

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And so don't project your crime your problem on people own it and give people their time and their space to forgive you.

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If they choose to do so don't blame them for not believing you

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when you've been dishonest in the past,

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what's interesting also in this ayah he says, shall I trust you the same way I trusted you with use of? He says for lots of hate on half HIPAA.

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Allah is the best guardian or horkheimer Rahimi and He is the Most Merciful with those among those who show mercy. The scholar said it's fascinating how in the beginning, when they asked for use of he said, I fear the wolf will eat him and use have disappeared. This time he didn't mention his fears. He said, Allah is the best guardian. I'm not trusting you with him. I'm trusting my real trust is in Allah He realizing it's ready hinting to the fact that he's already going to give them Binyamin Benjamin, the younger brother, so he said Allah played on half Allah, Allah is the best Guardian when he said I fear the wolf user disappeared when he said Allah is the best Guardian use

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of an his brother are both both in a comeback now. And so, notice the link between the language we use and the outcomes we encounter.

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Lovely Sonic antiproliferative patella. In El Bella, I'm working on the Nazi. The scholar say beware of your tongue, your language the way you speak.

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Because as a result of it, you could go through calamities, because calamities misfortunes are interlinked with utterances because what you utter is a reflection of what you you know you're believing right your assumptions. And Allah is where you assume of him subhana wa Tada.

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And then the next verse says, Well, I'm further home at our home then when they open their luggage.

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They found that their goods were returned to them they found that what they had paid for the food they brought food then they opened their luggage they found that the cost of the food was there as you remember use valet Sam instructed that to be put back in their in their saddlebags and so they said yeah, bernama nobody be anybody. They said, Oh our Father What could we possibly want more than this? Like what reassurance Do we want that use of valet salams is a nice guy.

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Of course the problem is them it's not user friendly set up.

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The same way the problem wasn't the wolf and their father knew that there was no wolf

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but they're saying look, user la celebs a nice guy, and then not not identifying him as using the use of obviously today said here are our goods they've been returned to us when amuro Atlanta and we will provide for our family when I follow up on and we will protect our brother when as dedicated varied and we were going to gain an additional load of camel loaded food valic Acadia see it that's an easy load, easy load.

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And you know, Dr. ie, having a lot of what he said here

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is in his book use of yet, he said, always you you put in people's lives, things that will cause them to remember you things cause them to check up on you. Things that will cause them to to pray for you while you're sleeping or while while you're dead or otherwise. Right? Use of Elisa Lam put this in their bag so that they would remember him, of course using the use of Alison did it for for their own benefit, right. But for sure, he will as well be a beneficiary of his fate. And so you as well, insert, don't hold back, be generous with your time be generous with your manners, and invest those in people's lives for Allah sake, so that these people can testify for you with a law so that

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they can pray for you in your absence, so that they can mention you Well,

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in this world, and there's nothing wrong with that. See, wanting to be mentioned well in this world. Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam said, well, jolly Santa. So 2018, grant me a good mentioned among the lighter generations.

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And then another lesson from this verse is the

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the art of persuasion, I told you, these brothers are very clever. You know, they say that, like a master sells salesmen never only mentioned one perk for his product, right? Like one benefit of his product. At the same time, he'll never ask you to make a purchase. He'll, what is the word He'll slip the sale, He'll slip the sale like sneak it in there. So for example, instead of he'll mention a whole bunch of reasons why you want this product. And then what he'll do is already assume that we're on the same page customer and salesmen, that you're already taking the product that's not even a question. So He'll slip this

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By saying for instance, the product is xy and z. Now would you like the delivery on one day? Or do you like the delivery on Wednesday? This is not about what you want to buy it, it's when would you like it delivered? What's your preference on delivery dates, slipping the sale? This is exactly what they did there.

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They basically they bounced in this verse, right? They said, look at the the virtue of this man, it's in our saddlebags and you know,

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when amuro Atlanta we're gonna bring food back for our family dimension the families need when that Father ohana and we are gonna you know, protect our brother went on as dedicated but we're gonna get obtain additional rations of food, they just quick fired all four of those, like, it's very compact and diverse, their discussion, this use is great, and we're gonna get you know, we're gonna be able to feed our family before they go hungry and like we're gonna protect our brother and additional, you know, rations of food. But what they didn't do in this, you know,

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is repeat their requests. So can we have him they didn't do that. It's as if it was a given they slipped the sale, if you will. It's almost like them saying,

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Don't worry, like they heard from him. Allah is the best guardian. Don't worry, you made an excellent decision. And here is why those four reasons. So persuasion is an art and it's an art we should all learn.

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And it's a very valuable life navigator, you know, to navigate different

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challenges, predicaments negotiations, life is a negotiation so many times. So learn it, learn the art of persuasion, get good at it.

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But beware of the curse of the art of persuasion, what is the curse of the art of persuasion, using it to displease Allah Subhana Allah Donna, because it could be a great this Doom, to be eloquent, to be persuasive to be convincing

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because it puts you into the assumption that you can get whatever you want without consequences.

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So their father said what land or Silla Whoa, the next verse Now land or sila Himachal, I will not send him with you had to an email to come in Allah until or unless you give me a pledge before Allah and Allah is our witness over the pledge of pledge from Allah for Allah, I mean in front of Allah, that you will bring him back to me like that tune any b e. l, and knew how to become unless you are completely surrounded, meaning unless you're trapped, or unless you're all killed off, you have to become basically the Arabs used to mean both those things you have means you're surrounded, meaning you're surrounded and killed off or you're surrounded meaning you really have nothing

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to to leverage, you're totally out of options for lemme tell her motive at home and so Allah so when they gave him that pledge that he asked for thought Allahu Allah and a photo a kid, he said, Allah is a witness over what we are now saying, so he agreed on the condition that they give him this very specific promise and and swear by Allah's name to make it a covenant under God,

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an extra emphasize and extra binding promise that this is how it's going to happen.

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A person you know, can say, Why did he even agree? Why did he agree to send them? There could be a number of reasons we already showed you that he's very prudent. He's very wise, of course, he is the prophet of God, and he said them, but some of the scholars said maybe it's because the brothers did show some signs of getting better as the years went by. Right they reformed. Maybe it is also because he didn't have as much evidence

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that they hated. The one we will call Benjamin Benjamin, as much as they hate the use of right for sure use of had to be super special. He's the one I chose, right? For Prophethood. And for the story, right to be the protagonist of the story.

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And also it could have been due to necessity, the necessity of the the famine, we need food. This is as much as this is still a limited supply. And also the scholars mentioned the fourth or fifth reason, which is Lana, who,

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hopefully, with momentum in Allah, it's possible that Allah had revealed to him that he will be safe, don't worry,

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Allah guaranteed for him his safety.

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And then there is a beautiful

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display of parental justice here, which is what you will absolutely bring him back to me and God is a witness over unless you can't

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and so like in the middle of

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the assertiveness and the reminder that you've betrayed before and he's

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Still compassionate and fair with his other kids. He's a parent right at the end of the day, and he's being extremely fair that if it's out of your hands that I want to ask you about it

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and then he said to them something else that showed his compassion his concern for them. Well, Carla Yeah, Benny he said and he said oh my son's let it Holloman babinda head don't enter from one door one gate don't enter Egypt all from the same route to the same gate the same street or I don't walk altogether separate when you get into Egypt

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don't enter from one gate and enter by different gates. Well, my over the ankle minella him in shape and I cannot avail you anything it's got right if I lost something written it will happen. The decision rests only with him and it hookman we Lila

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Alito Celt I put my reliance on him or LA he fell into a coma Tokido anyone who puts their reliance on anyone better be putting it in God.

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So he's saying do this, though ultimately things are in Allah's hands, and I'm putting my reliance on him.

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And that is the perfect balance of our code that you're supposed to do what you do while relying on unlawfully subhanho wa Taala Do what you can do the same time relying on a lot to make that effective or not. It's ultimately in his hands, so kinda what odd, but why did he tell them enter from separate gates? Mujahid Rahim Allah Who is the great student of nobis, the companion and cousin of the province also learn and master interpreter of the Quran. He says, and many of the scholars took this from him, meaning they agreed with him and repeat it reported it that he feared for them the evil eye. So these were many children, all handsome, all strong males, they're all going in at

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the same time, and they're going to come out with a whole lot of food. And so he feared the evil eye against them.

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And so one of the ways might as well we're talking about this, one of the ways to avert the evil eye because the evil eye will put a man in his grave as the problem is also an upset. And actually in some of the Hadith he said that the majority of the deaths of my Omar from the evil eye.

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And of course, that's why I lost permission the same way a bullet hits by Allah's permission, the evil eye hits by almost permission

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spent outside of his father.

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But one of the ways to work to protect yourself from the evil eye, your bulletproof vest from the the bullets of the eye is what to hide your blessings, to hide your blessings. So he didn't want them to see the the brothers congregating together, their number, their collective strength, all of that he wanted to dilute that by sending them down different roads, also of the very important lessons against the evil eye or to protect you from allowing the evil eye is to protect is to hide your blessings from strangers, especially, you know, many people try to put on a show, like in front of strangers. No, be yourself. Don't put on a show for anybody. Be yourself with those nearest to

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you. And be less than yourself with strangers. Hi, I live in the shadows as best you can with everybody else. You know, we do the very opposite, don't we? Like we flex harder in front of strangers we're performing. But you're you're killing yourself. You're destroying yourself. So many people envy others for things that aren't even real in their life, social media, just one of many examples of that. Why are you asking for it, be less than yourself, be a summary of yourself not to yourself in public and be yourself with those that are not strangers, because they're less likely to envy you.

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And also of the great lessons here is that he said to his children, do this, do this do this meaning cuz I'm concerned about you, you know, but I can't benefit you. If Allah doesn't want this to work. It's still not going to work by the way. That's what he's telling them. It is great parenting. It's very healthy parenting, to announce to your children, your inability sometimes so they don't depend on you for everything they learn. You know the way they cry to you as toddlers. They cry to Allah zoa jet when they grow up, when you know they come to you seeking allowance money. Teach them to ask Allah to provide for use that you would possibly give them an increase in their allowance or you

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know, provide for them. connect them with Allah show them your inability.

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Every now and again. And the last verse, we will cover very quickly when I'm the Holloman hyphal amerihome boom and when they entered Egypt from

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actually this technically is not the same scene but I recited it so we'll cover it when they enter

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From where their father had commanded them.

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It did not avail them anything against God. It was not the fact that they were separated that protected them from the evil lie.

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Meaning it was a law protecting them from the evil is apana with Allah. He said, in the Hajj and feen fcf oberhalb Cobra, however, it was just the need. It was like a gut instinct, a pressing need inside the hole, which he carried out, I need to feel like I did my part to protect them from the evil eye.

00:25:33--> 00:25:42

They were protected, but it wasn't solely because of that technique or that tactic. And Allah says, ya know, then he praises Yeah, hold on a second. This is just

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very meaningful for us. He praises Yeah, Fulbright a Salaam for doing that, that which didn't benefit on its own, but it is so praiseworthy of the servant to do it. Well, that's what he says we're in a hurry to end this verse. Let's do a min Lima alumna who were like in axon naskila moon, and he was a person of great knowledge. They were in Yahoo was a person of great knowledge. Lima alumna

00:26:13--> 00:26:27

knowledge due to what we taught him. He was in he had great knowledge of the knowledge that we taught him, that's the bare minimum, we will like, dig a little deeper into it for a second. Well, I can ask for an SLA alone.

00:26:28--> 00:26:29

Most people don't know.

00:26:34--> 00:27:02

And so the first lesson here, let's just start from the beginning of the verse, when they entered as their father commanded them, meaning in separate waves, or in separate groups. They were showing obedience to their parents, even in the absence of their parents. And that is important. Obedience, your parents applies even your adulthood, these are grown men, and it applies and it's included, even at the times when they're not present.

00:27:03--> 00:27:08

You still obey your parents, unless you have a shout out a excuse not to

00:27:09--> 00:27:11

the fact that they didn't know

00:27:12--> 00:27:16

is not by itself alone, a reason for you to be disobeyed and your parents.

00:27:23--> 00:27:32

And then the importance of listening to your parental instincts. This was just something in your hopes chest that he had to carry out, which was the request of them to not enter

00:27:36--> 00:28:06

the place in one collective group. Those were his father's instincts. Yes, the father who was stabbed in his heart by these children. He still loved them, and he still feared for them. And he had to feel like he did everything that Allah put in his power, while recognizing at the same time that all power in my throat lies with Allah. He had to just try his best to save his children. And now let's get to the last part of the Iowa in the hood of your element Lima Lima alumna and he was a person of great knowledge.

00:28:08--> 00:28:18

About what what did he know, in this whole exchange in this whole scene. He knew what Allah taught him that the evil eye is a reality. Most people don't know that.

00:28:20--> 00:28:26

Or that a person needs to actively hide their blessings from it from envious eyes. Most people don't know that.

00:28:27--> 00:29:04

It's being mandatory to seek the means right to do your part, as they say sometimes right? To seek the means against harm. Most people don't know that right? They trust God or you know, they're apathetic or have a faulty understanding of reliance on God seeking the means that's mandatory. To believe that caution, my caution my seeking that means my protectiveness does not by itself, deter fate. Most people don't know that. Other like is a group that doesn't do anything and says I'm going to rely on God. The other group of people, they do everything in their power and they think it's enough neither of those.

00:29:06--> 00:29:09

He knew he knew all of this LED they were in Lima alumna

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and so Allah is praising this noble knowledgable servant of his soprano hola Donna.

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However, some scholars added another layer of meaning here wavenet hula elmen Lima alumna and he was such a possessor of knowledge of what he taught him. They said obviously we taught him so he has knowledge that can't be the only meaning. But tada the the student of NSF numeric or their lavon, great to have very, he said they were al min. He is a bearer of great knowledge a through Iman Lima alumna. He was so committed to practicing what we taught him. In other words, Allah to show the the connection the necessary

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connection between knowledge and actions, use the word knowledge here instead of actions. So the meaning of the idea is, and he was a person that always acted on what we taught him.

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And so that qualified him to be considered a person of knowledge because he acted on his knowledge. And this is, by the way, something that said, FDR, there wasn't used to always do, they would only consider their knowledge to be knowledge once they acted upon it.

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And, and that is very wise. Because if you really know something, if I know there's a fire in this room, Allah forbid, I'm gonna act on it. If I, if I don't, if I say there's a fire in the room, and I'm just sitting around, I don't really believe that I'm not really convinced of that. And so when I'm certain of something, which is what knowledge is about, when I'm sure of something, I'm going to act accordingly. And so Allah made knowledge and actions two sides of the same coin in this ayah, they are saying,

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as a viewer, a mean knowledge of what we taught him actually means the one who acts upon his knowledge that we taught him.

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And so that is another layer of meaning there that you would expect him a lot to say he is a poset. He's an actor of the knowledge we taught him, because he did all of this right. And that it was just mentioned in the earlier verses, but he said he's a possessor of knowledge of what we taught him to show us that the word knowledge and actions should be interchangeable, because they are two twins that should always be inseparable in the believers mind.

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We'll stop there inshallah. And now we speak about when they took their brother and went back to use of Allah Salam when they first enter upon him the second time. Next week. If a law permits, this is like a local animal. So the law said Nevada kind of venum hamadryad of savage mine said, I want to come