Mohamad Baajour – Simple Actions that lead To Jannah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The segment discusses five different incidents that occur during the time of Islam, including a woman who provided water to her dog while performing the deed, a woman who gave water to her dog, a woman who gave water to her dog, and a woman who gave water to her dog while performing the deed. The importance of having a presence of truthfulness and faith in actions is emphasized. The transcript also touches on the origin of a donation made to Allah for war and the loss of a woman named Jana consolidation. The speakers stress the importance of trusting one's intentions and avoiding false assumptions. The segment ends with a discussion of a new endowment event in New York and a fundraising event in the fall.
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Shut up

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how are you

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how are you

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how are you

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how are you

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men who want to stay you don't want to start off when I would have loved him in Cerulean fusina or in say Dr. Molina Mejia de la Fernando de la when a youth lil fella heard he was shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa The who lashari color wash I don't know Mohammed and Abba do who are a sudo and that your kudos of Hannah who what if he Kitab he'll Kareem Yeah, he led the men who took on La haka to call it while HMO tune in

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to Muslim

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So, the Kuhmo lady

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in Cebu Hida wahala come in her zone Jaha was sending him out.

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Because he when he saw

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he tells

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you alone, Abby, he will

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in hola que le calm rocky

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Yeah, you have a

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man who

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said he use Lila Come on.

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While you're off Phil lecom zunow Raccoon when a YouTuber in Asuna falcoda Thirza 1000 All the

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bad thing that's local Hadith Kitab Allah O'Hanlon had you had you Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam was shot on Omar. To her were Kula modesetting Bidda well could be that in dolla Dolla dolla nothing funner for men that my dear, beloved, respected brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal who gathered us in this message together assume Okeanos Sidra mursaleen Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean you're blind I mean

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Allah subhanaw taala

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started Surah to the milk

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Many of us have memorized it

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to the rocker lady via the hill milk coalition in Cuddyer. A lazy fella called motor will hire Tata Lea beluga calm a Yukon

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accent armella

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The one who created death and life

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to test us

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to test the one with the best of Amel

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when a miracle and he did not say accelerometer, not the one with abundant so many Atmel No, he said axon, the one with the best Tamil

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so the matter is not about the quantity. It's about the quality of diamond. So let me your ears I will mention five Hadith.

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Paola Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Nomura, the RE and Cal ban fee Yeoman har ut for the

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listener who mean a lot Hush. Vanessa Lowe be moved here from fear Allah

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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a prostitute. So a dog moving around a well on a hot day and hanging out his tongue from thirst.

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So she drew water for it with her shoe.

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And she was completely forgiven.

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Secondhand Hadith

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kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or a Torah julun Yeti or collab Phil Jana

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Fisher Sheraton Katara min. Tariq can add to the muslimeen

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masala sai Salam said, I saw a man enjoying himself in Jannah

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as a reward for cutting in the middle of the road, a tree that was causing harm to Muslims.

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Third Hadith.

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While in a journey, a man suffered intensive thirst, he found the will climb down, get some water. And when he came out, he saw a dog with his tongue hanging and licking the earth out of thirst. So he said this dog is suffering just like I was suffering. So he took his shoe and one down again in the world, putting the shoe in his mouth, taking the shoe, filling it up with water, putting it back in his mouth, claiming back and giving the dog the water. So Allah appreciated his act and for gave all his sins.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was bruised in the Battle of odd

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and he was trying to ascend Iraq, but he couldn't because he was very tired.

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So when Tom had been Obaidullah saw that he immediately went down on his hands and knees and made his back as a platform for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to climb on

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Surah Surah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whether that Allah Jana little

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Jana has guaranteed for

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fifth, a person walking along the path saw a branch

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a branch of a tree blocking the road. So he removed it. So it will not harm the Muslims. And he was admitted to Jannah.

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All except the hadith of Taha are in Sahih Muslim.

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My brothers and sisters, these are five different

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incidents to five different people in five different locations.

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But they all have one theme

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and that is the path to Jannah is not always the obvious one.

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The path to Jannah is not always the obvious one.

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never for a moment

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At any

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of these five people sought by this simple action or that simple action will mark the happiest day of their life.

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My brothers and sisters

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what this example is made clear

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is that the outer size of the deed

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is irrelevant.

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the key ingredient that raises us above others or drop us below others is the presence

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of civic enamel is the presence of truthfulness in that action.

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Keep in mind

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that not every prostitute that gives water to a dog is going to Jana

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April Tamia Rahim Allah He said about that specific Hadith. This was a moment that provided this was a woman that provided water to the dog while possessing pure Eman.

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So it is not necessarily the deed itself that will decide where are we going, but rather, the state that we are in when we are performing the deed

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it's not about the size

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it to canal whether it will be shipped Kitamura

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protect yourself from the Hellfire even with half a date.

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Because sometimes when we are in a fundraising and a brother donated $100,000 So the guy who wants to give 500 would say what is my 500 going to do?

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So he changes his mind and he never gives you a habibi. This 500 of yours could be better than millions of dollars someone else gave. It depends. What was your intention? What state you were in when you decided to give that money to that orphan or to that widow to that cause? It's not, especially with Allah azza wa jal. Yeah, one, it's not about the quantity. It's about the SAML where is it coming from?

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My brothers and sisters a bedwin

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kintra allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he took his shahada

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and they went into a battle

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after the battle is over, some of the companions came

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and gave him his share

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from the booty of war.

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So he said what is this?

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They said this is your share.

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We were victorious and Salas SLM ordered us to divide all this among the soldiers.

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He took his share and went to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said yeah, Rasul Allah.

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I did not follow you for this.

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I did not follow you for this. I followed you. So I can go to the battlefield and get hit by an arrow that goes right here and get out from here and die. He said Illa

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sort of salsa, insulin said in sadaqa, Allah Sadhak if you are truthful about your intention, Allah Who Would Be truthful with you will give you whatever you want.

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When to another battle.

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And after the battle was over Rasulullah sallallahu is going around checking and he saw him he said Who Who is this him? They said yesterday or Salalah? He was that with an arrow coming here coming out from his back Rasul Allah say Salim said sadaqa Allah for sadaqa he was truthful to Allah. So Allah granted him what he wanted my brothers and sisters

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sometimes, we put a lot of effort

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on our men, on actions

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that are

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with React

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that, listen carefully. Rhea showing off. Destroys shatters

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the hammer no matter how big it is,

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because somebody might say, Is it possible that somebody donated $10 billion, and it's not accepted 100% If that intention was to show off to the people around, I am a Kareem I am a generous person. Look at me. Zero, let in a Shakta. Banana look at Hakuna.

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When you associate a partner with Allah, that donation was supposed to be to Allah Now you have somebody else with Allah

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multiplied by zero

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it's about the sort of the truthfulness and the sincerity of the animal that will either will elevate them or will destroy them and Allah Mazuma class Phil Caldwell Amel colocado stuffer Allah Cristoforo in novella for right.

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Sula, who

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are salatu salam, ala Mala and OB Avada.

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So let's reflect

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each one of us here.

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Let's reflect

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and ask themselves

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do I have a deed that was done strictly for the pleasure of Allah

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a tear,

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a tear in the middle of the night in privacy

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that fell. When you remember ALLAH, that could be the reason to intergender

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a smile that you put on your brother's face because he was so depressed and you sat down and you gave some of your time to ease things for him or her.

00:17:30 --> 00:17:33

This moment could be a haram

00:17:34 --> 00:17:40

haram desire that you craved. But then you suppressed

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for Allah's pleasure.

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It could be a woman passing by half naked and there was nobody around you that knows you. And you could have stared and enjoyed the moment but you lowered your gaze for the pleasure of Allah. That could be the reason to intergender

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because in front of me, people, it's easy to lower the gaze.

00:18:07 --> 00:18:08

You're alone.

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You're in a foreign land, you're in invocation.

00:18:14 --> 00:18:19

No one knows you. But you did it just for the sake of Allah azza wa jal.

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It could be an anger that you controlled just for the sake of Allah. And you could have let it go. But you remembered the reward of alcohol we mean Allah is the One who control their anger.

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My brothers and sisters, it could be

00:18:41 --> 00:18:50

some food you gave to a hungry person. It could be something that you favored others over yourself ethos or

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you know,

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I was mentioning the other day.

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The Sahaba Subhan Allah

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when the MaHA jurien came to Medina

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and it was time to collect

00:19:12 --> 00:19:14

the dates the season to collect the dates.

00:19:17 --> 00:19:20

The unsalted picked up all the dates.

00:19:22 --> 00:19:33

And they took them to the hygiene to choose first. They don't want them to hygiene to feel the unsolved, took the good ones and gave us the bad ones.

00:19:35 --> 00:19:45

So the unsolved, took all the dates and presented them to the marine and they said Yamaha Julene Take whatever you want and whatever is left, we will take it.

00:19:48 --> 00:20:00

This is an amazing Amil. Right, listen to what the marine did. The Marine took the bad ones and gave the rest to the answer.

00:20:00 --> 00:20:03

Oh, I don't know who's good. Who's better than who

00:20:09 --> 00:20:11

sometimes it's very simple Amel.

00:20:12 --> 00:20:25

Very simple action, a person that you fed. You, Allah blessed you with wealth. And you heard that your brother is in dire need. He's in debt. And you went behind his back and paid his debt.

00:20:29 --> 00:20:34

And when he went to pay his debt, the guy told him to taking care of who.

00:20:36 --> 00:20:39

He did not mention his name, Allah.

00:20:40 --> 00:20:42

This is what we're talking about.

00:20:43 --> 00:20:46

You know, there was a story of

00:20:47 --> 00:20:48

it's mentioned a lot about

00:20:51 --> 00:20:53

Zubaydah, the wife

00:20:54 --> 00:20:55

of Haroon Rashid.

00:20:58 --> 00:21:00

What she did once is,

00:21:01 --> 00:21:03

she provided water

00:21:04 --> 00:21:12

to the hajis in MENA. You know that time she made all the arrangements that water will be easy

00:21:13 --> 00:21:25

to get for all the hedges Yanni watered by itself as the best sadaqa and to the Hajj SubhanAllah. That's amazing. So she did the whole process. Allahu Anam how much that cost.

00:21:27 --> 00:21:29

And after she died,

00:21:30 --> 00:21:41

someone saw her in a dream he said yes up the house things what's going on? She didn't handle Allah. I am in Jana. She said, Is it because of the thing of water that you determiner?

00:21:42 --> 00:21:48

She said no. It was because of to shore tracker in the middle of the night.

00:21:51 --> 00:21:52

To short

00:21:53 --> 00:22:12

in the middle of the night, because we always Oh, this is the big one. Subhanallah like Bilal when he was asked, What do you think it was that I saw you and Jana Rasulillah Salam asked him, What do you think it was? Yeah. Bilal. What do you think it was? That led nutrition I heard your footsteps in Jannah he did not say your rasool Allah.

00:22:14 --> 00:22:15

I was screaming.

00:22:16 --> 00:22:25

And I was in the heat of the sand and they were torturing me, said jasola Maybe because I pray to raka after every

00:22:27 --> 00:23:06

CR one. The theme of today's kappa is do not belittle any animal. Do not leave any stone unturned. When you have an opportunity to do something sad do sad vehicle rush race when you have an opportunity to visit a sick brother when you have an opportunity to go to a janazah when you have an opportunity to help somebody who's behind in his rent, run and race. I woke up in the morning today with my very dear brother 52 years old with eight children. He was coming back from LaGuardia to Dallas, and he died in LaGuardia. And he's a cardiologist and died from a heart attack.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:20

So do not keep wasting time tomorrow. Latham after I get married after Ramadan when I come back from Hajj. He was coming and they were all going to Umbra tonight everything was cancelled.

00:23:22 --> 00:23:23

We keep delaying and delaying

00:23:25 --> 00:23:26

what are we waiting for?

00:23:28 --> 00:23:30

What are we waiting for?

00:23:31 --> 00:23:59

He did not know at all last week when he went to New York that was the last time he sees his children and the children did not know that was the last time they see their father. Go back home and hug your father hug your mother take advantage that are still above the ground only we remember them when they go under and we wish and we say your Allah bring them back so I can hug them. Bring them back here hola so I can please them but it's too late.

00:24:01 --> 00:24:14

It's too late. It could be that hug. Is that Yes mama? It could be that Yes Baba. It could be that small favor that you did to your parents could be that ticket to Jana.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:20

But most of the time we wake up when it's too late.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:54

Now Allah have mercy on my brother and all the brothers and sisters that passed away Allama for Lana de Nova Nova slough and FE M Nina, with a bit of them and Alan sadhana Anil Coleman Catherine Allama Lima to Hibou er de la Mora Faulkner Lima to Hibou TourRadar Allama Don they are behind Amin Allama letter to a Furner illa Anta Robin and Al Hamra he mean, Robin a hablan I mean, as far as you know, was already yet in Accra time with John Duffy and Imam bene that you know for dunya Hassan,

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

Hassan, walking over now Robina letters of pollution are bad

00:25:00 --> 00:25:10

Daytona will have done AMOLED on Kurama in Delaware Herb was Salalah and Amina Muhammad while early he was happy as mine were como la salud

00:25:27 --> 00:25:29

fill up the main hole first

00:25:35 --> 00:25:36

come fill up the space

00:25:42 --> 00:25:50

filled up the main hole foot to foot shoulder to shoulder please come out from the rooms and fill up the main hall first please Zachman luckier vertical have

00:25:51 --> 00:25:52

a long one

00:25:56 --> 00:25:56

a shadow

00:26:02 --> 00:26:02

a shadow

00:26:05 --> 00:26:06


00:26:11 --> 00:26:20

Hi Jana sala de Hayyan fella. God De Palma de Sala.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:25

Sala along

00:26:28 --> 00:26:30


00:26:31 --> 00:26:31


00:26:37 --> 00:26:39

hola como

00:26:45 --> 00:27:19

Coulson dueling hero bill and me in how to rock your rocking Maliki you owe me Dean. He can Abu he kind of styling it you know slit Otto Mustafi stocking slaughter levena and Li him Are you really mad at him what a bomb y'all

00:27:20 --> 00:27:23

been mean?

00:27:24 --> 00:27:33

Well Asri in Santa Fe hosts in a lazy man who you know sorely

00:27:35 --> 00:27:39

whatever so been happy whatever. So this from

00:27:41 --> 00:27:41


00:27:52 --> 00:27:55

samyama Honeyman Amida

00:27:59 --> 00:28:00


00:28:11 --> 00:28:12


00:28:18 --> 00:28:18


00:28:31 --> 00:28:33

Allah Quran

00:28:36 --> 00:29:13

Al Hamdulillah Hyrum behind me in Iraq na and your Rafi Maliki Omi Dean he cannot he cannot stay in it do not see your autonomous stepping suite auto levena and lay in Are you REALLY mouth do we lie him while I'm on really mean? Anything

00:29:18 --> 00:29:19

boohoo hola

00:29:20 --> 00:29:28

hola. husana Lemme le do LMU while me Aquila, who Khufu and

00:29:30 --> 00:29:32

hola hola como

00:29:42 --> 00:29:45

samyama halimun Hermida?

00:29:49 --> 00:29:51

A Hola Hola, como

00:30:02 --> 00:30:03


00:30:08 --> 00:30:10

Hola Hola como

00:30:20 --> 00:30:22

I'm Mike.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:11

Cinema Alikum warahmatu more a cena am i Li kumara Natuna

00:31:27 --> 00:32:01

Salam aleikum Hello Barakatuh Shala block the date of December 10. We will have our annual fundraising we are starting a new endowment internal government in the back and Charla Tada. So December 10 locally here in the back at six o'clock we will have our annual fundraising please come and join us on the third we will have the groundbreaking Charlotte Allah please I heard that many of you are going to Umrah please keep the whole community in your da and keep the whole online you're dying to Allah. May Allah get you there safe, accept from you and bring you safe Salam Alaikum

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