The DUAA that will rectify all your Affairs

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and significance of the Shabbat, a time when one gives thanks to God for their behavior. The speaker describes various struggles with addiction and health, including alcoholism and money management. The conversation also touches on the significance of the Shabbat for those affected by it.
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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah tonight's da Subhan Allah. Let me ask before I tell you the DA, who is the most beloved daughter to Rasulullah Salallahu Salam

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without any doubt Fatima or the Allahu and Halawa?

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So, this is how the Hadith started. He said, Yeah, for FEMA, and the soloists I sell them have so many methods of teaching, and one of them is to excite you before he teaches you. And so he's telling her Yeah, Fatima Maryam now key, what prevents you from this was the year that I'm giving you. And we all know what the year in Arabic it means and advice that is so essential. That's why they call before you die, they call it we'll see. Yeah, you know, you're willing, you're the most important thing you will tell the people before you leave. So yeah, Fatima, I'm going to what prevents you from this was here I'm about to give you what is your car so Allah, He said, say, every

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morning and every evening that means this is one of the code of the Shabbat and of God of the Messiah. Yeah, how you yaka young mera medica esta leave a slightly shut knee Kula wala to kill me in infc, perfect time.

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Most of us know that. But Allah here today, I'm going to explain it in a way you're going to adore the DA you're going to love the duart so much. Yeah, how you yaka you those two names of Allah azza wa jal, there are there is a Hadith from Rasulillah Salam that he said, The Greatest Name of Allah because Allah has a name. That's called The Greatest Name. He said the Greatest Name of Allah is in three Surah Baqarah Al Imran and Taha right and the only two names that are repeated in those three sutras are

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Yeah, hi yaka. You Alhaj Alka you al Haj Alka you so I'm asking Allah azza wa jal with the best of His Names and this is where the opinion of Imam nawawi Rahim Allah that this is the best name of Allah, the majority of the Anima they said that the best name of Allah is actually Allah.

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Yeah you yakka you. I am Hi,

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you are high.

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But this height is temporary.

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Why should I please this high? Why should I ask this high for something that he cannot handle? Or it's limited how long he can handle it? Let me ask the height Ulladulla moot Allah subhanaw taala is in the Quran and how you let the lie a Moute and sorted for Khan. He is the high that does not die so I'm asking him by this name. Yeah, hey, yeah Allah you are the all living yada yada yada yada you are you is the one that is called in by himself. He does not need anyone to help him in anything self sustainable. Allah subhana wa Tada does not sleep does not get tired, does not need to eat does not need to drink Allah subhanaw taala called him after everything has perished. Allah is still

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there. And he's the only one that will be there. Yeah, are you yeah Kareem two Beautiful Names of Allah azza wa jal. Yeah, how are you? Yeah. Are you in the DUA?

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etiquettes we learned Praise, praise, praise and ask right always like even the Fatiha Hamdulillah I mean praise Aruna Rahim praise Maliki omit the in praise. Ye cannot modify your kind of stay in praise. And then I asked it in a Serato stalking, right always praise. So here I'm praising. Yeah, how are you? Yeah, can you be medic yesterday, I'm praising her to be medica with your mercy. I listened to this verb. I studied Esther Heath is the word from the mouth. That was in Arabic. If you look at the translation of history, seek help. Need, you know that very simple words, but Wallahi it's far beyond that. A serif is I am literally drowning. And I'm raising my hand please help me I'm

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gone. I'm dead. If you don't help me, I'm destroyed. This is health. So when you when you say need, it's not really the right translation I studied is I'm in dire need dire need for what? To your rat May Allah. Allah when the only reason you came to Russia and you were able to pray Asia is because of the love of Allah azza wa jal, you were able only to digest that food that you ate because of the love of Allah subhanaw taala you have this beautiful kids running at home because of the ROM of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala we cannot survive a fraction of a second without his Rama and we all know that is the only key to gender no matter what we do. There are medical studies by him now I praised

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I praised ask what do you want? A slowly knee Could your Allah

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rectify? fix, repair? Mend whatever you want in the word Asli Ya Allah. My affairs are a mess. I'm having problems at home. I'm probably a problem.

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network problems my health problems in my in laws probably my children problems with my neighbor problems in my salon problems in my in my bed that I have many problems yeah Allah are slowly shutting me could fix all my affairs Yama on my affairs all of them me and my spouse yalla please make our home on earth your Allah fill our home with love and mercy Allah make my relationship with my parents the best your Allah me and my children are getting along your Allah please fix that your Allah me and my boss are always fighting I don't like my job yeah Allah please make me like it make it better for me fix all my affairs all my affairs. We've been saying this draft for such a long

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time but the meaning of it is so deep and so beautiful. He's giving this to his best and most beloved daughter and of course from her to all Muslims are slightly * Nicola, what else do you want? What are takhini in NFC for time? Ya Allah I have no clue how to manage my affairs. I am helpless. I am I don't know how to

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put everything in order. Yeah Allah all my all my affairs are a mess. Yeah Allah. I do not know how to make decisions on my own. Ya Allah do not leave me to my own decision. Not for a minute. Not for an hour. Not even for a blink of an eye.

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Perfect. I do not make me make my own decisions. Yeah Allah for a blink of an eye. For blink of an eye I cannot handle it. You are them with a bill you are the Hakeem you are the old wise you are the old expert you are the old knowing you know the unseen I do not know I might make a decision I want to marry this woman and she's not good for me and I really want her and are you really want to move this move there they open that business and they might be the worst thing could ever happen to me but you we are Allah, you know what's going to happen in the future and even the baby was shattered. Allah do not make me to make one decision. By my own. I want to hear Allah to please run all my

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affairs Subhan Allah, how beautiful is this one? Yeah, how you yaka you be Rama tikka, studies are slowly shutting me Kula when attacking me in an FC turffontein Yellow Shabaab.

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Yeah, how are you? Yeah, are you there are medica St. A slightly shocked me cooler while attacking me. Ill NFC farofa time the Allah subhanaw taala make us memorize this to apply this law and made he Subhana answer this. We'll see that find the channel for this a lot. And if you cannot make it come to 615 for federal Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Zachman lochia sulamani commerciali OH, GOD THE F La Nina

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and levena woovina sala de him for us your own well levena umani love we weren't born well levena Zeca define Moon will levy now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as wagging a woman and get amen for

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