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Hello, and welcome my brothers and sisters in Islam to the house of Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah says in the Quran laka and Zelina la con keytab fie the crew come fly taki Dune, We have sent down to you all a book in which is your mansion, meaning the key. And the path to you being mentioned to you being honored to you being glorified is in this book we have granted you fly attack alone, do you not reason do you not realize the potential of this book

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and associating with it and living by it. That notion, that fact that Allah azza wa jal sent down to us the greatest book upon the greatest prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by way of the greatest Angel Jibreel alayhi salam, in the greatest nights later to Kadri of the greatest month Ramadan, in the greatest city, in Mecca, right? In the greatest language, and the Arabic language with the greatest teachings of all of His scriptures, and thereby making you the greatest Ummah, the greatest nation. This is not just a fact or a reality that a Muslim needs to recognize. This is a reality that a Muslim needs to reflect, it needs to reflect off of them.

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They need to wear this carry this pride, not arrogant pride, but grateful pride, carry it visibly on them as they pace through the world.

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You know, I mentioned that, for many reasons, it is always relevant. But nowadays in these holiday seasons, right? Many times people come and ask me, you know, can I accept an invitation to a Christmas party? Right? Can I accept the invitation?

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And I don't even want to get locked into the discussion about the legal technicalities of this. Like there are some scholars that have permitted attending non religious holidays, social events, right? So long as no haram nothing unlawful is involved. There's no ritual, there's no consumption of wine, alcohol, porque and otherwise, but this is not the discussion at all that I wish to partake in, even though I personally hold the position of no holidays, but our two holidays in Joomla. That is what I want to discuss. You want to know, can I accept the invitation to this non Islamic holiday, whether permissible in Islam or not? I wish to

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invite you to think would you extend an invitation to that same group of people to your Islamic holidays? Would you invite them to attend their Eid prayers with you? Would you invite them to attend Juma with you this is a read by the way, the prophets Allah Allahu Allah was on call the day of June 8, would you invite them? And why not?

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They are certainly no less. Rather, what this book calls you to is distinction and glory? Do we call to it? Or do we feel like we are too timid and too shy to do so? Are we afraid to stand out a little bit. And you know, standing out is not about accepting to be the weirdo or just being miserable or being negative, no standing out by virtue of the pride I have in what Allah has guided me to. Standing out here in the Islamic sense is about you know, being confident, being strong, being courageous, being independent, right? Being graceful, being generous, being discerning, even being wise, all of that,

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that is so much more valuable on one level, and also will actually believe it or not, will gain you so much more respect in those circles than just dissolving in the melting pot and not being recognizable. What makes you different.

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You know, *hole Islam. The Tamia Rahim Allah and this is a man who died

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in the, in the 13th century, common era 700 years ago, when the Muslims were, you know, a majority in the parts of the world that least that he's speaking in, and arguably in the entire world.

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He says when you look at non Muslim minority places, regions where Muslims are living under the rule of Jews or Christians or otherwise, he said it is very evident that the Muslim that adheres to his Islam is respected more and less taken advantage of even tasked with less labor, he says

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The Muslim worker is tasked with less labor and respected more than the Muslims in those lands who don't adhere to their faith and are not visible with their Islam. He says, and that is just one of the many blessings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying, Islam began as something strange at one point in time, it was odd, and it will return in sometimes some places it will return to being something strange, something atypical, so glad tidings to the strangers. He said, This is not just about paradise. This is not just about the patient and the hereafter, even in terms of dignity and respect and regard from others. You need to respect yourself, respect your beliefs,

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respect your tradition, in order to expect any respect from others.

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You know, some people and maybe this is a good place to mention this.

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Think I wear this goofy, by the way, this headpiece, because there's anything Islamic about it, and I don't believe and most scholars don't believe there is no substantial evidence to say head gear is Islamic in and of itself. If some people want to wear it, because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam worId, we expect they will be rewarded for their love for the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, but I don't believe it's inherently virtuous. Like it's not a teaching of Islam, to cover your head and all times in all places.

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Why I do actually wear it, there are a number of reasons I've accumulated over the years. One of them is just that it's a identity marker. I want people to know that I'm a Muslim. I want people to know if you have a question about Islam, I'm here. It may even help me check myself at times. When I was younger, my sister used to tell me if you're going to speed when I got my license, take your coffee off, right? This is one of many reasons but an identity marker to stand out in a positive way in sha Allah. That's what a Muslim should look for opportunities to do. That's the point of the whole burnout, look for it. Because the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam actually did this soon

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nettle Maha left, he would try to look for ways to diverge at times to call attention to Islam.

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You know, in Medina, when he came at the end of his life, Allah, His salatu salam, he began parting his hair. So the Muslims had a distinct hairstyle from the Jews of Medina, those that were refusing to accept Islam and still in Medina or beyond Medina in the areas. And he said to the Sahaba, Radi Allahu Anhu. When your hair gets, you know, overly white, lots of it becomes white dye your hair coloful your hood up, differ from them look different, dye your hair and put some color in your hair, because they don't dye their white hair.

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And some scholars may say if there's a bit of white hair, you leave that when it becomes overly white, that is when the dyeing is intended. Or even growing the beard, he said, grow the beard, differ from the fire worshippers, trim your mustache, keep it tidy and grow your beard differ from these other nations, that concept of there being defining characteristics that are visible about a Muslim is an objective in and of itself in Islam.

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And so we don't just want to blend into society, we want an opportunity to add something to society. And that starts on the outside that starts externally. But there's also you know, an internal benefit to this as well. You know, how you you look and act and appear publicly will affect how you are internally and privately. I'll give you an unfortunate example. Many Muslims

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that do celebrate Christmas in their workplaces somehow, some way it bled into them celebrating Christmas in their homes when the entire house is Muslim. By the way, it's not like you have one non Muslim parent that's doing it off in a room somewhere. And then not just this, because in public society, public life, there is such a big splash such a big excitement about the holiday season, then Christmas became a greater holiday in their home. Right in some of these Muslim homes, the needle filter and the needle up actually are. So the public has an effect on the private, this is natural, you know, the exterior will always affect the interior and vice versa. And that's why I

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said recognizing the distinction should translate into reflecting that distinction about being a Muslim.

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You know, even in apparel, even in apparel, you know if you're a police officer, right, or any occupation that requires a uniform and you find a another person on the streets or in the, you know, one of the aisles in the supermarket wearing the same uniform as you right.

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You would automatically because of the dissimilarity

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On the exterior have more of a reason to feel like you're identifying with this person, you might cross the street, you might cross the aisle, strike up a conversation, ask them what branch or chapter or precinct they work out of. This is normal. If you find someone wearing, I know there's many people in the medical industry here, wearing scrubs or wearing certain medical attire or a white coat, you may want feel automatically that much closer to them because of the external similarity.

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And so this is why our Dean tells you, you know, be careful of what happens on the outside so that there will be an effect on the inside. It's unavoidable. And a perfect another unfortunate example of this is even if you were to see celebrating certain holidays, if they're not religious holidays are permissible, in principle, it causes a slippery slope. Like now you say, Okay, it's the holiday season and I found a scholar that said, technically, celebrating Christmas, if no rituals are haram, then it all becomes fine, right? It becomes just the, as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, you will follow footstep after footstep, arm's length after arm's length. Even if someone were to go

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into a lizards hole, you'll go in right after them. He said this would happen. And so it's no surprise now that the questions have changed over the years. And people say or sometimes they don't even think to ask, they think it's all right to attend in this holiday season, what's called Happy Hour, so called Happy Hour where there's drinks being passed around. You should not be finding any scholar that tells you that it's fine to sit at happy hour, because the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam explicitly forbid, sitting at a table or sitting in a gathering we're in wine is circulated. So why can't you say I don't drink? Or are you any less for not drinking? Or are you offering a

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superior alternative to the world? When you say there is no such thing as social drinking, there is no such thing as like drinking. Society burns and families are destroyed by this. You don't need to lecture them, but at least stand your ground. Aren't there people in our workspaces our co workers, our classmates who stand their ground and say, I'm not gonna go to that grill out, I'm not gonna go to that barbecue. Or if I go, I don't eat meat. I'm a vegetarian. I don't believe we should be eating meats. They say this without any sort of hesitation. So why can't we say this? We should be willing and looking for an opportunity to say that stuff I don't do. So it's critical for the Muslim

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in general to try to find that balance between claiming your Islam is special and hitting the brakes every time you want to say yeah, I'm Muslim, but I do everything everyone else does. Then what exactly makes your Islam special? What are you offering at that point? That uniqueness that distinction Allah granted us must be recognized but also reflected Akula Holyhead that will start from Allah Allah Emily welcome

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena vivad Shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa la sharika or shadow anna Muhammad and Aveda who went on to be you who are sort of

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one final reflection on this whole topic. Over the years, I have found it

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pretty obvious that these questions usually come to me at least

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from people that are born Muslim a lot of the time not people that are new Muslim or converted at some point in their lifetime to Islam.

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The second group, those that have converted to Islam made this conscious decision to find out what Islam is usually. And based on that they've chosen Islam they've constantly consciously chosen Islam. And so as a result, when they are faced with these, you know, situations they check first Wait, should I be doing this? Because they, you know, whatever Islam told me, I'm better off, they are always telling themselves and telling people around them. If I wasn't Muslim, yeah, I'd be doing whatever I want. But I don't want to go back to that lifestyle where I have to play trial and error with my life where I underestimate certain decisions. I am far better off as a Muslim right now. And

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you should consider it as well. You know, that whole paradigm shift is the only call to action really, in this whole book today. You know, instead of looking, can I celebrate you know, can I socialize it this function? Can I get out of the hot seat of saying no, please excuse me another two

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I'm right. Look at it from a completely different perspective. Can I turn this into an opportunity to bring someone closer to Allah Azza wa Qian to transform their life for the better because I believe that Islam does that. But that all begins within you, having enough self acceptance of what Allah gave you called Islam, over feeling like social acceptance is more valuable than that. You feeling satisfied with Allah's approval?

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Versus your assumption that people will not approve even though they will? More often than not as we said earlier in the book, they will and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said to you and Hayden will our best insight Muslim that Allah ml Eman This is the person that has gotten to taste and experience the you know the the delicious taste the faith, man rob the biller here rob the one who is accepting content with Allah as his Lord.

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We're Bill Islami Dena and with Islam as his framework as his system that he lives by will be Muhammad Rasool Allah and with Muhammad is his guiding example his messenger from Allah salAllahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, and then another Hadith and perhaps this is a more practical reminder that will outlast whatever I say here on the member. He said Allah His Salatu was Salam whoever says this every morning and every evening, but I'll leave to Billa here Rob Robin Islami Deena will be Mohan Medina be I have accepted Allah as Lord and Islam as dean and Muhammad as messenger can have done Allah Allah He and yulia who it becomes incumbent upon Allah, you know, Allah doesn't owe

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anyone anything, right? Allah made it a duty on himself though, to please you, when you say that each morning and each evening. And before I leave this place in the gym, but I was asked and informed about thought Cauvin, a five year old from another Academy who apparently I'm not fully aware of the the nature of the

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of the dilemma, but he's fighting for his life apparently in this critical condition. So we ask Allah to grant him a speedy recovery. We ask Allah to grant him a speedy recovery. We ask Allah to grant him our speedy recovery. Oh Allah allow our drive this afternoon to intercede for him and return him to his family while having secured his health and having secured full reward for their patience and their contentment with Allah's decree. And may Allah make us always and forever people that are accepting and satisfied with Allah as our Lord and Islam as our deen and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as our Prophet and Messenger May Allah forgive us our sins and high for

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us our shortcomings and make what is remaining of our life better than what has passed and the ultimate best day of our life day two we meet him Allah homophily Muslim unanimously mad when we mean me nuts, Allah here even Mr. Hamlin work or Salallahu Salam barakaatuh Vienna Muhammad wa ala early he was so happy whatever you know, whatever yet

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