Mirza Yawar Baig – Comparative Analysis

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the meaning of life is highlighted, along with the development of technology and the negative impact of living in a palace on one's life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of considering the afterlife and living in a reality that is impossible to predict. The negative impact of a story about a man who came to them and their rules of Canada are also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of living in a reality that is impossible to predict and that people should think about their future and spend their time in that reality.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala she wouldn't be able to sit in

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Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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Kaziranga sera doesn't even because you don't consider for my brother,

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my Reverend sisters we have been talking about the issue of all elevate

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and what is the what is the meaning of life and how

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what we do in this life effects, what is in the web,

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the important thing to understand about Alhaj first of all is very important, which is that usually the translation that is done, which we read in English and also and so on, have arrived, is that of either it is translated as unseen, or hidden, but alive is not unseen, and it is not hidden. What is behind his world is unseen. What is behind his what is hidden, we don't know is there a there's something behind his wall is somebody there are some objects that you don't know. But there is not why.

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If you go around the world you can see it

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I'll say is that which is unperceivable in this life, not only unseen, unheard, unseen, smelled and whatever, by our senses, but which can never be seen, which can never be heard, which can never be felt

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in this life, that is

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it's not just something which is unseen today, right?

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To give you some more examples,

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take them in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala when the kalam was revealed, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned there is relating to embryo onyx, the development of the embryo.

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Now, at the time these eyes were revealed, that was because microscopes had not been invented. So nobody had actually seen the stage by stage development.

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From the time an egg is fertilized, to the time it turns into a or it is developed into a

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baby ready to be one, all the stages of embryonic development were not known. And people knew, obviously, they saw human beings being born, they saw animals being born, and so on and so forth. So they knew that there was some process of development. But the fact that it is

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from the car to the ANOVA, to the mudra, and so on and so on all of the different stages that unless Rana did I mentioned, obviously this was in the live, it was not known. Because to be able to see those things you need a microscope and microscopes were still several centuries ahead. At the time these ads were revealed. But that is not alive. Because a few centuries later microscope God revealed that was all visible now. So today, when we look at those ads, we don't consider those ads to be from the hype, although Saba may have considered that. So similarly, today, if we look at or if or if you consider different things in our lives, and we say well, I this must be the right

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because we don't know that is not true, maybe as technology technology develops, as Allah subhanaw taala reveals secrets of his creation, which we use the term science to describe that

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this will become visible and he's alive is something which can never be perceivable by human beings no matter what technology they develop until the end of time, that is okay.

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So, therefore, the alarm will Berserk is what will happen in the hover is all hype. This is not something that is possible for anyone at any point in time to know by any means whatsoever no matter what technology gets developed no matter what happens, because that is a completely different world altogether. Second, similarly, the Jana is alright. We ask Allah subhanaw taala one day to show it to us by putting us in each shell. But today as we are here, the Jana is alive, we do not know what Jana except for what Allah subhanaw taala told us and also historically Selim

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informed us other than this, we do not know what this similarly, Jana is alright, the Day of Judgment is alive, all of these things which are completely not perceivable by us in this life, irrespective of and not perceivable today and not perceivable in at any time in the future that is alive and this is important to keep

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in mind, because when we are talking about the issues of this dunya and akhira, we are looking at arrive in that sense and we are saying what will happen then now?

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Therefore, how will we why is that important because it's important because even though it is not perceivable, even though we do not know what it is, we do know that one day we will go there,

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that is a matter which is not a matter of doctrine.

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Unless rather I mentioned very clearly and he said that those who doubt that tell them that we have set malaco mouth on them who will take their room will extract their life, and they will be returned to their hubzilla. So, the question is that we will go there, this alive is part of our future. And it is the only part of our future, which is absolutely without any doubt. Other parts of our future in this dunya are always in doubt.

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There is no there's no surety of anything in this world. But as far as the afterlife is concerned, the fact that we will go there, this is not a matter of doubt, we will go there, whether we believe it, whether we don't believe it, whether we deny it, we accept it makes no difference, we will go there, that is absolutely

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without a doubt. So that's why it is important to consider that it's important to think about that, because we are going to go there, number one, number two, why is it important? Because whatever we do in this life will affect that URL, right?

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That's another reason why it's important. So the first reason it's important is because we are going to go there because if it wasn't the fact that we are going to go there, you might say somebody asked you what do you what I said

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you might know something about Iceland you might not so if I tell you don't know what kind of thing is this? Why don't you know what I said? So at some point in time if I push you to but you might get irritated, you might say why the * must I know what I say? What so I'm, I don't care let Iceland sink into the sea makes no difference to me. I'm not going to go there. It has no relevance to my life whatsoever.

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So why was no what I said? It's okay as a matter of some general knowledge euro or Iceland, Iceland has no has nothing to do with me. Why was I know Iceland? This is not like that. This you must know about the right because you are going to go there I know must know about it. Because I'm going to go there is not a question of saying, you know, let it won't go anywhere it is there. That is my destination that your destiny is so very important. Second thing also is that what I'm doing today, in this life, every single action of mine, every single word of mine has an impact on that alive.

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It has an impact on that it has a negative impact on it, or it has a positive impact on it. There's no the other two things, it has one kind of impact or the other. So whatever I do, therefore, I need to make sure that it has a positive impact on it. The famous story about one of the all of our one omega, think I mentioned this before as well, who came to you came for Amara and when he came for Amara, he after I asked the people he said Is there anyone among the Darwin who is live and who's in Makkah.

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People who have who knew the Sahaba who had met with this was after the time says our God. So they said yes there is a guru there is a person who is there. So he said I want to meet him. So this Khalifa went to meet this person, this debate

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how to learn it. And he asked him a question. He said to him, why am I afraid of debts?

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He said why do I not

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you know want to die and I want you to die not in committing suicide without wanting to do as in I want to meet Allah subhanaw taala so he said why are there is not my state why Why am I not like that? Why is it because this is what we are what Resava is one by Hollywood. So he said Why am I not like that? Why am I afraid of death. So this is why to him.

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You have spent all your life in beautifying

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your life in this dunya

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all your resources everything time energy, your figure your thinking has gone into beautifying the life of this dunya so you have beautiful palaces, you've got a fantastic lifestyle.

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And he said You have done nothing for the Accra.

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So then the akhira as you are now there is only desolation. There's only doing

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so is there if you are in a situation where you are living in a palace, but you are looking forward in the future. You don't even have a heart

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The only rule in Canada which is there which is you know desolation which is

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the law here but what is

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he said there? How will you look forward to that?

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Obviously, you are afraid of that

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you don't look forward to who you do nothing for it. On the other hand, the opposite of it, this is what was the situation was every gambler element by their life in this world was not a ruin. The life in this world was not desolation, but they live in this world was to the extent that it was required

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15 kilos off of

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permissible baggage on the plane.

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That's all right. I mean, 15 kilos is not all I own. I mean, our more than ridiculous, but if I'm flying somewhere, and nowadays, they've reduced the luggage requirement from like a free luggage from ridiculous ridiculous.

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Even though our Hamdulillah I can afford to take excess baggage and pay for it.

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But do you think we need to do that will I do that I mean, all of us can afford to pay for but we do do we do do that.

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Not unless there is an absolute emergency. Other than that we can always take we'll stay with the 15 kilograms, they will stay with it ridiculous.

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So the life was about like this, the life for in this dunya was 15 kilos. This is my requirement. It is not my desire. It's not and I don't know, I this is what I need to be able to lead a life, which is our hamdulillah desert, which is dignified, which is complete, I have enough food to eat today, I'm not going to worry about the next 20 years.

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I bought enough clothes to wear.

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Like the life of the world of the hereafter. Invest, invest, invest, invest, invest, because this one is going to end.

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Two things we know about his life two completely certain things we know about this life, one, that it will end and two that we don't know when it will end. And these other two completely true things. There's no doubt in anybody's mind in this.

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This life will add a number two is I don't know when that day will come I don't know when it will end. So when when this is our reality that I am living a life which will end and I don't even know when it will end.

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What sense does it make to spend more and more and more on this life knowing fully well, that this no matter what you spend on it is going to be left behind.

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There is no doubt about it, no matter what we spend on it, it will be left behind.

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Two or three days ago, I was sitting here just before

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the water was arrived was my memory wall not as or something. And I thought to myself that this building here this room or budget,

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I just supposing this was my personal room.

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And if the walls are made of gold.

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And if these carpets were of the finest silk that you can imagine.

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Right? And if

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this air conditioning, which is a perfectly good air conditioner, and so on and so forth, it makes a little bit of a ham or something which is supposing this air conditioning became invisible.

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I can't hear any sound, there's no debate here, nothing.

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What would change,

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the world would still be a wall. Even if it is made of good.

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The carpet, I will not pull it on my head, I'll still be sitting on it, I'll still be walking on it.

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And the air conditioning will still do what it will keep the room good,

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whether it's visible or not visible or whatnot. So what was changed,

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nothing will change.

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Nothing will change. Except that says now I would have spent maybe a billion dollars to make all the walls of gold and so on and so forth. It will be that much more difficult for me to leave this billion dollars and go somewhere.

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That is the reality of

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we have to leave it

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and we don't know when we leave it. And when we leave it whatever we have in it will remain here.

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It won't go.

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So we need to therefore think about describe and say what is my attitude towards

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that place which is absolutely certain that I'm going to go there. And the number two thing is that place where I'm going to stay forever.

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This life will end. We don't know when it will end

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In that life,

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we know it will happen.

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And we don't know. And we know how long, how long, forever I

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don't want to take this longer, but just these two thoughts I want to leave with you and myself to say, let us think about this and say, therefore given that we have a life which will end and which we don't know when it will end, and given that we have a life which will which will begin and that has no ending, what is the proportion of my time and energy and resources that I'm spending on this one, and which I will spend on that one?

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Or I should spend on that one? It is think about religion Allah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us to that which is pleasing to Him and save us from that which does not please him, was Allah Allah will carry while he was available.

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