Mohamad Baajour – Purification of the Heart #07 Third Sign of a Qalb Saleem

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the signs of a culture that hates people who missed a slot and is not doing well. They give examples of people who missed a slot and feel sad when they missed it, but also talk about the importance of learning the Arabic language. The speaker emphasizes the need to study and make a promise to achieve success in the upcoming days.
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We go back to our

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series of alkyl be Salim, and we mentioned already two signs of alkyl. Vaseline. The first sign is that this cult

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hates anything that is not pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And second sign is that this heart is free from shirk, Ria,

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hatred, jealousy, envy, you name it. Pure Heart. This is one of the signs that your heart is selling. Now, remember what I said before that if you see that one of the signs does not apply to you, that means we should work our way up to it. So today's sign is a little bit

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upper grade.

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This heart the owner of the heart

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hates when he missed a bad

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he feels like he lost a major deal. If he misses Gemina

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let me give you an example.

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If you have a product that you can sell, and you can make $100,000 And you found out that you could have made 2.7 million

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How would you feel?

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You feel very sad that you missed the 2.7 million

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right? This is exactly what happens to this heart when he missed the Jama because it's 27 times more

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and not only that

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if he misses the Jamara

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but if he misses the slot

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if the person misses us a lot and made your slot, one of the first slot without any valid reason because many people say no it's okay I'll do the Khazar

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there are only two reasons

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for missing the salah on time.

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Number one

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you actually slept a doll and you woke up at Maghrib you must answer Bismillah you have a valid excuse go ahead and pray you're awesome. Second

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you really forgot not pretended to forget you really forgotten tap ins you really forgot Subhanallah especially in the winter, when there's like one hour very, very short window between one solid and the other. You really forgot you could make it up. But other than that, I mean of course I'm not talking about extreme cases, a student in inside an exam for five hours or a surgeon conducting the surgery I'm talking about just like as normal. Oh well I am busy. I'm in a meeting I am this um that you know Subhanallah listen to this hadith even it's not our topic, but he doesn't say

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so al Bukhari man. Tharaka. salata, Lhasa, Dhaka, the habitat Armello

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whomsoever leave us on purpose, His Amel, his actions are multiplied by zero.

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So the owner of this heart not only

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misses the salad completely, no, no, if he misses the Jamar, he feels so bad. This is the first level and then not only that,

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the owner of that heart looks forward for the salaat this is what I'm saying we have to really

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and he gets ourselves trained.

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Are you really looking forward for her?

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He wants to be in the company of ALLAH, the spirit this club is only comfortable in that state.

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He looks forward for the next slot.

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And not only that, listen to the upper to the highest level.

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He feels the most joy when he is performing the slot. Where God let curato Aney for salat wa salam wa sallam said and the coolness of my eyes my utmost joy is when I am in Salaat arena Bihar.

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Yeah Bilal or Bilal make the karma so we can feel at ease we can feel relaxed, we can feel comfortable, we can rest Subhanallah so look at this level, not only the person

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hates missing the slot missing the GEMA missing the more agile and not only I only gave example of the slot, he misses the agile and have any any a bad he

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hates to miss an opportunity to do good. He feels something is missing in in his heart. If he misses something that could have earned him so many hasnat

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that is one of the greatest signs of a cult Salim And subhanAllah one

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in order to get to that level that we will enjoy and look forward for the salaat and feel the comfort and the Salat like Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, you

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know, the stain on the Sabri was sold

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in Namaha saw the green oval you believe any issue that you have anything that you're going through, seek help to things salaat and patients

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and the solar system has up anytime he had anything that he hardship or any kind of he wants to think Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah. So we have to work our, our, our self, to that level, that we look forward for the salad and enjoy this a lot. And I was saying, in order to do that, we have to really

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study and think how can I achieve sure in my salad, and that's a completely different topic, but one of the ways I'll give you just one try as much as you can to learn the Arabic language

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Why don't we in this last beautiful days make just a promise ya Allah in these days when the doors of Jannah are open and the doors of Jahannam are closed? Yeah, Allah make it easy for me to understand the Arabic language.

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Allah one ne This is the time when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and is giving Allahu Akbar ask Allah make me not only for the brothers who doesn't speak Arabic, don't think that the other Arab understand the Quran. We are also have so many difficulties in also understanding, we always ask Allah to increase us in knowledge and understanding of the of the book of Allah subhanaw taala the second law Arabic Allah Subhana Allah vandyk Masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you do come to

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me know.

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A levena woofie Asana de Hee ha Sharon. What levena umani love we weren't born when Levina homeless Zanka de lune Wallasey now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen for

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