Mohamad Baajour – Recent Earthquake, The Silver Lining [4 points]

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a tragic disaster in Syria and Turkey that has caused deaths in various countries. It emphasizes the importance of living life in a rewarded way and not giving up on one's beliefs. The three main moments in Islam are a woman losing her life, a woman losing her job, and a woman losing her job while on a hunting trip. The importance of not giving up on one's health and job prospects is also highlighted. A woman died while on a hunting trip after being hit by a random arrow, and was later found dead in her house. The transcript warns that this type of death is a permanent habit and should not be avoided.
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We all have heard about the tragedy

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and the disaster that took place in Syria and in Turkey.

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Tonight and Charla died in a very short period of time.

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We want to look at the bright side,

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the silver lining.

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Is there a bright side for someone who lost his child for someone who lost his own for someone who lost his husband? For someone who lost his parents? Is there a bright side? And as believers? The answer is absolutely yes.

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Number one

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith isn't Buhari,

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no Muslim, no believer who's afflicted by a calamity and his patient, except Allah azza wa jal will forgive all his sins.

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And as a believer looking to enter the Jannah and to get my sins erased, this is higher for me. That's number one. Number two.

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Even though we do not see the fail, but 100% As a believer, I only believe that Allah decrees only fail, even if I do not see it. Call Allah azza wa jal listen to this iron Surah Nisa Faza and crochet and Allah Allah houfy failure on Kathira you might hate something, but Allah has not only failed failure and Kathira a lot of hate in it.

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A lot of failure in it.

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And that reminds us.

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I always ask myself, what is the wisdom to read through little calf every single Friday?

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One of the stories that are four stories, one of the stories is the story of Musa alayhis salam and the huddle, right. And when they went into that journey, and made the hole in the ship, Musa alayhis salam, with all his knowledge, he said, What are you doing, you're ruining a source of income to Messiah keen to poor people, then we found out that that is the best thing that ever happened to them, because there was a king, that is taking any ship that is complete, that is perfect. And when he said when he saw a hole in that ship, he let it go. So that was the best thing. So, there is a lot of hail even though what we see is looks evil. Similarly, when that man when the huddle killed a

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young 1012 year old man, what is the fate in this I see this? I say what is the fate in this and this is exactly what Musa Musa is the Mohammed of his time?

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He said, What is the fate in this What are you doing? You killed the plane you could the person did not do anything young man. No matter how much knowledge I have, I will never be able to foresee that this young man will be an unbeliever and he will be a source of hardship to experience to his believing parents. Similarly, I do not know where the failure is in this earthquake. But I know for a fact there is higher.

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For a fact, that is higher.

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Number three.

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Allah subhanaw taala said In the Surah we hear every Friday in Fraser, when he knows he can Nahum mean Elijah Bill Edna Dune, Allah Akbar Lala whom you're John.

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We're gonna let them taste a little bit of the of the adab. This is a very small gap compared to the bigger gap. Why? So they could come back to Allah azza wa jal, my brothers and sisters we are extremely, extremely busy with the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us.

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We are so busy with our children, with that beautiful home with the cars with the job with the degrees that we got that made us forget what are we doing here? That means forget our purpose of living. What are we doing here? So these calamities hit us every once in a while to make us wake up.

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Wake up, come back to Allah azza wa jal. So that calamity, even though it's very hard to comprehend, but it's a Rama from Allah, it's a mercy from Allah because no matter how much suffering you will have in this dunya it's not compared to one second of suffering in the Afra La La Jolla. He could come back and how many people we all know that came back to Allah azza wa jal after a calamity and as a matter of fact, Allah azza wa jal, he told us were either Ananda Allah in some

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ways I must So shall

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We give the human being when we give him Nam and blessings out. He turned away he forget about us. But when something evil happened to him, Allah look at the word Allah used our Eid huge dua to Allah. Allah how many times a brother loses his job and you see him the masjid every single day. Yeah Allah Ya Allah when he got the job, gone.

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So these calamities bring us back to Allah azza wa jal.

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These three are for the people who are still alive and suffering from the earthquake. And the last one is for the people who passed away. What an honor Allah in the suggested night, I beg you to take my soul as a shaheed.

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This is an honor that Allah chose these people literally in the Hadith, literally, whomsoever a Wall falls on him is a shahid

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we should be extremely happy. As a believer, we are very happy. For every person who died as a Shaheed This is our goal when we raise our hand and say your Allah bless me with shahada where which battle you're gonna go fighting.

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But hamdulillah there are other kinds of Shaheed if you die drowning, if you die in a hurry in a fire, if you die now, in a major car accident they may have class is equal to the result equal to earthquake if you die in a lung, or stomach or colon cancer, that is considered shade. Many other forms of shade, die defending your family die defending your business, your your your wealth is a Shaheed so these people are honored. Where is the delete that they are honored? Omo Haritha, the Hadith in Bukhari, the mother of Hadith or the Allah one Hadith that what happened is, when they did go into the battle of Bedouin, he died before the battle took place. He got hit by random arrow and

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died. So his mother was worried. So she came to Rasulullah sorry Salam said, yeah rasool Allah.

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What happened to her?

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If he is in Jannah, or spill, I will be patient, but he if he is in the other place, I'm gonna exert myself in weeping.

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And Rasulullah says salam said, Are you crazy? Jana, inept Nikki ASABE and for those who will Allah Hadith isn't the Fritos Allah Allah.

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So how can I be upset about someone who died and going to Jana?

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We are going to die anyway. So we will take Allah to take our soul as Shaheed but don't ever again. After all, this don't ever suicide, Salim told us don't ever ask for a calamity. If the shahada comes by itself, Allahu Akbar. That's an honor from Allah azza wa jal. And finally, one, this is a major lesson for all of us. 45 seconds

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45 seconds, turn the home owner to homeless 45 seconds. Turn kids who have parents to orphans 45 seconds, turn men and women into widows. 45 seconds turn people who own businesses to jobless 45 seconds. Now we understand the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Wallahi you feel like listen to this hadith

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when us bow hunting come

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in the Saturday why often fee just at the end the who caught two young men that can NEMA he's at Lahore, dunya

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whomsoever, wake up in the morning and have three things and now we feel it.

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He saved in his house.

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He is healthy, and he has provision for one day.

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A solo sigh Salam said this person as if he owns the whole dunya isn't that true? Allah He think about it. This person who in 45 seconds lost everything you think while he was running holding his son down the stairs he's thinking about his gold and silver and car and and luggage and bags and all that stuff that he owns it's very expensive Wallah he was not thinking of nothing except survival.

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So this is a lesson for all of us to come back to Allah azza wa jal as these people had no clue. The night before had no clue. It will be there last night. They have no clue they will become homeless.

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This could happen to all of us. But unfortunately when we do not learn from others P from other people's tragedies and hardships. This is this is the whole idea is for me and you to learn and come back to Allah azza wa jal if you are dealing with anything of haram, stop it instantly.

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If you are delaying your Salawat make sure you come back to the

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So let them play every slot on time. If you are disobedient to your parents make sure you fix that relationship and he kind of sin that you are committing the smoking. And this is something on the side. But this is unbelievable lately. smoke shops, Muslims owning smoke shops, what's wrong with you?

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And it's not like this source of income. I'm a doctor. I'm an engineer. I have extra money. I'm opening smoke shops. Yeah.

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Fear Allah. Stay away from every haram. These people you think they'll come back? They can open another smoke shop. Another 711

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This is a lesson to all of us. And then yeah, when Hamdulillah I mean, as usual, epic, always the pioneer in helping so we started hamdulillah collecting funds. We're going to collect the funds and we're going to after that choose what organizations we will give it to. And then in sha Allah, Allah will get the money to the right people. So either you could do it through Zell earthquake at Epic masjid, that org Or you could use the kiosk or you can put cash, but Allah He, you know, make sure you help.

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This is another lesson.

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They were tested with hardship. And we are all tested with this wolf and is what are you going to do when you heard about your brothers and sisters suffering?

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SubhanAllah $100 in Syria will feed a family for a month. Allahu Akbar what an opportunity to invest with Allah azza wa jal

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and levena woofie Asana de force your own. Well, levena Maione Lola, we want a new moon. Wallasey now Zeca

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Moon will levy now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get a man in whom will you marry me?

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